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Your toddler is sure to love the following ABC books! An Amazing Alphabet Book! Seuss What better way to learn the alphabet than with Dr. Alpha Block Christopher Franceschelli Kids will love interacting with the bold, cut out letters in this alphabet book.

Using ABC Books to Teach - Fantastic Fun & Learning

Toddlers will enjoy seeing what lies behind each letter as well as exploring their curves and angles. Double decker buses, fire trucks, and stagecoaches are just a few of the vehicles featured in this book with colorfully retro illustrations. Toddlers are sure to enjoy the wacky vehicles corn car, egg truck, bugdozer featured throughout the text! Seuss books that rhymes perfectly.

Young children are sure to enjoy the silly rhymes with the repetition of the letters. This book was actual the first book we read to our son in the hospital, as it was a gift to us during our NICU stay.

Using ABC Books to Teach

The colorful pictures and clever rhymes tell of alphabet letters climbing up a coconut tree and then falling down. The rhyme and rhythm of this book makes it easy to read and easy to enjoy. After years reading this book to my preschool students, I have it memorized to recite to my son! They are ready to head off to school when little i realizes her dot is missing and the other letters help her find it. For those of you who recognize the name, Audrey Wood is the famous author of the Napping House. The other lowercase letters set off to find him.

If your child enjoys this one, you can also check out Alphabet Rescue by Audrey Wood the third and final one in this alphabet series. It uses rhyming words and some nonsense ones to illustrate each letter of the alphabet.

Books for Teaching the Alphabet

The illustrations by Suse MacDonald are hand cut paper illustrations, too. I read this book on all my yearly home visits. The simple rhymes, and colorful illustrations make this a delightful abc book! All those in Kindergarten know what a big deal the th day of school is. This book continues to teach the alphabet while celebrating this special day. If you like these books, there are several more Miss Bindergarten books in this series.

I have — and love — them all.

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There are lots of clever details to find in these stories as the children learn the letters. Animalia by Graeme Base is an incredibly detailed alphabet book. Every time you read this book, your child is sure to discover something new!

Alphabet Soup by Scott Gustafson is a clever abc book. It tells the story of Otter who invites his 26 friends over to create a pot of soup together. From Armadillo who brings asparagus to Zebra brings zucchini, all the friends work together to make a big pot of alphabet soup. The Letters are Lost by Lisa Campbell Ernst is a simple alphabet story of the letter blocks who go missing.

Each black is surrounded by things that start with that letter. Lisa does her own illustrations which are soft and lovely.

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It tells how the pirates are sent by their captain on a letter hunt. I like how they actually show each letter on the page as the pirates look for them.

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We need other letters to help make us tough! If you have a son or daughter who enjoys cars, trains, trucks or anything that goes, this alphabet book is perfect!

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The inside covers are filled with transportation signs, which my son finds just as interesting. Alphabet under Construction by Denise Fleming shows little mice building the alphabet. This is a very simple alphabet book but if you have a construction lover in your family, check out this alphabet book.

It also goes through the bedtime routines and delays that kids are sure to relate to. The Alphabet Parade by Charles Ghigna was another new discovery. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how nicely this book rhymes.

Great ABC Books

We liked this book because it has some unusual and unique combinations such as K for Kinkajou. I loved how this combined the alphabet with a fairy tale. These new books spell F-U-N for little learners. Twenty-six beautifully illustrated objects and animals, rendered in a folk-art style, portray the letters of the alphabet. Little ones will enjoy looking with their parents for visual clues to what's coming and what's already come hidden in each picture -- a visual scavenger hunt that adds excitement to the learning process.

Now, it's up to the rest of Charley's Alphabet to help find him. Join the remaining 25 lowercase letters as they search cities, towns, and fields for their missing friend.

The Alphabet Book for Toddlers The Alphabet Book for Toddlers
The Alphabet Book for Toddlers The Alphabet Book for Toddlers
The Alphabet Book for Toddlers The Alphabet Book for Toddlers
The Alphabet Book for Toddlers The Alphabet Book for Toddlers
The Alphabet Book for Toddlers The Alphabet Book for Toddlers
The Alphabet Book for Toddlers The Alphabet Book for Toddlers
The Alphabet Book for Toddlers The Alphabet Book for Toddlers

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