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The perfect luxury getaway. All hands to the pump! When life begins again. Giving children a brighter tomorrow. All shuk up and coming to London! By Jewish News reporter. Elegant weddings you can bank on. Luxury at a fraction of the cost. Jamie and Scott are both fourteen years old in Nightrise , but are fifteen in Necropolis.

In Necropolis , it shows that Jamie is now more in charge of the two, as Scott is very withdrawn and quiet. Scott also shuts down when in stress. The reason was that he was thoroughly programmed while held captive by the Nightrise agents in Nevada, USA. Nightrise stated at the start of Necropolis that it was possible to turn Scott against his friends. Scott goes traitor in the final book and as soon as they arrive in Italy he puts Pedro in a cell and breaks his finger.

So Scott joins the enemy. He is given "luxury" in the fortress of Oblivion which seems luxurious but has a habit of turning to maggot-ridden meat and freezing rooms in seconds. It seems to be connected to whenever he is thinking of grim things. So he decides to contact Jamie.

He summons Matt to the fortress under pretense of repentance, but actually betrays Matt. Scott then suddenly redeems himself when he hears Matt being tortured and he opens the locked doors, getting Jamie, Holly, and Pedro inside Oblivion. Scarlett is the fifth of the Five and is the main protagonist in the fourth book Necropolis. She had a close friend named Aidan In the books it never claimed to be her boyfriend.

Scarlett is English, and was adopted in New York, British from an orphanage there. She lives in Dulwich. Her adopted parents are Vannessa, who ran a holiday company that put together packages in China and Far East and Paul Adams, who specialised in international business law. Her mother is described as tall, blonde and elegant while her father is described as having the looks of a lawyer with greying hair, a round face and glasses.

She bears a strong resemblance, and is described by some, as Lin Mo, the Chinese goddess of the sea. Scarlett's father Paul works for the Nightrise Corporation, at the end of Nightrise she leaves on a flight to Hong Kong. Scarlett's power is controlling the weather. Scarlett's power was at first thought to be predicting the weather but is proven that she could also control it when she summons a dragon typhoon to escape after she gets captured.

This is also noted in Nightrise as Scar summons a rainstorm to mask Inti's arrival. She is also said to have a winning smile, that has gotten her out of trouble on many occasions. Matt also claims that she is very good-looking and kisses her in Oblivion. While her parents are out working, Scarlett is taken care of by a Scottish woman, Mrs Christina Murdoch.

She is short, dark-haired and seemed to have no sense of humour at all. Scarlett and Mrs Murdoch had agreed silently that they were never going to be friends although they got on well enough. Scarlett is known to act before she thinks, like when she pushed a teacher who couldn't swim fully clothed into the school's swimming pool. Scarlett is shown as brave throughout Necropolis.

At the end of Necropolis, Scarlett is shot in the head by a Nightrise agent. She is then paired with Richard Cole when they go through the door. She is later recovered when she reaches Egypt and then goes to Dubai with Richard and goes to Oblivion. Richard Cole is a journalist first introduced in Raven's Gate where he helps Matt Freeman out with his troubles with the heartless Jayne Deverill.

At the end of the novel Richard pushes Deverill in a pool of radioactive acid when she tries to crush Matt with a windpipe. He agrees to go to Peru with Matt and gets separated from Matt when their taxi from the airport was ambushed by the Incas, who were actually preventing them from being captured by the police. He stays at Vilcabamba, the lost city of the Incas, and reunites with Matt who went to the Nazca Lines to find the second gate. He does not appear much in Nightrise , though he does appear briefly. But in Necropolis , he makes a bigger appearance when he goes with Matt and Jamie to London to try to find Scarlett Adams, the last of the Five, and then goes to Hong Kong with them via Macau before they are attacked and separated.

He reunites with the Five at the Tai Shan Temple. He is then paired with Scarlett when he went through the door in the Tai Shan Temple. In Oblivion , Richard and a severely-injured Scarlett arrive through the door under the pyramids in Egypt. However, due to the ten years that had passed because of the door's malfunction, the country is now engulfed in a civil war between the military government dominated by the Old Ones and a group of freedom fighters led and funded by the Nexus. The Gatekeepers return to the Dreamworld to live, and Richard and Holly wait for their chance to permanently live there.

At university Richard studied journalism, politics and the history of geography. In Necropolis , his knowledge of historical maps helped him to decode St Joseph's diary and find out where the Gatekeeper's portals are. The Librarian is a very mysterious character, so far having only appeared in Necropolis. He is first introduced when Matt explores the Dreamworld and in the process discovers and enters a Library. The Librarian, as his name suggests, is the master of the Library, which he calls "the Great Library. He has a collection of the lives of all the humans on Earth, in the form of books which record "their beginnings, their marriages, their good days and their bad days, their deaths - of course.

Everything they ever did. Such is his power that he may in fact be the opposite of Chaos, the King of the Old Ones. Physically, the Librarian appears as a short, elderly man, barely five foot high with white robes, a silk red jacket, with gray hair, gray eyes and a face which looks as if it has been carved. He looks like an Arab. A beard would suit him but he is clean-shaven. At the end of the fifth and final novel, Oblivion, the victorious Gatekeepers return to the Dreamworld and all enter the Library. The Librarian appears, yet he has a woman with him this time.

To all the Gatekeepers she resembles their races. So to Jamie and Scott, she appears Native American; to Scarlett, she is Asian, to Pedro, she is Incan, and to Matt, she is his mother, as she was on the day of her death. All this suggests the Librarian is also Matt's father, and thus the father of the Five Gatekeepers. The Traveller, aka Graham Fletcher, is a protagonist in book five, Oblivion. He came to Holly's village from the ruins of London on a house boat, which made Holly think he was a gypsy. He was said to work for government before London blew up.

He had an authoritative air about him, which got him out of trouble in numerous occasions in the village. He became half-accepted as one of the villagers, thanks to his alcohol on the houseboat and his horse, which he reluctantly allowed the hungry villagers to eat. The Traveller was present when Jamie finally came out of the door in the church having left it ten years. The Traveller protected Jamie from the Council handing him over to the evil police.

But when Miss Keyland betrayed everyone and sold out the village to police, the Traveller sought out Jamie and took him out. He reluctantly bought Holly too, only saving her when he thought he could help himself. He took Holly and Jamie down to London's ruins, and then they met with the Nexus, revealing who the Traveller really was. The Traveller said his real name was Graham Fletcher and he had a brother in the Nexus, whom he hadn't seen or heard from in ten years.

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The Traveller then said he would take Jamie to London, to Saint Merediths, which had a door he could get to Antarctica in. The Traveller killed Eleanor Straike in London, who was an evil policewoman who had killed all of Holly's village and also Little Moulsford village. The Traveller stayed behind in London when the others went through the door.

He won the battle and saw to his surprise the police just gave up on the attack when Straike was dead. He later went back with Holly and Richard, and married Sophie from his surviving group. The Nexus is a highly secret group of powerful and influential people with some link to the supernatural world who prevent the Old Ones re-entering planet Earth. In Nightrise , only one member of the Nexus, Natalie Johnson, appears near the end of the book. She helps Jamie and Scott Tyler escape after a near assassination of a presidential candidate in Auburn, California.

There are always twelve members in the Nexus. The Nexus are not specifically named, but the members of the Nexus who are mentioned in Necropolis are:. The Nexus presumably disbands after the final battle; as the Five leave Earth and are no longer required. This could be said for the Nexus too. They presumably go back to their normal lives. A black superintendent who appears solely in Raven's Gate, Mallory is in charge of interviewing Matthew Freeman after the police arrest him on suspicion of murder.

Mallory interviews both Matthew and his partner-in-crime Kelvin, and although Kelvin claims Matthew started the whole theft and "killed" a policeman, Mallory also interviews the police officer who Kevin claimed was dead, and from him learns that Matthew, although involved, was innocent as he wanted to save the guard. Mallory is puzzled as to why Matthew should have become a criminal, as to him Matthew seems very polite, intelligent, and moral, unlike the other thugs he usually deals with.

Mallory is suspicious of Matthew's foster-mother, Jayne Deverill, from the beginning, and his suspicions about her deepen when he learns of the "suicide" of a criminal near his police center and feels Jayne Deverill was involved. He learns about Matthew's precognitive powers from his neighbour, and then learns of another death reported by Matthew.

He immediately feels Matthew is in immediate danger from Jayne Deverill and visits Matthew on the farm, but Jayne Deverill is openly hostile to Mallory. Mallory tells Jayne Deverill that she is unfit for guardianship and that he is removing Matthew from her. He tells Matthew that within a day he will return and rescue him, but on the way home, his radio breaks and picks up a faint EVP. Mallory tries to change channel, but all the channels have the same EVP. Now frightened, Mallory can't slow down. His car speeds up and hurtles him off a bridge into a lorry which both explode, killing the superintendent.

Later, it is revealed that Mallory's death was orchestrated by the cult of villagers from Lesser Malling, as he stood in their way to kill Matthew. Tom Burgess is a farmer who works at Lesser Malling. He has his own farm, which is a stark contrast to Jayne Deverill's farm; Matt notes how clean and welcoming it is. Tom first appears when Jayne Deverill has sent Matt to buy a potion from the chemist and he initially appears menacing; he grabs Matt's shoulder and tells him Matt shouldn't be in the village and warns him to get out immediately, and says Matt is in danger.

Matt is confused but becomes more unnerved when he hears noises at the local power station, Omega One, which is derelict, at night. Matt stumbles upon the power station in the woods the next day and bumps into Tom Burgess when he, Matt, is hopelessly lost. Tom tells him again he should leave, and begins to tell Matt about the black magic being conducted in the town. Tom Burgess then goes mad with fear and shoots Asmodeus, Jayne Deverill's cat, dead, knowing it is spying on them. Tom Burgess tells Matt to come to his farm the next day at nine in the morning and together they will leave.

Tom then gives Matt a necklace with an image of a key engraved in stone, saying it will undo the black magic which keeps Matt from finding the right path. To Matt's surprise, this symbol does unlock the black magic. Matt has more nightmares that night but arrives at Tom Burgess' farm the next morning as Tom Burgess told him to, but despite the attractive, welcoming outer exterior of the farmhouse, the interior is a mess, as if a whirlwind has hit it. Soon, Matt finds Tom Burgess dead in his bedroom, his legs bent and broken.

This is also where Matt first finds out about Raven's Gate, as Tom has scrawled it on the wall in green paint. Matt rushes out and soon finds some police, who soon begin to doubt him when they find the place neat and tidy again and several workers and one of the witches from the village doing housekeeping. The police threaten to arrest Matt again if he continues telling them stories like this. The next night, Jayne Deverill arranges for a phone call for Matt, and he is immensely disturbed to hear the dead farmer, Tom Burgess, on the other end.

Atoc was an Inca who successfully saved Matt and Pedro multiple times. Later, he flies a helicopter over the Nazca desert along with Pedro and Matt to find Diego Salamanda when Salamanda shoots it with a gun, spinning it out of control. After being shot, the helicopter crashes and Atoc is killed by the propeller of the helicopter. Strangely, though he was seen dead by both Matt and Pedro, he later reappears in the final book, Oblivion, in which before the final battle begins, Richard sees Atoc wave to him, then disappear in the snowstorm.

Although Anthony Horowitz confirmed it to be an error. They also appear in Necropolis where they fight the zombies destroying Professor Chambers' hacienda. A Native American by the name of Joe Feather has said that Jamie and Scott have Native blood in their veins, and that the tribes of America will always be ready to help the Five.

When Jamie is injured by security guards at Silent Creek an Indian shaman revives him at the camp where Feather's tribe live. Alicia McGuire is a black woman with dark hair and she is involved with politics, being an advisor to Senator John Trelawney before her son Danny was kidnapped.

When she lost her son she got off work but the government were good enough to give her money each month even though she wasn't working. This was mainly to fund her search for Danny but also for survives. She looked all over the state for Danny and contacted everyone she could.

Finally she found an enormous corporation, Nightrise and then she managed to contact them but found out they were responsible for Danny's abduction. She had been looking up on missing children all year and finally found a pattern in the abductions, linking them with the Nightrise Corporation. Later on she heard about the psychic twins, Scott and Jamie, and went to a production to see them in person. She stood up in the middle of the act, asking them if they really were psychic, and asked Scott where her son was, she held up a picture of Danny. Scott looked into Alicia's mind and said yes, Danny was alive, but he was suffering and it was Alicia's fault.

Later on, Nightrise came for Scott and Jamie, but they only got Scott.

Alicia came up and rescued Jamie, foiling Nightrise by making them unable to get her number plate. But they framed Jamie for killing his step parents. So Alicia almost became Jamie's guardian. So Jamie broke out, but only with Danny, and then they reunited Danny with Alicia. Jamie realized his dream prophecies meant that John Trelawney would be killed by Scott at his hometown on his party, so he told Alicia and they raced to the town Auburn to save Trelawney, but Scott ignored Jamie even with telepathy and so Jamie got a security guard to shoot the assassin, Susan Mortlake, and thus saved Trelawney.

Then Alicia took Jamie and Scott away from there but the police tracked them down. She got them away and let Jamie and Scott go but then the police turned up and questioned Alicia. Alicia saved Jamie and Scott by saying she had never met them and demanded to talk to Trelawney, and thus we can assume had had better things to do than not let her off. Matt and Jamie along with Richard Cole are guests in his household in Necropolis , but over dinner he tells them that he can smuggle them into Hong Kong, which is where Scarlet is being held captive but only if Matt can prove he is one of the Five, as he claims to be.

The test Han Shan Tung has in mind is a sword ladder- a series of razor sharp blades strung together on wires creating 19 steps up to a balcony. Although Richard begs him not to, Matt goes into a self-induced trance and is able to climb the ladder without injury apart from a cut in his palm that had been the result of a false start. Han Shan Tung seems surprised that Matt actually succeeded and agrees to find them a passage into Hong Kong by ship.

He sent the bugged jade necklace given to Scarlett on an aeroplane to Australia in the hopes of luring the Old Ones away. At the end of Necropolis when all of the Gatekeepers and their supporters were separated, he was paired with Matt and went to Belem, Brazil. Professor Joanna Chambers is an expert on the history, geography and culture of Peru and the Nazca lines , introduced in Evil Star. She helps Matt, Pedro and Richard with their exploration of Peru for the second gate, and later they stay at her "Hacienda" Farm.

In Nightrise she does not appear significantly, but in Necropolis she makes a more important appearance. She has been looking after Richard and the male Gatekeepers for four months and celebrates them leaving as they have constantly interrupted her research. However they are attacked by a small army of zombies who destroy her house and wound her.

She later on dies of internal bleeding. While Baker has the support of the Nightrise Corporation, Trelawny is young, popular and charismatic and is in the lead for the presidency. He helps Jamie Tyler get into the Silent Creek prison and is also investigating Nightrise for several stories of corruption. He is the target of Susan Mortlake's plan and is nearly assassinated by one of his guards who is under Scott Tyler's control. Jamie uses his own power to save the senator.

It is later revealed that Trelawny lost the election possibly due to rigged votes. A vast majority of Americans are very displeased by Trelawny's defeat and took to the streets to denounce what they believe was a fraudulent election. Commander Cain is the commanding officer on the US naval ship US Pole Star after leaving his base in Florida he travelled south to Antarctica where he nominates himself as leader of the World Army, a ragtag group of survives with the sole aim of defeating the Old Ones.

However his time in charge of the World Army is not a success, and though meaning well ends up killing half of his troops with a failed attack on the fortress where Chaos and the Old Ones are based. The Old Ones are a group of creatures that the Five will one day battle in the present day.

They were defeated for the first time by the Gatekeepers when they were all together 10, years before. Chaos was the cause of the near-destruction of Earth before the Dark Ages where Jamie Tyler is catapulted to in Nightrise , where he meets the Old Ones in their previous forms. The forms that the Old Ones take towards the end of Evil Star are deformed and monstrous creatures which centre mainly on the creatures in the Nazca Lines in Peru.

The Old Ones are capable of finding people who share the same views as them and giving them extra powers and plans for world destruction. However, at the end it is revealed that those people cannot destroy the world themselves - they have to die with the rest of humanity, because humanity is doomed and the Old Ones are the true masters of destruction. The Old Ones make an appearance in both Evil Star and Nightrise, although in Nightrise their presence is mainly due to the flashback wherein the Gatekeepers eradicate them.

Despite these brief appearances, the Old Ones are the primary antagonists in The Power of Five , and their influence is felt throughout the series. The Nexus has been created to combat the Old Ones, and make sure the world remains safer whilst the Old Ones are kept in their prison. The only Old One to make a physical appearance in this book is Chaos, who attempts to escape from Raven's Gate with the assistance of the witches of Lesser Malling and the human antagonist, Sir Michael Marsh. Chaos kills Marsh when he comes out of his prison, taking the form of a huge black creature with webbed fingers.

Chaos is then pulled back into Raven's Gate by radiation when the nuclear reactor beneath the Gate explodes and then he is not seen again until the events of Evil Star , where another Gate is opening, this time in Peru. The Old Ones' presence is felt throughout Evil Star , but only at the end are they actually seen in physical form.

The four main creatures in the Old Ones' army are a giant hummingbird , a massive condor , a giant spider, and a huge monkey. There are also thirteen fire riders who form the Old Ones' cavalry, and several other deformed creatures: They also seem to possess an army of soldiers made up of flies. Pedro is unable to confront them due to an injury caused by a plane crash. Matt tries to fend off the Old Ones, and almost wins, but he realizes that he doesn't have enough power for he is one of the Five and all of them are needed to defeat the Old Ones.

Matt falls unconscious allowing the Old Ones to escape led by Chaos. Just like the Old Ones possessed three giant dogs in Raven's Gate although these could have been created by Jayne Deverill as none of the Old Ones had been released yet , in this book they possess several giant condors, which guard the Gate in the Nazca Desert , thus explaining the Inca's prophecy: In Nightrise , the Old Ones have escaped.

They are assisting Nightrise Corporation in order to find the Gatekeepers, and Nightrise capture two: Jamie and Scott Tyler.

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Diego Salamanda has failed to capture Matt and Pedro, and Nightrise is also trying to look for them, and also the fifth Gatekeeper, Scarlett Adams, appears in the past when Jamie Tyler is shot while escaping the prison Silent Creek, dying temporarily and going back to the past, where he replaces his previous incarnation, Sapling, in order to destroy the Old Ones. The Old Ones rule the world in the past, and they seem invincible, to the point of actually killing a Gatekeeper.

However, they don't know that when a gatekeeper dies he is replaced by his future self, and so they ignore the fact that Jamie has replaced Sapling. A brief battle follows with the Old Ones in which the Gatekeepers meet up and defeat the Old Ones, expelling them to another dimension. After this, two Gates are built to keep them out: In Necropolis , the Old Ones have seized control of Hong Kong in China, as this is where the ultimate headquarters of the Nightrise Corporation is situated. From Hong Kong , the Old Ones are spreading a fascist government across the world, commencing their new empire.

Anyone who criticizes the government is eliminated, and anyone who informs people about the possession of Hong Kong also dies. In other words, the Old Ones have seized control of Hong Kong, and are possessing multitudes of its civilians, from the government to the police and the street cleaners. As the main plan of the Old Ones is to destroy humanity, they are slowly killing off all the surviving inhabitants of Hong Kong - the inhabitants who have not criticized the government or informed their relatives of the new regime - by infecting the atmosphere with a poisonous gas which resembles green acid , and this slowly sucks the life out of the living inhabitants.

They now need to trap her in Hong Kong, their city, and lure the other Gatekeepers into the same trap. This they succeed in doing, only to have the Gatekeepers escape at the last moment and Scarlett creating a typhoon which ultimately destroys Hong Kong, the Necropolis. In Oblivion , the Old Ones have conquered the entire planet which is set ten years after Necropolis , thus, if we assume Raven's Gate is in , places Oblivion in Chaos, King of the Old Ones, has made his base in Antarctica in a massive stone-ice palace called Oblivion, and he has sent his armies of Old Ones out onto the world to kill and enslave people.

The human armies fight back with firepower but most of them are defeated and Chaos ensures that corrupt politicians and billionaire magnates get all the luxury and money and slaves they want. So the world is a complete wreck hence the King's name, Chaos and meanwhile, the Gatekeepers, Richard Cole and Lohan have been trapped in time during the decade the Old Ones have conquered the world.

Finally, at the end of the ten years, the Gatekeepers are freed, but, as they had no fixed destination, they ended up separated in different countries; Jamie is in England, Matt is in South America, Scott and Pedro are in North America and Scarlett and Richard are in Africa. All countries have evil presidents, who enslave any rebels. There is a global war going on with rebellions and fascists, and the Old Ones are preparing to kill off everyone else.

A pig splits and the rebels go off to the South Pole to blow up the Old Ones, but this is all an illusion. Chaos has fooled everyone and his fortress Oblivion is really fine. The Old Ones all run out and kill everyone, but then the Gatekeepers band together and stab Chaos' heart, killing him forever, and banishing him and his followers into the other dimensional Hell. Jayne Deverill is Matt Freeman's foster parent when he is sent on the L. She lives in a remote village named Lesser Malling just outside the Yorkshire Moors. The village is very much far away from everything altogether the village has just a very small centre where there is only a pond, a pub, a sweet shop and a chemist.

It also has an unnatural forest. Deverill has her own farm named Hive Hall. She is described as having wrinkled skin, lifeless eyes, and white hair. At the end of the novel it is revealed she is an evil, heartless witch.

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She dies at the end, when she is pushed into a pool of radioactive acid underneath a power plant by Richard Cole after she attempts to kill Matt. Mrs Deverill has a cat named Asmodeus who cannot die. The mastermind behind the government's Omega One project, he was knighted by the Queen for his services. Along with the witches of Lesser Malling of whom he is the leader , he is planning to use nuclear power and black magic as well as Matt's blood to open Raven's Gate and release the Old Ones.

He fails to kill Matt but manages to get enough of his blood to release Chaos, the King of the Old Ones. However, the powerful demon kills Marsh as soon as he is released before being dragged back into the Gate by Omega One's radioactive pull. Chaos is the King of the Old Ones and is the main antagonist of the entire series. The King was not actually named Chaos, but the ancient human resistance gave him that name, due to his motivations.

Chaos seeks to destroy humanity and conquer the Earth, in doing so reshaping the Earth in his own dark, poisonous image. If he could have succeeded ten thousand years ago, Chaos would have reduced the world to an empty swamp. Even though Chaos has been thrown from the world by the power of Five, his influence still remains throughout the human race.

Chaos' power seems to be vast, as he is able to stretch black clouds around the Earth to block out the Sun and prevent life from growing properly. Chaos is able to fill the oceans with junk, and he had almost succeeded in eliminating humanity, reducing it down to ten thousand people by the time Jamie Tyler arrived.

The Book of Dan Tarrant (5) (The Tarrant Chronicles) The Book of Dan Tarrant (5) (The Tarrant Chronicles)
The Book of Dan Tarrant (5) (The Tarrant Chronicles) The Book of Dan Tarrant (5) (The Tarrant Chronicles)
The Book of Dan Tarrant (5) (The Tarrant Chronicles) The Book of Dan Tarrant (5) (The Tarrant Chronicles)
The Book of Dan Tarrant (5) (The Tarrant Chronicles) The Book of Dan Tarrant (5) (The Tarrant Chronicles)
The Book of Dan Tarrant (5) (The Tarrant Chronicles) The Book of Dan Tarrant (5) (The Tarrant Chronicles)

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