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A compelling story that displays the hopeful possibilities human nature carries and our dark potential. I immensely enjoyed this book and looking forward to the rest of the series. The book is fast paced and kept me wanting to read more. The setting and main story-line are engaging and intriguing.

Overall it was a good read; I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Dec 04, Lianne Mackey rated it it was amazing. Great read, I didn't want to put it down! I can't wait for the next one!! Dec 31, Kate rated it it was amazing. Great characters, love the storyline, can't wait for the next one. This is an interesting and fast-paced story. There is no data dump which happens often when authors tried to paint their "world".

Even though this is the first book of the triology, there is no cliff hanger at the end. Towards the later half of the story, you'll know there will be new developments coming, but nothing that will dragged you to line up for the next book. Despite the title, to me, this story doesn't carry a religious theme. I felt that the author used the terminologies to provoke This is an interesting and fast-paced story. I felt that the author used the terminologies to provoke the readers.

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Honestly, if you have no feelings about what you've read, then it's just a total waste of time. Might as well spent your time watching grass grow! When Tommy killed the "most powerful" angel with a shot, I have questions. It's either the angel's power is over-rated, or the shotgun is a new design by Tommy for his revenge towards the angel kind.

Pallas-The Last Angel

Nope, only a blurp about the modification of the gun, and that's it. A powerful being as such cannot heal herself?? Maybe not instantly, but This can have a great potential for future development and different spin of the yarn. Other than indicating the leader is "BAD" and "doing the wrong things", not much drama is there, but maybe we'll find out in the next book. Thus, this is a simple tale about good verses bad. It leaves me wonder if the next two in the triology will have more complexities in the stories, or will they be another Day's Read. That being said, the story is creative and the writing is fluid.

I enjoyed the story, short and sweet. I'm not sure what I'm anticipating. The best way I can describe it is like tasting a dish. It's good and you like it, but it's lacking some spice to push it from just good to outstanding. If you are like me, always looking for new reading materials, The Last Angel is worth a try. Jan 15, Sarah Rieveley rated it really liked it. Burns does an amazing job with his unique characters and storyline. Each character is so strong, well-developed and believable that I found myself drawn to them right from the beginning.

I particularly enjoyed how both of his lead characters were equally valid and strong even though one was male and one was female. They both exhibited strength and stamina. It really shows equality through the ages. He uses rich descriptions and strong narrative to keep things fast paced.

I found myself turning p Burns does an amazing job with his unique characters and storyline. I found myself turning page after page waiting to see what was coming. His storyline was very unique and unpredictable.

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  • If you think you have it figured out, just wait, there are so many twists and turns and unexpected circumstances things just keep flowing. There is so much creativity in the world he has created and even though it is nothing like the way our world is today, it is easy to picture it through his words. Read the rest of my review on my blog Feb 05, Christina C rated it it was amazing.

    I really enjoyed this. The character's were in depth and believable, especially for a fantasy novel. This novel was unique, fast paste and entertaining the whole time. Aboard Bequeathed , Grace has to deal with a lecherous and sadistic superior officer while Allyria is routinely put down by the ship's Tribunes, who are still holding a grudge over how much trouble the Verrish gave their invasion force. Then Bequeathed stumbles upon a massive alien derelict in a remote star system.

    It's the find of the lifetime, and the Bequeathed's captain wants to take the credit.

    See a Problem?

    Salvage teams are sent to board it and evaluate the technological treasures within. But not all is right.

    The Last Angel

    There's a warning in Common drawn on the ancient walls of the hangar bay, there's a pounding coming from deep within the ship, and sometimes Grace is worried, her section leader is having nightmares, and Allyria Now has a sequel, The Last Angel: Baleblades have forcefield cutting edges that will tear through molecular bonds.

    Seems to be an ubiquitous technology. One of the few things the Compact and the Askanj agree on is that AIs are a bad thing. Names like 'Abomination' and 'Neverborn' are floated when the subject comes up. In their defense, they seem to have a point. The author has even stated that if her creators saw what Red had become, they would freak out. When the Askanj stumbled upon an AI civilization, they immediately glassed the planet , this event is referred to as the Rains of Oshanta. The only other AI we've seen, Echo, is even less stable. Though that's confirmed to be due to the Compact trying to make her loyal and failing, repeatedly.

    She was stable before she watched Earth burn, unable to do a thing about it. Proximal Flame has said that it is much easier to make strong AI than to make strong, friendly AI, and with both galactic superpowers actively destroying anything to do with AI, no one has the chance to get it right.

    George Mavridis - The last Angel (joze Rework) | George Mavridis (joze)

    Further complicated by the absence of anything between expert systems and seed AI. Some of Nemesis's creations such as hunter-killer drones, subversion weapons and combat bots seem to be in that gap, but as creations of a seed AI they don't really help the issue at all.

    How the compact grows. Standard first contact protocol is to jump a fleet in above an enemy world and ask it to join. If they decline, the fleet starts shooting until they say yes. All There in the Manual: The author goes into a lot of details on the setting in answering readers' questions. Echo steals the Chariot Redemption of Sol. At the time of the story all thats left of humanity is one colony, and almost all of our technology and history is lost. Not to mention Red One. Both superpowers are capable of this.

    And then Nemesis goes and invents the starbreak.

    The Last Angel

    Nemesis has built a small army of robotic hunter killers that allow her to put troops on the ground when she needs to and function to defend her against boarding parties. She also carries a fair number of space borne attack drones, primarily intended and used to augment her close in defense against hostile ships attempting to slip onto her tail.

    One of Nemesis' favourite tricks is to overwrite the Compact's own drones and use them on their masters. Red One, from the perspective of humanity and the Verrish anyway. To the Compact she's The Dreaded. The compact abhors these due to their tendency to drive users crazy or dead, while the Askanj have refined the technology to the point where it's merely difficult to use. Nemesis also uses the technology for Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp": The Compact, Askanj and Humanity all have different words for ranks and titles.

    The different naming conventions underscore the alien nature of the different civilizations. See here for a breakdown of Compact ranks. See here for a breakdown of Principality ranks. Nemesis is the first Dreadnaught built by Humanity and it's first true warship. Chariots, the flagships of the Compact also count. The Fates - three AI driven cruisers built by Nemesis to protect her real base.

    Contains examples of:

    Whenever Nemesis attacks the Compact, it's from a position of strength and with a strategy that will maximize the damage she does. This translates to a disproportionate amount of her strikes turning into this.

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    • All ground engagements involving Nemesis are this. Her killbots are superior physically to all organic combatants, able to use hardware than organics can't use safely, are perfectly coordinated, and never break, panic or rout. Almost universal within the setting. The basic technology completely disintegrates physical objects that strike it, but only partially diffuses energy weapons, allowing them to penetrate in weakened form.

      Unlike standard scifi shields, Angelverse shields actually use 'more' power the weaker they are, collapsing only when either there is no longer enough power to keep them up or, more commonly, when the shield becomes so saturated that the shield generator s cannot keep up with the stress and have to be shut down before they fail catastrophically. On top of that, each major power has a different implementation of, and terminology for, the technology: Compact "Screens" are a simple bubble that surrounds the entire spacecraft and all the surface area means that they can take a lot of damage before they finally go down, but once they go down, they stay down for far longer than any other design.

      Askanj " Barriers " by contrast are a large number of small shield plates that can be just as easily arranged around the ship to provide all around protection as they can be layered atop one another to provide more protection in a given direction and can be shifted around to plug gaps or face a new threat relatively quickly.

      Each individual barrier can be brought down quite quickly, but can be restored just as fast. Sectator Citizen Grace Alice Proctor is a cadet in the Compact Space Force on the training ship Bequeathed, when it stumbles upon a massive derelict in a remote star system, whose ancient AI still wages long lost war fueled only by hate for destroyers of all she was built to protect.

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      The Last Angel The Last Angel
      The Last Angel The Last Angel
      The Last Angel The Last Angel
      The Last Angel The Last Angel
      The Last Angel The Last Angel
      The Last Angel The Last Angel
      The Last Angel The Last Angel
      The Last Angel The Last Angel

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