The Silver Crucifix of San Diablo - A Gun Hackett Adventure

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Write a customer review. Showing of 1 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. An interesting western story that takes you below the border for plenty of action with turns and twists to keep you engaged.

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Michael O’Shea lined out for the Banner senior side from 1999 to 2014.

Set up a giveaway. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. His partner Joe Zavala calls it "Kurt's Cannon" and likes to joke that it shoots railroad spikes. Roland's revolvers in The Dark Tower series are described as being very, very large. It's also alluded to that they were forged from the metal of Excalibur. In the illustrations, the guns look like 7" Colt Single Action Army revolvers.

With swingout cylinders instead of a loading gate. Considering they were made in another "if," this makes sense. The main character in the Stephen King novel Roadwork , who has virtually no experience with firearms, walks into a gun shop and buys a. He eventually uses both of them to shoot it out with the police who have come to forcibly remove him from his house.

Burke from Andrew Vachss 's books favours large-calibre handguns for quick manstopping. Brian Mallory, the protagonist's brother from The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling , carries a Russian pistol that most definitely qualifies as a Hand Cannon and is later called that. It was picked from a dead Tzarist officer in Crimea, "isn't exactly regulation," "queer-looking," and presumably shoots something not unlike artillery canister shells.

Think giant razor-buckshot rounds, "as thick as a copper's baton. In other words, a flare gun from Hell. Honor Harrington has her trademark weapon, a replica Colt M chambered in. The is not quite a Hand Cannon in the 21st century, but when the story takes place around two thousand years in the future , the standard firearms use gravitic technology to propel streams of tiny darts at railgun velocities, to incredibly gory and lethal effect. Duelling is legal on her home world, but specifies the use of only chemical propellant firearms specifically because the wounds they inflict are survivable.

Being a wendigo, she has the strength and coordination to use them effectively. Both stories feature hard guys carrying. As Chandler puts it: He uses it because he's good enough to get by with that much gun. That means he's good. Johannes uses a Webley. In his line of work, it certainly makes sense. Subverted in The Sacred Vault where he loses not one, but two Wildeys over the course of the story before even getting a chance to fire them. He's blown away many a "mutie" with the. Heroic Albino Jak Lauren packs a.

In The Dresden Files , magic isn't always the answer. Sometimes a massive gun is. Especially if you're a demon-fueled semi-supernatural entity who can fire a Desert Eagle on the run in heels and still hit a target. Even the eponymous Harry Dresden is known to carry a. It's also good for tactical variety to have non-magical weapons , noir-detective vibe, and the occasional phallic joke. The main protagonist's Desert Eagle.

In Rated R Victor Hansen uses a. In The Salvation War series, the fact that demons are larger and much tougher than humans makes. Ultimate Hero has 'Fate', a pistol with two barrels that can fire at supersonic speeds. Played a bit more seriously than normal; firing it has a very high chance of spraining or breaking the shooter's hands.

At one point he uses it to shoot down a helicopter. Frank Rich's Jake Strait tetraology features the title character carrying a gyrapistol, which fired 20mm gyroscopically-stabilized rocket-assisted shells. In Blood Meridian , the Glanton gang carry Colt Walkers , gigantic revolvers made at about the time the book is set. Each one weighs 4. Toward the end of the book, Judge Holden wields a howitzer cannon as if it were a handgun in a literal example of this trope, but never actually fires it. The Chandleresque private eye narrator in Blood Harvest packs a Colt But hit a man anywhere with the slug from a.

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It's never stated what calibre the pistol has, but it can only chamber three shells at a time and when fired the shells generate 30 kilojoules of kinetic energy. Notably it's treated realistically for a large caliber handgun with him grabbing it two-handed and bracing himself the single time he fires it to break out a glass door. It's clear from his behavior with it he considers a big handgun an intimidation tactic rather than a practical weapon. When she administered the weapon familiarity test to the sheriff, he had to take it several times to pass.


Jayne might be better known for his most favorite gun , but his one-handed death-dealing implements are not lacking either. Nor is the ''quantity'' lacking. In fact, the main sidearm that Jayne uses is a LeMat, a Civil War era revolver with 9 chambers, as well as a second barrel that can shoot buckshot. That's right, a revolver AND a shotgun. Zoe's main sidearm is a "Mare's Leg," a cut-down Winchester carbine worn in a hip-holster. Lots of people on Firefly have massive pistols. Jayne's estranged former partner in "Jaynestown" springs to mind. Even Mal gets an honorable mention: Even he has trouble firing it successfully.

But, boy, does it look threatening. Its ridiculous power eventually comes in handy when Booth uses it to shoot a bad guy through an inch-thick solid-steel door. No, you see, I got a vision of a street full o' taxpayers gettin' caught in the crossfire, Ferdinand, while you do business with your thirty-eight.

Niggas see that big gun come out, they don't argue. They lookin' down that big-ass barrel like it's the Lincoln Tunnel, and they Jersey -bound. Man, they give it up, wail like bitches. Only fools stop to trifle with a forty-four. What's he using, a cannon??? After which, Ziva identifies it as a.

In Hank Williams, Jr. The oversized bolt pistols and SMGs of Warhammer 40, Don't forget the plasma pistols too. The space marine version even moreso, since it's designed for people who are at least eight feet tall and would require a tripod for a human to wield. The Exitus Pistol of the Vindicare Assassins are huge pistols that rival the. Each one uses the same ammo as their massive sniper rifle and would break a normal human's hand when firing Imperial assasins had extensive bio-engineering surgery to give them superhuman strength.

Dark Heresy has a pistol that is actually named Hand Cannon. While not the most powerful sidearm in the game by any standard, it is fairly effective especially when loaded with armor-piercing rounds and its low price makes it attractive to players who can't afford a bolt pistol there are plasma pistols and Inferno pistols as well, but they're so rare and expensive they only exist in the game to taunt you. And for it's sibling systems, where you usually have more requisition power. It's recommended not to miss.

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  • It's a pistol that fires shotgun slugs. It's noted that it's damn hard to fire. The Ruger Bloodhawk and Super Warhawk, as well as the Krime Stopper are all somewhat oversized for their catagories - the Krime Stopper, especially, is essentially a sawed off shotgun that is classified as a light pistol; thing to keep in mind is that most of these weapons are made for orks and trolls, who're significantly larger than other metahumans; while still big, these guns are more reasonably sized for them.

    Cyberpunk 's weaponry supplements have many examples of this, as they're intended for use by and against cyber-enhanced combatants. One of the most memorable is the 'Hellbringer,' a 3-round. There's also the Colt AMT, an eight-shot revolver that fires very large bullets. The caliber is not specified but it causes very high damage in-game.

    Both of the aforementioned are designed to be used only with cybernetic arms. Characters who have full body cybernetic conversions or are wearing powered armour can also carry firearms such as "assault rifles" chambered in. Subverted in Warmachine where many warcasters carry guns that are called Hand Cannons but which are no bigger than the setting's average handgun. Most of the time. Only a partial subversion as they hit just as hard or even slightly harder than the full rifles used by the rank-and-file troops.

    Hand Cannons have a range of 12 inches and are Power 12 while the military rifles issues to Cygnaran Trenchers are only Range 10 and Power Even in the new RPG; compare the hand cannon which has the same stats as in the wargame with a normal repeating pistol shows that it's worthy of the name. While Feng Shui gives us the standard hand cannons for the contemporary juncture, for those coming from the juncture, there's really only one gun worthy of Hand Cannon status — the Buro Godhammer, which fires.

    • Hand Cannon.
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    • Hong Kong Action Theatre actually calls the largest handguns Hand Cannons, which range from your standard. Rifts has a fair number of large handguns, including a plasma Cartridge pistol with a bore two inches wide, weapons deliberately designed for large humanoids, and a laser pistol with its own under-slung Grenade Launcher. Ultra-Tech fires a 15mm round, larger than the bullets in a modern anti-materiel rifle. And then there's the shotgun pistol Additionally there are the only slightly smaller K.

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      K20 'Panther' and K. K30 'Ripper' which are both arm-mounted automatic pistols that fire powerful 12mm rounds. MechWarrior , the tabletop RPG of the BattleTech wargame, has a number of fairly formidable weapons, but the game's nod to this trope is the Sternsnacht handgun. The original is described as a hunting rifle cut down to operate as a pistol, but the knockoffs put out by the companies hoping to cash in on the popularity of the original are large, noisy, extremely heavy for a sidearm 2.

      This makes it a hugely impractical weapon even in spite of the damage it deals. Speaking of BattleTech there is also a pistol version of the Gauss Rifle, so just imagine that. There is also a Gyro Jet Pistol, which pretty is much a rocket launcher pistol, and is also described as a "handcannon" in the rulebooks. In Scion , Eric Donner, Scion of Thor, one of the "canned characters" in the gamebooks has as his signature weapon an oversized revolver called "Giantkiller.

      The shellcaster in Shards of the Exalted Dream is explicitly identified as a hand cannon. The biggest have barrels the size of a man's thigh. In the Mutant Chronicles universe, every pistol, submachine gun and assault rifle looks far beefier than it should have to be, and a lot of the Dark Legion's weapons are handcannons, the Ezoghoul's favorite weapon is actually called the "Blutarch Handcannon. The Masquerade , the impracticality of the hand cannon - and especially the Desert Eagle. Many silly big calibres made obsolete by advances in propellant have come back and even bigger due to advances in the guns themselves, meaning not only does the book have BFGs and many weapons, particularly earlier energy weapons, turn out rather large and heavy, but there is actually a self-loading centrefire pistol available in.

      Many ranges of tabletop game miniature figures wield massive weapons, even in historical ranges, due to the practicalities of playing with scale-size small arms. However they do seem to go overboard in speculative fiction, with surfboard swords and infantry carbines that look like half a railway sleeper with a hole drilled in one end and a pistol grip and autocannon magazine stuck in the bottom. In Unhallowed Metropolis , zombies aren't bothered much by low calibre ammo, so two of the big boys are the Magwitch Terminus revolver and the Westgate Executioner semi-automatic which both fire 12mm handgun rounds.

      Even more powerful are the heavy revolvers of Kramer Arms and the custom heavy revolvers from Lion Arms the latter can break a character's wrist, if shot without a special arm brace. The role-playing version of Starship Troopers has the somewhat oddball example of the Emancipator Heavy Pistol sidearm. The Mobile Infantry Field Manual sure talks a big game about it and it has a massive penalty to hit if the user isn't in Power Armor.

      But unlike the other guns listed on this page, the Emancipator has a rather small calibre at 7. In the post-series Transformers: Generation 1 toyline, "Action Masters" were Transformers who gave up the ability to transform in exchange for greater physical prowess and to be "more alive" as the commercial put it.

      Some apparently felt the need to compensate further, as they came with accessories usually weapons that do transform: Kick-Off, for instance, has a handgun with a barrel as long as his arm and as wide as his fist. Several others, like Krok, Rad, and Banzai-Tron, had partners who transformed into extensions of their already-sizable guns, increasing their size and power dramatically. Kick-Off's own weapon can be enhanced by transforming his jetpack and attaching it, making it roughly the size of his entire body but still held in one hand.

      Meanwhile, Overrun normally pilots a helicopter, but it apt to tear off its primary weapon which is freaking huge relative to his body; this is a very small helicopter, of course and use it on foot. Often, in Video Games , the Desert Eagle is used as a symbol of just how badass the military is, never minding the fact that a huge gun like a Desert Eagle would never be used by any unit, Special Ops or otherwise, because they're just too heavy and loud. The heavy pistols from Dirty Bomb are these.

      Two headshots from these weapons are enough to kill majority of the mercenaries. In Destiny and its sequel , one of the weapon classes is outright called "hand cannons". They're oversized revolvers with low fire rate and range but massive damage with a larger precision hit damage bonus than any other weapon type besides sniper rifles.

      They're classified as primary weapons, on par with full-sized assault rifles. Pretty much every revolver in Borderlands counts save for the faster-firing, lower-damage Law variants, which are Punch-Packing Revolvers. Torgue makes pistols called Hand Cannons, fitting Torgue's fame of outdamaging every single manufacturer, even if the Hand Cannons themselves are not the most powerful of Torgue's lineup. Most any pistol with the long Jakobs or heavy Torgue barrel, both of which dramatically increase damage per shot. In fact, the most powerful non-unique pistol is the Slapper, a Torgue pistol with the Torgue barrel.

      The Maggie is a shotgun pistol like the first game's Mashers, with decent damage to boot. The Rex is described by its flavor text as "a very big gun". The Unforgiven is essentially a handheld Sniper Rifle, with the same Critical Hit bonus, accuracy, and single shot damage as most snipers. The Pocket Rocket whose massive explosive area borders on grenades and rockets more than the standard Torgue gyrojet and fires pretty damn fast to boot. The Unkempt Harold , which doesn't just have outstanding firepower for a pistol but outguns quite a few full-sized guns as well.

      It is considered one of the strongest guns in the game. Being a Torgue gun it combines nicely with Axton's "Gunpowder" skill tree which boosts both gun and grenade damage, something all Torgue guns do. The M6 series of pistols in Halo is chambered for Seems like overkill at first, perhaps, but against the Covenant , whose forces include eight-foot-tall aliens in shielded power armor and foot-tall walking siege units with tank-grade armor and decentralized nervous systems, such apparently-overpowered ammo might just be justified.

      It's very powerful in-game, even on hard and above. Freelance Police have a huge revolver and Luger, respectively.

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      This is probably to compensate for the fact that they weren't allowed guns in the TV show and "left them at the cleaners" in Hit the Road. Successfully complete the Hit the Road game however, and you get to watch Sam and Max amuse themselves by unloading on a carnival's BB gun shooting gallery with them. In fact, they've had them since the comics.

      Resident Evil games usually have a Magnum serving as one of the more powerful weapons. Ammo's rare and it's usually slow to fire, but they typically kill zombies, Hunters, Lickers, et cetera in one hit. Players often reserve their ammunition entirely for the boss fights as they tend to be the best weapons. Resident Evil 4 's Handcannon might be the most exaggerated example of the trope in video game history: Bailey as Denver D. Madden - Gentle Savage Terry Adams as Denver D. Frank Barton as Denver D.

      McKay - Posse Leader. Show all 10 episodes. Marshal Dave Leggert as Denver D. Peter Riber - Moonquake Frank Hogan - International Incident Vic Murchison - The Fishing Trip Show all 9 episodes. Carthage - Never Comes Sunday Barnes - Annie's Desert Adventure Show all 12 episodes. Dukes of Hazzard Himself - Celebrity Contestant.

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      The Silver Crucifix of San Diablo - A Gun Hackett Adventure The Silver Crucifix of San Diablo - A Gun Hackett Adventure
      The Silver Crucifix of San Diablo - A Gun Hackett Adventure The Silver Crucifix of San Diablo - A Gun Hackett Adventure
      The Silver Crucifix of San Diablo - A Gun Hackett Adventure The Silver Crucifix of San Diablo - A Gun Hackett Adventure
      The Silver Crucifix of San Diablo - A Gun Hackett Adventure The Silver Crucifix of San Diablo - A Gun Hackett Adventure
      The Silver Crucifix of San Diablo - A Gun Hackett Adventure The Silver Crucifix of San Diablo - A Gun Hackett Adventure
      The Silver Crucifix of San Diablo - A Gun Hackett Adventure The Silver Crucifix of San Diablo - A Gun Hackett Adventure

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