Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years

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He gets his trial and all those who love and miss the dead guy are singing, cause they guy is being brough to justice. However, since he only shot the man due to him being a thief, "the hangman" a metaphor for the justice system as a whole isn't hanging, and they put him on the street. A man commits such a petty crime like stealing water, and pays for it with his life; another man shoots a man and goes free.

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Do It Again (Steely Dan song)

The second verse is about discord in relationships. The guy finds out his girl "is no high climber" doesn't have high standards and finds his best only! He lost his only friend and his girl, and he's sure he's near the end of his rope? He rebounds with a girl who is very high maintenance.

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She goes crazy with him and his belongings, when in the end she's only using him. She doesn't give him what he wants a relationship here, not sex yet he keeps getting strung along and playing into her game all the time you know she's smiling Gambling is used as a metaphor here.

Steely Dan - Do It Again

This basically says that all people have some elements of "darker natures" in them, or some form of a vice, and as much as they deny it, it is still there and they are still a slave to it "Black cards" refer to all the sins and "dark talents" you may have -- abilities you have which can get you an unfair advantage over others However, in the Land of Milk and Honey a common term used for Heaven you will be judged on them. All three verses share a common theme of things repeating themself. However, as all three verses hint, there is nothing we can do about it; the first verse, the guy gets off due to a legal loophole; the second verse, the guy is doomed to live a loveless life; and in the third verse, you may swear you have no vices, but in reality, you're "back in Vegas with that handle in your hand.

There was an error. I like ProfGlitch's explanation with one exception I think the "mourners" that are "singin'" are testifying against him and not actually singing songs. To sing is slang for telling all that you know about something. Flag ironmike on November 12, People killed for water and horses Flag Headknocker on January 13, I think you over thought it, and water is scare in the dessert Flag barnop on May 05, If you steal a man's water in the desert, it's tantamount to murder.

Not a petty crime in that case.

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Flag DellC on September 09, Flag samlowrey on September 18, ProfGlitch agree with your insightful interpretation and like the way in which you bring together the elements. There was never any doubt in my mind from the first listen of many years ago that this is one's own Russian Roulette with destiny. Flag Flyinghigh on October 07, General Comment I'm pretty sure this song is about the nature of sin and self destruction. The fact that the song refers specifically to the listener in an inclusive form throughout "in the morning YOU go gunning..

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I also think Gershwin cleverly used words that could have multiple meanings and interpretations to make the song more cryptic, such as "handle" possibly meaning booze, or slot machine handle. Following Steely Dan 's introduction, the double drummers kick into the rip-roaring Countdown To Ecstasy track "Bodhisattva. Any band concerns about the London audience immediately vanished when they receive a standing ovation right off the bat. From the same album, they follow with the melodious pop rocker "Boston Rag. Following these opening numbers, the London audience literally explodes with applause and Fagen lets them know that the band appreciates such a warm welcome.

Following a humorous exchange with the audience, who are clamoring for more volume on the guitars, Fagen encourages Dawson to "Give it to 'em, Dinky," before they venture into an extended workout of their provocative first hit, "Do It Again. Clocking in at nearly 9 minutes, with an exceptional stereo mix on the percussion instruments, this is one of the more expansive songs of their set and provides ample opportunity for both Fagen and Dias to take impressive solos.

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Returning to Countdown To Ecstasy material, the jungle rhythms of "King Of The World" is up next, a song that ambivalently explores the threat of nuclear annihilation. At this point, the group tackle a pair of songs from the new Pretzel Logic album. They begin with the single that would catapult them up the charts, "Rikki Don't Lose That Number," which had just been released in England three days prior.

Containing an introductory riff appropriated from hard bop pianist Horace Silver's "Song To My Father" and a sumptuous groove, it is no wonder this would become a pop radio staple, despite the fact that the subject matter is nearly impossible to discern.

The same can be said for the title song, which follows. Although Fagen has gone on record stating it is about time travel, the lyrics to "Pretzel Logic" also seem intentionally open to interpretation, which makes this modified blues all the more compelling. Both of these numbers display the band in terrific form and are textbook examples of Becker and Fagen's clever and increasingly cryptic songwriting.

Following "Pretzel Logic," the London audience again erupts with applause and gives the band another standing ovation. Fagen even acknowledges what a strong performance just occurred, before taking the opportunity to introduce the individual members of the group. Following these introductions, some humorous stage banter occurs, with Jeff Baxter dedicating the next number to his band mates, before fronting the group on Becker and Fagen's smirking tribute to their time together at Bard College, "My Old School. The sparkling ballad "Dirty Work" turns up next featuring a standout lead vocal from Jones and superb pedal steel embellishments from Baxter.

A song about adultery, uniquely written from the perspective of the other man, Jones delivers Fagen's self-loathing lyric in a touching and mournful manner. However, what make both of these songs so memorable are the rousing harmonies on the choruses that simply compel listeners to sing along. Not to mention the lyrics, which remain some of the drollest and saddest in all of popular music.

Rainbow Theatre (London, England), 05/20/1974

Kid Charlemagne , a song populated by more lowlifes, criminals and addicts than all of Steely Dan songs put together, which really hits home. Even in their twilight years, they sounded superb on Monday evening.

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Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years
Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years
Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years
Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years
Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years
Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years
Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years
Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years
Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years

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