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Telescopes and Instrumentation

In this work we use extremely deep g - and i -band images of six massive early- type galaxies ETGs from the VEGAS survey to constrain the properties of their accreted stellar components.

The wide field of view of OmegaCAM on the VLT Survey Telescope VST also allows us to investigate the properties of small stellar systems such as globular clusters, ultra-compact dwarfs and satellite galaxies in the halos of our galaxies. By fitting light profiles, and comparing the results to simulations of elliptical galaxy assembly, we have identified signatures of a transition between relaxed and unrelaxed accreted components and can constrain the balance between in-situ and accreted stars.

High-mass stars exhibit a significantly higher multiplicity frequency than low-mass stars, likely reflecting differences in how they formed. Theory suggests that high-mass binaries may form by the fragmentation of self-gravitational discs or by alternative scenarios such as disc-assisted capture. Near-infrared interferometric observations reveal the high-mass young stellar object IRAS to be a close high-mass protobinary with a separation of 0.

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This is the closest high-mass protobinary system imaged to date. We also resolve near- infrared excess emission around the individual stars, which is associated with hot dust in circumstellar discs.

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These discs are strongly misaligned with respect to the binary separation vector, indicating that tidal forces have not yet had time to realign. This discovery demonstrates the unique capabilities of the VLTI, creating exciting new opportunities to study the dynamical processes that govern the architecture of close multiple systems. One of the classic ways to measure the success of a scientific facility is the publication return, which is defined as the refereed papers produced per unit of allocated resources for example, telescope time or proposals.

The recent studies by Sterzik et al.

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While this may be inherent to the scientific process, this finding prompted further investigation. The poll was launched on 6 May , remained open for four weeks, and returned valid responses. This article summarises and discusses the results of this survey, the first of its kind at ESO. We also compared the citation counts of arXiv vs. While simulations suggest that these findings are statistically significant, we cannot yet draw firm conclusions as to the main cause of these differences.

Sets the number of seconds of delay before the greeting dialog is shown after the plugin is loaded. This can be used to customize when you want the greeting dialog to appear. This attribute is now deprecated.

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You may pass an optional ref parameter if you wish to include additional context to be passed back in the webhook event. This can be used for many purposes, such as tracking which page the user started the conversation on, directing the user to specific content or features available within the bot, or tying a Messenger user to a session or account on the website. There may be cases where it is preferable to disable the persistent menu for your bot in the customer chat plugin. If the user is already logged in to their Facebook account, they will be able to start chatting with your bot right away.

If they are not logged in, a default welcome message will be display, and they will be prompted to log in or create a new Facebook account. If your Page has age or country restrictions set in Page settings, the customer chat plugin will not render for users who are not logged into their Facebook account when they visit your website. By default, the greeting dialog will be shown on desktop and minimized on mobile.

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Users can also click to show or to minimize the dialog. This state is cached on the browser and persists even when the browser is closed and reopened. At times, it may be necessary to determine whether a user is engaging with your business using the customer chat plugin. To enable this, the Messenger Platform will include a "source": To make it easier to integrate the customer chat plugin into Wordpress sites, we offer the official Messenger customer chat Wordpress plugin on wordpress.

Customer Chat Plugin beta The Messenger Platform's customer chat plugin allows you to integrate your Messenger experience directly into your website. Feature Support Browser Support The customer chat plugin supports all desktop and mobile browsers except Messenger in-app browsers. User Phone Number Quick Reply. User Email Quick Reply. Dynamic Controls of the Plugin We also provide APIs that allow you to dynamically control certain behaviors of the plugin such as opening and closing the dialog. Setting Up the Plugin To include the customer chat plugin on your webpage, you can either use the setup tool or setup using developer steps.

Using the Setup Tool For Page Admins, the Messenger Platform also provides an easy setup tool for customizing your customer chat plugin. To use the setup tool, do the following: Setup Using Developer Steps To include the customer chat plugin on your webpage, do the following: An overview is given of astronomical research in Finland.

ESO - The ESO Messenger, Vol.

In addition, Solar system research with space-borne instrumentation is being carried out by the Physics Departments at the Universities of Helsinki and Turku, and by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Is this newly discovered feeble point of light the long-sought bona-fide image of an exoplanet? A research paper [1] by an international team of astronomers [2] provides sound arguments in favour, but the definitive answer is now awaiting further observations. This cryogenic instrument combines imaging capabilities at the diffraction limit of the telescope 0. The instrument will be offered to the community for ESO period 75 proposal due date: The instrument will be offered to the community from April onwards period 75 and will provide a unique facility in the field of high spatial and spectral resolution studies of compact objects star-forming regions, nuclei of galaxies, cosmologically distant galaxies, galactic centre etc.

SPIE , M. SPIE, , 36 Davies et al. This time the activities took place on Yepun UT4. Vista's 4-metre primary mirror and 1.

Messenger No. 170 (December 2017)

Rapid deep IR 0. I have really enjoyed the work, my colleagues, and meeting a substantial fraction of the European observational community during that time. These data reduction pipelines have the following three main purposes: In the Omega nebula, a young stellar object of more than ten solar masses is surrounded by a huge rotating disc with at least solar masses of gas and dust.

Messenger, The  (Der Bate) Messenger, The (Der Bate)
Messenger, The  (Der Bate) Messenger, The (Der Bate)
Messenger, The  (Der Bate) Messenger, The (Der Bate)
Messenger, The  (Der Bate) Messenger, The (Der Bate)
Messenger, The  (Der Bate) Messenger, The (Der Bate)
Messenger, The  (Der Bate) Messenger, The (Der Bate)
Messenger, The  (Der Bate) Messenger, The (Der Bate)
Messenger, The  (Der Bate) Messenger, The (Der Bate)
Messenger, The (Der Bate)

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