Murder of a Snob (Bello)

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Oh dear — 1. And I started off thinking this might be an author I could love! Bell was popular for so long Karen that I am tempted to think that maybe I was just unlucky and picked a rather uninspiring entry as others seem much keener — having said that, they all agree that her detectives are often rather colourless by design …. Thanks for that Curtis — and just to update, on Amazon the new Bello editions are in fact listed as both ebooks which are very cheap and what look like print-on-demand which are inordinately expensive.

Some English mystery fans would enjoy some of her stuff.

Are these only in the UK? I love when actors drop dead on stage.

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Not in reality of course. Ngaio Marsh wrote a few that worked spectacularly well. But thanks for the review as always. At their worst they are dull or absurd to the point of distraction; at their best sparkling and imaginative.


Such extremes of the spectrum are hard to fathom. Speaking of which, I loved The Missing Person and am posting a review next week — thanks again! I know you like Tiger in the Smoke, but how do you feel about other Allinghams? Mitchell I need to re-examine and will be reading Death at the Opera fairly soon in the hope that it will alter my negative disposition towards her clearly very variable work. But Sayers could be a colossal snob and for me the elephantine Gaudy Night really bares that out.

I really think most of her best stuff is from her first decade or so. She got very inconsistent later on. Too many books, I suspect! I just love the way she can switch from light-hearted adventure to more serious skullduggery and murder with such easy and aplomp. And she did a great job evoking childhood in her somewhat autobiographical Rising of the Moon and Late, Late in the Evening write what you know! Our Ngaio has some of the most notable stereotypical flaming queens in English mystery.

See Death in Ecstasy and Final Curtain.

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How can people be so small? Gays were either hysterical comic relief Death in Ectasy or vicious schemers Final Curtain. But she definitely wrote some dud books. Thanks for pointing out my error in the chronology Curt, I have now fixed that.

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I wonder what Boucher liked so much? A couple of her earlier ones that I liked are so rare that print copies cost hundreds of dollars, that was why I was wondering about the UK reprinting of eBooks. Eberhart, Helen Reilly etc.

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Like Barzun said, she wrote some really flat books over the years. But she wrote some that were good too. Very uneven writer, all through her long career.

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I was able to collect all her books, but it took some doing. But I suppose being such a busy writer I think the total is about 60 if you include the historical novels together with bringing up 4 kids alone and being a full-time GP would tend to mitigate against consistent quality!!

It really benefited from the old adage, write what you know! Thanks chum — sounds like she returned to medical matters often enough in her books so she probably agreed! By the way, interesting to see it was her only old mystery reprinted in the s by Pan in UK. Odd how these things go.

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Murder in Hospital is much more interesting and original, but was never even published in the States or reprinted in pb anywhere after WW2. I agree Half-Term is mediocre, but I imagine some traditionalist English mystery fans would enjoy it nevertheless. I feel that this movie wastes the talent of Christopher Lloyd especially because he is barely in the film.

C-, Overall, I believe this film is fun and people can certainly get enjoyment out of it. I see this movie being on Netflix while a group of friends gathers to watch it for a Halloween horror movie marathon. Subscribe via Email Dig Our Reviews?

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Murder of a Snob (Bello) Murder of a Snob (Bello)
Murder of a Snob (Bello) Murder of a Snob (Bello)
Murder of a Snob (Bello) Murder of a Snob (Bello)
Murder of a Snob (Bello) Murder of a Snob (Bello)
Murder of a Snob (Bello) Murder of a Snob (Bello)

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