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As the story unfolds, many other stories come together in a pretty brilliant way. I hope this new author writes some more, because I would love to read more of her work. Hennessy was kindly provided to me by Tribute Books Blog Tours for review. The opinions are my own. Jun 11, Kathy Filardo rated it did not like it.

I struggled to like this book. At first I felt sorry for the miller's dughter, whose name I can't pronounce. But after seeing her reject Rumpel, who adored her and saved her life, for parents who used her and a man who was abusive and nasty and who would have burned her for a witch, I no longet did so. I was pissed off because Rumple was the freaking solution to all her problems and all he wanted was to be loved and for all of her so-called seeing the truth she was as hypocritical as everyone el I struggled to like this book.

I was pissed off because Rumple was the freaking solution to all her problems and all he wanted was to be loved and for all of her so-called seeing the truth she was as hypocritical as everyone else in the end. She could have easily asked Rumpel to either give her parents enough gold to help her sick sister or to cure her with magic, yet the ONLY solution she comes up with is to go back and use Rumpel's powers to spin straw into gold and marry the usurper Duke who has abused her?

It ticked me off that after using Rumple and his magic to save herself, she wasn't even grateful to him. Then she goes and somehow falls in love with the asshole who stole Rumple's birthright, and even after said dick admits he KNEW all along he was an imposter who didn't deserve anything and he'd been living a lie and he tried to murder his legitimate brother and ends up killing his real mom, she acts like oh well, no big deal cause ya know I tortured an old woman for nothing so I understand.

Umm where's your compassion for the life your lying bastard husband destroyed? Granted the mothers screwed him over first, but Ronan or whatever his name was ought to have been a man of honor enough to give his title,estate,and his money back to the TRUE heir--Rumple, because hell Rumple was Owed that.

And his wife, the oh so good woman,whose life was saved multiple times by Rumpel,should have insisted on it because that would be the right thing to do, and she wasn't supposed to care about money. If that were so she could go back to the family farm with the bastard husband and live like regular people like she wanted, and the true heir could live on his estate and perhaps find another woman who would be willing to love him because many people could be willing to overlook appearance if said appearance also came with title and lands and was kind to them.

Rumpel's magic could also have helped with his appearance. By the end of the story I wanted Rumpel to win and keep the baby because at least then he'd have one person who loved him besides his dead mother and foster mother. The ending itself also made little sense, saying now Rumpel was dead he could love freely, so he was better off that way.

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What a cop out! I much preferred the Crimson Thread by Cameron Dokay and Rumplestiltskin by Jenni james, both of which offered a better twist and a different ending for Rumpel, a much happier one. I know that hardly even counts and nobody cares but I updated that I started reading it so I feel the need to explain why I'm not continuing.

I needed an ebook yesterday gotta always be reading 3 different books at once you know , so I went to Amazon's free young adult ebooks page. This book's blurb interested me and I love Rumpelstiltskin retellings, so I grabbed it. So, au revoir Twisted! Who knows, this may not be the end of my journey with Twisted. I suppose that is what I brought you here for. She's also got a giant heart and despite her upbringing, isn't judgemental at all. She's a bit standoffish, sure This retelling of Rumpelstiltskin was not what I was expecting.

It was dark in all the right places and painted some new characters into the story while giving a backstory to others that didn't really have them before. This author found a way to make nearly every character sympathetic while some still hated each other and may or may not even deserve sympathy. That's well done, I think. Apr 04, Jessica rated it it was amazing. This story was insanely magical and it really felt like I was reading an actual fairytale made for me. The hero being so self sufficient and capable and never wanting to have anyone take care of her made me love her instantly.

Ronan being able to grow and show so much character development was amazing and the little man going from a saving grace to the villain you still feel for was amazing. Feb 05, Heather Hayden added it. As the name proclaims, this was an incredibly twisted version of Rumplestiltskin. Although I enjoyed the first part, the second part became far too dark for me. As such, I don't feel right rating the book or recommending it.

Surprisingly good I usually don't expect a lot out of a debut author, but this one I couldn't put down. Very well written and captivating! Jan 30, Annemarie rated it really liked it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I never cared much for the original fairy tale, but this retelling was absolutely amazing. It made Rumpelstiltskin seem so human, so real. The main characters are quite well developed, and the storytelling is solid. I really liked this book.

Jul 07, Delanie Slattery rated it liked it Shelves: Wasn't my favorite for several reasons, but I finished it. I was not a fan of the writing style, there was no detail or explanation and the dialogue wasn't great. I didn't really get into the story until more than half way through, and the first half almost made me stop so many times. But the end redeemed it enough that I'm not entirely disappointed in wasting time reading this. I wanted to like this book. I thought it sounded interesting and I was excited to read a Rumpelstiltskin retelling.

When this book first started, I remained optimistic but soon it was evident I shouldn't be. First off, there are no characters in this book to care about. Aoife is in typical YA fashion, not like other girls. The Rumpelstiltskin character is awful, when the book fi I wanted to like this book. The Rumpelstiltskin character is awful, when the book first started I wasn't sure if I was supposed to like him or not- he reminds me a bit of Quasimodo from Hunchback Disney , with his angst and annoying behavior towards Aoife.

The Duke is the same way but in reverse, he starts out an asshole then becomes the 'nice' guy. Yep, this is one of those books. I literally could not stop rolling my eyes throughout this book, "R" turns out to have been protecting Aoife her entire life, because luv. The Duke manipulates Aoife into marriage and when she agrees R throws a fit like a toddler, even though they had never formally met until basically that day.

Oh, and of course Aoife kissed him- even though they had never met before that day. The duke is a total asshole, who manipulates Aoife into marriage- to the point of threatening to burn her family alive unless she does so. So she marries him to protect her family, and magically he's not like that anymore, he's a nice dude! And Aoife falls in love with him, yep the man who abused her.

R isn't happy with that so he starts abusing her and her unborn child too, yay for luv! The minor characters in this novel aren't any better. Both of Aoifes parents are abusive. The father runs his family dry through his gambling habits, and her mother doesn't have many defining characteristics besides she likes embroidery Aoife of course hates all things girly from the time , her sister is too sick to be a fully developed character apparently, and the Madam of the brothel ends up being the best character in this book. As if all this isn't enough, this book has to have more witches, more magic, and more conniving women- because that's apparently what women did all day.

R's problems with women are apparently caused by Mommy issues as he explains through one of his rampages later, but wait! It can all be cured through luuuuuuuv. Oh yeah, then R dies at the end- because what are resolutions. I will now share some of my favorite quotes from the book with my commentary. Overall, if you're obsessed with fairytales like I am- I would give this book a very cautious read.

If you're not, I wouldn't touch it unless you like whiny man babies, cringing, and "strong" female characters. The writing was very good in some places and I did highlight some nice quotes throughout it, but they plot is just not there. I though Aoife would end up going on the adventure as the synopsis said, but she never even left the castle. The book was very predictable and nothing that happened really surprised me, it was just chockfull of cliches and nonsense. Apr 19, Shelly rated it liked it Shelves: Good story, needs proofreading.

Weird spots with fractions in place of words, like it didn't get digitized right or something. This re-telling has Rumple not knowing his own name so for him to demand heroine guess is a little strange - how will he know if she guesses right? There were interesting themes of motherhood throughout, explored in different ways and I enjoyed that.

All-in-all a good read if you like fairytale retells. Sep 19, Barbara Senteney rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am a huge fan of Fairy Tales, especially the Brothers Grimm, it is rare that you find a retelling of an old favorite that you fall in love with. This story was riveting, it ept me turning pages from beginning to end. Aoife is the young girl in this tale, who catches the eye of the dwarf Rumpelstiltskin, she cares for him even tho his body is bent ad twisted, and his skin is hard and still, but she has obligations, a drunken father, overbearing abusive mother, and sister bedridden with chronic I am a huge fan of Fairy Tales, especially the Brothers Grimm, it is rare that you find a retelling of an old favorite that you fall in love with.

Aoife is the young girl in this tale, who catches the eye of the dwarf Rumpelstiltskin, she cares for him even tho his body is bent ad twisted, and his skin is hard and still, but she has obligations, a drunken father, overbearing abusive mother, and sister bedridden with chronic illness.

She also has the eye of another man upon her, a man determined to have her. And he believes from the depths of a twisted bet her father makes, he can and will have her. After all no one can spin straw into gold. He can and will give her every heart's desire , if she will just let him. But the twisted little dwarf is determined to have her too, and when he is rejected, all hell breaks loose. The twisted little man has watched and protected her all her life, but now her curses her, her name, er life, her marriage will all be doomed to wither away.

He uses every magic trick at his disposal to see that his dreams come true and hers fly away into the wind never to see the light of day. Oh this story was so sad and touching, so filled with magic, so full of secrets, I could not help but love it. This is truly a magical retelling, and I have to admit I enjoyed it more than the original tale. The author of this story deserves a big round of applause, she has done a fin job and kept me spellbound and entertained from the first page to the last.

Jul 01, Quirkybookworm rated it really liked it Shelves: It is one of those dark stories which it should have been in the first place. I had always known it had been one of the dark stories while growing up reading Rumpelstilskin. It always had the hints of darkness to the classic fairy tale story. Fortunately the author brought it to light. Very well written by her. It has kept my attention. No one is perfect in fairy-tale or real life but those are the characters who are dealing with emotions, their lives the best way they know how.

Look, if we are It is one of those dark stories which it should have been in the first place. Look, if we are perfect, we would be freaking dull! Fairy tale retelling Story of Rumpelstiltskin retold as a story of family and loss. This tangled Web of truth, lies, love and loss sets this story apart from the run of the mill fairy tales. Jul 21, Celli Hem rated it it was ok Shelves: Got this as a freebie on Amazon Kindle and I did finish it over the course of two days. And I'll say this, I'm rather lukewarm about this novel. It wasn't anything stellar, engrossing, riveting, thought-provoking or otherwise impressive.

But on the other hand, it was not anything that was obnoxious, horrid or otherwise bland. It's between the two. Belle and Gaston are getting ready for their wedding. Belle has a request for Rumple. In a small town big secrets don't stay secret for long. The Curse is Broken by nine-orcids reviews Snow and Prince Charming stopped Regina from casting the Curse, and are left with a certain evil spell caster on hand.

They begin the execution for him, but it is stopped by someone Rumpelstiltskin believed to be dead. When she inherits a valuable Martin Guitar she had no idea what to do with it until she passes Mr. Sparks fly when their paths cross, but can two people from different worlds stand a chance together? AU modern day Rumbelle inspired by the movie Notting Hill.

Some family drama and some humor and lots of romance. Rated M mainly for language. Arabella French is the kind, loving, preacher's daughter. Sydney Gold is the drunken watch maker. They start to fall for each other, but can they survive in a town that wants nothing more than for them to be apart? Can she help him become a better man? A Second Chance by Crysania reviews Tumblr prompt: Neal comes to see Rum at his shop.

K - English - Chapters: Mirrors by Crysania reviews Tumblr prompt: Belle is doing some light cleaning in The Dark One's bedchamber. The Wedding by Crysania reviews Tumblr prompt: An Unexpected Encounter by Crysania reviews Tumblr prompt: After hearing of Belle's "death," Rumpelstiltskin comes across and eventually makes use of the services of a deaf and blind prostitute that looks like Belle.

The Last Wish short story

He doesn't realize that that prostitute is the real Belle. Midnight Tea by Billiebee3 reviews Belle has a nightmare and seeks Rumplestilskin out a few weeks after becoming a caretaker for his estate. Rumplestilskin is amazed to find that instead of running from her captor, she actually looks to him for comfort.

Names by Eyes like Dawn reviews Simply cute moments that take place while Belle lives at Rumpel's estate when their love begins to blossom and in the quaint town of Storybrooke after the curse. Formerly one-shot now a series of non-connecting ficlets all in one place. No drama, just all fluff. Gold Restoration by sfiddy reviews Mr. Gold is a quiet shop owner and ruthless dealmaker. After getting burned on a deal, he realized he can use a pen, not a sword, and has spent 16 years trying to restore his son's fortune.

Just as he was giving up hope, a newcomer to the neighborhood helps him with more than his lost holdings, something he never thought he could use again: Born, Live, Love by mychippedcups reviews AU. Gold is one of the richest businessmen on Wall Street, but when he tries to get out of his miserable marriage he ends up meeting Belle, a high society prostitute that dreams of a better life Once Upon a Time - Rated: In Loving Memory by TeaGirrl reviews After a hit-and-run, Belle loses all her memories of her and Rum's happy marriage and the time they have spent together.

Rum is now faced with the reality of being in love with someone who doesn't even know who he is. Inspired by "The Vow. Sealed With a Kiss by beeeinyourbonnet reviews With a kingdom ravaged by war, Belle finds solace in anonymous letters-until she's ripped from her homeland by a beast. The one where Belle and Rumpelstiltskin are secret penpals before he deals for her. Gang-lord's Love by Eyes like Dawn reviews Desperation drives home town librarian Belle French to make a deal with the notorious international gang-lord of the Dark One's, Mr. When the deal is struck she finds herself plunged into a dangerous world she never dreamed of being a part of with a man she never thought she would fall for.

Inferno by Crysania reviews repeatinglitanies prompted: After receiving some unexpected news, Belle goes to her limits to save Baelfire and bring her Rumple back to her side, where he should have stayed. But can her story have a happy ending or is just another tragedy like the ones in her books? Magic is Coming by beeeinyourbonnet reviews Mr. Gold makes a deal with the librarian. Long Live the Queen by Woubazoid reviews Belle receives word that her father has died, and the Council of Avonlea are begging her to return to take her rightful place as queen. Unwilling to break her deal with Rumplestiltskin, but desirous to return to lead her people, she and Rumple strike a new deal that ensures she can accomplish both.

Chapter 34 now posted! Devastation and relief by You'llHaveToGuessIt reviews Rumplestiltskin returns with the extended Neverland crew, and is heartbroken by the crumpled up note he finds abandoned on the counter of his shop. But he should know by now that things are never as they first appear. This is the last one in the mini one-shot series I wrote, although I actually wrote this one straight after the first two. Gold's Gift by Snapegirlkmf reviews Gold doesn't like cats. Can one playful kitten win the heart of Storybrooke's pawnbroker, or is it an impossible task?

Some Baelfire and Archie too. The New Girl by beeeinyourbonnet reviews When Belle is forced to leave her fiance, she finds herself with three unlikely new roommates and a landlord she should hate as much as they do, but can't quite manage it. Belle has lost her memory, and Mr Gold desperately needs her to remember for both their sakes, especially now a HUGE surprise has hit them both.

A different storyline of how Belle finally remembers who she is: Never Forget by mychippedcups reviews After Skin Deep, Regina finally decides to play her Belle card, and releases her from the asylum. But with her release comes a new surprise: Belle is carrying a child in her womb. Sleepless in Storybrooke by Scribbles-by-Kate reviews Driving to her father's for Christmas, Belle tunes into a radio call in show where a boy wants to help his father find love. The father is persuaded to talk and ends up speaking eloquently about love, leaving Belle fascinated.

Based on the film Sleepless in Seattle. Belle by Zhanice reviews David couldn't be happier when Belle agrees to participate in a dinner date auction for the Storybrooke Animal Shelter. He knows she'll help them raise a lot of money; he's also hoping that the special someone she likes comes out to bid on her. A Winter's Journey by Crysania reviews Belle and Dreamy travel together after both have been separated from their loves and get caught in a winter storm. It might just take a miracle Now, Rumple awaits his execution only to have the main event crashed by an unexpected visitor.

Each chapter will have its own theme Companionship by winterelf86 reviews He asks her to accompany him to dinner every night. Based on the original BatB tale. Might be split into two or three parts. The Price of Magic by MsDeacs reviews Belle has another reason for wanting to leave her Kingdom and Rumplestiltskin is the perfect opportunity to escape.

Yet she gets more than she bargained for when she finds herself in Dark Castle. Mostly romance, maybe a little smut. Rated M just in case. Golden Bells by AdayaSage reviews Belle and Gaston are planning on being wed in a lavish ceremony in the next six weeks. They are told no one can accomplish this, save for the sometimes beastly Mr. Gaston doesn't want to be subject to Gold's dark reputation but Belle won't let it scare her.

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  6. After all, she knows how to tame a beast. The Art of Seduction by mrussell26 reviews Summary: Gold is a successful businessman with a heart of stone. Will Belle be able to break down the walls around his heart? Rating may go up later. Time and Magic by Mrs-Stiltskin reviews Anon prompted: Gold is dying in Neverland when Belle finally finds a way to get there to him.

    She is so scared but is able to save him from his undoing. She accidently meets Rumpelstiltskin and his son, who too are heading to safer grounds. Fate has a destiny reserved for them. Together their will start a journey full of difficult challenges and choices, dangers and fears. This is an epic story about love and trust, family and friendship, betrayal and evil scheming. Love Doesn't Always Last Forever by Chibi Tsuki Hikari reviews She smirked wickedly her candy red apple lips pursing upward in poisoness victory, "He doesn't want you anymore Dearie, even after all these cold lonely painstakingly slow years without you, his power still means more to him…than you ever will.

    All In by Ifyousaysodearie reviews Protecting her bum father Lacey is forced to make a rather dark deal with Mr. The Story of My Life by juju reviews Belle never really thought wanting anything more from her life. She was happy enough reading it from a book untill Ruby introduced her to Nick, Can a person fall in love, even if they aren't looking for it? Can a woman love her husband but not be IN love with him? Possesions by Someone Else's story reviews Rumple loves a challenge, and he found the most beautiful one yet. Rated M for later chapters for non-con. Wishful Thinking by suallenparker reviews When high-class call-girl Jolie Gardens gets hired by the powerful Mr.

    Gold to spend seven nights in his mansion, she finds herself strangely attracted to her mysterious customer. And what stats out as an opportunity to earn enough money to reclaim her freedom, evolves into something more. Gold is in prison and Belle can't walk but they become unlikely friends through a series of letters.

    How much will they find out about each other? The Duke by RiskPig reviews Rum Gold, a mere spinner to Duke, has lied, cheated, and killed to get everything he wanted. He was at the top of the world, until he came across the one thing that refuses to be won by ill means - Belle. He falls in love with Belle, the daughter of a local sheep farmer, when Belle's little brother and Baelfire become friends.

    No Curse, just a sweet romantic love story. Until Now, No One by Mrs-Stiltskin reviews Based on a Tumblr picture prompt and turned into dirty thinky thoughts by all us dirty fangirls! Gold's shop to …. Wolf's Clothing by FieryPen37 reviews Belle finds her way back from her adventures.

    The Last Wish | Witcher Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    Taking the Risk by phoenixx reviews Retail manager Belle has always dreamed of leaving the quiet town of Storybrooke, but is never able to. One day a stranger walks into her store and Belle must decide whether to stay or go after her dreams. A Day In The Life by cynicsquest reviews Rumpelstiltskin returns from Neverland to find that he shares Belle's heart with another and his life will be changed forever. See Me by Sapsorrow86 reviews Financial difficulties force Belle down a path she would've never thought she'd go. But nothing ends up working the way she imagined, not even her determination not to go to Mr Gold's for the money.

    In a last effort to save the union they agree to have a child, but are forced to use a surrogate. Enter Belle French, local librarian hoping to put herself through her senior year of college by carrying a baby for the most feared couple in Storybrooke. Caged by Rayvah reviews Adventurous 7 year old, Belle French makes the acquaintance of a very interesting monster at the circus. Write a fic about this chair, including the feather boa Gold up to her apartment for strawberry shortcake Scarred by Rayvah reviews Mr.

    Gold comes back from Neverland a broken man, outsmarted, with all of his deepest desires having been turned against him. Dealing in Arrangements by FeistyFox reviews She should have considered that what he wanted in exchange for paying off her debt was not at all what she had expected when she walked into his shop that morning. Everything has Changed by FantasyLiving94 reviews The first time they meet is when Belle hits him with her car on a rainy day, Then he turns out to be her new high school teacher. What's going to happen next?

    It will become Rated M Please Review and let me know what you think! Belle French is the daughter or a prominent business man who plays hostess to the New York elite. What happens when her Papa's company is about to go under? What happens when only a deal with Mr Gold will save everything she knows? In the Mirror by wingedauthoress14 reviews While on Hook's ship, Rumplestilskin discovers he can use the enchanted mirror to see Belle back in Storybrooke.

    He watches as the librarian has an unexpected run-in with her father. Fear and Obey by Miss Penington reviews Belle makes a deal with a different sorcerer to come caretake at his castle. There she meets Rumplestiltskin, who has been a prisoner for a long time. Incentive by Woubazoid reviews He can give her anything, but all she wants is him. He's Home by Toxicmystic reviews Rumplestiltskin has been gone on a deal longer than he planned. Belle is getting worried. My first fic, fluffy and Dark Castley. Crossing the Worlds by Aerilon reviews Belle doesn't sit contentedly in Storybrooke.

    She concocts a plan to travel to Neverland to be with Rumpelstiltskin, with an added advantage. Distraught by Toomanyfeels4agirl reviews After Belle takes her fourth pregnancy test she still has no luck, she is distraught and needs comforting from Gold. Then weeks later something wonderful happens. Chapter 2 contains Frankenwolf and the Charmings. More chapter will be published. Wait by Rayvah reviews A post-finale reunion ficlet. She won't let Rumplestiltskin walk away from her. In a country in the depths of depression a woman makes a desperate deal with a mysterious businessman to save her home and her eyes are opened to a new world beneath the glitter, music and lights of New York's seething underbelly.

    AU obviously, and rated for themes, swearing and later chapters. Rumbelle canon so enjoy. Belle Hayes is a small town Georgia girl that ends up in Storybrooke after she runs away from her abusive husband with her son Adam in tow. She is hoping to build a better life for them but, as always, it is hard to run from your past. This is my first FanFic. Gold expected to spend Father's day alone, little Lucy had other ideas.

    Now includeds an extra follow-up fic. K - English - Family - Chapters: Indulgence by Sapsorrow86 reviews The terms of the deal are easy to hammer out: It's the proposal that proves tricky. The Snow Globe by Tuesdays reviews "It's forever, dearie," he had said, and he meant it. A darker take on Belle's stay in the Dark Castle where she is torn between love and hatred for her captor, especially when the Evil Queen offers her a way out.

    But Belle must make her decision before the clouds of a powerful curse gather over Fairy Tale Land Layered by Sapsorrow86 reviews Passing herself as a bride-to-be was the strangest favour Belle French had ever done a friend, but she was confident she could pull it off.

    And then she went and fell in love with the designer. Based on a prompt from Tumblr. A Rose Among Thorns by Ravenclaw reviews "Belle is sitting up there with the person who loves her and not realizing it. And that would be someone you would not want to anger. Jamais Au Revoir by madsthenerdygirl reviews He promises himself that it's not permanent, but it still hurts.

    She tells Rumple from herself and the events in Storybrooke. The story continues after 2x22 "And Straight on til Morning"! The last two chapters are revised. You should read especially my note in Chapter 20! Mr Gold wants to be near them and make them both happy. Nicholas Gold is an ex-alcoholic, fresh out from rehab.

    At his son's request he has employed a sober companion to aid his recovery, but will it take more than just a kind and caring woman to earn the trust and love of the stone-hearted Mr. And her father never lets her talk to Mr Gold. But one day she decides to visit the Pawnshop. Of course he doesn't, he's cursed like everyone else in this town. But what happens when they start talking?

    People1 reviews Destiny doesn't always go the way we plan. For Belle French, her second day of College changes her destiny forever when she falls in love with her History Professor, Rumford Gold. But when Belle begins to hear his thoughts and feel his emotions, they will both begin a journey that only has one end. Belle and Ariel, two curious mermaids, yearn for adventure beyond the sea.

    But Ariel becomes desperate when she falls in love with a human prince and goes to the Sea Witch for a potion that will make her human. The price if she fails to win her love: Belle will do anything to save her friend and help her earn True Love's kiss - even make a deal with Rumplestiltskin. Reading Together by Aerilon reviews Belle is caught reading by Rumplestiltskin and he surprises her by sitting with her and indulging her obsession.

    Heroine by jesuislumiere reviews After Rumplestiltskin leaves with Emma et. She's in charge of Storybrooke now and learns to become the heroine she's always wanted to be. Belle's adventures in Storybrooke with lots of Rumbelle moments- I promise! Absence makes the heart grow fonder Whale explained it would be normal for her to have conditioned responses. None were more powerful or more curious than her reaction to Mr. AT Set around 2x Father's Day by Sirensong28 reviews Belle has something in mind to make sure that this Father's Day is the best one Rumple has ever had.

    Part 2 forever united by LostGirlInTheForest reviews after the trouble at king maurices castle and Belle being injured what is her life like with Rumple and who is with them? Home by AngelofDarkness reviews Three days after he sent her away, Belle returns to the Dark Castle to confront Rumplestiltskin with their feelings for each other. Seasons by Imaginary Dreams reviews She had to run. He was her home. Home with her Dark One was Heaven compared to the Hell of an uncaring father and demons disguised as men of the cloth.

    Dark Rumbelle, Four parter. Gold's shop has been broken in to. Hiding in the back he finds a young woman who has obviously been beaten, probably worse. To his horror he realizes that she is the same girl he'd had an opportunity to take to his castle in Fairy Tale Land. He'd thought it right to leave her Lacey the prostitute's first night with Mr. Her eye caught the faint, pale stripe on Mr. Gold's left ring finger the day he appeared at her door… Once Upon a Time - Rated: I tried being sweet. I tried being understanding and patient with your circumstances, which I realized were not your fault.

    But now I'm going to take the prince's advice: I'm going to be the man you fell in love with.

    Heat by Aerilon reviews The day is hot, Belle is finished with her chores so she goes down to the bath to cool off and the was where Rumplestiltskin finds her. Gold is very good at his job, Belle is about to find out how good. Can the Crocodile succeed at his job or will the the little shop owner surprise him and be the person he can't simply write off or downsize? Can the Beauty tame the Beast? Can she survive the Beast's bite? Once every full moon by ImmixRikudou reviews He comes to visit her, her Dark Prince, once every full moon. The course of our fate by bayloriffic reviews AU - The one where Gold's a cop and Belle's a prostitute.

    Her father stole her crown, shut her out and deemed her the village whore unworthy of any kindness. She isn't at all surprised when he sells her to the King of Scotland. A man so evil that there are rumors that he steals and skins children for their pelts. But she isn't as defenseless as she seems.

    Nor he so cruel. Can they find love? Please review Once Upon a Time - Rated: Slayer by SignCherie reviews Belle has been the vampire Slayer for ten years, and she despairs at nearing the end of her supernaturally shortened life. But when she meets her new Watcher, the shyly nervous Rumplestiltskin Gold, and his teenage son, Baelfire, everything begins to change. Rum as Belle's Watcher. Beautiful Perdition by Imaginary Dreams reviews Not all who wander are lost. They have just yet to find what their hearts are searching for. But is it possible for a heart of light to live with a heart of darkness?

    Or will the darkness destroy its only chance at redemption? Slightly AU, rated M for adult situations. Silk Scarves by Aerilon reviews Gold and Lacey indulge in each other. Two's Company But Three's A Crowd by juju reviews When Rumpelstiltskin's roommate Jefferson brings home an unwelcome guest, Can Rumpel adjust to the beauty gracing his home and his life.

    They head to Granny's for lunch and Belle wants to know more about their history. Gold, Granny - Complete. Rum and Belle find themselves sharing an awkward dinner with his ex and her paramour. When Millie sparks panic in Rum Belle does whatever she can to try and soothe him. Showing Heart by Aerilon reviews Belle slaps Rumplestiltskin. The Barfly and the Golden Goose by Alley-Kat reviews Rumplestiltskin finds Belle also known in her Storybrooke persona, "Lacey" at the local bar in a skilled attempt to gain her memories back.

    Paradise Stars by wonderwoundedhearers reviews A-lister AU in which method actor Rumford Gold and rising star Belle French meet on the set of 'Paradiso,' a film adaptation of August Booth's best-selling novel of the same name. Can they translate their on-screen magic into their off-screen lives?

    Gold out of the bar. Night Sweats by juju reviews Someone's in Gold's shop, Can he handle what's about to be tossed his way? Let's find out, shall we? Rosie French loves working at the local library. She does not love when Mr. The Great Wide Somewhere by TheHinkyPanda reviews Belle French wants an adventure and when her father remarries, she takes her chance by responding to an advertisement asking for a woman to make a difference in the life of widower Gold and his son, Bae.

    But Gold isn't too keen on letting anyone in for fear of finding out about what exactly happened in his past. Shards by IrrelevantLogic reviews The girl couldn't even remember her own name. She didn't understand who the strange man was, or why he kept coming back, or why he cared so much for a little chipped teacup.

    All she knew was that when it broke, so did something inside him; all she knew was that she had to fix it. The girls who made it possible, like Belle French, all have their reasons for working there. She learns the hard way: Set after the events of Skin Deep and before the season one finale. Saved by the Belle by TehAwesomeness reviews AU Belle just can't seem to get to her first period on time, and it's really about to screw up her school plans. Can her teacher come up with a solution? This shall contain lemon later.

    Tell Me What I Need to Know by passionsanddevotions reviews Belle seeks out information on the man she's supposed to remember, but can't. The pawnbroker's assistant has an interesting relationship with her boss. Crosses into mild M rated territory. Insatiable by juju reviews dark RumBelle. Rumplestiltskin's newly found prize will have to toughen up if she is going to live and work at the Dark Castle.

    Her life slowly leads her to a wealthy landowner, Mr. Cameron Gold, who is in need of a governess for his young son. Part 1 hearts united by LostGirlInTheForest reviews what would of happened if belle did go home to her father and the queen didnt capture her. His only light in the darkness is a kind stranger, Belle, who gives him food and fleeting smiles.

    When a chance to turn his life around appears he hesitantly takes it, believing nothing will really come out of it. For once in his life, however, fate would take pity on him. Collecting Kisses by suallenparker reviews To save the Library from closing, librarian Belle French and her friend Ruby sell their kisses to raise money.

    Gold is not amused. Shattered by A Petal on the Rose reviews After losing her memory, Belle attempts to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and shattered life. Love on a Deathbed by maddyandsnoopy reviews She watched him and knew that she would always stand by this man, this wonderful and horrible man who she loved so much, even if that meant sitting on his deathbed. Belle knows who she is during The Miller's Daughter. Rumple's farewell phone call triggers Belle's memories, prompting her to rush to the pawnshop when she realizes her true love is dying.

    When she finds him inexplicably cured her relief is almost as big as his surprise at realizing Belle remembers. How Quickly One Falls: A RumBelle Story by GildedJade reviews Rumplestiltskin does not like people stealing things from his home, but the poor man who was caught in the rainstorm last night may have a key that will change everything for the Dark One.

    It will be based on the original Beauty and the Beast story with several tie-ins from Once Upon a Time, and other fairy tales. Lead by wonderwoundedhearers reviews AU. Art class attendee Gold is beyond inspired by life model Belle, and she's determined to put lead in his pencil. Takes place before Emma's in town so Gold does not remember who he is. Gold finds Belle in a strange place with a strange new identity. Based off the new spoiler photo's of Belle and Mr.

    Gold from episode After Belle suffers a devistating tragedy, those closest to her must put aside their differences and learn to get along for her sake and sanity. It won't be as easy as it seems, for they are all reeling from the effects of the loss. Serendipitous at Best by TeamTHEFT reviews AU In a world that meshes FTL and technology, a poor spinner and his young son meet a young escape prostitute and are given the chance to leave their world behind and enter hers, all the while she believes she is the one being given a new life.

    The wars are over, but it seems like there is still evil in the world. An Unconventional Fairytale by wonderwoundedhearers reviews AU. Hordor forces Rumplestiltskin into rescuing him a princess bride from a dragon-guarded castle. No one counts on Belle being that princess. Gold, Belle is forced to make a deal with him.

    Wedded Bliss by Fuckin'NameChoise reviews Formerly written by Imalovelylittleocelot, now adopted by me Rosabelle French is a good girl, and good girls are not supposed to wake up in strangers beds. Good girls are not supposed to wake up married to strangers in their strange beds. Wedded Bliss by Imalovelylittleocelot reviews Rosabelle French is a good girl, and good girls are not supposed to wake up in strangers beds. Territory by xXfireXflyXx reviews Mr. Gold watches the young men flirt with his Belle, and he doesn't like it - not one bit.

    "The Last Wish"

    One-shot, slightly AU due to actual happiness in the Rumbelle relationship. But this time it's lust for her true love that haunts her while she sleeps. Set shortly after "The Crocodile". Brave by My Vantilene reviews She had no intention of marrying Gaston. Shattered by darlingcas reviews "As the chipped cup shattered on the floor, so did Gold's heart. Whale's feelings for Ruby, and Hooks deception of Belle. Rated T for possible violence. Rumpelstiltskin makes the decision he must convince her to stay.

    Red-handed by wonderwoundedhearers reviews Mr Gold seeks to catch a thief, but he gets so much more than he bargained for. Lipstick Stains by Mlle Passpartout reviews War touches foreign soil and the home front in equal parts. Sacrifices are demanded, lives are changed, and somewhere along the way, paths cross. Gold renovates a part of his house for a memorial to Belle: Discovering that she still lives motivates him to complete the project, thus hiring "Anna" to help him organize it.

    Though she's promised to another, he cannot give up hope that his Belle is not still somehere deep down within her. Gold has no choice but to enlist the help Of the town home care nurse Bella French after his surgery, but he got more than he bargained for. Between the Shelves of the Library by Coneflower Adams reviews Rumpelstiltskin comes to call, and Belle finally gets her hamburger.

    Nurturing by Sapsorrow86 reviews She laughed at his jokes and looked after him. She was beautiful and kind and Bae adored her. A Home For Pongo by Rumbella reviews "The royal family left his shop, failing to note that they had forgotten entirely about the tired dalmatian sitting at Gold's feet. The dog brings about a change in the couple that they never imagined possible. The Importance of Moonlight by dresdendollontheprowl reviews "Also, he was in his satin pajamas.

    There wasn't much modesty to hold back on. So, for the first time in years, he got into bed with a woman. Meanwhile in FTL, Belle and two unlikely allies work up a plan to let Rumplestiltskin know of the danger that is coming. Wise Little Boy by VeniVediVici reviews While shopping for her heartless husband's birthday at the mall, Belle runs into a boy who is wise beyond his years and may give her life-changing advice.

    Aftermath and Repercussions by Josephine77 reviews Gold remains vigilant at Belle's hospital bedside after she's shot and falls over the town line, but the repercussions are greater than just her lost memories. Complicated by Attracted2Insanity reviews AU: She makes a point to see him again. Just like polotics love can be At her request he tells her a tale. They continue to meet at odd moments, before and after they make their deal. By Night One Way, By Day Another by lusciouslemon reviews Rumpelstiltskin quickly finds out his new caretaker is not as innocent and shy as he first thought.

    She has no memory of it the next morning! Rated M for sexy times! At sunrise the King came, very much astonished to see the gold; the sight of which gladdened him, but did not make his heart less greedy. He caused the maiden to be led into another room, still larger, full of straw; and then he told her to spin it into gold during the night if she valued her life. The maiden was again quite at a loss what to do; but while she cried the door opened suddenly, as before, and the Dwarf appeared and asked her what she would give him in return for his assistance. The little Man took the ring and began to spin at once, and by morning all the straw was changed to glistening gold.

    Even the king turned out to be not quite the mean person he had appeared to be at first and they both fell in love with each other. About a year after the marriage, when she had ceased to think about the little Dwarf, she brought a fine child into the world; and, suddenly, soon after its birth, the very man appeared and demanded what she had promised. All night long the Queen racked her brains for all the names she could think of, and sent a messenger through the country to collect far and wide any new names.

    Then he took hold of his left leg with both his hands, and pulled away so hard that his right came off in the struggle, and he hopped away howling terribly.


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