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You might already know what you want to write about. The lack of motivation? You are sure that you want to become an author. I know what it is, because I was there, too: When you start to add up the cost of cover designing, editing, formatting, marketing, and all of the other expenses associated with self-publishing, it's easily overwhelming! And big-house publishers aren't exactly handing out book deals at every turn. So what's the solution? Learn how to publish your own book and save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars! This course is a how-to guide to self-publish while saving as much money as possible!

Kierra gave birth to House Capacity in as an indie author who successfully self-published her first book. As a certified English teacher, Kierra has always had a passionate affair with written language, and her expertise is evident in every aspect of House Capacity Publishing. Some of the lessons in this course include: How to use free or low cost software to design a profession cover pssst!

Photoshop is not required! How to format the content of your book using Microsoft Word How to register your own copyright and purchase an ISBN Finding the platform that will give you the lowest production cost for your book type.

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So I am going to look after the pennies — scenes, sentences and paragraphs in four novellas of 16, words and let the total book look after itself apart from the word count of 64, words or about pages. My writing ledger tells me I have already written 68, words, but somewhere 5, words are missing or I have double-counted. There will be about scenes, each having a beginning, middle and ending and each can be read on their own. This is why I have also decided to make my books unusual fiction.

Again, I am not alone in this because already my professional editors have compared my writing to some bestselling authors, albeit not so good! My wife says, like Frank Sinatra, I would always do things my own way. The best so far is about Death going to see his doctor because it has been a long hard winter. The doctor says he should go on holiday and this is described with Death sitting on a bench looking out to sea.

He is joined by an anxious lady on a phone talking about her father clinging onto life and wanting death…I will leave you to work out the punch line. James Robertson has written several other unusual books, so a few may well be added to my large reading pile. That Glimpse of Truth the finest stories are published in date order, oldest first, so I struggled with some of the historic writing style too much. My view is good stories never age. To get over this problem I fed all the starting page numbers into an Excel random number generator and now have the stores bookmarked in random order.

I am sure reading these stories will help me in my short story based restructuring. Much of the writing technique used for a short story can be expanded for use in longer works. While I have been reading these short stories, I have become exasperated with the other stories which came after the Shawshank Redemption and discarded the rest of the book.

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Sorry Stephen, but the Shawshank Redemption was such a good story and so tightly written. Four other books have crept in under my new book radar while browsing since my last post. I read her Regeneration Trilogy and liked the way she took factual information and real people from WW1 and clothed this skeleton with some serious story. What makes her reading almost irresistible is I feel very close to her male and female characters sharing their lives and their ups and downs almost as if I were reading their biographies.

In the historical background, she has made her fiction writing read like nonfiction.

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I feel her books are semi-fictional given this context based on my own lifetime reading in biography and nonfiction. The fascinating technical background is about life drawing with the background of the Slade School of Art and a school of anatomy. The structure is pre WW1 home, education, work and love life, followed by life from and the horrors of WW1 expressed as experiences of the soldiers being bought home and their carers [similar structure as Regeneration]. The main character is Elinor and the hook for me reading on is what has happened to her brother Toby in France.

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Strong sex scenes are embroidered into all her books. The second book is a small book in short story structure about the experiences of Frank Huyler, a senior hospital doctor, which I found by chance in a local charity shop. The basic structure is simple.

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Person or persons come into hospital; the person is described, their medical state, and then recovers or they die and there is a twist in the tail. The stories are only two or three pages each.

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Health and medical conditions do have an attraction to many readers and viewers. I suppose this is why medical dramas are so popular on TV and so much of the tabloid press contain numerous pages on health issues. I was speaking to a friend I had not seen for some time and he told me about recent operations he had for a detached retina. I must have been off school that day. The opening scene came back immediately. I went on to the Internet, found a copy and have now read the book. I do not recall the ending so I could not have been that sick or was unable to persuade my mum I should stay off all week to hear the end of the story.

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There was no playback then. This chain of events proves my strong view on marketing that being on the BBC sells books even after 50 years! I am also reading his follow up book Lend me an Eye. The gift of sight is so precious and one sense I would not want to lose. My blind writing buddy Calvin wrote his first long book Turning Point and is now writing another book. He has asked my help in giving him the content of pictures of people. Calvin has not the luxury I described in my January post; of a picture being worth a words.

Calvin is aware there are pictures on the Internet, but having found them, even I am having a problem finding out the colour of his eyes because most of the pictures are monochrome. I picked it up as relevant to my unusual fiction and was attracted by cover comments from David Mitchell and Philip Pullman. The first 30 pages of God, sex and travel earn a five star rating reduced to three over the following pages.

Why oh why does a book which promised so much have to be so long? My books will be short and if I can do so, tightly written. Several books I recall from long ago have single scene memories which informed my decision to write hard for a memorable moment in all my books.

My late sister in-law gave me Hill of the Red Fox with its sad ending. What I learned from this book was the importance of a realistic ending. Twist in the tail ending trade marks of Roahd Dahl, Jeffrey Archer and Frederick Forsyth; especially the latter in the first story of short stories in No Comebacks. Julian Barnes in his rather short book Sense of an Ending made the reader work hard to check the far from certain end to his book. Personally, I cannot stand the lived happily ever after endings and those books when all the ends are tied up. Life is not like this. I saw the film version of the English Patient , then read the book, and I also have a transcript of the film narrative.

As well as having the awful memorable moment after the overtaking jeep, the bomb disposal background added interest and tremendous tension. His nom de plume slips between Raymond Chandler and Agatha Christie on the bookshelves. I also break the rules and switch point of view.

The opening sentence and first pages can do this. The stronger the scene or hook, the harder it will be for your readers to stop reading.

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What if you had the chance to live your life again and again, until you finally got it right? I have read about the five-act structure and often the shock comes in acts four and five, a totally unexpected event, a surprise. This can prove a memorable moment and a driver to carry the book forward to the end.

Self Publishing For Pennies Self Publishing For Pennies
Self Publishing For Pennies Self Publishing For Pennies
Self Publishing For Pennies Self Publishing For Pennies
Self Publishing For Pennies Self Publishing For Pennies
Self Publishing For Pennies Self Publishing For Pennies
Self Publishing For Pennies Self Publishing For Pennies
Self Publishing For Pennies Self Publishing For Pennies
Self Publishing For Pennies Self Publishing For Pennies

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