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This means that there is a real link between our prayers and the deeds we perform. However, if it lays a negative effect, the actions that would follow would assume the color of polytheism and remoteness from Divine proximity. Consequently our good deeds would carry no weight at all. Almighty Allah informs us about a people who conjecture that they have done good and are on the straight path, but in reality they have nothing but loss:.

This is while the core of praise restricts it for the real doer of good or possessor of an attribute of perfection, which in the language of Qur'an is none other than Allah.

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The Holy Qur'an says:. Whenever anyone does any good 'the doer and the deed' both are the creation of Allah, since their existence as well as subsistence entirely depends on His power. And since He is the sole Creator and whatever He creates is beautiful, every beautiful deed is His:.

Sharing the Journey

Therefore how can one ever think highly of himself for having given something that he really and ontologically does not possess? How can one ever extol himself for a good deed that the Almighty enabled him to perform? One, however, who understands and always pays attention to the fact that all praises solely belong to Allah and appreciates its true meaning would always thank Allah for the blessing of enabling him to give his wealth for His sake. To express takbir in prayers and be ignorant of its meaning or inattentive of the same, would not make one God-wary in many of his acts.

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Allahu Akbar means that Allah is greater than whatever is described of Him. This means that we are to keep our fellow Christian soldiers covered in sincere and persistent, heartfelt prayer. It is with this fervency that Theresa and I pray for our Partners. When you pray, go into your prayer closet, shut the door, pray in the Spirit and also with your understanding , lay out your specific prayer requests to God with Scriptures to back them up , and stand firmly in the knowledge that the Word of God will prevail.

Soaring in the Spirit

Can you imagine the kind of devil-destroying power and strength that would come if we all prayed for each other in this manner? Beloved, when we put on the full armor of God, not forgetting Spirit-led prayer and supplication for other saints, we will be fully equipped to not only endure the storm, but to rise above it, just like the eagle.

Say this faith declaration out loud: Father, thank You for providing me with everything I need to rise high above every storm that comes my way. I will daily prepare myself, as all storms cannot be predicted, and I will keep myself clothed in Your heavenly armor, not forgetting to pray in the Spirit.

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I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also. The night is far spent, the day is at hand: To learn more about how to defeat the enemy, click here to order my book, Demolishing Demonic Strongholds!

God will always give you a picture of what He wants you to become. Men like Apostle Paul, David, Joseph, etc. God will give you a biblical pattern to tailor your life after.

Learn How to Soar High Above the Storm

Tarry in His presence to know the biblical pattern He has for you because it will simplify your journey. The third level of soaring like an eagle is seen in the men around us whose lives reflect the biblical pattern of an eagle.

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In addition to Bible personalities, God will also give you a human person to instruct you and help you turn out right.

Soaring Prayers Soaring Prayers
Soaring Prayers Soaring Prayers
Soaring Prayers Soaring Prayers
Soaring Prayers Soaring Prayers
Soaring Prayers Soaring Prayers
Soaring Prayers Soaring Prayers

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