The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken

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She also had a cat named misty as he would go missing , now this cat took no shit from any animal, one night they came home to him with a full grown fattened pheasant in its gob. But his favorite pass time was to piss the rooster off. So he'd sneak up on the bird tackle him or bat HIM, would stand his ground for a second then try and lose the rooster before it could get its revenge.

You could be stood washing pots to see the cat saunter BY, 2 minutes later there be this caterwauling then misty would shoot by followed by a really pissed off rooster going fucking APESHIT. He'd do it all afternoon or until the bird got some revenge XD. I saw my best friend attacked by a rooster named King Cornelius 14 years ago.

He used his talons to anchor into her legs and then just went to town with his beak. She still has scars.

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That crazy bird would fight geese, dogs, horses, and anyone who looked at him the wrong way. He ruled that whole yard.

The Goose & the Golden Egg

His only true enemy was the goose Goliath who was basically fifty times his size and left a bruise for two weeks if he bit you. I saw Cornelius fight that goose once and it was more entertaining than the entire Rocky series, feathers and blood everywhere. I'll even give a bit more detail. The way Cornelius won was by getting hooked into Goliath's back and attacking his neck with the fury of a thousand pecks.

The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs

So there was just this genetic anomaly of a giant goose, sprinting in circles and flapping his wings crazily while this scrappy rooster rode him like he was a prize-winning bull. Goliath was making these sounds, something across between a man screaming and a steamroller going over a million bicycle horns. When the King was done, Goliath's perfect white feathers were all covered in blood. Nobody dared to seperate them, so we just watched as Cornelius crowed right in that goose's face and strutted away with barely a scratch.

Goliath was a changed goose after that fight. He used to be super aggressive, but he was like a wannabe gansgsta who got punched in the face for the first time and saw what life was really like. Even his lady goose started following Cornelius around instead of him. Roosters are nothing to trifle with. From what I've read about keeping chickens which is a surprising amount considering I've never owned any livestock of any kind people with chickens can use a single goose as something of a "guard goose" for their chicken flock.

If the goose grows up with the chickens it will see them as its flock, and can help protect them from some predators. Geese are a lot bigger and louder than chickens, so can deter predators and alert you to them. It's also somewhat important to only get 1 goose, as 2 or more might form their own flock and not be as protective of the chickens. Guardian animals in general are pretty cool. With bigger livestock, a donkey can do the same thing. A friend was losing sheep to coyotes and feral dogs even though they had a dog of their own to protect the flock Eventually they got a grouchy donkey to watch the animals and that stopped immediately.

He will sooner kill a predator than run from it and has even alerted them to human intruders in the middle of the night. Loud dogs are scary, but an angry, screaming donkey is not something you want to face down in the darkness. Is there a subreddit for guardian animals? Or I guess just animals of different species interacting positively. My school has a lama thats mixed in with the sheep and goats. Apparently he does a damn good job keeping the coyotes away. Llamas are very protective of their family. It's recommended to keep one in a herd of alpacas, which are more docile and defenseless.

I once slept in a village in the mountains of northern Spain and at sunrise I heard these loud screams which to my not fully awake self sounded like dinosaurs were roaming the earth once again. It turned out to be donkeys. But now I know where the Jurassic Park sound guy gets his dinosaurs noises. My aunt and uncle had a goose like this with their chickens.

Was a real mean asshole, though. When we visited as children that fucker would hunt us down. A farmer in my village used to have 2 geese. One of them murdered a fox once. They are vicious bastards. The problem with that, though, is that goslings will go right for water We had the exact same thing happen with one of our bantams, except that we used duck eggs!

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She'd get really angry after the ducklings had been swimming and would come back soaking wet and try to go to sleep underneath her. If I put a golf ball under her she would never leave the nest box. That's so cute lol my gf and I just got some silkies and I'm really looking forward to having them running around! They're incredibly adorable and loving. It sounds bad but they look and act like the special ed kids compared with the rest of my flock.

It's good that you got two because they'll bond as they get forced to the bottom of the pecking order by other breeds and sometimes get bullied. I have a bantam that has adopted an americauna chick. Every day the chick gets bigger but she doesn't care.

The way this man described a Canadian goose : MadeMeSmile

She spends all day following her around clucking, and at night keeps her warm. That actually sounds kind off sad from the view point of the ducklings - their mother being angry with them for no reason whatsoever. The chicken's name is Constance. I am her owner. She lives a great free range life on our hobby farm. We enclose her and her babies at night for safety from predators. Constance is an excellent mother to her geese. She fiercely protects them, shows them how to free range and even serves as life guard as they swim in our creek.

We adore having them on our little farm! As evidenced by the birds around me that start out with 20 chicks, lose them, one by one till theyre down to 1 in a cupple weeks time. You're probably right, it's generally understood that birds don't "count," they are just good at subitizing.

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Duck eggs are richer and are better for baking than for cooking with. Or so I've heard. My brother raises ducks for their eggs, but I've never tried them myself. The duck eggs we get are much bigger obviously and taste richer than chicken eggs. The "white" part of the egg is also completely clear when it's raw. It's kind of weird. Depends on the duck. I kept call ducks and their eggs are smaller, white and have a thicker shell. They taste similar but have more viscous whites. I also kept geese and their eggs are massive, though trying to collect them from a broody goose is a nightmare.

Most chickens lay an egg about every day in the spring and summer, typically with about 1 day off per week. The main factor other than food is sunlight, so their production slows in the winter. My MIL has chickens. You can raise ducks for their eggs, it's just that chickens are easier to keep and cheaper to feed and house, and they lay more eggs than ducks. Mass production of duck or goose would require an open fresh water source at all times.

Ducks and geese cannot sawllow their feed withour water, they must be able to submerge their heads in water. They need a large water source at all times. Which is fine in theory until the water source is contaminated by excrement, parasites, or disease. Then you have a massive problem on your hands. Geese and ducks are not clean fowl either.

Most chicken farms have a water delivery system of gravity fed tubes. Not unlike a hamster bottle but with a different mouth fitting. Also because of the years of selective breeding, chickens can survive off of bland pre-manufactured crumble diets that often have medication mixed in. They are hardy little bastards! Having done so, they found to their surprise that the Hen differed in no respect from their other hens.

The foolish pair, thus hoping to become rich all at once, deprived themselves of the gain of which they were assured day by day. So he killed the poor thing, Swifter fortune to bring, And dined off his fortune that day. Anser et Ova Aurea. Anus quaedam anserem alebat, quae illi quotidie ovum aureum excludebat. The word "complete" in the graphic at the top of the page is descriptive and not a claim as nobody really knows how many Aesop's Fables exist. Fables are added to the site as they are found in public domain sources. Fables of Aesop A complete collection of Aesop's Fables.

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The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken
The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken
The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken
The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken
The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken
The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken
The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken
The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken

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