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The notebook is for me too a written witness of the immensety of life wich maybe can overwhelm you when your mind ceases voluntarily, without any pressure, wandering from one nothingness to the next, dissipating endlessly energy. Today afternoon, as i was sitting outside in the patio being occupied with some app on my cellphone, suddenly a dead leaf came sailing and landed on my shorts, cheering me up!!

Krishnamurti is often talking about the leaves in his books and talks. Here an example from the notebook: It was a single leaf, with not a blemish on it, unspotted, clean. It was the yellow of autumn, it was still lovely in its death, no disease had touched it. It was still the fullness of spring and summer and still all the leaves of that tree were green. It was death in glory. Death was there, not in the yellow leaf, but actually there, not an inevitable traditionalized death but that death which is always there.

It was not a fancy but a reality that could not be covered up.

Krishnamurti's Notebook

It is always there round every bend of a road, in every house, with every god. It was there with all its strength and beauty. Aug 22, Eric rated it really liked it Shelves: Krishnamurti's 'message' is essentially the same as Eckhart Tolle's. The uncompromising leit motif is the limitations of thought.

Jiddu Krishnamurtis Notebook ()

His descriptions of being present uses vocabulary such as 'immensity', 'benediction' and 'silence'. It is a familiar problem - how to use words to describe spiritual experience. His descriptions are sandwiched between descriptions of village life and his itinery. I have read some attempts to bring the eastern vision of thought, mind, and, ultimately, human essence into the west.

Namely Alan Watts is in my opinion a very inspired writer, and I could not recommend him more. However, this was my first contact with Krishnamurti. I was warned that this was not an essay, this was supposed to represent how he lived his own teachings. The book is written as a journal, but he keeps referring to himself in the third person. He always starts by describing his surroun I have read some attempts to bring the eastern vision of thought, mind, and, ultimately, human essence into the west.

He always starts by describing his surroundings, although sometimes I don't think he had the experiences in the same day as he reports them, and a small teaching inspired by the sensory experience he just laid out. There were two main things that popped out from the book for me, and that I think are deeply related with what he is trying to teach. The first is that, although I have read a lot of fiction, his descriptions of his surroundings seemed so vivid that they gave me goosebumps sometimes; he could so beautifully transport us to the world that he was trying to depict, without any literary pretenses and through abundant allure to the senses, that it was wonderful to just let go.

The second thing was that, while this was supposed to be a journal, he never talked about himself! I think the reason for both are connected to his teachings, and this is how he shows how he lives them: Complimentary to this, this level of involvement with what is around him is the only way that he could describe it so engagingly, because it speaks truly to the human experience of that specific scenario, it is not merely what the imagination predicts someone would feel in that same situation.

It is a text that invites a lot of reflection, and not one to read only once. I will definitely go back to it when I have a chance. May 30, Wily Walnut rated it it was amazing. K's writings demand a fierce level of awareness.

Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics

The Notebook is a gentler introduction to his teaching, and you pick it up by virture of making the journey with him. It's more like osmosis. One of my all-time favourite reads and something that helped me achieve profound levels of insight, aliveness and realisation. Jul 03, Murali rated it really liked it. It gives us a Glimpse into the Mind of an Enlightened Guy.

The writings are very Poetic. Feb 10, Gaurav Mathur rated it liked it Shelves: Ideas are not new for someone who has read a lot of K, but still gives that feeling of peace. Nov 29, Diana Adhiambo rated it it was amazing Shelves: Compelling and life changing philosophy albeit not an easy mindset to adapt for a severely conditioned mind. This book is a keepsake that I'll hope to keep rereading for years to come. Feb 06, Angel rated it it was amazing. Intimate, passionate, observant man. Nov 11, Ogagnolgnol rated it it was ok. I have always admired his mind but don't care much about his headaches and his feeling of "immensity" and "otherness" and the like.

I know it says in the preface that he saw thing as if they were new every time he wrote about them. After reading it, I have the impulse to cut down everything that is repetitive and all the description of his pain and ecstasy and what's left would be a gem.

But if you've read Krishn I have always admired his mind but don't care much about his headaches and his feeling of "immensity" and "otherness" and the like. But if you've read Krishnamurti before, what's left is nothing new to you anyway. Jul 24, Yoy rated it it was amazing. Perhaps not the best starter for people who have never heard of or read something by K.

Ful of beautiful descriptions of landscapes, and reflections.

Krishnamurtis Notebook

Deeply insightful, but repetitive because it's a diary of Krishnamurti's day to day meditations and mystical experiences. Vast Oceans rated it really liked it Nov 18, Jesalyn Ligaya rated it it was amazing Dec 08, D Charles rated it really liked it Dec 13, Geeth rated it it was ok Dec 25, Marina rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Laurie Kumar rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Carlo rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Thom rated it it was amazing Jun 25, Sara Sandoval rated it liked it Oct 15, Vasia rated it it was amazing Jan 04, Somnath Jadhav rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Lelia rated it really liked it May 27, Following this diary's original publication, two other diaries of his were published in book form: Krishnamurti's Journal in , and Krishnamurti to Himself in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Krishnamurti's Notebook First edition Krishnamurti Publications Kindle edition US: Digital Kindle e-book , Android e-book Print hardcover , paperback. Krishnamurti a , pp. The first seventy-seven pages of the manuscript were in a small notebook, and the remainder in a larger, loose leaf book. The otherness is alternately called by Krishnamurti benediction , immensity , presence etc. Lutyens is referring to the manuscript published as the original edition McCoy ; Krishnamurti manuscripts and other original works are part of the official Krishnamurti Archive Project, set up by the Krishnamurti Foundations KFA n.

He maintains that human beings can transform themselves radically, not in time, not by evolution, but by immediate perception, whereas the Notebook shows that Krishnamurti is not an ordinary man transformed but a unique being existing in a different dimension from ordinary humanity. It was a valid point and I put it to him.

His reply was, 'We do not all have to be Edisons to turn on the electric light. Krishnamurti , "Para 6" , "Para 15". Krishnamurti allowed information about the process and other details of his life to become public knowledge through Lutyens' biography, which included detailed descriptions of the first such occurrences Lutyens , chs. Climax of the Process" pp. Krishnamurti , "Para 35". Retrieved ; J. Krishnamurti , "Para 27". Report on the original UK edition. Krishnamurti , pp. Archived at the Wayback Machine. Krishnamurti a , edition notice , Foreword pp. Krishnamurti , edition notice.

See also Worldcat search link for information on editions and reprints. Retrieved ; Gollancz published a "Revised edition" in , with a portrait of Krishnamurti on the front cover. Positive review of the original US edition. Neutral mini-review of the original UK edition. In Grohe , p. Preamble to Krishnamurti's review, by his then personal secretary and close associate Mary Zimbalist; the review was partly reproduced in Lutyens' The Years of Fulfilment.

Lutyens states that he must have glanced at the published Notebook.

According to her, from the s on, Krishnamurti rarely bothered with his finished books Lutyens , pp. Krishnamurti a , "Para ".

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Krishnamurti b , "Para 23". Krishnamurti ; J. Krishnamurti , "Para 10" , "Para 18". Perspectives on Science and Religion.

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    Archived PDF from the original on Retrieved — via kinfonet Krishnamurti Information Network. Calendar view of webpage's archive. Jiddu, Krishnamurti 23 December Fourth Talk in Madras Speech. Talks by Krishnamurti in India — "Verbatim Report" transcript. Fifth Talk in London Speech. Talks by Krishnamurti in Europe "Verbatim Report" transcript. First Public Dialogue Speech. Talks at Brockwood Park transcript. Meditation is Giving Thought its Right Place: Public Discussion 3 Speech. Talks at Saanen video transcript. Have you had mysterious experiences? Is not K's consciousness put together by thought and words: Talks at Saanen YouTube video.

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    Krishnamurtis Notebook Krishnamurtis Notebook
    Krishnamurtis Notebook Krishnamurtis Notebook
    Krishnamurtis Notebook Krishnamurtis Notebook
    Krishnamurtis Notebook Krishnamurtis Notebook
    Krishnamurtis Notebook Krishnamurtis Notebook
    Krishnamurtis Notebook Krishnamurtis Notebook

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