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Just like the fear we hold on to And faith has become our best excuse The world turns toward the sun Indifferent to the things we've done, Birds soar across the lines we've drawn. And they see bridges coming down The road ahead lets go of the past Start building on the good we have Hearts are the same, hopeful and true Ties lost inside the things we choose.

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When somehow faith got confused Maybe it's time If you look you'll find our differences lie In between what was and what's under your lies So if you look you'll find our difference is life And I wonder if we need new faith to live by. It is our belief that technology is amoral: We view this technology as a tool for evangelism; to reach the masses for the cause and kingdom of Christ Jesus.

For the first time in human history the world has truly become a global village. The world wide web provides unique opportunities for communications and fellowship to exist.

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Purchasable with gift card. I have lived as a traitor- all of my days Allowed the enemy to enter our fray As they climbed ranks, called shots, and spit on the faith I carried like a sword, dulled by my ways.

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Who can I trust, where can I go Now that the war has followed me home? For the crime of treason, I am not alone. All songs written by Foundation A.

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Perdue All lyrics written by T. Pearson with some lines inspired, plagiarized, burglarized, and lovingly used from authors, movies, and comic-books far greater than he.

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New Faith New Faith
New Faith New Faith
New Faith New Faith
New Faith New Faith
New Faith New Faith

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