The Rainbow Abyss (Sun-Cross Book 1)

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Even so, among wizards themselves there is no unity. They have their own "orders", similar to a class-based system, and this disunity will likely be their undoing. Characterization is rather static. Jaldris appears to be an expy of Ingold, the wizard character from the Darwath series. He receives far less development than Ingold, though he has a backstory that justifies it.

Rhion, his sidekick, has no such excuse, and in fact some of his worst, most egregious mistakes are covered up and enabled by those who care for him.

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I hope he grows up sometime soon. The other characters are also intriguing, especially the Bragenmeres, who are mostly kind and interesting people. I like the Duke best among all - hope he gets a happy ending. I'd have given this three stars and not gone on to the sequel, except for the brilliant twist and cliffhanger at the end, which deserves a whole star.

I did not expect that. I was gripped with a chill dread at the new development, and it is definitely now worth exploring the sequel. I wanted to enjoy this book, but unfortunately it just didn't grab me. I've been making an effort to read more classic sci fi and fantasy, as I really enjoy the writing and the philosophical themes that modern writers tend to ignore.

However, Hambly just couldn't hold my awe with this very scattered piece. A major plot point is addressed early and then ignored for most of the book I was wishing that this would be remedied as I was moving through the book, but she chose to ignore it and focus o I wanted to enjoy this book, but unfortunately it just didn't grab me. I was wishing that this would be remedied as I was moving through the book, but she chose to ignore it and focus on other less important topics.

I won't be finishing the series. Sep 15, Kim rated it it was ok. I did not like this book and I blame everyone who had a hand in the production of the blurb on the back of the book. It set up my expectations of an enjoyable story arch that I, eventually with greater and greater impatience, pursued and never happened. The bulk of my feelings for this story was impatience at getting to the point already.

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The 'point' was in book two, which I am thoroughly enjoying. If I had not been led astray by what to expect in book one I probably would have enjoyed it more. I enjoyed this, but didn't latch onto it as hard as the January series or Sun Wolf and Starhawk. I don't think I really connected to Rhion as a character and felt like I was waiting for the actual story to start. Hambly set up stakes for the sequel, which was necessary, but I think this and the sequel would have worked better as one very long book.

Sep 22, Bill Meehan rated it liked it Shelves: Felt like a very long intro to the second book. I'm interested in the 'world without magic' we discover in the first book, so off to the second to find out what realm is on the other side of the Dark Well. Feb 23, Josie B. Beware as of February: Mar 03, Katie Bee rated it liked it Shelves: This is a very meandering book. It doesn't seem to have quite decided what it wants; occasionally it has plot and a sense of urgency, but most of the time it sidles along slowly, with numerous pauses and tangents. We have met the heroine and saved her from death!

And now we will go live with these water witches for half a year and be all quiet and secluded and sleepy. Ultimately I think it succeeds best as a "coming of age" story about Rhion, the apprentice. But just as you've accepted that This is a very meandering book. It did feel quite tacked on, really. It's not a bad book, and if you like Hambly's writing style and have a good deal of patience, you'll probably enjoy it.

It does take more patience than many of her books, however, and it doesn't really have any of the really fascinating characters she's so good at creating. The Duke is pretty good, but on the borders. I like virtually everything that Hambly writes. No exception here, although there was a little less to this book than other firsts in series.

Rainbow Abyss (Sun Cross Sequence): Barbara Hambly: Books

I like that the protagonist is not the princeling-who-dont-know-it, and instead of tall dark and handsome, well May 20, Mike Stone rated it really liked it. Not my favorite Barbra Hambly book, but I liked it. It's been years since I've read any of her work, and it was good to be reminded how much I love the way she develops a story, and how original her characters are. Apr 24, Adam rated it really liked it. Its got great character developement and the lead up into the next book is great. I wish she would continue this series so I could see what happens after Rhion gets back!

Sep 02, Mary MacKintosh added it Shelves: This is one of a series, but I didn't like it, barely finished it, and won't continue on.

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I usually like anything Hambly writes. This one just didn't connect: Jun 01, Jade added it. Hard to get into the book at first, but I'm becoming attached to the characters. Not as good as the Dog Wizard series of course. Jun 08, Lila rated it it was amazing. Another fantastic book by Barbara Hambly. Aug 10, Douglas rated it liked it Recommends it for: Not exactly what I'd thought it'd be when I saw it.

I was expecting a full blown fighting fantasy but I did enjoy the social elements thrown in. Jul 24, Clinton Sheppard rated it it was ok. Aug 08, Rich added it Shelves: Mike rated it liked it Aug 05, Anne Currie rated it liked it Nov 15, Helen rated it really liked it Jul 13, Susan Johnston rated it it was amazing Sep 29, Craig Smith rated it really liked it Mar 20, Now he's got a new family, a new job, and the wild hunt to manage. A Lost Wizard's Tale. A strong wizard with unanswered questions and an unbreakable chain around her neck. Who was she before it happened years ago, and who did it to her?

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A girl who must pass a test everyone else in her clan has failed. A warrior exiled for a crime he didn't commit. A curse that could end magic.

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The Chained Adept Bundle Books Who was she before? Who did it to her? A handsome Fae cop. Teamed together, can these two enemies save the world? Magic and adventure await! Common Among Gods - Book One. War between the gods. Mortals used as pawns. A killer and a curse to bring death.

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What could go wrong? You'll love this epic fantasy! Grafton August 8, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Hambly has very strict rules for magic in her novels.

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One of the rules is that a wizard must pay minute attention to all the small things of life, and she follows that rule in this book as its author. She has an uncanny knack for painting light in words that I have never witnessed in another author. She grows this world with the minutia of all the senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, touch. She never neglects emotions, and by the time the action takes place, we are invested in the characters and the world and can feel what they feel. I adore everything Barbara Hambly, and this was no exception.

One of the best writers of portal fantasy anywhere. This book has the high quality I have come to expect from Ms. The world building is rich and faceted also as we expect. The characters are vivid and believably multidimensional.

The Rainbow Abyss

But to be honest, the story is slightly depressing, the heroes gets beaten down again and again, though if you read carefully you will notice that some things at least are going right in the background of the story. So well written, good story, but I am very, very happy I am not a protagonist in a book written by Barbara Hambly; Hambley has a way of making her world real to the fantasy reader who decides to pick this book up, despite her otherwise being a fan-fiction Sci-Fi author.

She gladly tickles our senses by allowing our own world to become the alternative world -something that is not all too original, but serves its purpose and works gallantly in this piece. Her way of writing is one for people who don't mind the long sentenses and many commas. She handles this well, though, and as a reader you seldom find yourself trying to remember what the current description is referring to, as you may with some authors.

There is a sense of lust throughout the book, growing into love in some areas, but mainly staying that of the body -however this is not too explicit, and the book overall doesn't display any 'sensous' manners in presenting the story. All Hambley doesn't seem too informed about is that magic hasn't disappeared in the 'other world'. Rainbow Abyss is a piece of fantasy fiction involving magic in an alternate universe.

The Rainbow Abyss (Sun-Cross Book 1) The Rainbow Abyss (Sun-Cross Book 1)
The Rainbow Abyss (Sun-Cross Book 1) The Rainbow Abyss (Sun-Cross Book 1)
The Rainbow Abyss (Sun-Cross Book 1) The Rainbow Abyss (Sun-Cross Book 1)
The Rainbow Abyss (Sun-Cross Book 1) The Rainbow Abyss (Sun-Cross Book 1)
The Rainbow Abyss (Sun-Cross Book 1) The Rainbow Abyss (Sun-Cross Book 1)

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