The Stone Man and the Poet

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When did you first hear about Jerusalem and when did you, how long spent there?

It is a unique and special place.

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Perceptions around space and time change, the air is different. It offers uninterrupted space and time. I fell into a gentle rhythm and routine of the basics - reading, walking, preparing food, drawing, thinking and writing. Everything is simpler up there. I am greatly inspired by them both, and the works for this show became centred around them and their personal experiences there. They were both highly astute and compassionate people who left a legacy of words and actions for us to learn from. Yes, they had many similarities and shared philosophies. They were both Catholic. Colour, tone and simplicity.

I aimed to create evocative images, conveying a mood or feeling.

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They evolved slowly, often due to needing to learn and experiment with new printmaking techniques to produce what I wanted to create, such as the rosary cyanotypes. Printmakers are a special breed, keen and generous with their knowledge, skills and tools. I was lucky to learn manual letterpress in Marty Vreedes Whanganui workshop and had help from another mentor, Julia Ellery, to hone my mezzotint skills. It was indeed a very personal journey that will continue to resonate in many aspects of my life.

I will go up in summer for a different seasonal experience, swim in the river.

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It is a place I will keep returning to. I love being there. The structure appears both transparent and solid, still and erratic.

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I draw from memories, feelings, and imagination. Nature drives my colour palate, as well with its depth and purpose. Designs are born with a vision.

by T.S. Eliot

I quickly sketch it, in somewhat of a rough form, developing the explorations of continuous ideas and evolving solutions. It then becomes a matter of working out the mechanics, the dynamics of the loads and forces playing in a structure. How can I create the piece? When cutting the wood I develop an innate feel for the form of the object.

Sampling The Nun & the Poet : Jerusalem (New Works by MB Stoneman)

Altgeld, Governor of Illinois and my next-door neighbor, Born December 30, ; died March 12, Vachel Lindsay became famous in his day as a traveling bard whose dramatic delivery in public readings helped keep appreciation for poetry as a spoken art alive in the American Midwest. With their strong rhythms rooted in the American vernacular, revival meetings, the soap box, Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library.

The Eagle That Is Forgotten. Time has its way with you there, and the clay has its own.

They made a brave show of their mourning, their hatred unvoiced. They had snarled at you, barked at you, foamed at you day after day,. Now you were ended. The others that mourned you in silence and terror and truth,. The widow bereft of her crust, and the boy without youth,. The mocked and the scorned and the wounded, the lame and the poor,. That should have remembered forever. Where are those lovers of yours, on what name do they call,. The lost, that in armies wept over your funeral pall?

The Stone Man and the Poet The Stone Man and the Poet
The Stone Man and the Poet The Stone Man and the Poet
The Stone Man and the Poet The Stone Man and the Poet
The Stone Man and the Poet The Stone Man and the Poet
The Stone Man and the Poet The Stone Man and the Poet

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