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There are lots of secrets and all are revealed before the story ends. And end it does I had a feeling it was coming as I noted how much was left in the book towards the end but nonetheless I was not prepared for it. However luckily we do not need to wait for long for the next book which comes out in July Overall, the book is very well written and progresses at the perfect pace which is something that I've come to expect from Lisa Swallow. She always allows the story to progress naturally so the reader is able to savor it. It's one of the things I truly love about her books.

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Grab this amazing story and enjoy every minute of it! Shelley Youngblood — May 05, Lisa Swallow has once again captured my interest as well as my heart with her newest release Unscripted. This a new start to an entirely new world, Lisa has created with a minor character from her Blue Phoenix Series.

As a fan of her work, I was excited for this release and could not put it down, as I had to know what would happen next.

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This book can absolutely be read on its own. The best part about it is there will be more of these amazing characters in the future, as it a part of a duet. Myf R Lisa Swallow has once again captured my interest as well as my heart with her newest release Unscripted. Myf Roberts wakes up on her wedding day and finds her plans are no longer a viable option. Instead of dealing with the fall out, she heads to Los Vegas with her friends to lick her wounds and try to salvage her day.

The last thing she expects to do is to wake up next the next morning married to another man. She's not just married to a stranger. She married Hollywood bad boy, Tate Daniels. He is someone Myf knew well years ago, but his ego and image are something she kept clear of. Tate has been trying to change his image, so that he can land a leading role of his dreams, and suddenly he finds this "fake marriage" is indeed very real. If he can convince Myf to keep this under wraps, he may get more than he could ever imagine! Lisa Swallow worked her magic in Unscripted.

She wove intricate story lines from the past to the present. She made me feel a range of emotions as I read thos fantastic story. I can't wait to read more about Myf and Tate! Debbie — May 09, This is a spin off of the Blue Phoenix series and available on Kindle Unlimited. This is Myf's story who is Dylan best friend from that series.

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The writing is excellent as always and this is part one of two. Its told totally from Myf's pov.

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This review contains mild spoilers. Myf was left at the alter when Dylan catch's the groom to be with another man. She is devastated and heads to Vegas to get wasted enough to not remember. Well, she gets so wasted she doesn't remember marrying Tate. Tate is Hollywoods latest heart throb who she went to drama school with 6 years ago. For Tate she is the girl that got away.

For her, she didn't want to be another notch on his bedpost.

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Tate's agent needs him to clean up his act so he talks her into staying married for a few months but keeping it a secret. During this time she is cast to play opposite him in a new tv series. This forces them together so he can win her over. She isn't very trusting after what happened to her and after some drama with an old girlfriend of his agrees to give things between them a try. During the shows winter break they head back to Wales for some down time but when they land the media knows about the wedding.

They are thrust into the limelight and will now be forced to deal with their relationship going public in the next book. Pelusa Rivera — Jun 08, Received an ARC for my fair review. I have to admit that this is my first book from the author, however will not be my last, one thing I noticed is that I read out of order.

This is Myf Roberts story, she catches her fiance cheating on their on what would have been their wedding day. So she decides to go to Vegas along with her friends to cope with it.

The last thing she expected was to actually get married after all. She ends up married to Tate, a guy from college who she was attracted to, but Received an ARC for my fair review. She ends up married to Tate, a guy from college who she was attracted to, but did not act on it, because of his reputation.

Now he is a hollywood bad boy and they decide to keep marriage a secret, both have their reasons. Enjoyed and looking forward to catching up on series. Bewaji — Jul 03, I love this author from Dylan and Sky's story. Even though, I couldn't get into the other character's books, I still read them. I discovered I just wanted to know how it was going with Dylan and Sky, so I did not really do the other books in the series any justice.

Tate and Myf though intrigue me. Hollywood bad boys are fun to read about. Tate especially, I think really shaped up pretty fast. There was no ch Interesting Premise There was no cheating per se. The second book should be interesting. Carla — May 22, So she decides to go to Vegas to get over it. Little did she suspect that she would wake up married after all. She ends up married to the guy she knew in college. Who happens to be Hollywood bad boy Tate Daniels.

The is one that will have going through a wide range of emotions.

Loved it and loving forward to more in the series. Definitely one you will want to pick up.


Teresa Derrick — May 10, Hard to put down. Waiting for the sequel. Myfawnny or Myfawnny for short finds her wedding day in ruins. A trip to Vegas was suppose to help her forget. She wakes after an all night binge to find Tate, the one man she could never allow herself to be involved with. Then he reveals they got married. Her acting career takes off but she is the leading role to Tate.

She can continue to deny her feelings and beg for the divorce or give in to the emotions that have always been just beneath the surface. Katy Roxburgh — May 29, I have read all of Lisa's books and I love her style of writing. This one is no different. A slow burn to begin that heats up and leaves you wanting more. I am so glad there is a follow-up coming soon as I need to know more about Myf and Tate's relationship.

It really is an addictive read and although I tried to pace myself, I finished it very quickly. Nicole Studioso — May 27, Good story, enjoyed the ups and downs with Myf and Tate I chose 3 stars because I had some trouble getting into the story simply because of the British and style is writing. There was a lot of angst and drama. I felt Myf was overly critical of Tate in many instances which pulled my attention from the story.

This is my first book in the Blue Phoenix world, and I'm going the follow-up, Spotlight, will bring this into better focus for me. I really enjoy this author! Jen — Apr 25, The synopsis doesn't represent what I actually read. That being said, it still had potential and it was just And the entertainment industry didn't seem properly researched so this read as to what a teenager THINKS the industry is rather than based in reality.

I will actively make sure I never read anything by this author again. Anna — Apr 15, This was the first time I've read this author. I am ready to binge read everything now. I loved this book. This book ticked all sorts of boxes for me. Definitely worth your time to check out! Stephanie Villere — May 05, This book is Unscripted written by Lisa Swallow. This is such a great book. My only complaint is that we end on a cliffhanger. The dynamic between Tate and Myf is electric, add to that their starring roles opposite each other and you get this amazing book!!

I can't wait for the next book!! I received a complimentary advance readers copy and voluntarily chose to leave this review. Linda Ryan Jones — May 10, Great book Ditched at the alter, trip to Vegas,waking up finding out you are married to a guy you knew in college.

Problem he is a celebrity. N oh w the problems start trying to hide the marriage while working together on a new tv program. Can't wait until the next book!! Melanie Horsman — Nov 04, A Lot Going On There was so much going on in this book and it seemed to have too many little twists and tons of unnecessary drama. And it's easy to crochet accessories with these crochet bag patterns. Once you get started, it goes like the wind. You'll be the proud possessor of clever new bags for dollars less than ready-mades.

Choose your own best color. More free purse patterns: Knit Purse Patterns , Purse Patterns. Women around the world consider a purse as a necessity to hold money, keys, makeup and other items of daily use. However, the purse has grown to have much more significance and importance than its function. Purses are also popularly known as handbags, although some argue that a handbag is larger in size. Purses evolved several centuries ago, with the first purses can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians, who used small pouches during religious ceremonies.

Later, in the 14th century, purses were fastened to the waist with the help of girdles.



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