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That latter question will emphasize that some of them are, in fact, more publishers than they are scientific societies, at least as how that latter term is popularly perceived. At any rate, this has potential to really shake things up, and in a pretty short time frame, too.

I hope the NIH requires this. I am a politically right leaning guy and very pro business but I am still in favor of these requirements. I believe that the social contract of doing research with tax payer dollars should let the tax payers read those results free of charge.

I think this is a great move. But I wonder if the Open journals will adopt more advertising to generate revenue? Will we see ads in papers soon?

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Every paper I read online already has an ad in the corner of the page — both open access journals and papers behind paywalls. And the death of ACS would be a good thing…why? I abandoned them after my Be mug for the same reason. In fact, many of the ACS leadership are quite strident about the challenges of chemistry careers.

I will never respect the ACS again. The positions they took previously were too destructive and dishonest.

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They previously demonstrated their fundamental lack of integrity as an organization at a point in my life where their propaganda was damaging to the careers of thousands of pharma chemists who were being laid off. At this point in my career 28 years of working after my post-doc , they have nothing of value to offer me. I know from speaking to countless colleagues that I am not alone in this regard. But I like to say they essentially deliver nothing to chemists outside of academia, except for very expensive paywall journal articles.

Cheap life insurance 2. A vague sense of belonging. Sometimes last year, my former colleagues published the work that I proposed and helped to develop — not just the work but the key ideas presented in the paper. Our company filed six patent applications where I am inventor on the technology, but later the CEO decided to retaliate. I have the same material presented previously at the ACS national conference, under my name. I go only excuses. Slater, he assured me ACS does not wish as a publisher to involve itself in this sort of disputes, whether I had clear evidence of plagiarism or not, and he recommended that I hire a lawyer.

That totally sealed my opinion about ACS. If you look at ACS web page, you can find video with Mr. Slater in his role of top lawyer explaining how cool and advantageous is for you as an author to sign your copyright over to ACS so that it could continue to milk it in perpetuity. Yep, those are pretty much the same reasons I have. ACS also supports many educational programs for kids, teachers, and college students.

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I wish membership dues were less expensive, but I think ACS does a great job. I find myself regularly using SciHub even though I have institutional access to many journals. There is a lot that is incredibly frustrating about the current publication model.

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To follow up on your comment—I imagine even with this new model, the publishers would still require a subscription for legacy papers…. I want SciFinder also to be free!!! And, OMG, will Chemdraw ever be free, along with the molecular modelling softwares? I guess that a small part of the NASA budget should be redirected toward the free access stuff for us little researchers. Now, when almost everyone gets laid off, we have an increasing need for free access to such tools.

Having said that, OpenSource, largely developed by individuals who separately have day jobs, has come a long way in this area, and that is bound to continue. A disaster for society. Whoever pays for something controls it. When readers pay only the journals that publish quality content will survive. The pre-OA model does not seem to have quite proven that only the journals that publish quality content will survive, though.

You later points are definitely something to worry about, though.

With a vengeance definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

There had better be real standards that are hard to game. Are we heading towards a world of preprint servers, where the main cost is keeping the hardware connected? This is a serious and important point. However attractive and justified open access model feels, it promotes driving the quality of publishing down and spells the end to the very idea of pier review process. No, it is a nonsense point if you think about it.

It implies today there exists a free market where the readers choose to pay for the best papers, which is far from the truth. I think about it and no, it is certainly a not a nonsense point.

With A Vengeance

I do however agree with you, there is indeed no free market for best papers you wish to pay for. But we had a semifunctional proxy — high impact magazines which supposedly cared about their credibility. If every journal went open access today, it would still be just as prestigious to publish in Nature or Science. If reputation drives people to publish in journals, then maintaining reputation would get them better content and might be worth preserving. Businesses will follow the money.

For a counterexample to your statement, look no farther than health care.

When the sellers write their own regulations for their whole market , the buyers are shafted. Several factors converge to make journal access less than free-market. Anything that leads to the atomization of groupthink in science is to my mind the only way forward. Times, Sunday Times Now it seems traffic jams are back with a vengeance. Times, Sunday Times Once the extra taxes begin to bite and the recent sunny holidays are a distant memory , vast street demonstrations will return with a vengeance.

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Definition of with a vengeance from the Collins English Dictionary. The verb do is used as an auxiliary verb. I do not want it. We do not want it. You do not want it. He does not want it.

With A Vengeance With A Vengeance
With A Vengeance With A Vengeance
With A Vengeance With A Vengeance
With A Vengeance With A Vengeance
With A Vengeance With A Vengeance

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