Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles)

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OSHO A rich life is something inner. And I am not against outer things, remember…. OSHO A right kind of education will teach people to live herenow, to create a paradise of this earth… A sannyasin, every moment, is a child just born…. OSHO A single step! Everybody experiences his innermost being in his own way…OSHO A totally different attitude is needed: OSHO A world utterly fearless, where all labels can be removed….

OSHO Accept yourself as you are; drop all shoulds…. OSHO Action can be of two types: After being in tune with your aloneness, you can relate; then your relationship will bring great joys to you…OSHO All education is based either on greed or on fear. If you want to teach, you must frighten….

OSHO All expectations belong to the mind…. OSHO All over the world, all religions have become ill because sadness has become so prominent…. OSHO All that I can do is to help you find the way that reaches to your own innermost light… All that I can do is to help you find the way that reaches to your own innermost light…. OSHO All your beliefs are dreams…. OSHO All your promises are untrue — how can you promise? OSHO Allow everything without any judgment….

OSHO Allow life to be a response not an answer. Be patient, go through that discomfort…. OSHO Allow life to take you into all its dimensions. Just remember one thing: OSHO Aloneness is our very nature, but we are not aware of it. We remain strangers to ourselves.. OSHO Always remember, wherever your mind is being narrowed, escape from there. OSHO And in fact, this whole thing is a joke: OSHO And poverty is the root cause of all crime. It is not a blessing, it is a curse…. And poverty is the root cause of all crime.

OSHO Art of living; that implies the art of dying…….. OSHO As your meditation deepens you are surrounded with more and more light…OSHO As your silence grows; your friendliness, your love grows; your life becomes a moment-to-moment dance, a joy, a celebration. OSHO Be absolutely selfish. OSHO Be alert, be watchful. OSHO Be fearless, be loving, be silent, and you will be wise….. OSHO Be happy, life is an opportunity to be creative. If you are creative you will be happy…. OSHO Be just a human being! And in that freedom you will find great joy…. OSHO Be more creative.

And the bigger the swing, the deeper your experience will be…. OSHO Be sensitive if you want to be religious…. There will be many, many troubles but each trouble will make you more mature. Be truthful so that you can be more loving…osho Be yourself! Be authentically yourself and then you will know that you are special…. OSHO Be yourself, authentically yourself. Out of that you will radiate love, understanding, tenderness, care for others… BE yourself.

Out of that you will radiate love, understanding, tenderness, care for others…OSHO Be…just be, and wait, and be patient…. OSHO Become creative voids, non-doers, delighters in just being…. Ben sana itaatsiz ol demiyorum…. Bliss is within you, without you…. OSHO Blissfulness becomes just like your breathing, just like your heartbeat…. OSHO Boredom is absolutely human…. What to do then? But how to drop the mind? By becoming conscious you are becoming adult…OSHO By being influenced, whatsoever you get is nothing but a belief….

OSHO By feeling your inner silence you have felt the pulse of the universe. Can you show me the Divine form? OSHO Come closer — spiritually closer. By celebrating, it can be dropped…. OSHO Confusion is a great opportunity. OSHO Consciousness without thinking: OSHO Creativity cannot exist without silence…. OSHO Dance of existence ….. OSHO Deep love creates deep fear….

OSHO Desire is business. Different economics of the inner world…. OSHO Doing is a function of the real; dreaming is the function of the unreal….. Life is so precious. Become a witness — indifferent, aloof, distant….. OSHO Drop all consolations — they are not of worth, they are just wasting time…. Have the courage to know…OSHO Drop comparing and jealousy disappears, meanness disappears, phoniness disappears….

Maturity happens when you start living without hope………OSHO Drop seriousness; there is still time to drop it. And in the very dropping of it you will really start growing…OSHO Drop the doubts, because whenever you doubt you are destructive…. Drop the mind and listen to me, then you will not ask, Why ….

Each disciple is connected with the master in his individual capacity…. OSHO Each moment brings new surprises to the one who has no expectations…….. OSHO Each thought has a negative and positive polarity just like electricity…. OSHO End of a bitter episode. OSHO Even a poor man can be sensitive; riches are not needed……. Even an unenlightened Master, with deep trust, can revolutionize your life….

OSHO Even if you are happy, you feel uneasy. OSHO Every achievement is so fulfilling that your imagination cannot think there can be more than this…. OSHO Every love affair is a failure, without exception…. Every religion has failed…. OSHO Everybody is after being extraordinary…. OSHO Everybody who comes here sees things which he is capable of, which he deserves…. OSHO Everything is controlled by the followers, and the followers are controlled by the master..

OSHO Except your awareness, all is accidental. And it is ready to give you much more….. OSHO Existence is always in spring…. OSHO Existence is our beloved, and the more you love, the more feminine you become…. OSHO Face as such is false. Faith is conditioned knowledge given by others to you, forced upon you…. OSHO Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. Family is the base for all pathology…. OSHO Feel grateful, feel prayerful…..

OSHO Fighting an emptiness…. First learn to see what is ahead of you, then start telling others what is in their unknown future…OSHO First solve your problem, then you will have the clarity to help others also…. OSHO Float; flow with the flow; move with the whole…. OSHO Flower of love, of joy, of peace, and of all that is beautiful in existence….

OSHO: Compassion - The Ultimate Flowering of Love

OSHO Follow your inner voice…. OSHO Food cannot make you spiritual, but if you are spiritual your food habits will change… Food cannot make you spiritual, but if you are spiritual your food habits will change….. OSHO Food is always a substitute for love…. OSHO For me there is no future, no past; all is present……. OSHO For thousands of years continuously, the woman has been crippled, crushed, exploited…OSHO For thousands of years we have been told that sex is the greatest sin… For thousands of years we have been told that sex is the greatest sin…OSHO Forget all about the words and their meaning.

Leave it for foolish people who only collect words…OSHO Forget relationships and learn how to relate…. Only a no-mind knows the taste of freedom.? OSHO Friendship has to be a sharing. OSHO Function of the master….. OSHO Go deeper, as deep as you can…. OSHO Go on turning in….

OSHO God and the world are not two things, it is the one existence…. God and the world are not two things, it is the one existence…. OSHO God is a hunger, a thirst within us. It cannot be satisfied by theories. No scriptures can quench this thirst…. OSHO God is a tremendous paradox, absolutely illogical, beyond logic…. OSHO God is all around you, but you are so full of scriptures, knowledge, so full of your own ego..

OSHO God is beyond knowledge, it is intrinsically unknowable…. OSHO God is more like a dancer. I am one of His movements… God is not the creator, God is this creation. I am going into his embrace….. OSHO Greed and hunger…. How can you be a psychologist if you have not witnessed even your own self? OSHO How can you be happy tomorrow if you are not happy today?

OSHO How to come to this tuning with the whole? Why are you missing it? How to start the journey? I am a drunkard…. Beauty is something higher than truth…. OSHO I am against all sacrifice…. OSHO I am fighting against the whole past of humanity…. OSHO I am going to be here…. OSHO I am in an inner dance; you can also become a partner in it… I am in an inner dance; you can also become a partner in it….

OSHO I am not a saviour…. OSHO I am not an intellectual.


OSHO I am not concerned with the future at all. I am totally herenow…………. I am not going to leave you…. And then something will happen…. OSHO I am not more than a catalytic agent…. OSHO I am obliged to you; you need not be obliged to me…. OSHO I am simply happy; it is not concerned with any doing, it is now uncaused….. OSHO I am so full of wonder and ready to go into it. OSHO I am touching the feet of the essential, of the soul that is hidden within you…… I am vast enough, contradictions can coexist in me…..

OSHO I believe in luxury; to me, religion is the highest form of luxury….. OSHO I can see clouds a thousand miles away, hear ancient music in the pines…….. To me, it is always the now…. It is natural… I feel You…… I give you a single commandment: OSHO I have fallen like a seed into your heart….. OSHO I have kept my wondering eyes alive, just like a small child… I have kept my wondering eyes alive, just like a small child…. OSHO I have lived according to my potential, and even if death comes it will not upset me…. Just visualize a homeless wanderer I have not reached anywhere, I am simply here and now….

OSHO I respect you as you are, and because of my respect I go on telling you that much more is possible…. OSHO I simply help you like a gardener helps a seed….. OSHO I teach only love and only love and nothing else…. I teach totality; I teach wholeness, not perfection. Even God is fallible. There is no need to be perfect…. OSHO I teach you love and laughter, because to me there is nothing more sacred than love and laughter..

OSHO I want to remind you that the first step is almost half the journey…. OSHO I want you to understand that there are no problems in life except those you create… I want you to understand that there are no problems in life except those you create…OSHO I will go on throwing you upon yourself….. I would like to become the same, a lotus leaf…..

OSHO I would like you to fill the whole world with love…. OSHO If love cannot give freedom, then it is not love…. OSHO If somebody comes, good, beautiful. If nobody comes, that too is beautiful and good…. If the crowd disagrees with you, there is a chance of your being right. If the lover thinks the other will be offended, then the intimacy is not yet deep enough….

OSHO If there is no doubt inside you, imagination is a great force…. OSHO If you accept the ego just like a shadow, then there is no problem…. OSHO If you are divided against yourself, you can never attain anything which is blissful….. OSHO If you are feeling miserable, let it become a meditation….. OSHO If you are happy, everybody will become suspicious of you… If you are not yourself, how can you be happy? If you ARE real, the world disappears: OSHO If you are really a lover of music, soon music will be forgotten and you will be entering into silence…. OSHO If you believe in God because you feel lonely, your God is going to be false…OSHO If you can only put your mind aside you will become aware of the cosmic play… If you can only put your mind aside you will become aware of the cosmic play…OSHO If you can simply live an ordinary life with joy… being full of wonder and awe….

OSHO If you cannot love a person you cannot love humanity…. OSHO If you cannot trust in me, trust in somebody else, but trust…. OSHO If you follow a religious life out of fear it will be the life of a slave, not of a man who is free….

Compassion, Love and Sex

OSHO If you love a person; only then does understanding arise…. OSHO If you love me in the same way as you have loved before, you will be very hurt. OSHO If you understand life, if you love life, you will know sex is sacred.. OSHO If you want to be happy, you have to accept sadness too…. OSHO If you want to cry, cry. Why be afraid of tears? And if you want to be free Be free.

If you want to understand a Buddha, his words, you have to watch his life…OSHO If you want to win according to Lao Tzu you should be soft, humble, non-resisting…. OSHO In deep gratefulness, sing the song, dance the dance that is waiting deep inside your being to be expressed…OSHO In each life whatever you attain, or lose, becomes part of some memory system….

In life you have been wrong so many times that you have lost trust in your own self…. OSHO In marriage, the basic reason for which you wanted to have the relationship is not fulfilled. OSHO In meditation you are entering a river of consciousness…. No geography is sacred…. OSHO Indian yoga divides man into two parts: OSHO Individual means indivisible — that which cannot be divided. Innocence can never be conditioned. Only cunningness can be conditioned….. OSHO Innocence is like a lotus flower: Insomnia is not a disease.

Insomnia is a certain way of life. OSHO It is almost an impossibility to communicate; still it has to be done…. OSHO It is an art to understand the language of the body….. OSHO It is easy to change from the outside, the real change has to happen inside…. OSHO It is not always certain what to do.

You are very confused. Let it be so…. OSHO It is not inevitable for a spiritual seeker to suffer.. It is only meditation that gives you a clean heart…. OSHO It is only when the spring of love has come that one starts blooming. OSHO It is so impossible to get rid of a single thought! And if you want to get rid of it, it becomes even more difficult…OSHO It is the same energy passing through your heart that becomes bliss, that becomes a blessing…. OSHO It is very strange why man needs glasses…. It needs courage, it needs guts, it needs tremendous willpower, to surrender….

OSHO It takes time to realize that which you are. It takes time to realize that which you are…. A rare woman, Chiyono, became enlightened…. Jump into life, because it is slipping by. Before the time is gone jump into the stream, splash around…OSHO Just a prayerful patience and waiting….. OSHO Just be a nobody, enjoy being nobody…….. OSHO Just be an actor and think of the world as a big drama…. OSHO Just be here for and put your mind aside. Meditation will enhance everything…. OSHO Just finding yourself, you find that the whole existence is your home…OSHO Just give me a little corner, just a contact center from where buddhas can enter in you….

OSHO Just go on watching, only watching helps…. OSHO Just leave all the worries to me. In fact, this is what surrender is……. In fact, this is what surrender is…. OSHO Just like an orchestra.. Nature should be your only discipline………. OSHO Just look into your misery. Are you really miserable? OSHO just relax and enjoy….

OSHO Just stop for a moment. Make any moment the moment to become alert………OSHO Just try to understand the functioning of the mind, otherwise you will always be in chaos…OSHO Just twenty-four hours, try not to react, not to reject, whatsoever happens…. Just wait a little…. OSHO Just wait, watch, see, and let the daytime come….. OSHO Kindly tell me some way to healthy and peaceful sleep.

What shall I do? Lately I feel my life has come to a peak… Lately I feel my life has come to a peak…. Laughter is one of the most important things in life…. OSHO Laughter needs a great learning, and laughter is a great medicine…. OSHO Learn from all the enlightened ones. Learn how to be in the presence of the master, how to breathe with him…OSHO Learn how to be silent, and how to be wordless… Learn to become more and more grateful for small things….

OSHO Learn to love, and drop all that goes against love…. OSHO Let love be your only virtue. The Art of Stillness. No Mud, No Lotus. The Peaceful Stillness of the Silent Mind: Buddhism, Mind and Meditation. Reminders for Being in the Moment. Positive Living Through Positive Affirmations.

Next Time You Feel Suicidal? The Magic of Self-Respect. Belief, Doubt, and Fanaticism. Last in the Evening. I Say Unto You. When the Shoe Fits. The Man Who Loved Seagulls. Meditation for Busy People. Love, Freedom, and Aloneness. The Fear of Intimacy. The Book of Secrets. The ABC of Enlightenment. The First and Last Freedom. The Book of Wisdom. The Book of Understanding.

Destiny, Freedom, and the Soul. Learning to Silence the Mind. Fame, Fortune, and Ambition. The Goose Is Out. Living on Your Own Terms. The Book of Children. Following are the best Osho quotes with beautiful images. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom. There is nothing more holy than life, nothing more divine than life. Belong to the whole existence. Why limit yourself to small things? When the whole is available.

And they are complementary, not contradictory. Love the person, but from the very beginning make it clear that you are not selling your freedom. Never love a woman as a woman and never love a man as a man.

Compassion Love and Sex

With all the defects. Because those defects are a part of the person. Never try to change a person you love, because the very effort to change says that you love half, and the other half of the person is not accepted. When you love, you simply love. One, I live as if today was my last day on earth. Two, I live today as if I am going to live forever. If you relax it comes, if you relax it is there.

If you relax, you start vibrating with it. I say unto you, only love has eyes; other than love, everything is blind. To look at it as a problem is to take a wrong step.

the mustard seed : OSHO - Compassion is the flowering of meditation

It is a mystery to be lived, loved, experienced. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you. Life is really a great cosmic laughter. And you will be growing. It asks nothing in return, it expects nothing. Love is a spiritual phenomenon; lust is physical. Ego is psychological; love is spiritual. I simply mean let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem. Discipline means creating an order within you.

As you are, you are a chaos.

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Then you will know and that knowing will come out of your experiencing. And then you will be surprised how much growth starts happening of its own accord.. From body to soul, physical to spiritual, sex to superconsciousness, everything is divine for me. You cannot be improved.

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You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it. Be proud that you are still natural. Be proud that you can express the inexpressible through your tears. Drop all these stupid ideas of being superior and inferior. You are neither superior nor inferior. You are simply yourself!

There exists no one like you, no one with whom you can be compared. Then, suddenly, you are at home. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession.

Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles) Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles)
Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles) Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles)
Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles) Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles)
Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles) Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles)
Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles) Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles)
Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles) Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles)
Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles) Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles)
Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles) Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles)
Compassion, Love and Sex (OSHO Singles)

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