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That led to the uprising in Dozens of Kurds were killed; more than were jailed and tortured. He maintains that Syria post-Assad may not become another fundamentalist Sunni Arab post-revolutionary government. The Muslim Brotherhood, with the support of President Obama and Turkey , will not succeed in controlling all of Syria. The US has a moral responsibility to insure freedom and democracy for all Syrians. What were the purposes of the session, who attended and what did the Obama Administration hope to achieve?

The interpretation of the U. Administration in support for the Kurdish political movement is premature. This was a positive event, but the US government should contact and meet various representatives of the Syrian Kurdish street, especially those that work for a federal Syria and want to bring down the Assad terrorist regime. Do you believe that the Obama Administration has played a productive role in fostering Syrian dissident opposition during this crisis? Unfortunately, the Obama administration played a role in the mismanagement of the Syrian crisis.

It did not encourage a clear and supportive policy toward democratic groups. If the Syrian Revolution fails, the current U. This policy is producing harmful results for the Syrian people and encourages the system to continue to commit crimes against humanity. Both cases do not serve the interests of either the majority of the Syrian people or the international community.

And the Obama administration stopped a France and Saudi plan to in one strike take out the top Assad leadership:. US warplanes would also keep the Syrian Air Force grounded and prevented from repulsing the incoming bombers. This plan was presented to President Obama separately by Nicolas Sarkozy before he was voted out of office and Saudi Defense Minister Prince Salman, who arrived at the White House on April 12 for a personal presentation.

The prince maintained that there is no end in sight for the Syrian conflict; it would only spread and ignite the rest of the Middle East. The peril could only be rooted out at source by a single, sharp military strike that would remove Assad and his close clan for good. This would be the only acceptable kind of Western-Arab armed intervention in Syria and it had the added advantage of being effective without bringing foreign boots to Syrian soil.

In early May, Sarkozy was still trying to talk Obama around to the plan. Once that nerve center is destroyed, Syrian army and intelligence would be bereft of their sources of command. In either case, the Syrian military would be free of its orders to crush the anti-Assad revolt. The French, Saudi and UAE air forces lack a central command center capable of coordinating a major combined air operation and therefore depend on the United States to provide this essential component.

Our Washington sources report that Obama consistently resisted repeated French and Saudi efforts to jump aboard their initiative. The Saudi defense minister at one point in their conversation told the US president harshly that it was time for the Americans to stop talking and start acting. But Obama remained unmoved. President Hollande was at first quoted as saying he does not rule out armed intervention in Syria.

On top of the American hurdle, Moscow and Beijing rushed Wednesday, May 30, to reiterate that they would oppose veto any Security Council resolution authorizing military intervention in Syria , so effectively nipping the French intention in the bud. The world powers have left him sitting pretty in his palace, unconcerned about his future and free to pursue one of the most vicious anti-opposition campaigns of modern times. But still on Syria? Their hypocrisy is so staggering that it is sickening. And they are the enablers of this crime against humanity.

I have to stop here because this is way too long already. I could continue for another, say 30 pages. But that I leave for another day. NATO is becoming more irrelevant and hypocritical by the day. Here is one of the latest masterpieces:. Daalder noted that the alliance launched its air war in Libya last year after three conditions were fulfilled: But there is neither regional support nor a UN mandate to act militarily in Syria. This is interesting to say the least. And the mandate from UN was very different for what they actually used it for. It is sad to see an organisation that played such a crucial role for the protection of the Western European countries become what it now have become.

So o n one side Russia , Iran and China literally pouring in all types of heavy weapons remember the mm Russian mortar bomb , personal, training etc for the Assad regime. This must be one of the most hypocritical, cynical and ridiculous statements ever made by NATO. It is the largest mortar bomb known to be in production and use. And then Assad troops shot at them. Diplomats inside a closed council briefing on Syria quoted Ban as saying the tactics had been used to try to force the unarmed monitors to withdraw from areas where government forces have been accused of staging attacks.

Ban said the heavy shelling had been used to deter a UN Supervision Mission in Syria convoy, drones had monitored the movements of observers and the armor-piercing bullets had been fired at UN vehicles. He said the observers were stopped at Syrian army checkpoints and in some cases turned back. He said civilians were also stopping the monitors.

Mood said he was concerned that the restrictions imposed on the movement of the monitors will impede their ability to carry out their mission. Ban discussed the attack on the UN monitors in a speech to the UN General Assembly hours after the reported slaughter of dozens of people in the village of Al-Kubeir. The patrol was forced to withdraw to a nearby government checkpoint. On Thursday the monitors were fired at and their access blocked by Syrian forces.

Everything has been burnt, houses have been gutted. The most distressing scenes were at the house next door. I walked in and saw brains lying on the floor. There was a tablecloth covered in blood and flesh and someone had tried to mop the blood up by pushing it into the corner, but it seems they had given up because there was so much of it around.

The monitors on Thursday were fired at by gunmen and forced to turn back as they tried to reach the village located in a farming region in the centralprovince of Hama. He said soldiers at a checkpoint in Maarzaf ordered residents not to speak to the observers or face reprisals.

He quoted activists as saying that government forces had removed the bodies of the victims on Thursday while the observers were being hindered from reaching the village. Danahar said Al-Kubeir consists of just a few single-story flat-roofed buildings set in the middle of corn fields. And what do they do about these in their own words barbaric acts? Yeah, it took him over two months to discover that witch was obvious to anyone with eyes and more than one brain cell after only the first week.. While the slaughter is going on.

But a cessation of hostilities that officially started on April 12 has now all but collapsed. As we demand compliance with international law and the six-point plan, it must be made clear that there will be consequences if compliance is not forthcoming. We must be prepared for any eventuality. We must be ready to respond to many possible scenarios. And of course the Obama administration immediately approved of this plan. At least the French had the sense to demand that Iran be excluded from this group.. As for the rest of the countries on that list, they are the countries that have managed to do absolutely nothing during these 15 months of the slaughter and uprising,.

Remember also that Iran have been trying for the last year to kill Saudi Arabian diplomats all over the world , including in USA. If one plan fails, ok so we try another and another in all endlessness regardless of how useless or ridicules the plans are. They change a comma here, add an asterisk there, change a word or the ending of a word here etc.

Discussion of the plan was therefore abandoned in the hall and confined to UN corridors.


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By forcing the pace at the special general assembly crisis session, Tehran once again demonstrated its refusal to play ball with the international community until its major power status in the Middle East is recognized. Iranian sources have insisted in recent days that the six power talks with Iran were not just about its nuclear program but affected a wider spectrum , because the nuclear issue could be settled at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna.

That expectation has faded. The proposal has won the blessing of the Obama administration, meaning its consent to letting the two powers that will dominate the contact group, Russia and Iran , determine the course and outcome of the Syrian crisis. Neither Iran nor Moscow have promised the US anything of the sort , but the administration hopes Iran will start being forthcoming on its nuclear program after being permitted to assume a central role in Damascus.

There is less optimism outside administration circles and inIsrael. They expect from Tehran nothing more at the next round of talks than token nuclear concessions, and none at all toward curtailing its work on a nuclear weapon. However the Obama administration appears to have opted for this course, even though it is the first time since the outbreak of the Arab Revolt in December that the United States is willing to let go of a major Middle East crisis and allow its foremost Middle East rivals, Moscow and Tehran , to take charge.

As far as Israelis concerned, the plan has disastrous connotations. But he noted that Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius had already stated two days ago that Iran , an ally of the regime led by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, could in no way be involved in such a group. Setting up a new contact group on Syria was not incompatible with the Friends of Syria group meeting on July 6 in Paris, said Valero. Annan is under pressure to revive his six-point peace plan, which the international community has accused Assad of flouting. A series of massacres of civilians have heightened international outrage over the conflict.

And finally some perspectives from the Israeli side after their talks with Russia and China: They have no idea of the direction the Syrian crisis is heading to. In ongoing diplomatic contacts amongIsraeland senior Russian officials, the Russians admit that their policy is determined from one week to the next.

In Mideastern terms we can say that both sides are making their decisions from one massacre to the next. The Russians made it clear that they have no intention of doing so, and never had such intention. They also have no trouble, alongside the arms shipments, to prepare the immediate evacuation of their people should Assad fall.

The total stands at 12, people. The killing rate at this time stands at dead civilians per day, on average. There is indeed gradual erosion , yet one cannot yet see the great crisis that will prompt its collapse. He also maintains his legitimacy for now in large sectors of Syrian society. The Americans are talking about 3, monitors — instead of the current — who would also engage in enforcement. They are again talking about buffer zones along the Syrian border and about humanitarian corridors deep in Syria to be protected by gunships.

So what did we have in Syria this week? Two brutal massacres, more horrific pictures, and a meeting of world leaders in Turkey that produced numerous declarations on the Syrian question and zero actions. Under this state of affairs, President Assad can survive for a long time. There are reports that Turkey has switched side again for the fourth time.

Then last winter Turkey switched to sort of support for the opposition. It is now reported that Ankara had secretly notified leaders of the rebel Free Syrian Army on Thursday, May 31 that it had withdrawn permission for them to launch operations against the Assad regime from Turkish soil. This was precisely what Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the day before when he spoke out against violent rebellion, military intervention and sanctions to topple the Syrian ruler.

It wants to slaughter ALL the opposition, which is most of the country. There is no time to lose. After all this talk, what do they propose? More of the same that has failed all this time. And time and time again before Syria. A new Massacre number XX — now in al-Qubeir. In the all too familiar pattern.

First, the army begins by a merciless barrage of artillery on a village, town or neighborhood. From the youngest child to the oldest pensioner. In a few hours, almost the entire population of al-Qubeir was massacred in what appears to have been one of the bloodiest incidents since the start of the Syrian uprising. Forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad were responsible, according to opposition activists. Then Shabiha militiamen entered the hamlet armed with sticks, guns and knives.

They attacked homes and farmhouses, shooting and slaughtering all the inhabitants they could find. He was hiding in our home. He told me cars full of Shabiha had come to the village and were attacking everyone and burning houses. Pushing open the door of his home several hours later, Mr Hemary found the bodies of his mother, three sisters and three brothers lying bloodied on the ground. I saw family after family slaughtered by knives. After the militia departed and al-Qubeir fell quiet later that evening, people from nearby villages ventured into the stricken hamlet.

Her two children were wrapped around, hugging her. They died like that. There were two many burnt bodies. Other eyewitnesses reported how the militiamen sang songs in praise of Mr Assad. A former soldier who joined the rebel Free Syrian Army said that he reached the village within hours of the massacre, but left quickly because Syrian government troops were still in the area. There were only five known survivors, he added. The exact number of victims could not be confirmed, but people from the nearby village of Maarizab said they had buried 57 corpses.

A further thirty bodies were missing and had not yet been buried, said activists. With almost no foreign reporters inSyria, the accounts of what happened in this remote farming village cannot be independently verified. Yes, they were tragic, horrific acts of violence against the most innocent of victims. One we had felt many times before. Will the shells ever stop falling over Homs? The days after Houla continued as all the days had before. And the outrage moved from analysis and narrative to questions: Is the UN plan working? Is a regime-led investigation a fair way to proceed?

Who committed the crimes? Were the slaughtered people Sunni or Shite or Sunnis who had converted to Shiism? Are we with or against foreign intervention? Who will replace Assad? Who will arm the rebels? Who are the rebels? Why is the Syrian opposition still fragmented? And of course the debate: The number of dead? We have seen men and boys dripping with blood, with half their face blown off, still struggling to breath. We watched while an entire city was destroyed, missile by missile. We watched a man flattened by an Assad tank, over and over , into human road kill.

We have seen dead children, not only slaughtered but bombed, burned, and mutilated. Our dead have been left to rot on the streets of Homs. Our dead have been buried in the public parks ofHama. But it was not a game changer. Not to us, at least. How many people have to die before the world either says enough is enough, or turns away from their screens? How long before the daily death toll in Syria is no longer on the front pages and becomes an invisible battlefield, like Iraq, like Afghanistan, like Libya?

When a regime decides to kill thousands of its own, its supporters have become accomplices not neutral citizens. Why the empty debates? They claim it has changed from its romantic and just beginnings and has become armed, violent, and sectarian. These are the Syrian people too, whether the world wishes to see them or not. Or perhaps they only tolerate seeing them as shrouded corpses.

Those who still argue searching for game changers in Syria should stop exerting themselves. The number is too high and has passed the threshold of forgiveness. Whether your eyes decide to confront or slide away from the images of our slain children makes no difference. Because we have already moved on, to face tomorrow, which holds only one Syrian certainty: After decades of our own silence, we had two words for the Assad regime: Without the enormous Russian material support, weapons, training, intelligence, troops, personal, diplomatic support etc.

Russia has invested more than 55 years into this country and this regime going back to Soviet times. So the Russians are not going to give all that vested strategic interest up voluntarily. Regardless of how many civilians Assad is going to slaughter. After all, Vladimir Putin is the butcher of Grozny and Chechnya. Or as Paul Conroy so aptly put it: When you destroy a city, make sure no one — not even the story — gets out alive.

To just give one small example of this Russian duplicity. Thursday, May 24, a Russian arms ship, the Professor Katsman owned by the Russian arms company Rosoboronexport , was detected outside Cyprus. The crew had shut down ALL communications systems, including its transponder, in breach of international regulations and crept forward in silence. The ship also refused to disclose its cargo manifests. Military equipment was then unloaded behind tarpaulin screens and transferred to waiting Syrian military truck convoys. Large quantities of artillery and tank shells as well as spare parts for tanks.

And of course none of these shells is ever going to be fired at the Syrian civilian population, as they have been everyday for the last 15 months. And more arms are on the way, the North Korean arms ships Odai is also reported on its way to Tartus with hardware for the Syrian army. Since , Rosoboronexport has had a virtual monopoly on arms exports from Russia. Petersburg to Syria when it stopped in Cyprus in January Here is a list by SIPRI, which is considered an authoritative source on the trade in heavy weapons , of Russian arms transfers to Syria.

This is the ones they found out. Without the enormous Iranian material support, weapons, training, intelligence, troops, personal, diplomatic support etc. Between Russia and Iran, there is a division of labour of how they support Syria. For Iran, Syria plays a vital roll in its ambitions to control parts of the Middle East. And Hamas in Gaza. For the first time the Iranian regime have openly admitted that it has troops in Syria and is actively supporting the Syrian thugs. The interview was here: However, it is still available on other Iranian websites http: The reason for all the pressure from the U.

In another twist of fate, Hezbollah, with over a year record of kidnapping and murder against Israelis, Americans and other Westerners, have had a taste of their own medicine. You should remember that Hezbollah, together with Iran , actively has helped the Assad regime against his own people. The first group of eleven was captured on May 22 in a bus heading home through Aleppo from Iran.

In reality, they were Hezbollah operatives. They are now held by FSA. The second and much more serious for Hezbollah was a very sophisticated commando raid outside Damascus, where 5 top Hezbollah officers was kidnapped. This has sent shock waves through Tehran and the Al Qods Brigades command there. The unidentified commandos, guided apparently by precise intelligence, ambushed a Hezbollah car 15 km west of Damascus after they left the Syrian military base of Al-Hame 4 km from the Syrian capital. And captured five top-ranking Hezbollah officers. Al-Hame is one of the two big military bases Hezbollah has outside Damascus.

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The other one is in Al Zabadani. The kidnapped also included Hussein Hamid, Dep. Negotiations that have led nowhere during all these years. Without the Chinese material support, weapons, training, intelligence, personal, diplomatic support etc. The Chinese support is however on a smaller scale than Russia and Iran. They are assisting in the construction of this underground network as a pipeline through which Iran can continue to conduct its commercial business with the outside world. And to help Iran evade the financial isolation because of the sanctions regarding its nuclear weapons program.

China also profits enormously from these sanctions-busting measures. Two years ago, anticipating the blockage of its regular trade relations, Iran began transferring billions of dollars to Chinese banks , which as a rule do not enter into foreign currency transactions with foreign banks. China undertook to make available the amounts need to buy essential goods that the embargo prevents Iran from acquiring directly. Beijing does the shopping and draws on the Iranian deposits to pay for the purchases.

The goods are delivered to China and transferred to Iran via Pakistan. China is making a very tidy profit from its shopping service for Iran. Already, China may be clearing as much as a billion dollars a year from this service alone. And the Chinese use this system to also help Assad with ALL the things he needs to suppress the uprising. The barbaric slaughter of civilians, including children continues unabated. Helped to a very large degree by the enormous material support, weapons, training, intelligence, troops, personal etc.

These Assad Thugs are some of the people responsible for the Houla Massacre where 49 children were literally slaughtered one by one: He also looted homes and stole personal property. He personally raped the wife of a Colonel who was killed by internal security in Taldo. He stole personal property and set fire to homes. He drives a Toyota Double Cabin pickup truck painted in camouflage colors. Lieutenant Shaher Ibrahim , a platoon leader and shabih who stole cars and robbed houses.

He robbed houses, stole cars, and raped women. He murdered, robbed, tortured, and raped women in his office, which contains a torture chamber. The UN yesterday revealed that they were murdered one by one. The militia came in the night armed with knives and guns, and the young victims were executed with a bullet to the head or a knife to the throat. One photograph shows a cherubic baby girl, no older than 2, with a tiny gold ear-stud. She is wrapped in a white shroud. Half her skull has been hacked or blown away. A saucer of bone juts from a bloody gash in what remains of her head.

Another shows what appears to be a boy of perhaps 6 or 7. The blanket in which he is wrapped has fallen away to expose a bare white shoulder.

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He looks as if he is sleeping, but the back of his head has been lopped off like the top of a boiled egg. His brain lies on the blanket behind him. A third shows a pretty young girl staring upwards, her mouth slightly open as if smiling. Above her right eye there is a large, bloody bullet hole surrounded by a mess of flesh and bone. The pictures go on, some mercifully out of focus, most far too shocking to print in The Times though our failure to do so spares the Assad regime.

There is a baby wearing nothing but a nappy , seemingly untouched except that it lacks an arm. A man carries the body of a child with only half a head remaining. There are children — brothers, sisters, cousins? One girl has had her nose and cheek sliced off. A couple of the children lying on the floor of a makeshift mortuary appear to have had their hands bound. They were summarily executed, the United Nations said yesterday. At least civilians were killed in total, 34 of them women , in a slaughter of infants and innocents with few modern precedents.

Only 20 of the deaths could be attributed to artillery or tank fire, Rupert Colville, a spokesman for the UN Commissioner for Human Rights, said. I was in the house with my three grandsons, three granddaughters, sister-in-law, daughter, daughter in-law and cousin. I was in a room by myself when I heard the sound of a man. He was shouting and yelling at my family.

I hid behind the door. I saw another man standing outside by the entrance door and another one inside the house. They were wearing military clothes. I thought they wanted to search the house. After three minutes, I heard all my family members screaming and yelling. The children, all aged between 10 and 14, were crying. I went down on the floor and tried to crawl so I could see what was happening. As I approached the door, I heard several gunshots. I heard the soldiers leaving.

I looked outside the room and saw all of my family members shot. They were shot in their bodies and their head. I was terrified to approach to see if they were alive. I kept crawling until I reached the back door. I went outside, and I ran away. A year-old boy from the Abdel Razzak family told Human Rights Watch that he saw men wearing military clothes shoot his year-old friend:. I was at home with my mother, my cousins, and my aunt.

Suddenly I heard gunshots. It was the first time I heard so many gunshots. My mother grabbed me and took me to a barn to hide. I heard men screaming and shouting. I heard people crying especially women. I looked outside the window. I was peeking sometimes but I was afraid they would see me. Men wearing [uniforms] like army soldiers, green with other colors [camouflage] and white shoes, entered our house. They went outside after a couple of minutes.

Then across the street I saw my friend Shafiq, 13 years old, outside standing alone. An armed man in military uniform grabbed him and put him at the corner of a house. He took his own weapon and shot him in the head. His mother and big sister — I think she was 14 years old — went outside and started shouting and crying. The same man shot at both of them more than once. Then the armed men left and the FSA soldiers came. They were very close to us. We ran and hid in the barn. After the armed men left, and I heard the sound of their cars driving away, my sister and I went outside.

I saw Shafiq [the year-old friend of her son] on the ground dead. I saw three families: All of them were shot. Some were shot in the head and others had multiple shots in the body. One of the children survived. She is 14 years old. She was shot twice in the leg. I also saw my cousin who was shot in the chest. A year-old boy who was paralyzed was shot three times in his chest as well. Putin of Russia said Friday that he rejected outside military intervention as an answer to the increasingly horrific bloodshed in Syria, and the Kremlin publicly sided with President Bashar al-Assad of Syria in blaming Mr.

Here are just three. Idleb — Words can do no justice to the disgust and barbarity that epitomizes Assad, his forces and his supporters as they cheer and encourage such things. Where on Earth can this happen other than Syria? How sick does one have to be to find joy in running over a human being in a tank? When they finally entered the neighborhood, the most impoverished in Homs , they went from house to house and executed entire families or anyone that dared to stay.

Many of their victims had their throats slit and were burnt. These are his forces. This is what they do. Some violence has receded, some violence continues. Overall, Fawzi said, the plan and the UN observers who are on the ground overseeing its implementation—a team he reported had grown to about 50 by Friday— have had an impact.

Remember that these leaked videos were filmed by the Assad militia, thugs, intelligence people etc. All in the name of their master, Bashar Al Assad. This is who they are.

No matter if they are men, women or children. Listen to the deafening sound of the the gunfire as these animals announce their arrival into the neighborhood, firing into thee air and at the surrounding buildings — spreading terror and fear. They need obedience and co-operation to do so.

And if enough people deny obedience and withhold their co-operation—even after credible threats—rulers simply cannot rule. With surprising calmness given the risk of dire consequences if they were caught by security forces, a dozen or so activists emerged from the crowd outside the historic Hamediyeh market. Most were young, some teenagers.

A majority were women , evidently secular, dressed casually in jeans and T-shirts. There were no chants or songs, no words, just the banners, most in Arabic, one in English, calling for freedom, calling for an end to regime killings, reminding the hundreds of onlookers that in Syria doctors can pay with their lives for helping wounded civilians.

Der Tag im Überblick

The audience at first seemed to have little idea of what was happening: Damascus is full of banners and posters for candidates in forthcoming parliamentary elections. A delivery boy on an old-fashioned bicycle stopped and stared, mouth agape. Drivers leaned out of their car windows or ducked their heads for a better view through the windscreen.

In a country that for decades has brooked no public dissent, scenes like this are hard to comprehend and, even after 13 months of an uprising that has thrown entire cities into an anti-regime revolt, somehow unimaginable and shocking. The very heart of Damascus is still not used to such blatant shows of rebellion. On Fridays people expect protests and, as a result, many who prefer to turn a blind eye to the uprising simply stay at home, doors locked, windows shuttered, televisions tuned into the propaganda and soap operas on state-run channels.

A midweek May Day protest seen by hundreds of ordinary people is a different matter, however. This protest was peaceful and well organised, carried out with a smooth confidence by young men and women who could be the sons or daughters of almost any modern, middle-class Damascene family. This e-book allows you to accomplish that. Following at the heels of his profitable publication on evaluations and insights As i used to be Saying…Observations on foreign enterprise and exchange coverage, Exports, schooling, and the longer term, March , Michael Czinkota has invited us into his international back, to get a greater standpoint of concerns, campaigns, and phenomena.

Observations on International Business and Policy, Going International and Transitions We pay attention much concerning the progress of worldwide alternate, globalization, and imbalanced distribution of earning. Phronesis and Quiddity in administration addresses the problem of the distinction in judgment-making, its proposal and characterisation. This publication investigates first into what constitutes very good managerial talents focused on management revolving round judgement-making rather than decision-making and moment into whether or not they will be taught.

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Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition) Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition)
Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition) Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition)
Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition) Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition)
Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition) Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition)
Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition) Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition)
Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition) Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition)
Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition) Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition)
Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition) Gewinner der Globalisierung? Die Bedeutung von Dubai im Weltwirtschaftssystem (German Edition)

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