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As with any behavior, it can be difficult to decipher their intentions. For the victim, this is pretty easy to observe but extraordinarily difficult to accept. Emotional detachment from someone you love is like a punch to the heart. Unfortunately, disconnection often preludes a deteriorating relationship. If a partner shows no interest in intimacy, it may be a sign of infidelity. This is especially true if no prior issues existed in this area.

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If nothing else, this behavior indicates some type of emotional or physical disconnection. A physical connection is vital in a healthy relationship. If you are facing this issue, you might want to have a serious discussion with your partner. Hopefully, you understand the flaws of your partner, and you accept them. It is peculiar, then, for a partner to suddenly become defensive regarding obvious behavior shifts.

10 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

Two people involved in a serious relationship understand the importance of monetary resources. Usually, any outgoing money is acknowledged and accounted for. We all want to look our best for various reasons; commonly, to look respectable and professional.

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However, an abrupt change in appearance without explanation is uncommon, especially for those who have previously shown little interest in appearance. Of course, the desire to appear more attractive to the opposite sex is a real possibility. One telltale sign of a cheater is a sudden disconnection from your circle of friends. This may forewarn a relationship problem. It is much easier and convenient for a cheat to separate from those close to you than to be upfront about their true feelings. This is even more conspicuous if your partner has always been close to your social circle.

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Nobody likes having their phone tampered with. If your significant other suddenly objects to what was not an issue previously, you may consider additional caution.

15 Signs You're Going To Cheat On Your Boyfriend | TheTalko

Anyone in a committed relationship will tell you that a schedule is paramount to making things work. This is especially true if someone is married, has kids, or other obligations for which they are responsible. A sudden abdication of responsible behavior is strange, particularly if that person cannot account for such conduct. Things happen at work. Similar to many other things on this list, context is key. But most days, you should WANT to talk to your boyfriend.

Or every night, if you really love the attention. When you guys first got together, you probably put a lot of effort into your appearance. After all, you wanted to impress your man! But sometimes, you stop making an effort after being together for a while.

Are you going to cheat?

But if someone else came along who caught your eye, would you want to impress them? Would you want to dress up and show off again? You pick fight after fight, hoping that one will finally push him over the edge. What if he wants to work things out no matter what?

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Take responsibility for your own happiness in your own love life. Well, it might be your best friends, your siblings, or your parents. And once that happens, cheating becomes more likely than ever before. This is basically the early beginnings of emotional cheating, and this could easily turn into physical cheating in a short time. And when you choose someone else over your boyfriend, it is really only a matter of time before you end cheating for real. If you catch yourself missing the days when you were single, you need to reflect on whether or not you really want to be in a relationship right now at all.

Instead, you might just be feeling a little scared of being all alone. The early days of a relationship are so exciting. All you want to do is be around each other. You hang out all the time and plan cute dates. You stay up all night talking. You want to spend every minute together and learn everything about each other. But what happens over time?

What happens when that initial excitement begins to fade away? What are you left with then?

That said, here are 10 signs of a potential cheater:

Sometimes even the couples that appear to be the strongest lose that spark after a while, and they end up breaking up. In fact, you might find it more fun to hang out with other people. In fact, you probably chose him over your friends a few times, even though they got a little annoyed at you for it. If he gets suspicious of your new friends, this might be why. But if things are hitting a rough patch in your relationship, going out might sound a lot more appealing.

Drinking might help take your mind off things, and getting out of your house and hanging out with different people can also distract you from the problems in your relationship. Every kiss felt better than the last, and every moment was super romantic.

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And he probably felt the exact same way about you. But what if a few months to a year have gone by and that initial crazy physical attraction has started to fade? What if you barely feel anything when he reaches out to hold your hand? Physical attraction is addicting, and you might end up making a few bad decisions.

This person promises they will always be by your side. They will be your shoulder to cry on. They will be there to catch you whenever you fall.

If you are going to Cheat,... If you are going to Cheat,...
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