Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition)

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When I retired I binged on lots of mysteries, and it was only about my third year I think of retirement that I started to settle down and development an appreciation for better quality. I read Tolstoy Anna Karenina for the first time and was blown away. Couldn't put it down. Now I still read plenty of junk, but then I find myself longing for something of better quality - it's weird - I guess again an agrument for letting kids read anything.

Read my first graphic novel about a year ago and THAT was eye opening. I had no idea! Now I am hooked.

Hi RT- more power to your writing arm too! It is interesting that reading changes over time, depending on the time and effort available for it! Which Graphic novels did you try? I don't have lots but occasionally get caught into a series or example. Semi-unfortunately my daughter loves some of mine Mouseguard and Fables too and I'm afraid I'm a tiny bit too precious about my copies to let her have them except under supervision. I shouldn't really worry as to date 2 yr 5 mo she has only destroyed one book- when she was about 4 months old and we were staying with my parents for Christmas, her cotbed was put too close to the bookshelf and she pulled out several books and ripped War and Peace to shreds!

Kindle Update for January, part 2. A girl pretends to be her twin, who is a supermodel and somehow the neighbour millionaire widower doesn't notice. Contains small leavening of crime mystery but utterly average bubble. Beauty and the Beast by Jenni James Fairytale classic. The beast is a talking wolf form. Not much of a nasty side to the prince in this version, it's only fairly mild childhood teasing that he was guilty off and he appears to have just annoyed the old crone when he was being a bit arrogant one day. Oh dear, this was a dud but laughably so and I did finish it. The depictions of first class flights actually made me laugh out loud.

I've been lucky enough to fly long haul business a few times intercontinental and it's nice Here's a clue, the super rich don't fly on scheduled flights. It was a little bit "pretty woman" in parts.


Caro Catches Up - Reading Log 2013

For her special treat-week in NY she is climbing into posh frocks, going to animal charity balls and having a super-gorgeous millionaire bachelor chasing after her. Hilarious but not in the way the author intended. Prostitutes by Lynne Sha Reference, sort of. Another short kindle freebie. I was interested in this as it mentioned geisha in the blurb and they're not really prostitutes so I was interested to see what was said. It has a few short interesting summaries of the lives of famous prostitutes; Aspasia, Nell Gwynne, Phyrne, Ludi Florales and others that takes up the first half of the book.

Alyssa gets attacked one night and Lysander decides to turn her and save her life. Vampires actually kill a few people in this which is somewhat unusual for the romance side of the genre. Lysanders maker Kallisto is chasing him down and the Sanctum are also on the trail. This is still towards the fluffy end of vampire-lit although there is metric tonnes of this sort of stuff out there since twilight.

Probably why there is such a lot in the kindle freebie self-publishing sections Logan is a heroin addict living on the streets and knows vampires exist. Vampires are not supposed to let mortals see them so Logan is taken by a senior gang leader and must join them or die. Still fluffy but had a few nice touches. At least Logan is the polar opposite of Bella Swan I suppose. I scored 13 which sounds quite poor but you would score a lot lower if you had only read the book and it is quite a while since I actually watched the 3 films.

EG question, which role did Orlando Bloom originally audition for? That is all the kindle reads up to date now. The freebies are clearly mostly on the average side and weighted very heavily to the fan fic du jour vampires. I don't think I've read an above average modern romance in years and I think I'll make a point to avoid those now. It's ever-decreasing returns and there are still piles of better options. I've re-read my book 3 and 4 Order of the Stick over the past week too. I almost don't dare do this.

I have 46 books on kindle in the "Read- LT Review" section. The kindle has been the main method of reading for the past couple of months as I've had a fair amount of travelling for work- Shanghai, Frankfurt, Amsterdam mostly. Now it is Spring and family are coming to visit. Last weekend was my husbands grandparents 70th wedding anniversary so all the family came over. I've got about 2, books and it gets comments from my husbands family, this weekend twice. BIL was looking at my books, saw one on Codes and said he'd ready a book recently that described exactly how Private Key-sharing over internet works and although it made total sense at the time, he couldn't remember at all now how it worked.

I found a different book and the pages that had that on them. He said he thinks he read the exact same book translated in German! I think I may just have to list most of them except for the ones a proper job is required. I will be back shortly You are so cool! That must have been fun! I love it when my family sees me go straight to a book. May 16, , 3: SIL has polished off the Hunger Games trilogy and has now located my Kelley Armstrong books and is working her way through those!

She even got a bit miffed with me once when I got her a Fantasy book in German- It was Marcus Heitz though and it's one of the ones that is German origin and that I've read translated to English. I've also signed up to some more- the 2 History of Rock ones and some Statistics one that I previously signed up to and forgot about last year.

OK, lets dooooo this catch up thing and tidy up my kindle folders My cruise holiday from hell - Dennis Champion Kindle freebie. A chap and his wife take a cruise out of Singapore and the ship sinks after a fire. About a half day later a tanker arrives and takes on all the people from the lifeboats. It's OK but not memorable.

Not as clever as he thinks he is. Format of a set of amazon reviews that describe events happening in a small village. How to Talk to People: The Shy persons quide to confident conversation - Kate Kennedy Kindle freebie. Some good ideas and techniques. Short and to the point. Very short, slightly weird book- it's clearly written by a black American guy if you're wondering. His final point- "don't be an embarassment to your race, your friends or to yourself, tip!

Private Paradise - Jami Alden Kindle freebie. Romance set in a luxury Caribbean resort. H is a security chief who left the h heartbroken before.

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A very contrived hurricane situation strands them alone on the island as all the guests etc. It took a few false starts before I could get into this. It's a humourous modern romance with a somewhat neglected wife, Jane the librarian, taking an evening class for advice on mending her marriage and getting mistakenly put into a history class reviewing Sun Tzu's Art of War methods.

There is another student working in a family firm and being beaten down by a more successful cousin. It's funny and contains lots of well written phrases. Still 47 items to get to. This will need to be digested in a few bites I might come back to that but it's not crucial to me. Jun 28, , 4: Lady Leona and Lord Treynarde. Lost pendant and knighthoods to gain.

Makes friends with a coyote. Has pictures but isn't true. To seal a truce Fiona Sinclair is traded in marriage to Myles Campbell. OK but quite colour-by-numbers. Joys childhood friend Jenny was killed in a car accident which her boyfriend Jeff survived. For some not-unpredictable reasons she buried deep, she blamed him for this for a long time and now meets him again and starts to unravel what happened. OK but meh, I prefer the historicals- better scenery. Journalist Alex pretends to be a nanny to get a story on reclusive millionaire Lucas Fairfax.

I count them as good when they have any content that deviates from the usual formulas. This does, all the men are beserkers. This is actually 3 novellas. The stories are of Roderick, Connor and Finn and are named Unspoken, Unwilling, Unwanted in their separate novella forms. These were very good. Angel Killer - Andrew Mayne Thriller. Seriel killer using magician techniques stages some interesting deaths to be investigated.

She is trained on the trip to become a kettul, which are effectively soldiers hookers in a brothels shenda jiks but it's not a low rank job in alien society. She can play a special instrument that signifies she has alien ancestory. She is fated to rescue a prince that is held, sleeping beauty-like, in a casket after a previous, failed, coup.

Some alien politics, some alien animals, a decent fantasy romance. Kate currently likes Wilhelm Busch stories from the giant compendium we have and Again by Emily Gravett. Again is lovely but hard to read- the story is it's a parent dragon, reading a book to a baby dragon who doesn't want it to stop half the action is the dragon in the book-within-book slowly going to bed- that bit has words you can read out- and half of it is the little baby dragon that should be going to sleep getting itself wound up until it burns a hole through the last couple of pages of the book-within-a-book.

She now has the patience to have longer books read to her which is nice. She's also just about potty trained now for the daytime. Apr 9, , 1: Immortals After Dark 1. Nikolai Wroth shudders of reminders of the awfully named dagger lot is a general in the rebel vampire army. Brides can make turned human vampires as powerful as pure-breds. Myst the witch has a talisman jewel. Wroth steals it to bind her to him.

Go on, have a guess Light space opera romance. Unfortunately a sort of love triangle runs through this for a long time. Amusing things happen although it isn't a straight-out comedy. From scanning the other reviews this is almost certainly because it's a second book in a series - I gave this another star as I expect that fills out the romance side- for this as a stand-alone book I would give it 3 stars.

Everwinter - Elizabeth Baxter ER review. There is a lot of politics, old gods, an everlasting winter freeze starts. This is only the start of the series so it doesn't wrap up everything. A female CIA operator returns to find her mother, suffering with Alzheimers, has sold off her inheritance from her dead father.

To the romantic interest. There is a lot of travel and high speed adventure. I still follow the web comic adventures of Gabe and Tycho occasionally. I'm going to leave it another night for the rest. Jennett is playing a test game of her fathers design and the game has an effect in the real world. Bald escort hero hired to take virginity of romance writer heroine.

Best ones are the short ones that are very similar to xkcd annoy a sys admin, annoy a maths major, priests. James Pace, ex-RAF helicopter pilot and amateur cameraman, gets shot and during his recovery is recruited to be a video diarist for a charity race, set deep in the Amazon. Standard politics and double-crossings occur and his team gets cut off from help and fighting to survive.

Max was a diplomat but has returned home in scandelous disgrace. She wants to be ruined so she can carry on breeding horses in the countryside. Guffacious bit about women in her family dying in childbirth. Book 2 Horsemen Dukes Tattoo 1. Baron Clun and Lady Elizabeth. Engaged to each other unseen. Actually had a few good parts but in general same-old, same-old. Got this as was just off for the week in China so although I am labelling all these June, that was May.

More relevant to teens taking off for their 6 month gap-jollies than business travel. Not sure why I imagined it wouldn't be! A PA kills her boss but somehow manages to rediary all his workload so that no-one notices. Max is forced to marry so chooses his ward Lucy Stark.

His mistress is furious and interferes. Got this out of curiousity in what goes on in supermarkets. My first job after Uni was a 6 month stint in a shop with pretensions Peter Jones, London. This was a throwback to my memories of that time Made friends there that I still keep in touch with. It was very spacey and unreal though.

I play rogue thief Khaljiits so it was a skim. I really loved Skyrim. Oblivions potions were a bit better too, Skyrims are a bit rubbish in comparison. I didn't see this mention the very best source for Skyrim stuff either, www. Tom Fullwood sees his mother having an affair.

Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze Book Series: tevopaleqopi.tk

His poor view of marriage is the opposite of Isabelle Crawfords, who has a large dowry attracting the fortune hunters. I found this book very hard work to get through although the storyline is actually very interesting and novel. The Eagle Knights were cool. Tandor is a mage but has used the power to make a servitor remove heart and is trying to track down all the disabled children the Eagle knights took.

Very interesting use of a walrus in this book! OK - Good 3. Jul 17, , 2: Novella about the Dukes man of business, Hugo Marshall, having to get rid of a governess. Minerva Lane the wallflower versus Robert Blaisdell. Minnie is escaping her scandal. Jonas is a doctor.

He chases Lydia who had a scandalous past affair that Jonas knows about as he was assistant doctor at the time. Smite Turner is a magistrate. Miranda Darling is often in trouble. Lady Elaine is a wallflower due to Evan Carlton targetting her and embarassing her. Now he wants to apologise. Railway financier who is about to lose all his money and the widow that he should have married. Woman with amnesia found after falling in the river by Spec Ops type.

A video game project is shut down but the main character in it, Blue Lightening, is not happy to be deleted so easily. This was an amusing read with a wide range of believable games programmer characters and their families. Walzing with the Wallflower Series 2. Waltzing with the Wallflower Series 3. Sir Colin attempts to be a rake. Marcus Sinclair, Earl of Sinclair, has lived the last thirteen years as a recluse following an accident that left him heavily scarred.

Though a recluse, Marcus has still managed to fall in love. The woman he's taken with is none other than the sister of the lady he was once betrothed to! Duplicate of a Kindle book I already had. Vincent Latimer, Viscount Atwood, is not a vampire. A storm thrusts Tess into Vincent's path and destroys the school. A very proper English lady has all her plans for the future disrupted when she innocently stumbles headfirst into a compromising situation with a very improper English duke. Becky Thorn has been keeping a secret for more than seven years.

A secret that could destroy her. So she leaves London society and accepts a position as a governess for a reclusive Viscount, far away from the ton. Gade Ryder returns to Eden, Texas, after twelve years to investigate a gang of rustlers on the family ranch.

Lady Lilian Bliant is determined to thwart her manipulative father's plan to shackle her to a weak-willed man of the ton. Lord Maxwell Warrick is anything but weak-willed, yet Lily wreaks havoc on his heart. Death refuses to take any lives until his bride is found for him. Village girl Percy cannot bear to watch her grandmother suffer in the near-death that this means. She makes the journey to Deaths house alongside other potential brides but not everyone wants his bride to get to him. I really enjoyed this book, well-plotted and engaging.

Rowena Belleme is forced by her brother to to 'rape' Warrick, a Lord due to her elderly husband dying and the need for an heir. Warrick vows revenge and returns with his army. Jack Seaborne, Duke of Dettingham, needs a duchess. Val Con, spy stumbles on retired mercenary bodyguard Miri Robertson and they entangle in a chase away from the mafia and police. The H ward is missing, presumed to be in hiding with the h brother. They get caught in a secret midnight tryst. Royal Flush, Louisiana and Mallory Devereaux is a walking disaster but she can use her talent to cool cards at her uncles casino.

Undercover cop gets entangled. Vampire bodyguard Zane is set to guard a hybrid, a half-vampire, half-human, whose father wants to keep her a virgin. Portia has a serious dilemma: To avoid having to live out her immortal life as a virgin, she must find a lover in that short time- which her father hires Zane to prevent. Fiona Murphy, who is a bit woo, randomly inherits a small antiques shop from an old man she met only once. Odd things begin to happen. Rose Gardner works at the DMV and has visions. She sees her own death and her murderer.

Rachel Valentine is on the run from her mob familiy. Schoolteacher Harriet Stanton believes she is in love with newly-married Nick Sanders, until a mysterious stranger rescues her from an accident. Harriet and Ant join forces. During a Caribbean vacation, 15 year old Kate Huntley's father, a scientist, is murdered. Kate grows up alone in Haiti. Iraqi woman named Raina is forced to sell her body in order to survive. During a street battle, she meets a marine Tucker , and saves him.

Quite weird, man is recovering for most of it and so it's her monologue. Alexander Edgware, Lord Xavier, has quite a reputation--for daring, wagering, and wickedness in all its delightful forms. But the wager before him is hardly his preferred sport: Xavier must persuade a proper young lady to attend his famously naughty Christmas house party--and stay the full, ruinous two weeks.

Worse, the lady is Louisa Oliver, a doe-eyed bookworm Xavier finds quite charming. Lacey Campbell barely escaped but lost her best friend whose remains were never found. She is now a forensic odontologist teeth and bones. Ex-cop Jack Harper is landlord to the house where the friends remains are found. First book was better when Aria was blood slave to Braith. Now they are outside the vampire palace being tracked.

Viscount Rothersthorpe decides to come to London and find a wife. In London he finds Lydia Morgan, his first love, who is now a widow and stepmother. He was quite the jerk during first love so she did not believe his casual marriage proposal. Sword dancer Li Feng is used to living life on the edge of the law. She is looking to discover the truth about her past, even if that means outwitting the most feared thief-catcher of them all, Han. The Duke of Weybridge sets up his extravagant 70th birthday ball. He also plans to set up his nieces and nephew, Emily, Isabel, and Lucien.

Interrogating Identity, Authenticity, and Track 4: Peter Powers, Messiah College Chair: Modern Death in 4.


Teaching It, Teaching about 4. Spanish as a Location: Esperanza Roncero, Nazareth College Chair: Marlene Gottlieb, Manhattan College Location: Susan Gustafson, University of Rochester Chair: William Howell, Boston University Location: Female Body and Identity in the Narratives Chair: Jean Gregorek, Canisius College Location: Paola Sica, Connecticut College Location: Dystopian Visions in the Art and Writing of C.

Frontier Mentalities in Location: Empress Suite Iain M. Charles Dickens, Womanhood, and 5. Domestic Violence and Murder in Little Location: South Park, Racism, and the 5. Black Bodies and the Evolution of a Chair: Shaping Individual Culinary Ecologies 5. Green Politics in Fourteenth-century Chair: Deena Varner, Purdue University Chair: Negotiating Maternal Violence in Cinematic Chair: New Brunswick British 5.

Dina Eylon, University of Toronto Location: Javier Venturi, Elms College Location: A Reassessment Track 6: Van Horne Suite 6. Word As Object 6. Elisabeth Joyce, Edinboro University Chair: Nicole Coleman, University of Connecticut Location: Kurt Cavender, Brandeis University Chair: Manipulation and the Marriage Location: Raising or Lowering the Bar?

Modern Usage for Chair: Mouhamedoul Niang, Colby College Chair: Peters, Rider University Location: Madison Bettle, Western University Track 7: Anna Sagal, Tufts University 7. The Epistemological Project of Erna Chair: Reading Body in Ellen N. Mental Disability as Neo-passing in Edward P.

Podcasts, Reading, and Writing Chair: Vittoria Colonna in Translation and Chair: Montgomery, the Ontario William T. Realist Incursions in L. Translation Studies and 7. The Uses of Enchantment in A. David Bendiksen, University of Massachusetts Location: Race, Gender, and Avant- 8. Re- labeling Old Wine in New Bottles? Jonathan Hunter, York University Location: Photography, Tableaux Vivants, and the Chair: Shannon Farley, University of Massachusetts Amherst 8.

Translating the Unpublished Fontane novel Location: Amitav Ghosh and the Environmental Chair: Tortured Masculinity in Jamaica, 8. Rita Bode, Trent University Location: The Status of In- Pita: Gianni Cicali, Georgetown University 9. The Latter Foucault and Contemporary Chair: Time, History, and Identity In 9. Cognitive Imaginings of W. Intermedial Adaptation and the Materiality of Location: Laurier Suite German 9. Vietnam War Representations in American Culture 9. Im migrant Subjects in Chair: Prince Edward Island Chair: Seamus Heaney and the Uncertainty of His 9.

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Slippery Virtual Literature Chair: Rodolfo Franconi, Dartmouth College Location: Aesthetic Hybridity in Luiz Fernando An Experiential Project in Chair: The Maddening Sound of Mulholland, Hudson Valley Chair: The Transgression of Boundaries in Olaf Chair: Daniela Antonucci, Princeton University Location: Theorizing the Convergence of Breathes Fire and Breathless: Resilience and Identity Development Location: Kara Gaston, University of Toronto Location: Ed Wiltse, Nazareth College Location: Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition) Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition)
Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition) Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition)
Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition) Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition)
Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition) Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition)
Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition) Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition)
Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition) Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition)
Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition) Komm für den Wikinger (Wikinger Erotik Historische Romanze 1) (German Edition)

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