Lets Go Play at the Adams 2

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Creepy Child - Paul Damsel in Distress - Barbara is probably the most extreme version of this trope in existence, since she is held captive and imperiled the entire book starting from the very beginning. Deconstruction - Pretty much does this to the oft-used comedic plot device of the babysitter being tied up by her charges I Love Lucy for example.

When Barbara is first tied up, it seems like the novel will go in a light-hearted direction. She's more surprised and annoyed, than concerned. That changes in the second or third chapter. Died Standing Up - Perhaps the only time this trope has had no connection to Badassery. Barbara, due to how she is tied at the end.


Let's Go Play at the Adams 2

Downer Ending - The kids get away with it, and a random homeless person is found guilty of their crime. Fatal Flaw - Barbara manages to get the upper hand and fight off her captors and nearly forces them to free her If you've ever read the book, you might be tempted to write one yourself. No one would blame you.

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And it never gets better. Barbara is more of a protagonist than an actual hero, but you get the idea. Humiliation Conga - Game's End. Karma Houdini - The kids who did all this. Game's End retconned this two ways. First, Barbara was saved at the last moment. Second, most of the book was about the kids answering for their crimes and the tragedy their parents go through.

Let's Go Play at the Adams 2 by Peter Francis

Kids Are Cruel - They're as cruel as they can get here. Especially Bobby, whose conscience nags at him much of the time. But as a group, they lose their inhibitions, or go along with what the others are doing. Depressingly, this is Truth in Television. People always tend to mentally degenerate in groups like that - take the Bystander Syndrome for example.

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Punch-Clock Villain - Bobby, one of the kids Barbara was babysitting. Ripped from the Headlines - Maybe. Some speculate that it was very loosely inspired by the Sylvia Likens case which was a tragedy of its own, also involving kids being very cruel to a teen girl, but was of a very different nature than this book.

Others say there are more differences than similarities. Teens Are Monsters - The premise of the books is teenagers capturing and tormenting an adult.

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Took a Level in Badass: Barbara almost manages to fight her way to freedom, all while still tied up. The only reason she fails is due to her unwillingness to hurt one of the children. The Atoner - Bobby; this ultimately gets him killed. In the very last scene, Barbara and Jack are happily married and have children. Distant Finale - Barbara 's portion of the epilogue.

Dying as Yourself - Paul. Right before he dies , the cloud of insanity is finally lifted from his mind. Earn Your Happy Ending - Barbara's physical rescue comes easily enough, but it takes the rest of the book to emotionally overcome what happened to her.

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Lets Go Play at the Adams 2 Lets Go Play at the Adams 2
Lets Go Play at the Adams 2 Lets Go Play at the Adams 2
Lets Go Play at the Adams 2 Lets Go Play at the Adams 2
Lets Go Play at the Adams 2 Lets Go Play at the Adams 2
Lets Go Play at the Adams 2 Lets Go Play at the Adams 2
Lets Go Play at the Adams 2 Lets Go Play at the Adams 2

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