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Ruby's Two Sexy Hunks. Paying Their Piper with Passion and Love. Break a Leg and Fall in Love. A Forever Kind of Guy. Taken by Her Mate. Taken by Her Alien Warriors. Tiger In Her Bed. Catch Me If You Can. Redemption Three's Allowed, Book 4. Rescued by Her Alien Warriors. A Dragonlings' Haunted Halloween. My Soul to Keep. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. While reading, I daydream about what kind of house would be the coolest to be a part of—then I push up my metaphorical nerd glasses and wonder how it is I even have any friends: Anyway, other books in the series gave us an understanding of the Cadogan obviously and Navarre houses, but this one lets us in on Grey House and I have to say, it sounds pretty choice.

And then come my annoyances: The one who has super sexy awesomeness with Merit in the last book? Well, Chloe Neill brings him out of nowhere into a fight in the last 10 pages and then stakes him a few sentences later. And speaking of that, her dad is such an asshole! I wish characters had less of that stuff, what do you call them? Jeez, where are the vigilantes when you need them?

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Fun times in Chicagoland! View all 31 comments. Jul 26, Jilly rated it really liked it Shelves: Oh no, you didn't, Book!! I have to start by saying that if an author decides to try to get me to break one of my life-rules: So, if the book makes me sad, I get sad and angry.

The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan

We actually use the word "Sangry" in my house because I have boys. Boys get sangry too. We don't cry like little bitches, we get angry at the idea that someone is trying to make us sad. Then, as is my family's tradition, we then make fun of whatever it is unmercifully until we Oh no, you didn't, Book!! Then, as is my family's tradition, we then make fun of whatever it is unmercifully until we are laughing - thus restoring us to our usual sarcastic and happy states. Family traditions are a good thing to instill in your children - even if it is a tradition of repressing emotions.

We are English, after all So, obviously, something happens in this book that has upset me. But, I will forge through and write about the rest of it. I'm brave that way. Okay, so Merit and Ethan are not back together, but he is trying to win her back after being "that guy. There's a don't-be-the-cow-that-gives-the-milk-for-free lesson in here, big time. But, they have a good working relationship going on in the meantime.

In this book, they have to address the "rave" problem in the city. Raves are vamp parties where the vamps gather a bunch of humans and party on their blood, but lately they have gone a little too far and not known when to stop drinking. The dead human should indicate you've had enough, dude. The mayor of the city found out about them and gave Ethan an ultimatum: Now, why the mayor would be able to put Ethan in jail over this? It didn't make a lot of sense, but he made up some charges that he would use in order to get this whole black-maily thing going.

Blackmailing Ethan and Merit seems to be a favorite past-time of a lot of people they know. It happens to them a lot. At the same time, there is some serious anti-vamp mojo going on in the city. People don't like them, for some crazy reason. You don't like having predators of humans living among you? So, there are protesters outside their house day and night. And, there's some freaky vigilante dude who has made it his personal mission to get rid of them, and sets up a roadblock with a bunch of guys with guns to try and scare them away.

Call me crazy, but I don't know if orange cones and guns that can't kill immortals are going to run them out of town. But, the guy is definitely going to be future trouble. He's an annoyance who is trying to be a super-hero. Like the Green Lantern. Seriously, was that movie bad or what?

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Enter the jerkass leader of the vampire high council - the grand poopah of the vamps - Darius. He comes rolling into town to tell Ethan and Merit NOT to look into these raves, or else they are gonna get in trouble. It might even get marked down as a demerit in their permanent records.

Oh shit, not that! Well, what do you think they are going to do? Obey the jerk and do nothing, or secret mission time? Oh, I just love a good secret mission! So, Merit ends up doing some undercover work with Jonah - the vampire from another house who wants her to join his secret group of vampires called the Red Guards.

The Red Guards are basically the Internal Affairs unit of the vampires, except without the head honchos knowing it. Jonah and Merit go to a rave and stir up crap, and it comes out there is a drug involved that is making the vampires extra killy and stuff. We get lots of "just say no to drugs" kind of messages going on, and Merit acts like a total narc. And, it's all fun and games until someone dies. Then, Jilly get sangry!! There'd better be some sort of miraculous resurrection in the next book, or Jilly might need to destroy a city or something! View all 20 comments. This was another terrific instalment of the Chicagoland Vampires - apart from the dramatic ending which really caught me by surprise: D Even though the plots are really quite slow moving, I still enjoy Merit and her thoughts and the way she fumbles through her life.

I will be very interested to see how the next book pans out especially after this ending. So, it's 5 stars from me for now and time shall tell: View all 12 comments. Sep 15, Mariya rated it really liked it Shelves: Oh, Chloe Neill, you might as well have just staked me. Hard Bitten will leave you speechless, breathless and possibly leave you full of many many emotions. I loved it and hated it at the same time. And you will get my meaning when you flip to the last page of this book.

You guys have no idea how much I want to explode right now, explode all the secrets of this book, but I won't. I pray that the next week goes by fast so I can finally discuss with all my buddies, but this book was a roller coast Oh, Chloe Neill, you might as well have just staked me. I pray that the next week goes by fast so I can finally discuss with all my buddies, but this book was a roller coaster.

I will say that Ethan steals my heart. I love that boy to death and even though I do I have a new love and his name is Jonah. If I can't have Ethan I'll take Jonah. I think that with each Chicagoland Vampires book that each relationship grows, be it Ethan and Merit, Mallory and Merit, etc. I have come to love these characters as if they were real. I think it is amazing when an author is able to create a book where you totally grow to love the characters as if you're apart of them. This book was so heartbreaking for me to the extent where I was tearing up big time.

I teared up so bad that I had to run and hide in the bathroom. I guess that is how much I really love these characters. I am sure many reviewers have talked about the ending, but I must say WTF?! I have to say it because that was what kind of ending it was. It wasn't completely a cliffhanger, but it might as well have been.

I will also tell you that in a million years you would have never guessed that what happens at the end happens. Congratulations to Neill for catching me so off guard. I must say that I am looking forward, scratch that I would just die to get my hands on that book, and find out where the evil Chloe Neill lives. More of my reviews at Mystifying Paranormal Reviews View all 16 comments. Jun 20, Juliana Philippa rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: But only after having read Books I loved Ethan in it as always and I finally loved well The other characters were great as always and the subplot was really well-done.

The best of the series so far, IMO, though this is a series that you hav 4. The best of the series so far, IMO, though this is a series that you have to read in order and none of the books can be fully enjoyed as stand-alones, so while it will take you three other books to get here, I think it's definitely worth it. Don't feel like writing a full review, but I have to address The Issue briefly. It's in spoiler tags below - do not click on the spoiler unless you have already read the book!!!!!!

It was a fantastic ending!! Because we learn more about her changing - the timing of which was always suspicious - so many more things are explained now like Celina's crazy obsession , AND we know that from the beginning Ethan was a good guy. And Jesus, continued to be a good guy - look what he did for her!!! Now, why am I not bothered despite my unbelievably profound and bordering-on-crazed Ethan obsession?

He's going to come back!!!! And knowing that, I can easily take a "cliffhanger" like this, which again, I don't really think is much of one because I don't see any other possible way that the series continues unless she brings him back. The end of the first Cat-Bones book was annoying; this I loved, because we get to see how much Ethan is willing to sacrifice for Merit and how much he truly loves her. Who I'm still undecided about and not sure she merits pun completely intended that type of devotion.

Her annoyingess lessens as I make my way through the series though, so she's growing on me. I think that call of her name at the end of the dream was definitely him, somehow lingering, and they did that ceremony at the lake and that's what is talked about in the next book.

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My only complaint about the ending and surprise, surprise, it has to do with my favorite character: Merit was the very end of the book, after the dream, where Merit is pulling herself together and saying she's ready to go back to work. I wanted some sign that she was still heartbroken, some sentence that said how she didn't know she could ever love someone else or it would always weigh her heart down or some ridiculously cheesy thing like that.

The man took a stake for you!!! Plus, the stages of grief take way longer than 2 weeks, babe. View all 55 comments. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say in my review but I simply couldn't find the words necessary that wouldn't also give the book away. So in the end I decided that I was going to sum it up with this: Jan 04, Limonessa rated it liked it Shelves: Gosh, am I pissed at this book.

Could I go back and choose I wouldn't even read it now. I would wait and pick it up together with Drink Deep in November. Neill, you cannot possibly bore me for almost pages and then drop the bomb 10 pages from the back cover. I feel betrayed and irritated because this screams very much like a mean marketing strategy. This isn't even a cliffhanger. This is what cliffhangers hang on. Do I make sense? You know, of the people who read this on Gosh, am I pissed at this book. How can I leave it like that?

So, first part, as I said, was slow for me. Too much politics, too much investigation and detective story. I was not into the V intrigue and fairly pissed at the appearance of Claudius. How original for a centuries-old, bad vampire coming from Europe. Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer did not think of that before. I'm not saying that the plot wasn't interesting but it dragged on for tooo long. Where is my favorite character ever in this book?

We just see glimpses of her in this book and they're all pretty senseless, hinting at loose ends and future development. Actually this is the book of loose ends, no closure whatsoever with anybody. Except for one character, who I hope never to see again, the rest is all hanging in the air, waiting for next book to come out and give readers some peace of mind. This is maybe the reason Neill is coming out with two books this year. The risk of harassment and stalking would have been pretty high, had she left us with our mouths hanging open till next year.

Now about the final 10 pages.

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KNOWING a jaw-dropper was around the corner - even though, again, I did not expect it ten pages from end, you little sly, mean author - I had kind of guessed what that would be. The hints were there, Ethan was becoming too much Knight-in-a-shining-armor, he was groveling too much. Usually, when one of the characters, in a book where nothing interesting happens, says, "Rest assured, I will love you forever", that person has a good chance of dying. Plus, the whole Apex prophecy of the green eyes like Ethan but not quite like his did not leave much space to other options.

Unless Merit was getting pregnant and, Bella-like, giving birth to little Ethans. Neill, you said everything is already planned, you better make it convincing for us, because fantasy has a limit as well and I don't want to waste my time waiting for a far-fetched lame excuse for a HEA. So three stars and waiting for November. View all 14 comments. Apr 06, Mandi Schreiner rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I have become quite invested in the Chicagoland Vampire series. Combined with wonderful supporting characters Mallory, Catcher and Jeff are three of my favorites! I greatly anticipate these books. Hard Bitten focuses on the fallout of the attack on Cadogan house in the previous book. Although vampires have been known to the pub I have become quite invested in the Chicagoland Vampire series. Although vampires have been known to the public for some time, their novelty is wearing off and many have taken to protesting in front of the houses, no longer thrilled with the idea of vampires living side by side with them.

The houses are on lock down, and the mayor is putting pressure on the Masters to keep their vampires under control. To make matters worse, violent vampire raves are breaking out. As Merit investigates further, she discovers these raves are not just a blood party —but something or someone is causing vampires to turn aggressive. This review is really, really hard for me to write. I have said that in the past but I really mean it this time!

I say that because something happens at the end — the very, very end that is big. I read it, and then I rubbed my eyes, and read it again. And then I called a friend and said, what in the world just happened. Until this point I would give this book a solid B.

Hard Bitten

I like the conflict with the rave parties and the political pressure Ethan has to put up with brings nice tension to the story. There is something fishy going on with Mallory. We get little hints throughout the book about her progress to becoming a sorceress and I think there is definitely more than meets the eye. But none the less, this is an enjoyable book. I feel like what happened does not fit this series at all.

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It feels out of place. But I am having a hard time coming up with a resolution that will make me happy. Hopefully something happens in Drink Deep that blows my mind and I will come back to this review and say — why was I so upset? I gave it a three on Goodreads just to give it something. Once I get my question answered, I can come back and rate this one.

Because my rating depends on one very, very big thing. Oct 27, Natasha rated it it was amazing. First of, if your new to this series, it isn't a stand alone series. Next off, as series go, this is on my top 5 favorites list. Each book was an utter delight but this book just blew me away. In past reviews, I raved on my love for Ethan Sullivan, the master of the Cadogan house, bu until this novel, we weren't giving him the respect he deserved.

As a character, he grew personality and emotionally wise. As a male character, An emotional masterpiece! As a male character, he's on my top 10, maybe even top 5 favorites. As Merit goes, I love her. She's a real woman, vamp or other wise. Although, once you start reading this series you'll be in it for the long run. So much emotion in pages. Just when you think things are bad, the worst happens. This book deserves an award, and Chloe Neill, I tip my hat to you. This is a novel you won't soon forget! View all 5 comments.

Overall lack of believability of character actions otherwise known as stupidity and lack of emotion concerning the romance between Merit and Ethan. I'm sorry, Merit is a horrible Sentinel. I can't even remember ho 2.

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I can't even remember how she got the job, but she's nowhere near prepared to handle it. She's a lit major who's had A few months training with a Katana and hand to hand combat? She sucks at all the requirements I would think a high ranking warrior in a vampire House would need to have.

But it's not just Merit who is incompetent. All the vampires are fairly wimpy. Why are they so afraid of the Mayor again? He has no evidence. The GP is a farce, Ethan's capitulation pathetic.

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  4. Morgan is a lapdog. Celina's an egotistical idiot who conveniently likes to spew her evil ways any time she's on screen. Why are all these so-called powerful beings attracted to Merit? He asks for a demon and gets an angel. Kei can't believe his last ditch effort at stopping what could very well be the coming apocalypse has failed before it ever started. All because he messed up one spell.

    One chance at redemption. And all because he messed up one spell. From the moment the angeli Not all souls go quietly to the other side… Avery Smith didn't think twice about inviting one of the foremost paranormal investigators to his retreat in New Orleans. Temperance Dunnigan is smart, daring, and one of the few women Avery hasn't tried In search of proof, an innocent outing with her sister turns into an accide Love—an unparalleled force of nature.

    The apocalypse has passed. The dead have risen. But what remains… Colby, Darcy and Barrett are hardened soldiers with a new war. A deadly disease has decimated the human population, reducing it to small pockets of survivors who fight daily against One deadly mission—one last glimmer of hope. After fighting to survive for eighteen months, Emersyn Harlow has become emotionally withdrawn. After years of terrorizing A house with a bloody history.

    A series of unanswered deaths. And it all starts at the stroke of twelve Cal Smith has spent his life studying the paranormal. Book OneThe apocalypse has passed. A deadly disease has decimated the human population, reducing it to small pockets of survivors wh

    Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2) Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2)
    Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2) Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2)
    Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2) Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2)
    Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2) Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2)
    Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2) Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2)
    Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2) Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2)
    Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2) Twice Bitten (Dark Prophecy Book 2)

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