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Rationale of this discussion is to evaluate data in a previous article claimed to be contradictory to the Principle. One effect of temperature is its influence on solubility, and that effect is used as a common example when teaching Le Chatelier's principle. Attempts to clarify the question of whether the principle holds in the case of the solubility of ionic compounds in water by investigating the literature data in detail.

Some special features of the le chatelier-braun principle. The relaxation reaction of a system that follows from the Le Chatelier-Braun principle and weakens the result of an external influence turns out to be more intense under a complex action. A method for quantitative determination of the weakening effect for simple and complex actions is suggested. The Mobile Learning Network Mo Le NET is a unique collaborative approach to encouraging, supporting, expanding and promoting mobile learning, primarily in English post education and training, via supported shared cost mobile learning projects.

Collaboration at national level involves participating institutions and the Learning and Skills…. Les enfants et le theatre Children and the Theater. Describes a project involving the presentation of " Le petit prince" as an exercise in dramatics by children in a French-Italian bilingual education class. Two steps in the process are discussed: Le RC in-house experimental research. The topics covered include the following: Winner of the Before Columbus Foundation American Book Award in , the novel deals with two parallel stories that converge in the present, one about the eighteenth….

Restorative Justice Scripts in Ursula K. This essay examines restorative justice scripting in "Voices", the second volume of Ursula K. Le Guin's "Annals of the Western Shore. They are able to do…. The Game " Le Choc des Multinationales. The game's requirements for language use and knowledge of business and economics theory and principles are moderate,….

Le syndrome d'embolie graisseuse post traumatique. Sur le plan biologique: La prise en charge est symptomatique.

A Study of the Global Seminar Project. My research problem is based on the lack of unifying conceptual cohesion between the discourses concerning cognitive and instructional aspects of learning environments LE. I contrast that lack with practical developments of LE studies connected at the level of practical implementation and evaluation. Next, I briefly review the LE boundaries,…. The scope of the Le Chatelier Principle. Le Chatelier [Comptes Rendus 99 ; Ann. Samuelson [Foundations of Economic Analysis, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, ] applied this result to economics in the context of the comparative statics of the actions of individual agents characterized as the solutions to optimization problems; and later , extended the application of the Principle to a stable, multi-market equilibrium and the case of all commodities gross substitutes [e.

Metzler, Stability of multiple markets: Econometrica 13 ]. Refinements and alternative routes of derivation have appeared in the literature since then, e. Theory 3 ; A revision of comparative statics methodology in economics, or, how to do comparative statics on the back of an envelope, J. Tseng [The Le Chatelier Principle: Theory 16 ], and Chavas [A global analysis of constrained behavior: In this paper, we expand the scope of the Principle in various ways keyed to Samuelson's proposed means of testing comparative statics results optimization, stability, and qualitative analysis.

We then show how the Principle and its converse can be found through the qualitative analysis of any linear system. In these terms, the Principle and. Ultrafast intramolecular charge transfer with N- 4-cyanophenyl carbazole. The photophysics of N- 4-cyanophenyl carbazole NP4CN was investigated by using absorption and fluorescence spectra, picosecond fluorescence decays, and femtosecond transient absorption. In the nonpolar n-hexane as well as in the polar solvent acetonitrile MeCN , a locally excited LE state is detected, as a precursor for the intramolecular charge transfer ICT state.

Anti- Le -Chatelet behavior driven by strong natural light. We show that strong incoherent broad band light causes positive feedback in response to a static electric field in random media: This type of the electron motion amplifies the external action revealing anti- Le -Chatelet behavior. Although one almost never finds mention of his name or law in other sciences, analogous principles and concepts do exist. In this note we examine some of the similar forms taken by this chemical principle in the fields of physics, geology, biology, and economics.

Lenz's law in physics is an example of electromagnetic equilibrium and the geological principle of isostatic uplift concerns mechanical equilibrium.

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Both are strictly consequences of conservation of energy. The concept of homeostasis in biology and the economic law of supply and demand are both equilibrium-like principles, but involve systems in the steady state. Le kyste hydatique du cordon spermatique: La plupart des kystes hydatiques se localisent dans le foie et les poumons. Les auteurs rapportent dans cet article un nouveau cas d'hydatidose du cordon spermatique. Fifty-one pollen types were observed; the most important of these were: Cupressaceae during the winter, Pinus and Quercus in spring, and Poaceae, Leguminosae and Chenopodiaceae in the summer.

The results also showed the existence of a rich mould spore assemblage in the atmosphere. The group of Amerospores Penicillium, Aspergillus and Cladosporium as well as Dictyospores Alternaria were the most abundant; Puccinia was common in the air in August. Fluctuations in the total pollen and spores m3 of air were compared with meteorological parameters temperature, relative humidity and rainfall.

In the absence of secondary attraction, 2 species of Scolytidae, Ips latidens Le Conte and Hylastes gracilis Le Conte, showed significant preference while in flight for high-girdled over non-girdled lodgepole pines, Pinus contorta var. In contrast, beetles in 2 genera Profil anatomopathologique du cancer du sein dans le cap bon tunisien. The city is formed as a mosaic of various elements which affect its attractiveness. These elements range from location attributes, through economic opportunities, to social aspects.

Therefore, urbanity and urban planning should be considered in a multi-dimensional context. In the paper we address the problem of urban planning by Le Corbusier according to praxeological and system knowledge. The same applies to the design process.

le territoire francais: Topics by

In the paper several city visions of Le Corbusier, as well as the characteristics and organisation of his design process are analysed. This array based on strict geometric forms, regularity and repetition determining standard. Thanks to his theories, Le Corbusier established principles of modern city construction and planning. Although some doubts were expressed as to the scale of centralisation of the cities designed by him and his class-based conception, he was awarded that overall welfare of the individual living in a city was the quality of built environment.

Therefore, his designed creations were not only functional but they also produced emotions. The analysis of his prolific design activities allows us to state that the organisation of his architectural and urban planning process was very efficient and complex. The city concepts proposed by him were the subject. Tendances actuelles de la recherche sur la langue parlee Conference Presentations: Current Trends in Research on Oral Language.

Student papers presented at a sociolinguistics conference include: Papers on language research include: Phonetic Characteristics and Socio-Geographic Origin…. Principles of the "St. Cloud" audiovisual language instruction methodology based on " Le Francais fondamental" are presented in this guide for teachers. The material concentrates on course content, methodology, and application--including criteria for selection and gradation of course content, a description of the audiovisual and written language….

On the Origin and Nature of Standard English. Discusses origin of word "standard" and how it came to be applied to language; emergence in classical times of concept of "best" Greek and Latin, and how this had profound influence on development of high vernaculars of Europe; establishment of " le bon francais " and "good English," and application of terms…. Games for the Foreign Language Classroom. The problems and value of television as instructional material for the second-language classroom are discussed, and a new videocassette series produced by the journal " Francais dans le Monde" is described.

Criteria for topic and segment selection are outlined, and suggestions are made for classroom use. Pratiquer le syllogisme pour apprendre a argumenter Is Socrates a Cat? Issues in Language Program Direction: A Series of Annual Volumes. This collection of papers is divided into three parts.

Part 1, "Changing Patterns: Curricular Implications," includes "Basic Assumptions Revisited: Pacific Northwest Council on Foreign Languages. Volume XXX, Part 2. The following papers of relevance to second language instruction are compiled here: A Field Study," by Elizabeth M. Baricevic; 2 "Ideologie et pedagogie: Une telle solution devient possible lorsque l'e?? L'appareil comprend un support reposant par 4 pieds sur la table a??

Des leviers de commande, agissant sur les chambres, permettent d'introduire la base, le de?? En projetant les deux cliche?? Pour le report des points de l'image plastique sur la minute, l'ope?? Moyennant ce dispositif, l'e?? Influence of third molars in Le Fort 1 osteotomy. The influence of maxillary third molar M3 on the outcomes of Le Fort 1 osteotomy is not deeply investigated. To investigate the influence of M3 on Le Fort 1 osteotomies. Tertiary Referral Center, operated by a single surgeon, prospective study.

January to December Consecutive Le Fort 1 osteotomy patients with both M3. Gender, position, M3 root morphology, and degree of impaction. Time taken after all osteotomy cuts to point of time when maxilla is placed in predetermined plane. A total of M3 in line of cut were studied. Of all M3, were impacted, Of all the M3, 2. Buccoverted tooth took shortest time 7. When the cuspal tip of M3 was located above the horizontal line of cut, the mean time required to achieve the planned position was 7 minutes, while the completely erupted teeth took a mean of 8.

When the M3 is placed higher, it takes lesser time to prepare basal bone to receive the maxilla at its predetermined level. Angulation of M3 influences the outcome. Deeply placed M3 reduces the manipulation of the greater pterygoid palatine vessels in the area thereby minimizing the bleeding in the surgical field. Le Boeuf, Photographer, It is important to note that during a large part of the year, the region is under the influence of Jet Stream, and thus, gives way to very diverse dynamic situations, which turn into different and heterogeneous types of weather.

So, in many areas of the region, especially in the most elevated areas, these synoptic and mesoscale situations generate snow precipitation. Thus, on average, in some mountainous areas there are more than 40 events of snowfall registered annually, with the month of January being the month in which the highest frequency of snowfall appears. The social repercussions of this snowfall are represented in the isolation of places, essentially mountainous, highways being blocked, increase in traffic accidents, etc. As proof of this, it is this type of episode that receives ample coverage by the media, which has a linear relationship with the social perception of risk.

As such, the objective of the current work is to analyze the annual trend of days with snow in the different meteorological stations pertaining to AEMET placed in the Community. The period of study is from Additionally, we have also evaluated trends in annual days of freezing temperature and annual absolute minimum temperature, with the objective of facilitating a meteorological interpretation of the trends obtained on days with snowfall.

Finally, the results show that in the majority of stations, a significant negative trend in days with snowfall and annual days with freezing temperatures, and a positive trend in annual absolute minimum temperatures. However, we observed variability in the different regions in the area of study. Le genre Tunga Jarocki, Siphonaptera: Repenser ensemble le concept d'autonomie alimentaire. Transgenic studies reveal the positive role of Le EIL-1 in regulating shikonin biosynthesis in Lithospermum erythrorhizon hairy roots.

The phytohormone ethylene ET is a key signaling molecule for inducing the biosynthesis of shikonin and its derivatives, which are secondary metabolites in Lithospermum erythrorhizon. The results revealed that Le EIL-1 is a positive regulator of the biosynthesis of shikonin and its derivatives in L. Our findings gave new insights into the molecular regulatory mechanism of ET in shikonin biosynthesis.

Le EIL-1 could be a crucial target gene for the genetic engineering of shikonin biosynthesis. This paper presents the design, implementation, and evaluation of a distributed collaborative UML modelling environment, Co Le Mo. It can also be used as a platform for collaborative design of software. We conducted formative evaluations and a summative evaluation to improve the environment and….

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  3. Writing Systems: An Introduction to Their Linguistic Analysis (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics).
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  6. Principles of Angels (The Hidden Empire Sequence Book 1);
  7. Endocytosis is the process by which substrates enter a cell without passing through the plasma membrane but rather invaginate the cell membrane and form intracellular vesicles. Rab7 regulates endocytic trafficking between early and late endosomes and between late endosomes and lysosomes. Le Rab7 in Lentinula edodes is strongly homologous to Rab7 in Homo sapiens.

    The three genes showed differential expression in the various developmental stages of the mushroom. In situ hybridization showed that the three transcripts were localized in regions of active growth, such as the outer region of trama cells, and the subhymenium of the hymenophore of mature fruiting bodies and the prehymenophore of young fruiting bodies.

    The existence of endocytosis in the mycelium and hymenophores was confirmed by the internalization of FM This is the first report of the presence of endocytosis in homobasidiomycetes. One of the objectives of this paper is to investigate the pedagogical impact of both the mobile testing system Pe Le Norway, HiST and the enquiry-based learning approach on language skills development in the context of mobile-assisted learning. The research aims to work out a methodological framework of Pe Le implementation into the language…. This article contains a description of the organization and method of use of an active learning environment named MODe Le R, Multimedia Object Design Learning Resource , a tool designed to facilitate the learning of concepts pertaining to object modeling with the Unified Modeling Language UML.

    MODe Le R was created to provide an authentic,…. This paper examines the life and works of Meridel Le Sueur, a colleague of Kenneth Burke, and herself a radical writer during the s and s. The paper states that Le Sueur's primary aim was to establish an indigenous working-class culture to support working-class action.

    It notes that her arguments about writing build upon the rhetorical…. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the association between Le Fort I osteotomy and the anatomic, radiologic, and symptomatic modifications of the maxillary sinus. Subjects who had undergone Le Fort I osteotomy from January to December were enrolled in a retrospective cohort study.

    The eligibility criteria were the availability of a cone beam computed tomography CBCT scan taken before and 12 to 24 months after the procedure. The exclusion criteria were the unavailability of CBCT scans, the use of tobacco, and previous orthognathic procedures. The primary predictor variable was time pre-vs postoperative. The primary outcome variables were the sinus volume, mucosal thickening, iatrogenic alterations in the sinus anatomy, and rhinosinusitis symptoms, evaluated using the Sino-Nasal Outcome item Test SNOT Descriptive statistics were computed for each variable, and paired analyses were used to compare the pre- and postoperative values.

    The data from 64 subjects mean age 27; The rest of the sample presented with mild to no symptoms. Radiologic evidence of postoperative inflammatory processes affecting the paranasal sinuses was found in The study results indicate that Le Fort I osteotomies can have an important impact on sinus health. The postoperative radiologic evidence of maxillary sinus inflammatory processes and the incidence of rhinosinusitis symptoms and iatrogenic damage in these. Giving you every reason to SMi LE.

    This article outlines the plans to develop a student midwife integrated learning environment SMILE which will focus upon the delivery of postnatal PN care to women and families whilst also creating an innovative clinical learning environment for students. This service proposal not only increases the amount of PN learning opportunities and experience of students but also provides a much needed hub of PN activity for women and their families. It provides drop-in breastfeeding support, signposting to additional support networks and scheduled daily parenting workshops, such as baby bathing and safe sleeping advice.

    Yet, not until did Members of Congress have astronomical, geographic and demographic information in terms of the country's Standard Time zones. This information and various impact analyses were developed by the National Bureau of Standards NBS at the request of the House of Representatives, which was reviewing the effects of a two-year, DST experiment on the American public. The displays in the study gave legislators a way to consider alternate observance periods in a systematic manner.

    Tone sound levels predicted with this code are in generally good agreement with measured data taken in the vicinity MOD-1 wind turbine less than 2 rotor diameters. Comparison in the far field indicates that propagation effects due to terrain and atmospheric conditions may be amplifying the actual sound levels by about 6 dB. Parametric analysis using the code has shown that the predominant contributions to MOD-1 rotor noise are: Mass flow gain factor, M sub b , and cavitation compliance, C sub b , were determined by pressure data using resonant frequency.

    M sub b and C sub b show cavity volume change rates due to flow fluctuation and pressure fluctuations, respectively. A large accumulator was installed in the vicinity of the pump inlet in order to eliminate the upstream effects. The test results of M sub b agreed well with the values calculated by equations presented in the literature. However, the test results of C sub b were quite different from the calculated values.

    A total of 80 cases of advanced schistosomiasis were selected and divided into an experiment group and a control group, 40 cases each group, by the random sampling method. The patients in the experiment group were administered with Jian-gan- le , and the patients in the control group received compound purple granules. In the experiment group, the curative rate was In the control group, the curative rate was The expense was cheaper in the experiment group than in the control group.

    An overview of the facilities and research being conducted at Le RC's Plumbrook field station is given. The video highlights four main structures and explains their uses. The Space Power Facility is the world's largest space environment simulation chamber, where spacebound hardware is tested in simulations of the vacuum and extreme heat and cold of the space plasma environment.

    This facility was used to prepare Atlas 1 rockets to ferry CRRES into orbit; it will also be used to test space nuclear electric power generation systems. The Spacecraft Propulsion Research Facility allows rocket vehicles to be hot fired in a simulated space environment. In the Cryogenic Propellant Tank Facility, researchers are developing technology for storing and transferring liquid hydrogen in space.

    There is also a Hypersonic Wind Tunnel which can perform flow tests with winds up to Mach 7. It has been an independent Division at Lewis since Its two primary capabilities are performance and life analysis of static and dynamic systems such as those found in aircraft and spacecraft propulsion systems and experimental verification of these analyses. Research is conducted in-house, through university grants and contracts, and through cooperative programs with industry.

    Le Verrier, Adams, and the Assignment of Credit. As one of the most significant achievements of 19th century astronomy, the discovery of Neptune has been the subject of a vast literature. A large part of this literature--beginning with the period immediately after the optical discovery in Berlin--has been the obsession with assigning credit to the two men who attempted to calculate the planet's position and initially this played out against the international rivalry between France and England.

    Le Verrier and Adams occupied much different positions in the Scientific Establishments of their respective countries; had markedly different personalities; and approached the investigation using different methods. A psychiatrist and historian of astronomy tries to provide some new contexts to the familiar story of the discovery of Neptune, and argues that the personalities of these two men played crucial roles in their approaches to the problem they set themselves and the way others reacted to their stimuli.

    Adams had features of high-functioning autism, while Le Verrier's domineering, obsessive, orderly personality--though it allowed him to be immensely productive--eventually led to serious difficulties with his peers and an outright revolt. Though it took extraordinary smarts to calculate the position of Neptune, the discovery required social skills that these men lacked--and thus the process to discovery was more bumbling and adventitious than it might have been. The discovery of Neptune occurred at a moment when astronomy was changing from that of heroic individuals to team collaborations involving multiple experts, and remains an object lesson in the sociological aspects of scientific endeavor.

    Dysfonctionnements radio-induits du transport colique chez le rat. The symptom commonly associated with whole body irradiation is diarrhoea, a still quite obscure phenomenon, which leads to decreased chance of cure of irradiated people. The aim of this study was to provide evidence for dysfunction of intestinal water and electrolyte transport regulation by the enteric nervous system after exposure to ionising radiation. This study shows decreased capacity of enteric nervous system to influence colonic transport 3days after irradiation, correlated to a diminished response to a neurotransmitter: Radio-induced diarrhea may result from epithelial structural injury but also from impaired regulatory processes of intestinal transport.

    Le cannabis et les enfants et adolescents canadiens. Not Just Playing Around: Mo Le NET is a unique collaborative initiative, currently in its third year, which encourages and enables the introduction of mobile learning in English post 14 education via supported shared-cost projects. Overexpression of the tomato pollen receptor kinase Le PRK1 rewires pollen tube growth to a blebbling mode. The tubular growth of a pollen tube cell is crucial for the sexual reproduction of flowering plants.

    Le PRK1 is a pollen-specific and plasma membrane—localized receptor-like kinase from tomato Solanum lycopersicum. Dynamique des ressources naturelles dans le Parc national de Manda: Les fluctuations supraconductrices dans le compose praseodyme-cerium-oxyde de cuivre. La technique utilisee pour sonder ces fluctuations est le transport electrique DC dans le plan ab.

    Les echantillons etudies sont des couches minces d'epaisseur plus grande que nm crues par ablation laser. Les mesures electriques DC effectuees dans ce travail sont la resistance en reponse lineaire et les courbes IV en reponse non lineaire en fonction de la temperature. La mise en oeuvre experimentale de ces mesures a necessite une grande attention au filtrage et aux effets de chauffage a haut courant.

    Nous montrons que, sans cette attention, les donnees experimentales sont toujours erronees dans le regime pertinent pour nos echantillons. D'abord, le regime des fluctuations gaussiennes est tres bien decrit par le modele d'Aslamazov-Larkin en deux dimensions. Ensuite, le regime de fluctuations critiques, se trouvant a plus basse temperature que le regime gaussien, est tres bien decrit par la physique 2D de Kosterlitz-Thouless. Dans cette analyse, les deux regimes ont des temperatures critiques coherentes entre elles, ce qui semble confirmer ce scenario 2D.

    Une analyse des donnees dans le cadre de fluctuations 3D est exploree mais donne des conclusions incoherentes. Les resultats pour les autres dopages sont qualitativement equivalents avec le dopage optimal et permettent donc une explication purement 2D. Par contre, contrairement au dopage optimal. Endo-beta-mannanase is one of the key enzymes involved in the hydrolysis of the mannan-rich cell walls of tomato Solanum lycopersicon seeds.

    Two isoforms of endo-beta-mannanase have been characterized in tomato seeds: Le MAN2 is active in the micropylar area prior to germination and Le MAN1 is active after germination in all endosperm cells surrounding the cotyledons. To explore whether general mannanase activity in the endosperm cap is sufficient to promote germination, the gene encoding Le MAN3 was inserted into transgenic tomato plants under the control of a CaMVS promoter.

    Expression of Le MAN3 was evident in the endosperm cap and in the lateral endosperm of the transgenic seeds 10 min after imbibition. An activity test indicated increased activity of endo-beta-mannanase in the transgenic lines relative to the control line in all seed parts, during the first 20 h of imbibition.

    However, overexpression of Le MAN3 in transgenic seeds inhibited seed germination at both optimal and suboptimal temperatures. Detailed RT-PCR analyses revealed the transcription patterns of the genes encoding the various mannanase isoforms, and indicated a delay in Le MAN2 transcription in the endosperm cap of the transgenic seeds. Interestingly, tissue-print assays indicated similar mannanase activity in the micropylar areas for both transgenic and control seeds. These results indicate that overexpression of active endo-beta-mannanase in the endosperm cap is not sufficient to enable hydrolysis of the cell walls or to promote germination of tomato seeds.

    Cell-wall hydrolysis in these endosperm cells is under tight control and requires the specific activity of Le MAN2. Le bilan biologique montrait un syndrome inflammatoire. LE , a retinoid acid receptor antagonist, produces pain through direct activation of TRP channels. Background and PurposeRetinoids, through their activation of retinoic acid receptors RARs and retinoid X receptors, regulate diverse cellular processes, and pharmacological intervention in their actions has been successful in the treatment of skin disorders and cancers.

    Despite the many beneficial effects, administration of retinoids causes irritating side effects with unknown mechanisms. We also used site-directed mutagenesis of the channels to determine the structural basis of LE induced activation of TRPV1 and TRPA1 channels and behavioural testing to examine if pharmacological inhibition and genetic deletion of the channels affected LE evoked pain-related behaviours.

    Intraplantar injection of LE evoked pain-related behaviours. Approximation auto-coherente a deux particules, pseudogap et supraconductivite dans le modele de Hubbard attractif. Dans cette these nous presentons une nouvelle methode non perturbative pour le calcul des proprietes d'un systeme de fermions. Notre methode generalise l'approximation auto-coherente a deux particules proposee par Vilk et Tremblay pour le modele de Hubbard repulsif. Notre methode peut s'appliquer a l'etude du comportement pre-critique lorsque la symetrie du parametre d'ordre est suffisamment elevee.

    Nous appliquons la methode au probleme du pseudogap dans le modele de Hubbard attractif. Nos resultats montrent un excellent accord avec les donnees Monte Carlo pour de petits systemes. Nous observons que le regime ou apparait le pseudogap dans le poids spectral a une particule est un regime classique renormalise caracterise par une frequence caracteristique des fluctuations supraconductrices inferieure a la temperature.

    • The Two Sons (The Beginning Manual Book 1).
    • Leben in Dörfern: Die Bedeutungen öffentlicher Räume für Frauen im ländlichen Raum (German Edition).
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    • A Truckers Story!
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    • Animals in the Classical World: Ethical Perspectives from Greek and Roman Texts (The Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Series).
    • Fear Of De Sade.

    Une autre caracteristique est la faible densite de superfluide de cette phase demontrant que nous ne sommes pas en presence de paires preformees. Les resultats obtenus semblent montrer que la haute symetrie du parametre d'ordre et la bidimensionalite du systeme etudie elargissent le domaine de temperature pour lequel le regime pseudogap est observe.

    Nous argumentons que ce resultat est transposable aux supraconducteurs a haute temperature critique ou le pseudogap apparait a des' temperatures beaucoup plus grandes que la temperature critique. La forte symetrie dans ces systemes pourraient etre reliee a la theorie SO 5 de Zhang. En annexe, nous demontrons un resultat tout recent qui permettrait d'assurer l'auto-coherence entre les proprietes a une et a deux particules par l'ajout d'une dynamique au vertex irreductible.

    Cet ajout laisse entrevoir la possibilite d'etendre la methode au cas d'une forte interaction. Retinoids, through their activation of retinoic acid receptors RARs and retinoid X receptors, regulate diverse cellular processes, and pharmacological intervention in their actions has been successful in the treatment of skin disorders and cancers. Francais I Early French Immersion: This manual for first grade French instruction accompanies the early French immersion program. It is based on general and specific learning objectives for the four language skills the child needs to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

    The introduction to the manual provides an overview of the program for the primary grades and…. Reviews the variety of language styles with which the translator deals and discusses the esthetic and practical advantages of adapting the language of a text to the sociocultural and communicative habits of a specific linguistic group. Portfolio langagier en francais Language Portfolios in French. Suggests that first-year college students learning French should create a language portfolio that contains documents that illustrate what they have learned in French, along with a brief statement of what linguistic skill the document demonstrates.

    The goal of the portfolio is to make students more aware of their own learning, their strengths, and…. STIL, a peculiar molecule from styles, specifically dephosphorylates the pollen receptor kinase Le PRK2 and stimulates pollen tube growth in vitro. Le PRK2 is phosphorylated in mature and germinated pollen, but is dephosphorylated when pollen membranes are incubated with tomato Agression sexuelle et violence dans les relations amoureuses: Le schwannome malin du nerf grand sciatique chez l'enfant.

    Describes a demonstration procedure using controlled reduction potentials to predict observed color changes which are then experimentally verified. Demonstrates the usefulness of this procedure in helping students understand Le Chatelier's principle and the solubilit rule "like dissolves like. Describes a process that can be used to illustrate a number of chemical principles including Le Chatelier's principle, redox chemistry, equilibria versus steady state situations, and solubility of species.

    Un projet d'horloge atomique spatiale utlilsant le refroidissement des atomes par faisceaux laser: This paper, "Un projet d'horloge atomique spatiale utlilsant le refroidissement des atomes par faisceaux laser: Nitric oxide NO and mitogen-activated protein kinases MAPKs are signal molecules involved in the disease resistance of plants. Treatment with U increased the incidence of disease and size of lesion areas in the tomato fruits after being inoculated with Botrytis cinerea. Anatomy of the Le Fort I segment: Are arterial variations a potential risk factor for avascular bone necrosis in Le Fort I osteotomies?

    Osteotomies of the Le Fort I segment are routine operations with low complication rates. Ischemic complications are rare, but can have severe consequences that may lead to avascular bone necrosis of the Le Fort I segment. Therefore the aim of this study was to investigate the blood supply and special arterial variants of the Le Fort I segment responsible for arterial hypoperfusion or ischemic avascular necrosis after surgery. The arterial anatomy of the Le Fort I segment's blood supply using 30 halved human cadaver head specimens was analyzed after complete dissection until the submicroscopic level.

    In all specimens the arterial variants of the Le Fort I segment and also the arterial diameters measured at two points were evaluated. Le Fort I segment. This study is the first description of a special type of arterial variation of the Le Fort I segment. The type of this arterial variation, its clinical relevance and potential consequences are explained. Individuals with this special arterial anatomy may clinically be at a high risk for hypoperfusion and avascular segment necrosis after surgery. An individualized operation plan may prevent ischemic complications in at-risk patients.

    La tuberculose pulmonaire et le tabac: Groupe A et 50 patients non tabagiques: Here, we present the annotated draft genome sequence of strain LE T, which has an estimated size of 4. Le Fort-type fractures are very rare in children, and there is a paucity of literature presenting their frequency and characteristics. The purpose of this study was to determine the etiology, frequency, and fracture patterns of children with severe facial trauma associated with pterygoid plate fractures in a pediatric cohort.

    Patient charts and radiologic records were reviewed for demographic and fracture characteristics. Patients were categorized into 2 groups as per facial fracture pattern: Other variables including dentition age, frontal sinus development, mechanism of injury, injury severity, and concomitant injuries were recorded. Univariate methods were used to compare groups. Most presented with Le Fort-type fracture patterns group B, Age was significantly different between group A and group B mean, 5. No significant differences in Injury Severity Score, rate of operative repair, and length of stay were found between groups.

    Most children with severe facial fractures and pterygoid plate fractures presented with Le Fort-type fracture patterns in our cohort. The mean age of children with Le Fort-type fractures was greater than in those with non- Le Fort-type patterns. However, Le Fort-type fractures did occur in younger children with deciduous and mixed dentition. Published by Elsevier Inc. This trial bases on the function of architectural Kansei as correspondence between body and environment beyond the physical design.

    Synthetic chromosome rearrangement and modification by loxP-mediated evolution SCRaMb LE generates combinatorial genomic diversity through rearrangements at designed recombinase sites. We applied SCRaMb LE to yeast synthetic chromosome arm synIXR 43 recombinase sites and then used a computational pipeline to infer or unscramble the sequence of recombinations that created the observed genomes.

    Dr Horace Drew - Decoding Crop Circles

    Deep sequencing of 64 synIXR SCRaMb LE strains revealed deletions, 89 inversions, 94 duplications, and 55 additional complex rearrangements; several duplications are consistent with a double rolling circle mechanism. Deletion frequencies identified genes required for viability or fast growth. SCRaMb LE generates genome diversity in designated regions, reveals fitness constraints, and should scale to simultaneous evolution of multiple synthetic chromosomes.

    This study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of LE cells in synovial fluid and their importance for the diagnosis of rheumatic disease. Synovial fluid was obtained from patients: The supernatant was collected for antinuclear antibody ANA testing. Physicochemical and serologic properties of the synovial fluid were routinely determined. All synovial fluids demonstrated signs of inflammation. The presence of LE cells was ascertained in five patients with SLE and nine patients with the overlap syndrome.

    In addition, hematoxylin bodies were revealed in SLE patients. LE cells were observed in 2. It appears from these results that LE cells are rarely present in the synovial fluid of patients with rheumatic diseases. The principle is then formulated quantitatively for general thermodynamic systems. These matrix elements describe the response of a system to a perturbation of either its extensive or intensive variables.

    These response ratios are inverses of each other. This quantitative formulation is illustrated by a single simple example which includes the original examples and shows the reciprocities among them. Le x glycan mediates homotypic adhesion of embryonal cells independently from E-cadherin: While the structure and function of Ecad mediating homotypic adhesion of these cells have been well established, evidence that Le x glycan also mediates such adhesion is weak, despite the fact that Le x oligosaccharide inhibits the compaction process.

    Thus, ES or EC cells display autoaggregation and strong adhesion to Le x -coated plates in the absence of Ecad, further supporting the notion of Le x self-recognition i. Shikonin is a naphthoquinone secondary metabolite with important medicinal value and is found in Lithospermum erythrorhizon. Considering the limited knowledge on the membrane transport mechanism of shikonin, this study investigated such molecular mechanism. Le MDR is predominantly expressed in L.

    The accumulation of shikonin is lower in yeast cells transformed with Le MDR-overexpressing vector than that with empty vector. The transgenic hairy roots of L. Moreover, the mRNA expression level of Le MDR was up-regulated by treatment with shikonin and shikonin-positive regulators, methyl jasmonate and indoleacetic acid. There might be a relationship of mutual regulation between the expression level of Le MDR and shikonin biosynthesis.

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    Our findings demonstrated the important role of Le MDR in transmembrane transport and biosynthesis of shikonin. Lip-nasal aesthetics following Le Fort I osteotomy. Nasal parameters studied were changes in interalar rim width and nasal tip projection. These nasal changes could not be quantitatively correlated to magnitude of maxillary movement. Lip changes studied were the horizontal displacement at the vermilion border and subnasale versus that of the incisal edge and point A, respectively, when the maxilla is sagittally advanced and the vertical shortening of the lip versus that of the incisal edge when the maxilla is shortened.

    Using linear regression analysis, horizontal displacement of the upper lip at the vermilion border was 0. Eighty percent of patients undergoing maxillary intrusive procedures had lip shortening ranging from 20 to 50 percent of the vertical maxillary reduction.

    Similar authors to follow

    Surprisingly, no statistically significant correlation could be demonstrated for lip shortening versus extent of vertical maxillary reduction. Previous literature in disagreement with these findings is discussed. Guidelines for treatment planning utilizing these data are suggested. In this technical note, we present 3 surgical modifications to previous reports: In all cases, osteotomy and consecutive down fracture could be conducted as planned using the piezotome. No atypical fractures were encountered. No cases of infraorbital nerve anesthesia developed.

    The 5-month postoperative 3-dimensional scans revealed osseous healing at the infraorbital advancement step. Two miniplates and step camouflage with fibrin glue-stabilized bone chips were sufficient for osseous healing. Macroscopic modelling of superconductors demands a substitution of some nonlinear behavior law for Ohm's law. The use of the thermal process for purification of silicon led to a material with the chemical purity required for phototovoltaic applications. In this paper, the various properties of ArH2 plasma mixtures are briefly reviewed and the effect of hydrogen percentage in an argon plasma used for melting and purifying silicon is pointed out.

    Physico-chemical analysis of the purified silicon showed that hydrogen diffused in the material and could passivate crystal defects by formation of stable chemical bonds such as Si-H. Tsiouli, Elina; Alexopoulos, Evangelos C. Le modele de Hubbard bidimensionnel a faible couplage: Thermodynamique et phenomenes critiques. Une etude systematique du modele de Hubbard en deux dimensions a faible couplage a l'aide de la theorie Auto-Coherente a Deux Particules ACDP dans le diagramme temperature-dopage-interaction-sauts permet de mettre en evidence l'influence des fluctuations magnetiques sur les proprietes thermodynamiques du systeme electronique sur reseau.

    Le regime classique renormalise a temperature finie pres du dopage nul est marque par la grandeur de la longueur de correlation de spin comparee a la longueur thermique de de Broglie et est caracterisee par un accroissement drastique de la longueur de correlation de spin. Cette croissance exponentielle a dopage nul marque la presence d'un pic de chaleur specifique en fonction de la temperature a basse temperature.

    Une temperature de crossover est alors associee a la temperature a laquelle la longueur de correlation de spin est egale a la longueur thermique de de Broglie. C'est a cette temperature caracteristique, ou est observee l'ouverture du pseudogap dans le poids spectral, que se situe le maximum du pic de chaleur specifique. La presence de ce pic a des consequences sur l'evolution du potentiel chimique avec le dopage lorsque l'uniformite thermodynamique est respectee.

    Les contraintes imposees par les lois de la thermodynamique font en sorte que l'evolution du potentiel chimique avec le dopage est non triviale. On demontre entre autres que le potentiel chimique est proportionnel a la double occupation qui est reliee au moment local. Par ailleurs, une derivation de la fonction de mise a l'echelle de la susceptibilite de spin a frequence nulle au voisinage d'un point critique marque sans equivoque la presence d'un point critique quantique en dopage pour une valeur donnee de l'interaction.

    Ce point critique, associe a une transition de phase magnetique en fonction du dopage a temperature nulle, induit un comportement non trivial sur les proprietes physiques du systeme a temperature finie. L'approche quantitative ACDP permet de. Modelisation frequentielle de la permittivite du beton pour le controle non destructif par georadar. Le georadar Ground Penetrating Radar GPR constitue une technique de controle non destructif CND interessante pour la mesure des epaisseurs des dalles de beton et la caracterisation des fractures, en raison de ses caracteristiques de resolution et de profondeur de penetration.

    Les equipements georadar sont de plus en plus faciles a utiliser et les logiciels d'interpretation sont en train de devenir plus aisement accessibles. Cependant, il est ressorti dans plusieurs conferences et ateliers sur l'application du georadar en genie civil qu'il fallait poursuivre les recherches, en particulier sur la modelisation et les techniques de mesure des proprietes electriques du beton.

    En obtenant de meilleures informations sur les proprietes electriques du beton aux frequences du georadar, l'instrumentation et les techniques d'interpretation pourraient etre perfectionnees plus efficacement. Le modele de Jonscher est un modele qui a montre son efficacite dans le domaine geophysique. Pour la premiere fois, son utilisation dans le domaine genie civil est presentee.

    Dans un premier temps, nous avons valide l'application du modele de Jonscher pour la caracterisation de la permittivite dielectrique du beton. Les resultats ont montre clairement que ce modele est capable de reproduire fidelement la variation de la permittivite de differents types de beton sur la bande de frequence georadar MHz-2 GHz.

    Dans un deuxieme temps, nous avons montre l'interet du modele de Jonscher en le comparant a d'autres modeles Debye et Debye-etendu deja utilises dans le domaine genie civil. Nous avons montre aussi comment le modele de Jonscher peut presenter une aide a la prediction de l'efficacite de blindage et a l'interpretation des ondes de la technique GPR. Il a ete determine que le modele de Jonscher permet de donner une bonne presentation de la variation de la permittivite du beton dans la gamme de frequence georadar consideree.

    De plus, cette modelisation est valable pour differents. A learned artisan debates the system of the world: Le Clerc versus Mallemant de Messange. For the history of scientific publishing, however, Le Clerc represents a telling paradox. Even though he followed a traditional route based on classic artisanal training, he also published extensively on scientific topics such as cosmology and mathematics. By reconstructing the debate between Le Clerc and the professor Mallemant de Messange on the authorship of this 'system of the world', this article argues that Le Clerc's involvement in publishing ventures shaped his identity both as an artisan and as a scientific author.

    Whereas the Scientific Revolution supposedly heralded a change from the world of 'more or less' to the 'world of precision', this article shows how an artisan could be more 'precise' than the learned scholar whose claims he disputed, and points to the importance of the literary field as a useful lens for observing the careers of early modern scientific practitioners.

    Helen Primrose Le Vesconte: The Canadian history of our profession is not well known and our identity is thought to suffer as a result. Helen Primrose Le Vesconte is one pioneer in our development whose story has not been told. Our purpose is to explore Le Vesconte's life and work in order to expand knowledge of our roots and thereby strengthen our identity. Using interpretive biography methods we draw on Le Vesconte's own writings, articles written about her, and archival documents to describe turning point moments in her life and to display meaningful patterns in her work.

    Le Vesconte's work as a clinician and her role and reputation as an educator, show her to have been a strong and visionary leader. Her views on the client's role, the importance of the therapist-client relationship, prevention, community-based programs, and vocational rehabilitation are of particular interest.

    Because Le Vesconte educated over 1, students while director of the occupational therapy program at the University of Toronto, her influence has been felt throughout the country. Her perspective is compared to current practice; and questions are raised as to aspects of her legacy and philosophy that might now be reconsidered. We documented species 23 amphibians, reptiles , representing 30 families 11 amphibians, 19 reptiles and 73 genera 17 amphibians, 56 reptiles.

    Of native species, are considered species of Least Concern in the IUCN red list, four are listed as Vulnerable, five are listed as Near Threatened, and four are listed as Endangered. The controversial crowd psychology of Gustave Le Bon has been both praised as an incisive contribution to social theory and also condemned as a doctrine of irrationality and mass manipulation associated with fascism. New archival documentation now demonstrates that Le Bon exercised significant influence on U. Army writings and officer training on morale, leadership, and battlefield psychology rested substantially on his theory of crowds, particularly regarding races and panic.

    Le Bon's racial psychology took on additional importance when the African-American 92 nd Infantry Division panicked during combat in Italy. This new evidence offers an excellent case study of the direct and enduring impact of a peculiar type of social psychology on the institutional culture of the army from the classrooms at the Army War College to the battlefield itself. Hemoglobin Le Lamentin in the province of Albacete, Spain: Discovery of 32 cases. We report the incidental observation of Hb Le Lamentin in a large population from the province of Albacete, in southeastern Spain.

    Our study investigates possible reasons for the elevated number of carriers of this variant and its implications for the management of diabetes in our region. The subjects are 32 diabetic patients whose hemoglobin displayed an unusual peak while they were being tested for glycated hemoglobin at the laboratory of the University General Hospital of Albacete over a 3-year period. The remaining patient was homozygous for the Le Lamentin mutation. Additionally, most patients were native to the northeastern half of the province of Albacete and were unrelated.

    Our study describes the largest finding to date of hemoglobin Le Lamentin in a sample of patients. The fact that our region has been perpetually depopulated, with a population that has remained stable in small localities over the centuries, may have favored the survival of the mutation. Since the presence of this variant underestimates the true value of glycated hemoglobin measured by HPLC, it is necessary to systematically review chromatograms. Extended Le Chatelier's formula for carbon dioxide dilution effect on flammability limits.

    Carbon dioxide dilution effect on the flammability limits was measured for various flammable gases. The obtained values were analyzed using the extended Le Chatelier's formula developed in a previous study. As a result, it has been found that the flammability limits of methane, propane, propylene, methyl formate, and 1,1-difluoroethane are adequately explained by the extended Le Chatelier's formula using a common set of parameter values. Ethylene, dimethyl ether, and ammonia behave differently from these compounds.

    The present result is very consistent with what was obtained in the case of nitrogen dilution. Conductivite dans le modele de Hubbard bi-dimensionnel a faible couplage. Le modele de Hubbard bi-dimensionnel 2D est souvent considere comme le modele minimal pour les supraconducteurs a haute temperature critique a base d'oxyde de cuivre SCHT.

    Sur un reseau carre, ce modele possede les phases qui sont communes a tous les SCHT, la phase antiferromagnetique, la phase supraconductrice et la phase dite du pseudogap. Il n'a pas de solution exacte, toutefois, plusieurs methodes approximatives permettent d'etudier ses proprietes de facon numerique. Les proprietes optiques et de transport sont bien connues dans les SCHT et sont donc de bonne candidates pour valider un modele theorique et aider a comprendre mieux la physique de ces materiaux. La presente these porte sur le calcul de ces proprietes pour le modele de Hubbard 2D a couplage faible ou intermediaire.

    La methode de calcul utilisee est l'approche auto-coherente a deux particules ACDP , qui est non-perturbative et inclue l'effet des fluctuations de spin et de charge a toutes les longueurs d'onde. La derivation complete de l'expression de la conductivite dans l'approche ACDP est presentee. Cette expression contient ce qu'on appelle les corrections de vertex, qui tiennent compte des correlations entre quasi-particules.

    Pour rendre possible le calcul numerique de ces corrections, des algorithmes utilisant, entre autres, des transformees de Fourier rapides et des splines cubiques sont developpes. Les calculs sont faits pour le reseau carre avec sauts aux plus proches voisins autour du point critique antiferromagnetique. Aux dopages plus faibles que le point critique, la conductivite optique presente une bosse dans l'infrarouge moyen a basse temperature, tel qu'observe dans plusieurs SCHT.

    Dans la resistivite en fonction de la temperature, on trouve un comportement isolant dans le pseudogap lorsque les corrections de vertex sont negligees et metallique lorsqu'elles sont prises en compte. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

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    Crop circles : le défi à la science (une nouvelle approche… de nouvelles réponses) (French Edition) Crop circles : le défi à la science (une nouvelle approche… de nouvelles réponses) (French Edition)
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