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Those teams in Leagues B, C and D featuring four teams will play everyone in their league plus another team in another league. League A, featuring five teams, will all play each other — amounting to four games in total. The quarter-finals will take place from July, the semi-finals on 18 July and the final on Sunday 21 July. The two teams faced each other earlier in the year in Australia, where the young Australians prevailed over their visitors in the Test Match. England U21s will therefore be looking to get their own back when they come together for the rematch. Over the two days there will be various low-goal matches, as well as shopping, entertainment and an after-party on the Saturday night.

You see him scoring great goals in matches, but in practice when he is much more relaxed you see him hitting it in the air, scoring from all over the place and it is really unbelievable to watch. You just have to admire him. I still think Adolfo is awesome, but this could be the start of the changing of the Guards. There is nothing more dangerous than a marquee player who is so full of confidence that if something does not come off he is astonished.

If he has a ticket for the Euromillions, tear yours up! There is only one winner. Facundo Pieres pictured with his US Open trophy in — Zacara have won the title the last two years. The day will feature a drinks reception, three-course lunch with HRH The Princess Royal in attendance, an exhibition polo match, charity auction and afternoon tea. To buy tickets or for more information please contact or laradownes worldhorsewelfare.

For more information contact bhpcmanager gmail. The pair have teamed up with Jim Ruig, an Australian player and managing director of Australian architectural accessories company Salvage, to launch a new branch of the company called Salvage Europe. The new clubhouse, which took six weeks to complete, features year-old wood floors, distressed leather sofas and a new wooden bar, with a range of cocktails soon to be launched. There is also an outdoor terrace, with a fire pit, tables and lounge areas for up to ten people.

We do stables too — basically, anything to do with wood. Choose Bombers Equestrian Equipment bits, for ultimate control on the polo field. Handmade in South Africa, the Bombers range offers bitting solutions for all horses and types of equine mouth conformation. For stockists, call Equine Management: Team handicaps will range from -8 to 2-goal and the tournament is one of the few in the country to feature only women. Players will include two-goalers Sarah Wiseman, right, and Rosie Ross.

Nine riders, with young and partially-trained thoroughbreds, and 14 spectators attended the clinic. Morley also gave tips on how to select the best and most suitable horses, suggested useful training exercises and gave individual help and advice to each rider. David Morley at the British Racing School. Guards and Dorchester Collection have already teamed up at overseas polo events and Neil Hobday, the chief executive of Guards, is looking ahead at more international collaborations, as well as development in the UK: The event, which takes place from July, will see England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales come together for two days of polo on the beach at Sandbanks in Poole, Dorset.

Defending champions Ireland will also feature the same players as last year in the form of Niall Donnelly, Colm Purcell and Guy Higginson. Reigning champions Ireland return to the beach at Poole Thomas and for Scotland: As with previous years there will also be a volleyball competition and a race between an Audi Q7 and a polo pony. There will be a floodlit match in the evening, which will be followed by an after-party on both nights. Top polo players turned out to watch their children take part in the competition, with names including Cambiaso, Novillo Astrada, Merlos, di Paola and Monteverde among the team lists.

The tournament was the brainchild of Eduardo Novillo Astrada who runs a similar competition in Argentina. However, this was the first time that the children of Guards players had the opportunity to play against and alongside their South American counterparts in the UK. For further information on the history of the Westchester Cup and to purchase tickets please see the Audi Polo page of the HPA website.

Turn to pages for more on the Westchester Cup. Handicaps Following the mid-season handicap meeting held on Monday 17 June, handicap changes were made effective on Thursday 20 June subject to ratification by the Stewards. The complete list of handicap changes can be viewed on page The U21 Gannon finals will be held on the Friday evening with all welcome so please do come along and support our next generation of players.

We are very pleased that the championships will once again by sponsored by Audi. The dates for Pony Club qualifier days are as follows: Qualifiers Mon 29 July: Cirencester Park Polo Club. Longdole Polo Club Thurs 1 August: Longdole Polo Club Mon 5 August: Tidworth Polo Club Tues 6 August: Cowdray Park Polo Club Overseas Work Experience Bursary If you are 17, 18 or 19, hold a handicap of zerogoals and above and are planning on furthering your polo career by spending your gap year working overseas in the polo industry, you are eligible to apply for an HPA Overseas Work Experience Bursary.

Application forms have been emailed to all clubs or please contact the HPA office. Grants Applications by clubs for discretionary grants should be made in writing to Jim Haigh, chairman of the Finance and Grants Committee by 1 July. Photograph by Georgie May. Polo ponies have a paddle The ponies used at the Cable Beach Polo Cup tournament in Broome acclimatised to the conditions at the iconic Australian beach by going for a paddle in the sea.

A total of 43 ponies travelled by road for two days before stretching their legs with a run down the beach after arriving in Broome. For social pictures see page This would indicate that the game is now so much more competitive that it requires all four players to be of an ability to make the difference. And on the subject of patrons, and in particular high-goal patrons, who are the new ones coming through? The game is now so much more competitive that it requires all four players to contribute Dubai, Les Lions, Talandracas and Cortium — but who will be the new breed of patrons?

But the question begs, who are the up and coming patrons of the future that can afford to make that gigantic investment into high goal polo, and are any of them home bred or currently playing in low and medium-goal polo?


Sporting my usual spectating attire of a pair of trainers, jeans and my JaegerLeCoultre team jacket which could possibly do with a good wash , I had quite forgotten how much more formally dressed everyone is at Windsor compared to Cowdray and other clubs around the country. In spite of the unseasonably cold weather, there were plenty of ladies braving the elements in skimpy dresses and a profusion of people wearing. At Cowdray, if you turn up wearing a dress, people ask where you are going, and heels are reserved strictly for Gold Cup finals day.

The first was about a lack of sportsmanship out on the grounds. The second, rather less seriously, was about the disrespect shown by some pros in the sloppy way they dress at important polo functions. Two recent incidents, on opposite sides of the Atlantic, have prompted me to return to these subjects. Their opponents, Zacara, were leading in the closing minutes. Then, in full view of the. Adolfo Cambiaso, wearing his trademark Argentine flag emblazoned helmet, has continued to excel in the high-goal for Dubai.

In online voting by the. Being world number one comes with a clear responsibility for upholding the highest standards spectators, he rode off the field before the final bell. I gather the USPA considered disciplinary action, but decided against it. But he failed to show up to receive the silver polo helmet. Instead he sent one of his entourage, Martin Valent, to accept the award on his behalf. While all the other players receiving awards were correctly dressed in black tie, Valent.

Lest Cambiaso snubs me when next I cover one of his matches, let me be absolutely clear. At age 17 he became the youngest player in history to achieve a goal rating. He has held that rating for 20 years and has won virtually everything there is to win. To see him in action on a good day never fails to thrill — he can be brilliant, inspiring. And, given the passion with which high-goal polo is played and the pressures to win, any pro including Cambiaso can be forgiven for losing his cool on occasion.

But surely Cambiaso is a special case. With such position comes a clear responsibility for upholding the highest standards of the sport, as a role model on and off the ground. Stricter club rules introduced for high-goal players this season Pony welfare concerns lead to rule change. Players wishing to play in the high-goal can no longer only be members of smaller clubs, which generally have cheaper fees.

In the past HPA membership has entitled a player to play in tournaments at other clubs, including the high-goal and the Victor Ludorum tournaments. However, for many years, highgoal players have been able to exploit this rule by joining smaller clubs with much lower membership fees, where they have never, or at best rarely, played. To close this loophole the HPA introduced a new rule for the current high-goal season, which stipulates that: The rule, which is already used in the Victor Ludorum tournaments, previously stated that: High-goal players must be a member at one of the clubs where they play the majority of their polo amended slightly to include the addition that: Cirencester Park, RCBPC or the Beaufort, so that they are properly handicapped along with any other players eligible for the high-goal.

A new rule has been brought in for the current English season to ensure that, when play is stopped for an injured pony, under no circumstances will the pony be ridden back to the pony lines. In the past the HPA has been made aware of situations where, with the game having been stopped for an injured pony, the pony has been led to the side of the ground and then remounted and cantered back to the pony lines by the groom.

Letters Write to the editor in the following ways: Tweets worth re-tweeting We follow them on twitter, to save you having to bother: It is 16 inches tall and took four days to make. So far the job has been great. An interested polo spectator Sir, I have seen many different types of polo supporters over the years, but I have never seen any of them hiss like this beautiful swan I saw watching the polo on ground five at Guards Polo Club last Saturday.

Umpires Corner answer The goal is awarded, assuming no other foul has been committed.


Stephen Vincent Benét

Observations of an improving low-goaler Sir, in a recent game of polo I played, a foul was called. As team captain, I approached the umpire to seek clarification on the infringement having done so many times previously. I was informed that the umpires do not have to declare the foul committed, and reserve the right to call penalties without justifying their actions. I am a young zero-goal player in a small local club, and understand the vast majority of English polo to be low-goal. All I, my team mates and opposition try to do is learn and have fun.

Having fun is made very difficult when there is no explanation of the rules. Furthermore, I still do not know what I did wrong, and feel that I am prone to repeating said foul - if it puts someone in danger, I see this as a rather short-sighted rule placed by the HPA. Being friends with an IRB level 3 international rugby referee, I asked as to his experience regarding foul declaration and explanation.

He said that, regardless of the level of danger, at all levels in rugby the rule book actively instructs all referees to declare the foul, and in cases of danger to pause play and explain it to the players involved so said event is not repeated. Surely this is a logical step? On another note, I was confused to read of the new umpire complaint system surely needed more than ever now that umpires cannot be held to account on the pitch? Whether refunded or not, and if so related to the outcome of the investigation, was not made clear.

What is this deposit needed for? Is this to discourage abuse of the complaint system? Furthermore, will this be an internal investigation? Again my friend said that in rugby union all complaints are handled by an independent authority. For an association already holding a reputation for nepotism, position- and finance-based corruption, and certain rules and regulations seemingly placed to keep the old guard in power, surely having umpires who can call match-changing decisions without justification, and an umpire complaint system which seems to give justice solely to those who can afford to buy it, will not help its image any more?

Poly, thank you for your letter. The official response from the HPA Since we do not have an affiliated club in the Outer Hebrides your letter writer either travels great distances to play polo, or is playing at an unaffiliated club and possibly not under HPA rules. Assuming the former, all polo players would agree that polo is one of the hardest sports to officiate due to the speed of the game and complexity of the rules. Many umpiring decisions are open to a different interpretation by the players, and many players have been guilty of offering the umpires the benefit of their alternate view, often quite vociferously.

The rule was therefore introduced in removing the privilege of any player, including the captain, to speak to the umpires during play. This can be found in Rule 1b vi and 1l iii. There is a distinct art to umpiring; it is www. Therefore, the Blue Book also contains Annex B notes for officials which is designed to help umpires and referees to work as a team to manage the game and should be read in conjunction with the rules. I agree that at club level the umpires should be free to explain any foul during the game, rather like they do in rugby, and this was the advice at the Club Chief Umpires meeting at the start of the season.

Clubs have the power to conduct their own enquiries into the conduct of umpires in their own club tournaments, and can do so without the need for any form of deposit. The deposit was brought in to discourage unsupported complaints to the HPA, and to pay for the subsequent enquiry. The final paragraph rather detracts from the valid points raised in the rest of the letter.

Polo Times, July It is the 15th time the rivals have battled it out for the iconic trophy over a long and illustrious year period. The first international match for the famous trophy took place in Rhode Island in Despite the Americans scoring the first goal through year-old Foxhall P Keene within the opening minute of the first match, England, led by John Watson, dominated the best of three series.

They won and to wrap up the series win with a game to spare. England also retained the Westchester Cup when the competition made its first appearance on British soil at. But thereafter it has been the Americans who have enjoyed the best of the rivalry. They won ten out of the next 11 competitions, leaving the Westchester residing State-side for the majority of the 20th century. Prior to the war the historic trophy was played for on average three times a decade. Skene in , the trophy lay dormant for 53 years until it was played for on International Day at Guards in But historically the Americans still hold a commanding lead over their friendly British rivals.

The cup was presented by the playing members of Westchester Polo Club in Newport, Rhode Island, USA back in under the proviso that it would be played for by teams representing America and Hurlingham. High-goal pony power at its best With the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup now in full swing, we take a look at some of the top ponies that will be taking part in the high-goal tournament at Cowdray Park Polo Club. When it comes down to winning or losing, it is the. La Bamba de Areco features some top ponies.

Here, we look at 32 of the best ponies that will be playing in the Gold Cup this month. Nachi du Plessis Owned by: Nachi du Plessis Played by: Horseracing Previously owned by: Salkeld, Zacara and Black Bears. Since purchasing her she has been one of my best ponies. She has a great temperament and is easy to work with. Foxett Arg Further information: I have played her for.


Cortium Aguada Pinturita Owned by: Eduardo Novillo Astrada Played by: Eduardo Novillo Astrada Previously owned by: Bred by La Aguada Purchased in: Came to UK in Francisco Elizalde Played by: Francisco Elizalde Previously owned by: Eduardo Heguy Purchased in: Polo Sol Puro Dam: She is complete, has fantastic speed, agility and is soft in the mouth. Dubai Dolfina Primicia Owner: La Dolfina SA Played by: Adolfo Cambiaso Previously owned by: Bred by La Dolfina Purchased in: She can be recognised by her thin white blaze and stocky build.

The sire is a popular bloodline in polo ponies, particularly in Argentina. El Remanso Caltex Owned by: George Hanbury Played by: George Hanbury Previously owned by: I usually play him in the first and fifth chukkas. Juanchi Lagos Purchased in: She is the only bright chestnut I own and I usually play her in the second and sixth chukkas. Luke Tomlinson Played by: Luke Tomlinson Previously owned by: Marcelo Monteverde Purchased in: Joaquin Pittaluga Played by: Joaquin Pittaluga Previously owned by: Bred by Jorge Pittaluga Height: Mare Breed French thoroughbred Sire: Light the Sky FR Further information: She plays in the fifth or sixth chukka.

Jerome Wirth Played by: Jerome Wirth Purchased in: HRH plays in the fifth or sixth chukka. In the polo barn she. HB Polo Naomi Owned by: Ignacio Toccalino Played by: Ignacio Toccalino Previously owned by: Ricardo Mihanovich Purchased in: Her best quality is her heart. She always plays the last chukka.

Puro Robin Owned by: Ludovic Pailloncy Played by: Ludovic Pailloncy Previously owned by: Guillermo Villanueva Purchased in: He always plays in the first or second chukka. La Bamba de Areco Bonita Owned by: Ollie Cudmore Played by: Ollie Cudmore Purchased in: She is the best horse I own at present and one of the best I have ever played. She plays in the fifth chukka and sometimes the first chukka too. Ellerstina SA Played by: Gonzalito Pieres Previously owned by: Bred by Ellerstina Purchased in: Came to the UK in Height: Les Lions Charmosa Owned by: Roberto Villa Real Purchased in: She turns to both sides with the same power and her endurance makes her different from the rest.

She is great for penalties at any stage of the chukka. She played the Argentine Open in , , and and then came to England in Guri Canosa Owned by: Sebastian Merlos Played by: Sebastian Merlos Previously owned by: However, the main thing is her consistency. I can rely on her to give per cent in every game.

I play her in the second and last chukkas. Mark Tomlinson Played by: Mark Tomlinson Previously owned by: Julio Menditeguy Purchased in: She has very distinctive, loud breathing. She has a white blaze and is quite striking. Salkeld Calida Owned by: Miguel Novillo Astrada Played by: Miguel Novillo Astrada Previously owned by: La Primavera Purchased in: I always play her in the last chukkas as I have a lot of confidence on her.

James Beim Played by: James Beim Previously owned by: I play him is a pelham and draws. He plays spare at the start and comes back at the end. Sumaya Noni Owned by: Sumaya Polo Team Played by: Facundo Sola Previously owned by: Carlos Gracida Purchased in: Hilario Ulloa Previously owned by: Memo Gracida Purchased in: Talandracas Tita Owned by: Juan Juaretche Previously owned by: Tita came to England three seasons ago to play with Talandracas. Juan Martin Nero Played by: Juan Martin Nero Previously owned by: Thai Polo Candy Owned by: Malcolm Borwick Played by: Malcolm Borwick Previously owned by: Ex-racehorse bought from a stud in Argentina.

Mare Breed Argentine thoroughbred Sire: She is still young but has the potential to be a real superstar. She has a big white blaze and will probably be playing in the second and last chukkas of the Gold Cup. Silver Lining Owned by: Harald Link Played by: Harald Link Purchased in: Twelve Oaks Open Sarmiento Owned by: Marcos di Paola Played by: Marcos di Paola Previously owned by: Ellerstina SA Purchased in: Roddy Matthews Purchased in: Blade came from international polo coach Roddy Matthews.

Zacara Molly Owned by: Lyndon Lea Played by: Lyndon Lea Previously owned by: Hamish Bray Purchased in: Facundo Pieres Previously owned by: Ruki Baillieu Purchased in: South African thoroughbred Sire: She easy to spot as she is stocky and on one side has a black marking on her shoulder. Changing of the Guards?

He was rightly voted MVP and won the best playing pony prize for his magnificent But, for British polo fans, the most pleasing aspect of the final was that Pieres was joined on the ground by four English players — his patron Lea, his teammate Matt Perry and El Remanso duo George Hanbury and Ali Paterson. While most people in the polo world will be discussing the display of Pieres and polo. My smile has not stopped since the last bell. The horses they have been giving me have been going very well and my own ones are doing unbelievably well at the minute, so that plays a big part.

The band of the Royal Household Cavalry delighted the crowd at Guards with a performance before the final. He third chukka, just as Zacara were starting to has improved so much and he has shown that power ahead, he showed just how far he has he can play against nine and ten-goalers. However, was already in possession of the ball Zacara never panicked Perry was there for and their unerring selfeveryone to see as the Stat provided by IPA www. Argentine ten-goaler in association with PoloCam This confidence released him to score was perhaps best seen his only goal of the final, when Pieres arguably could have galloped when, with the scoreline still reading to El Remanso and Pieres some 50 yards away from towards goal himself.

Overall I would have to say that Zacara won because they have a great team and are just so well-mounted. Facundo was the best player on the field and scored most of the goals, but the whole team backed him up. Facundo is very calm, he has matured a lot as a player and over the last six to eight months he has definitely been the one to beat.

I still think Adolfo is awesome, but this could be the start of the changing of the guards. And genius, achieving a synthesis, was to do the rest. That genius, as so often happens, was apparent enough when he was a boy of thirteen, at the time I first knew him, for he already talked with a delightful and innocent maturity that was without trace of self-conscious precocity.

Stephen was sixteen then and his part is boy's verse. But I don't think it is sentiment or hindsight that makes me see the claw of the lion. A year later, and before he entered Yale, he had forced the penetralia of the terrifically conservative Century Magazine, which is a good deal as if a sixth-former had blasted his way into Blackwood. As the wit put it, editors then regarded poetry as typographical adornment which might appropriately be inserted in half-pages, otherwise blank, at the end of highbrow essays or stories which shocked few churchgoers.

That such a magazine should grant space and pride of place to a sub-freshman was almost alarming. But the stirring ballad The Hemp was evidence enough that 'another county had been heard from'. Almost at the same time his first book appeared in a series of little volumes whose authors included Gordon Bottomley and Richard Aldington. It was only natural and right that he won every prize for poetry which Yale College could offer by the time he was graduated in , not to mention preparing a brilliant abridgement of Marlowe's 'Tamburlaine' for the college dramatic society.

It was not hard to foresee a bright future when, after an additional year in the Graduate School, he left college to live by his pen. It has been considered unfortunate that geniuses, like others, have to boil the pot. But it is well known that it does not hurt the real thing much. But he always seemed able to put the kettle on the fire with his left hand, and the pot boiled easily. From the time he launched forth there was not a year in his life that he did not write something better than editors demand. Working to meet a deadline, he seemed always to have the precious gift of preserving what was precious.

Though some of his stories are hack-work, he always had projects' in hand that were not in that category. And in , by which time he was married to Rosemary Carr, herself a poet with a fine lyric gift and his collaborator in the delightful A Book of Americans, the Guggenheim Foundation gave him a travelling fellowship, subsequently renewed. This at once relieved him from immediate anxieties and also brought it to pass that John Brown's Body, a poem as American in thought and texture as Leaves of Grass, was written in Paris.

John Brown's Body is an epic poem with many strands of personality and action, at first glance only loosely connected but actually woven into one strong cord. Part of its power for us, and, it is believed, for our friends across the oceans, is that it tells us things we needed to be told about our virtues and defects. The great struggle three-quarters of a century ago had grown dim in recollection, but to forget the issues, the beliefs, the self-sacrifice on both sides, was to forget our birthright. This book renewed the sense of 'a great thing done under the sun'.

The Civil War, one of the most furious contests in history, in spite of the contemptuous Moltke's lack of interest 'in a battle of armed mobs', had its origins in conflicts of philosophies, moralities, and material interests that lay coiled around each other like the ghastly Gordian knots of blacksnakes or copperheads one may discover in Spring in glens up the Hudson.

The war left the North triumphant and exhausted and the South subjected and paralyzed.

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To this day, seventy-eight years after Appomatox, the effects are visible in great tracts of the country, where the bloody shirt is still waved. The conquerors, unchecked by Lincoln's even hand, could hardly be described as generous. The conquered dressed their wounds as they might. Each side had its special mythology, invariably unflattering to the other. As late as there were Southerners who believed that Lincoln was a sinister and adroit tyrant and were not apt to be persuaded of the contrary. Many Northerners thought and still think of Southerners as slack and bad-tempered persons quite mad on the negro question and 'States Rights'.

We hope this mutual intolerance grows less with time, but it is at least as deep-seated as religious prejudice and no easier to overcome. In some strange way a man in his late twenties was able to look at the origins and consequences of the War at once objectively and passionately, from both sides and for the sake of both. This he was able to make clear to others. And as one considers his epic, one hardly knows which to admire most, the kindness, the beauty, or the understanding.

Histories of the Civil War we have had ad nauseam. And they are no 'jewels five-words long' either! But John Brown's Body is nearer than history is apt to get to that veracity which is beyond time. Praxed's Church told him more about the Renaissance than many volumes, is apposite once more. Our first day focused on the third and fourth grades. The social studies curriculum ranged from basic geography, mapping skills, Vermont history, early settlement, and the beginnings of government. The second day incorporated fifth through ninth grade on more American history.

We did find some great historical fiction books from a small publisher that no one had heard of, but were thrilled to find. We sell these CDs at the store and they are a county by county map of the state in and , searchable by town, street or landowner name. These were a huge hit. Elizabeth and I created a book annotated bibliography for the teachers, sorted by date. This was a risk as giving them all our hard work in 20 pages meant they could take it anywhere, say to Amazon, to place their orders.

Teachers were suitably impressed at the hard work that went into the bibliography. We considered the document not just for teachers, but a wonderful resource for our staff to have on hand when folks come in seeking historical fiction titles. We were forbidden by the District to do an overt sales pitch to the teachers.

We were there to share our knowledge, but making connections and sales was an obvious goal. I wish I could say we got lots of orders from our two days of teacher education.

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I know some schools mandate where teachers can buy books, say Barnes and Noble, even though our discounts are identical. It was all I could do to contain myself and not shout out about our teacher discounts and our customer service as I passed out goodie bags to all the attendees, our tote bags filled with a galley, a Flying Pig pen, teacher materials and several newsletters.

  • Unterrichtsstunde: Das verkehrssichere Fahrrad (German Edition).
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  • In which children's booksellers ponder all things literary, artistic, and mercantile;

Booksellers, how does your store get teacher orders? Last week a truly hilarious, vaguely disturbing order snafu happened, and I feel I must share the experience. There was some urgency for the order and when are teacher orders not urgent? After the passage of several days, I called the publisher to inquire about my order and convey my urgency. What to do, what to do? I finally looked at my copy of Chains and realized I was speaking to the wrong publisher. I sheepishly hung up, thinking the matter was closed. Imagine my surprise when three cartons of Chains arrived, from the wrong publisher.

My squeamish staffer had the misfortune of opening the cartons and was horrified anew each time. Our teenage male staffer kept circling the cartons, dying of curiosity, but to his credit, he never peeked. The problem with a mis-ship like this is two-fold. Do I wait for the call tag the return shipping label from the publisher or do I accept free books from the publisher often given instead of paying for shipping?

I opted for the books just to get the books out of the store faster. But all the kids in Vermont have gone back to school and this changes the shopping patterns at the bookstore. There is a calm that comes to the bookstore once the kids go back to school and the tourists leave for a little bit.

A summer day can be busy at any time, with entire families coming in seeking books. The mornings we see single shoppers, almost exclusively women, who are shopping either for themselves or getting gifts for kids. There is sometimes a small lunch-time rush, but there is not the crush of customers of late July or August. The rush for us in the fall starts immediately after school lets out.

One thing that takes a while to happen after school starts is pleasure reading for the kids. But once the homework load starts to seem manageable usually around the end of September kids will start reading just for the love of reading. It always saddens me is that we lose so many high school student freshmen to homework and not to pleasure reading. We get them back during holidays and summers, but I miss seeing them during the academic year.

The weather is still gorgeous and I actually have time to enjoy it. Plus, I can wear a sweater to work in the morning. On a completely different note, Elizabeth and I would like to take a moment to thank Alison for setting the bar for ShelfTalker so high, with three years of wonderful, entertaining, chock-full-of-fun blogs. Long before we joined PW as bloggers, we enjoyed her posts; they were always informative and creative — and she made them look easy.

We know better now. Thanks so much, Alison, from all of us ShelfTalker readers and bloggers! Some of them books, some of them not. You know who teaches me things on a daily basis? My husband, Gareth Hinds , who has a new book coming out in October. They look sooooo good!! It has been such a joy to watch this project come together from start to finish, and each time I look at the finished results I marvel at the complexity of this undertaking and the fact that my husband MY HUSBAND!

He did the text adaptation, he plotted out the entire story, he thumbnailed pages of lay-outs, he designed all of the characters there are so MANY of them in this book! I hope when YOU see the book you will think every bit as highly of it as I do. And I hope it will make life a LOT easier for many a teacher, and for many a student too!

PT July v18 i6 by Edit - Issuu

Gareth will have his own booth at NCTE this year. About a year and a half after I blogged about my disappointment in the fact that the wonderful Mud Pies and Other Recipes: A Cookbook for Dolls written by Marjorie Winslow and illustrated by Erik Blegvad had gone out of print, I received an email from Sara Kramer, managing editor of New York Review Books Classics announcing their plans to reissue the book, thanks to my having brought it to their attention!

While their snail-mail letters took even longer to get places than the modern mail, the did address each other by these names when writing to one another, and in that respect are no different than the ones we use today. Well, I did not until I did some research admittedly online and learned that, in fact, its origins are verrrry entertaining.

Elspeth Plum and the Windiest Day....Ever! Elspeth Plum and the Windiest Day....Ever!
Elspeth Plum and the Windiest Day....Ever! Elspeth Plum and the Windiest Day....Ever!
Elspeth Plum and the Windiest Day....Ever! Elspeth Plum and the Windiest Day....Ever!
Elspeth Plum and the Windiest Day....Ever! Elspeth Plum and the Windiest Day....Ever!
Elspeth Plum and the Windiest Day....Ever! Elspeth Plum and the Windiest Day....Ever!

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