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Reena is not happy, especially when she meets Mrs. Falala's grumpy like her owner? Fizzy, short for Elizabeth, has to deal with a lot of changes in her life: Her only real happiness is cooking and she is determined to win the Southern Living magazine cook-off contest. Can a year-old cook win the contest? Can she make friends at school? Can she learn to like her dad's wife and her mom's boyfriend? In France in , people are talking about three children - tall and strong William, priest in training, of African descent; Jeanne, a peasant girl who can see the future; Jacob, young, freckle-faced and Jewish - and a dog who has been raised from the dead.

The three are performing miracles at every turn. One night, in a roadside tavern, a group of strangers spend a night drinking and telling stories about the children - stories of mystery and adventure. A mouse was the first Earth creature to walk on the moon. Espen, a 14 year old Norwegian boy, is swept up in the Norwegian resistance movement after Nazi Germany invades and occupies his country during World War II.

Espen starts delivering illegal newspapers, than becomes a courier, and finally a spy dodging the Gestapo along the way until he makes a mistake and sets out on a daring escape on skis across the mountains to safety in Sweden. Based on the real-life adventures of Norwegian Erling Storrusten.

So you know the fairytale of Snow White? And the story takes place in a far-away kingdom? Well, not in this graphic novel. Pick up this book and get another look at Snow and her story! As usual, oldest sister Delphine has her hands full keeping Vonetta and Fern in line.


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But, the girls also walk into a feud between their dramatic great-grandmother Ma Charles and her half-sister Miss Trotter. Will everyone survive the bossing and sniping of all the siblings? Tru has just moved to Monroeville, Alabama and he becomes fascinated by his neighbor, the feisty Nelle. They team up for adventures and mystery solving in this heartwarming and funny book inspired by the real-life childhood friendship between authors Truman Capote and Harper Lee. This is an original and epic fantasy novel intended for middle grades but which can be enjoyed by anyone. The main character — the girl who drank the moon — lives with her grandmother, a swamp monster and a dragon.

In another part of the bog, there is a village with a corrupt government that sacrifices infants each year to supposedly appease an evil witch. A kind hearted carpenter sets out to right this wrong and his story collides with that of the girl who drank the moon. But everything is not as it seems and the actual villain is someone unexpected. The girl needs to figure out a way to unlock the magic deep inside of herself to save the people she loves.

The story is fast-paced and lyrical. Denizen has no family and lives in an orphanage where his only friend is Simon. Unexpectedly, he gets a message from his aunt who wants him to live with her. His new life is full of surprises: Now Denizen must make a choice -- return to the orphanage and his only friend or his new life as a knight battling the powers of darkness. Grade 5 and older. Ice Cream and Dinosaurs. A dinosaur has stomped in, and this dino looks crabby. What should Joe do?

Vivid illustrations, rhyming text, a refrain you and your child can sing together, and plenty of opportunities to ROAR make for an engaging experience to share with your child. En route you will face dangers and decisions that will determine your fate in the jungle including piranhas, jaguars, electric eels and everything else imaginable on this epic trek.

Will you survive unscathed to tell your amazing travel tales? For adventurous readers in grades 3 — 6. Laugh your way through this volume complete with flip-o-rama cheesy animation and a few underwear jokes. Fun for readers in grades 2 — 5. Dozens of creatures play hide-and-seek on these pages, their movements and sounds brought beautifully to life in the lilting text. Ages 3 — 7. In print for the first time more than one hundred years after it was written is this new tale of a mischievous cat who leads a double life. A lovely book for families to share.

Best for ages 3 — 8. Travel to Ethiopia to meet Solomon, an eleven-year-old boy journeying to the city of Addis Ababa with his Grandfather.

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  • Ben - Hur (Un conte du Christ) (French Edition).

As they walk the twenty-three miles to reach the city, the boy wonders why they must go. All he wants to do is run, not walk along slowly with an old man. Then his Grandfather falls ill and it is up to Solomon to find a way to reach his family with the news. Read on to discover how he earns the reputation as the fastest boy in the world. Ages 8 to Quirky characters that balance of humor and serious issues. Three 10 year old girls form an unlikely friendship, each with their own dilemma to deal with.

Beautiful writing that allows you to know their confusion, hope, courage and resilience. For ages 8 to This historical fiction novel tells the story of integration in a small town and how a young girl sees things. Using a series of letters, and journal entries to her teacher, Kizzy Ann Stamps draws readers into the world of segregation in Virginia. Recommended for readers in grades that enjoy historical stories or stories about young girls overcoming difficult situations.

One night after Olive moves into an old house that is mysterious and scary she steps inside a painting in the hallway and meets a boy named Morton and three cats named Horatio, Harvey and Leopold. Suspenseful, a bit spooky and lots of last minute escapes, with more escapades to come in the series.

Best for readers who like a little spookiness, grades How many ways can an animal move? A sea butterfly swims, a goat climbs trees, a Moroccan desert spider does somersaults, a hedgehog rolls, a scallop squirts out water. For 1st grade and older Carol. When she one day takes root and starts to turn into a tree, it is up to quiet, shy, magic-free Grayling to save her. Along the way, she meets a talking mouse, a weather witch and her pouty niece, an enchanter and the a confused old wizard—good sometimes! Grayling must find her hidden strengths to free her mother.

Elyse is in 6th grade and her big hope is that she will be chosen as Explorer Leader for her class trip to Minnesota. A couple of problems stand in her way — CAV, a condition where that words that are said about her appear as an itchy bad words or soothing good words rash on her body, and Jeg, her forever friend, is suddenly hanging out with the popular crowd.

Somehow, Elyse has to take charge of her life to make things happen, good things. For 4th through 6th grade Carol. Is this the end of a beautiful friendship? Can horse save his friend and regain his noble sidekick? Find out in this high flying graphic adventures for ages 6 — 8. In this detailed manual you will discover everything you need to know and do to create a secret identity, acquire specialized gear, learn moves and maneuvers, survive encounters with villains, and BE a superhero. Ages 8 — Inspired by the real-life urban bloack horsemen of North Philadelphia, this story abounds with unusual characters and amazing horses.

Ages 9 — A cute counting book that rhymes, too. Count the pigs as they go into a very crowded bath, and backwards as they climb out to a surprise ending.

Preschool children will giggle. A young Dao warrior-in-training befriends one of the people of the Nameless City, an imagined place precariously balanced in between nations wanting to claim the city, which has been conquered in different waves over decades. A wonderful mixture of reimagined ancient histories and fantastic adventure, great for those in grades A girl visits and flies with her deceased grandmother above the world, where they visit different places with people who experience hurt and suffering and help one another.

A lovely story that would make a very special intergenerational bedtime or quiet time read to share between children ages and their parents and grandparents. Iron Creek has a renowned summer theater festival and a famous star who met a tragic and mysterious end some years ago. Touching middle grade read that explores the power and love of family and friendships as these great characters learn to face the tragedies in their lives.

Fifth-grader Tamaya Dhilwaddi and seventh-grader Marshall Walsh have been walking to school together since they were little. But when bully Chad Hilligas starts picking on Marshall and challenging him to a fight, Tamaya and Marshall take a short-cut through the woods. There, Chad catches up, challenges them, and encounters this fuzzy mud. There are many stages and many changes over the life of a beetle. There are many kinds of beetles in all sizes, shapes and colors.

Some are scary, some are beautiful, all of them are interesting. Davies -- a millionaire. She has oodles of ideas for making money and some of them get her in a lot of trouble with her mom, her best friend, at school. Her latest idea is crazy brilliant -- can she make it work? Meet Zoey, an adventure-seeking chicken who has BIG dreams. She is determined to travel to outer space. Her best friend, Sam the pig, will surely join her on this amazing quest.

The other animals on the farm have lots of advice about such a trip. What about your spaceship? She answers all of these questions with excitement and creativity. The readers of Lehrhaupt's book, will delight in Zoey's spaceship made of balloons and a basket -- and the imagination that occurs on the flight. Asteroids, comets, and aliens?!

This picture book will appeal to fans of silly stories and is a great way to discuss optimism and determination. He is certain that he can never have too many carrots. One day Rabbit realizes that his burrow is overflowing with carrots -- so many that he actually can't fit inside! As his friends offer their help, Rabbit's love of carrots begins to create more and more trouble. Readers will delight in Hudson's illustrations of Rabbit, his friends, and all those carrots. This picture book is a great way to talk about moderation, the importance of friendship, and sharing.

Young Steven stumbles on a plot by the villainous Maxwell to steal the powers of the Chinese Zodiac, and ends up receiving the power of the Tiger. Helping gather together a team of other youths imbued by zodiac powers, he joins the struggle to stop Maxwell and his zodiac-powered Vanguard operatives. Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame co-wrote this action-packed series opener. Graphic non-fiction introduction to the world of dinosaurs in their natural habitats and how paleontologists have unlocked the mystery of how these ancient beasts lived. This volume from the Science Comics series is sure to fascinate ages 7 — Jam-packed with silly and obscure sports trivia, this book reads like a bickering conversation between sports-crazy A.

Laugh out loud nonfiction for grades 3 — 5. Meet comic book store employees Cornelius and Alowicious who become Action Cat and Adventure Bug whenever disaster strikes. Action packed adventures fill the chapters as they face off against Evil Cat and his fiendish friends in this graphic novel. Ages 7 — The world of back-to-school for a class of dogs.

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Funny photographs of real dogs acting out the oddball action are sure to make all readers laugh. A beginning reader book for Kindergarten through grade 2. Lily has lived in a small town in Maine with her grandparents since she was 2 with Lucky, her Labrador Retriever. When Lucky, whose eyesight is failing, takes off on Lily, the only thing that stops him is Salma Santiago and her peanut butter sandwich and chips. Salma and Lily become fast friends and want to help Lucky by decorating and selling homes for Mason Bees, which are blue, just like the blueberries Salma and her family picks!

When Salma enters the Downeast Blueberry Queen pageant and gets Lily and her friend Hannah who won last year to help her get ready, who will come out ahead? Available in CD audiobook, downloadable audiobook, and Cloud Library ebook. Her Auntie arrives, just a little late, and realizes she must take Oddly to Fignation. Oddly is not the odd-one-out there!

However, she finds being picked on may be worse than she fears. And where are her parents?! Graphic novel, start of a series. Someone has stolen the 15, nuts Squirrel hid in the hole of a tree they get counted every Sunday. If only he had an assistant…. For 1st-3rd grade Carol. Robots are emotionless machines. When Roz the robot is marooned on a lonely island, she realizes that she must change her behavior in order to survive.

For 4th — 6th grade Carol. Sophie loves books devotedly and passionately and she is a bookmender. When the people of her town turn against books and magic and nonsense of every kind, Sophie finds out that she is the storyguard and it is her job to save the world. How can a year-old bookmender save the world? With a magic book, an enchanted knight and a thief with fantastic eyes, of course! Everyone in the Monarchy is happy, contented, successful.

Everyone except Aon the glassblower and Queen Ascendant Jeniah she will be queen when her mother dies, which will be soon. In the center of the Monarchy lies the gloomy and desolate Dreadwillow Carse. If the ruler of the Monarchy goes into the carse, the monarchy will fall. Since Jeniah cannot go, Aon volunteers to find the secret of Dreadwillow Carse.

This book is a lovely celebration of Ramadan and of cross-cultural understanding. A great book for a conversation about holidays and inclusiveness, especially for the K-5 crowd. A particular delight for the grades crowd. Parents who love the Moone Boy television show will want to check this out, too! Looking for some fantastic, fast summer reading?

Perfect for sunny days, rainy days, road trips, or even being stuck at home, Trickster is twenty-one legends from different indigenous cultures across America as told by storytellers from those cultures and collaboratively illustrated by a number of talented graphic artists. Great all-age appeal, but especially for grades 3 on up. The illustrations are subtle and clearly inspired by illuminated manuscripts. A lovely choice for reading before or after watching the award-winning animated film, The Secret of Kells, which features its own Pangur cat.

It has secret hiding places. Is one of them secret enough to hide the gold local history says is hidden there? Lou hopes so because her family may lose their home so a new development can be built on the land. An escaped slave with no name saves a goblin from imprisonment, earning a vow from the goblin. King Julian is broke and hopes for a rich prince to rescue Princess Alice when she is also kidnapped by Ludwig.

It gets worse…and much more fun! Moving from California to Vermont is hard enough but being half Japanese and half Black makes Mimi wonder if she will ever fit in. Being different and being smart are two big challenges for a twelve-year-old. An orphan, a runaway and hungry, Bee is caught stealing a bun from a baker. Surprisingly, the baker takes her on as an apprentice and Bee finds she loves to bake…and that the things she bakes make people feel and act differently.

When she meets a princess held captive by an evil magician, her baking skills are put to the test. Waylon and his sister Charlotte like to play OAT: One Awesome Thing where they talk about the good things that happen each day. Something has to change…soon. Spunky Tells All is a delightfully funny and sweet family story told from the perspective of the family's dog.

It's a not-too-challenging chapter book for 2nd-3rd grade readers and also wonderful as a family read-aloud: Spunky's voice will appeal to all ages, including adults. Spunky loves Hot Tamale Sauce Flavored Tortilla Chips, getting to know his humans by smelling and feasting on their dirty socks. But trouble has moved into his household: Fiona, the family's new cat.

Spunky, whose motto is "The deep meaning of life comes from smells," takes one whiff of Fiona and smells nothing but Foolishness. She puts his Nibbles in his water bowl. She drinks from the White Pond [toilet]. Will he ever get used to--and maybe even learn to love--this foolish cat? Check out Spunky Tells All to find out and get a good peek into what it's like to be a dog. Introduction to the Holocaust and the story of Anne Frank and her family told from the point-of-view of the Chestnut tree outside the annex where the family hid during World War II.

Best for Ages 7 — Eleven year-old Wadjda desperately wants a bike to beat her buddy Abdullah in a race, despite girls being discouraged to pursue such things in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. With the hope of a green bicycle spurring her on, Wadjda cleverly finds ways to scrounge money for her dream bike, but some struggles are harder than saving for a green bike.

A delightful, inspiring story for anyone who has ever wished and worked hard for something, especially upper elementary and middle school students. Pet Club Day is an exciting day. It is a day filled with dogs, cats, birds, goldfish, and maybe a hamster or two.

Readers will enjoy the colorful illustrations and the solution that the kids find at the end of the story. This picture book is also a great conversation starter on talking to children about inclusiveness, tolerance, and friendship. Panda will also enjoy this book. A fortunate find for readers ages , no matter what their luck! A great choice for early language-learners and readers in preschool to grade 2.

Pumpkin Soup

A wonderful read that transcends language, culture, and time. For ages three and up and for anyone who enjoys a good story. A wonderful book for budding philosophers, ages 4 and up. Twenty-five experiments to amaze your family and friends are included in this fascinating introduction to physical science concepts including gravity, motion, magnetism, sound, light and electricity. Learn the science behind these fun illusions using common household objects. Best for grades 4 — 7.

Thor Heyerdahl believed that ancient Incans voyaged to South Pacific islands by raft. So in he and a crew built a wooden raft like the Incans would have had and embarked on a day voyage covering 4, miles. Among his long-lasting contributions to improving the game was the addition of arm signals used by umpires when making calls. This not only enables deaf players participation but also makes it much easier for fans seated far from the field to follow the pitches and other action. A little-known slice of history for ages 5 — If you have a child with anger issues in your life, this non-fiction picture book is a wonderful and practical one to check out.

In it, the child protagonist identifies his feelings and goes through specific steps to get ready to talk about them. Most soldiers bring back souvenirs — postcards, t-shirts, hats — from their tours of duty around the world. Henry Friston brings back a tortoise named Ali Pasha! For readers in 3rd through 5th grade. As an adult, Marie loved science. She combined her interests by drawing a map of the ocean floor.

In the process, she discovered something that changed the way scientists look at how the Earth is made. When the chance for adventure comes her way, Audie is off to Washington DC. Little does she know her adventure will involve President Taft, turtle soup, a tiger-striped cat maybe magical and a boy named Juice. For 3rd grade and older. Feo and her mother take in wolves that were kidnapped as pups, sold as pets, and subsequently - unsurprisingly - become "dangerous" or "nuisance" animals as they age. When the evil General Rakov, burns down their home, and arrests her mother, Feo's sets off into the woods with her three wolf companions, a newborn wolf pup and a ragtag band of new-found friends to outrun the General and his men, survive brutal winter conditions, figure out a way to liberate Feo's imprisoned mother, and along the way start a revolution.

The Wolf Wilder has elements of a classic folk tale for grades 5 and up. Reaper , this is a strange and endearing picture book that is just as much for grownups as it is for children. A baby ankylosaur who happens to be a plant-eater mistakenly adopts a tyrannosaurus who happens to be an ankylosaur-eater as its parent; what ensues is an unpredictable story of what family means. Great for the preK-2 crowd and for their parents, whether chosen accidentally or not.

Kai is in Texas visiting her aunt in Texas while Leila is visiting her aunt in Pakistan. What is the book trying to tell them? Dasha lives in an apartment with her mother and her grandparents. When Dasha is 12, her mother goes to the U. While missing her mom, Dasha falls in love, has trouble with her best friends and tries to transfer to a different school.

After losing her mother and brother in a fire and getting caught while escaping from the Buffalo Asylum for Young Ladies, year-old Mary is adopted by the mysterious Madame Z who is from somewhere near Russia. Now she has everything she wants — a home, good food, new clothes, a friend — except a way to open the door under the staircase the lock bit her when she tried to open it! She has to find out what is behind that door, but how? Rosemary and her friends Adam and Shelby do almost everything together.

One day, as they are talking, Shelby disappears into thin air. Rosie and Adam have a short time, until the new moon, to get her back but they keep forgetting her. Can they remember her long enough to rescue her? Discover the enchanted world of water sprites where sisters Luna and Willow live in their home on stilts in the dank swampland. When her little sister, Willow, falls ill, Luna is determined to find a cure. But can she unravel the mysteries of the swamps and end the enchantment? Magical realism for ages 9 — This is the perfect book for every football fanatic including classic super bowls, amazing playmakers, historic dynasties and more.

Experience the victory and defeat through game details, photos and a football timeline. Discover how Ted Geisel, a kid from Springfield, Massachusetts, turned his childhood doodling and drawing into a career as the beloved author Dr. A beginning biography for ages 6 — 8. Peter has had Pax, his pet fox, since her was a kit.

All Peter can think of is going back to rescue Pax and nothing is going to stop him. But a fox living in the wild can change a lot…will Pax want to be saved? Moving to a new school is really hard especially when you run into knock over, actually the school nerd on the first day. Penelope is worried about making everyone including herself forget about what she did and what she can do to fit in. Graphic novel for 4th grade and up. With a tablecloth for flying, of course and her 16 cats yes, 16 cats , Miss Petitfour is always ready for adventure, wherever the wind carries her.

For grade Carol. Wonderfully-drawn and brilliantly-written, How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum is a great read-aloud any time, but especially before visiting a natural history museum. It anticipates and satisfies kids' curiosity, and introduces not just the most well-known dino-related occupation paleontologist , but all the others that contribute to the process of getting a dinosaur's bones to a museum, and reassembled and exhibited there preparators, welders, curators, excavators, riggers, exhibits team, cleaners, and more.

It's chock-full of great vocabulary words stabilizes, restored, authenticated, acquisition and Hartland's bright, colorful illustrations will keep even audiences who aren't particularly into dinosaurs engaged where actual realistic photos might not. Travel with mountaineer Pet Athans to the ancient kingdom of Mustang in Nepal to explore caves built high in steep cliffs. Join archeologists as they excavate these cave communities and discover and interpret artifacts, mummies, and manuscripts—some years old.

Fascinating modern day scientific exploration and research for grades 4 — 7. A gentle, rhyming, ready-for-bed book, perfect for every baby and toddler. Enjoy the imaginative illustrations as toys bear, monkey, elephant and mouse prepare a baby for bed and take care of tucking in and going off to dreamland. A sweet story of the undying love of a mummified cat for his person, who just happens to be a reimagined version of the real-life, pyramid-entombed Queen Hatshepsut. Told through rhyme and hieroglyphs, a great book for budding Egyptologists and a fantastic tale for cat lovers, especially those in grades K-3!

Look for the second volume due out later this year! Bruce the bear is a grump. He does not like many things, but he does like eggs; scrambled, on toast, hard-boiled. There are so many delicious ways to eat eggs. One morning on his shopping trip through the forest, he collects some eggs from Mrs. Before Bruce has a chance to make a new egg recipe, he finds the eggs have hatched! Suddenly, he is confronted with four goslings who are convinced he is mama goose. Readers will be delighted at the illustrations of Bruce trying to fix this case of mistaken identity!

He soon learns that raising four goslings is a big job and he will need to get very creative. Picture book lovers of all ages will enjoy this adorable story about an unlikely family. Panda has a tray of colorful doughnuts to share with his animal friends. Unfortunately, he discovers that his friends are missing something very important — manners! One by one the animals are impolite and demanding of Mr. Panda's generous offer of doughnuts. The simple illustrations are mostly black and white, with the exception of those delicious-looking doughnuts!

This picture book is a great conversation starter on talking to children about manners and politeness - and of course, the importance of the words please and thank you. Open this book to find out what happens to Mr. When Rory Rooney, the smallest boy in his class and sadly the target of bullies suddenly turns as green as broccoli on a class trip, he is whisked away by helicopter to a London hospital. In a wild and crazy adventure with two and then three children who have also changed color, Rory discovers his own super powers, learns what makes a true friend and realizes that heroes come in every shape, size and color.

Laugh-out-loud exploits for grades 3 to 5. Archer's world explorer grandparents have just disappeared on an iceberg near the Antarctic. Everyone believes they are dead. Everyone except Archer, who is determined to find them. The problem is, how will be do that? An amazing story of a stray cat and her musical talent. For ages 4 — 8. The history of printing and books told from the point-of-view of a book. The book narrator gives a very brief, readable, fun account of the developments that led to the books we use throughout the world today.

The black and white illustrations by Neil Packer enhance most pages. Being one of the greatest read-aloud stories ever, this edition with illustrations by William Nicholson is my favorite. A terrific new series of Easy Readers have arrived at the library! Stevenson is a master of words and has written one of the greatest stories ever told.

It is the story of David, an orphaned boy in poverty who sets out to find his inheritance taken by his dangerous Uncle Ebenezer. Soon he is kidnapped and stowed on a slave ship. Edie Wilson is a lonely, miserable orphan who suffers ill-treatment at the hands of her insensitive aunt and cousins. Warned that she must remain emotionally distant from Anastasia, the two girls instead become close friends and allies in uncovering an unsavory plot involving the princess.

Masha's father has just introduced her to his new girlfriend and her daughter--both too terrible to even think about. Masha needs a big change, maybe a new job. Baba Yaga, the witch of the forest, is looking for an assistant The author imagines the childhood of Millo Castro Zaldarriaga, an African-Chinese Cuban girl growing up amid the rhythms of the island and being the first to break the gender barrier in playing drums.

A stellar book for young percussionists and dreamers, especially for ages Intricate illustrations and thoughtful rhyming text teach about rocks, how they appear in nature and society, and how they are used by people and animals. For rock enthusiasts, especially those ages Did you know monkeys like to hold hands and snuggle?

Did you know female bearded emperor tamarins have mustaches? Sadly, animal species are disappearing from the Earth each year. Meet ten different animals that we need to help so they will stay on Earth to study and enjoy. Only a small patch of forest remained in Brazil, the only place in the world for Golden Lion Tamarins to live. As their numbers dwindled, zoo, government officials and ordinary people did everything they could to save the tamarins — even planting a new forest!

Authors love word, using them to take readers to places unknown, to give us friends to last a lifetime, to make a palace filled with precious gems…a library where all are welcome. At age 10, Harriet the Hamster learns that she is cursed to prick her finger and fall into a deep sleep that can only be awakened with a prince's kiss at age It means she can finally do the forbidden daredevil things she's always longed to, because a guarantee that you'll live until 12 is a guarantee that you won't die before then.

She spends the next two years cliff-diving, dragon-slaying, jousting, and having a blast. Then her twelfth birthday arrives…and the curse takes effect, but with a huge plot twist. Hamster Princess is wickedly clever and funny, with a lot of illustrations to go with the text. Learn about wolf behavior and dynamics in this intriguing book. Nonfiction for ages 5 — 9. A boy asks for a bedtime story about a real bear and his mother responds with this fascinating tale of the live bear mascot of a Canadian mounted unit during World War I who traveled to England with the unit.

This is the beautifully illustrated story of a boy named Peter who moves to a house near the dark woods. He is able to create friends and protectors, have fun and meet a new, real friend. This is a great choice for kids dealing with fears and children with single parent families. Looking for a new hit to read at bedtime? Enjoy the antics of a little elephant, a little bear and a rabbit as they have a pajama party. This powerful picture book tells the story of a little girl and her father who are migrating from their home. The girl counts, finds shapes in clouds, and finds comfort in friendships, including with two white rabbits.

This book might help to introduce readers, young and old, to the challenges faced by those who make the difficult decision to leave their homes, whether they are migrants because of natural disasters, war, social upheaval, or economic hardship. Kindergarten to grade 3. Uncle Morton has asked Eddie to take care of his dragon while he goes on vacation. The dragon is not a good houseguest, destroying carpeting curtains and the refrigerator. First in a series; 2nd grade and up. Like all of the women in her family, Genuine Beauty Sweet that is really her name! And it is amazing how many people in this world have a wish that needs to be fulfilled…now.

Genuine is plum worn-out with trying to please everyone, everyone but her beloved Gram. One day, a friend tells Jacques a secret so shocking it changes his life forever! Biography of John Howland, who travelled to the new world aboard the Mayflower as an indentured servant, and survived to spend more than fifty years helping to build up the new colony in Massachusetts.

This fascinating biography is written as if John Howland, himself, is telling the story and every page of text is accompanied by detailed color paintings by the author. A fascinating slice of history for the Thanksgiving season for grades 2 — 4. In thirteen very short chapters we meet Diva, a nervous French dog, and Flea, a cat-about-Paris as they conquer their fears and find friendship and a home together. For ages 6 — 8. Much like the first book, Steelheart, David and the Reckoners face off against a host of violent Epics, people who have been granted superpowers after the emergence of Calamity.

This time they travel to Babilar what used to be NYC to stop Regalia, a woman who can manipulate water and who has been sending other Epics to wreak havoc in Newcago. However, after killing a growing list of Epics, David sees the humanity and fear behind them and it changes his mission. For grade 7 and up. This is the timeless story of Wanda Petronski. She is an immigrant from Poland and friended by no one at her small school.

This is the classic story of truth, lying and how we experience those who are different from ourselves. Few who read The Hundred Dresses ever forget it.

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For ages 6 and up. This beautiful picture book takes a new, creative look at homes. Page by page, homes are considered in various cultures, biospheres, and, of course, architectural styles. There are even homes on the moon and from mythology to see. This is a great book for talking and imagining.

A great book for kids of all ages dealing with everything from life-changing moves to lost loved ones. Twelve-year-old Thomas and his father rob graves to earn a living. For 4th grade and older. Hazel Wong has come all the way from Hong Kong to attend a post girls school in England.

They find a much bigger mystery when Hazel discovers the crumpled body of their science teacher on the gym floor. Next time you think about picking your nose, reconsider: First of a series for 3rd grade and older. A good basic how-to guide to everyday essentials such as trapping fish like a whale, cracking a nut like a crow, catching a meal like a crocodile and much, much more. The story of Sadie is not to be missed!

The newest easy reader in the Pete the Cat series is here. Join Pete on a train ride with his family as they travel to see his grandmother. He learns about the train, sees a lot and meets people. Read the all of the Pete the Cat series. For ages years. This is the story of how George, despite bullies and negativity and her own fears, shows the world who she is. A sweet, thoughtful, life-affirming story that will open up a lot of discussions, George is a good book for both transgender and cisgender children of all ages to read.

Leo is the saddest, sweetest ghost you could ever hope to meet; all he wants is a friend, but no one even notices him. True story of how one courageous, young social worker in Warsaw, Poland worked with a network of resistance workers to smuggle Jewish children out of the Warsaw ghetto and save them from the Nazi holocaust. For ages 8 — A tiger cub has escaped from the sanctuary on the Sunderban Islands in India. Neel is determined to find her before people who plan to harm her do. Can he do it? For 3rd grade and up. Whether made from swiftlet spit or twigs and branches, 36 feet in diameter a dusky scrubfowl or the size of a golf ball a bee hummingbird , a nest is the first home of many interesting and varied animals.

Good non-fiction for 2nd grade and older. To flee an enemy, an octopus will push through any opening that its inflexible beak will go through…an octopus in a keyhole? An octopus is one cool animal. When Isatou saw the roads around her village littered with plastic bags, she tried to find a way to get rid of them. Part of the solution: Non-fiction for grades It is and Kitty wants to go to college but her father says there is not money to pay the fees. So Kitty gets a job as a Harvey Girl, one of the waitresses working in railroad station restaurants.

She meets railroaders, ranch hands, a flapper, a newspaper editor and, wow, her life is completely different and much more fun. When her great-aunt Amelia dies, she leaves her pet dragon, Miss Drake, to Winnie. Miss Drake, however, thinks her beloved Fluffy her name for Amelia has left a pet to her and it is Winnie. Chaos is just around the corner, of course. Using clocks, rulers, balls and other everyday objects, this book helps us understand the vastness of time and space. Have you ever thought of Earth as a grain of salt? Non-fiction for 3rd grade and older.

There is a terror walking all around us every day — the dreaded Crankenstein who glowers, groans, growls, and grunts at the least little annoyance. This is a perfect book for every one of us who knows and has been known to be, even if only at times a bit of a monster.

For ages 3 to 6. The bright illustrations and big-hearted conclusion will leave you smiling. A fascinating story of a wildfire in Ontario, Canada, when both people and wild animals took refuge from the flames in a nearby lake. This picture book is a rhyming guessing game where nothing is quite as it seems. It will have both the kids and adults in your family giggling helplessly all the way to the end. There are lots of great silly picture books out there, but this one gets my vote for the silliest.

Pre-K-1st grade but older kids will find this one funny too. Peter Roget was a loner and very smart he started medical school when he was 14 years old! He thought people should always be able to find exactly the word they needed so he started making a list. Non-fiction, 2nd grade and older.

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Full of cool facts about the strength of a giraffe's kick, the toilet habits of naked mole rats and the suction cups of an octopus. Do you want to know the facts? Check out the book! Non-fiction, 5 years and up. Rapscott and the dogs that assist her. This book is about a family of noodles and the silly things they say and do.

Gorgeous illustrations depict the love of family, the beauty of the sea, the web of life and the possibilities of the imagination. This is among the very best new picture books and will make readers old and young smile. This book tells the story of a little cat Bernice feeling left out and less important than others due to a series of sleights and small unfortunate incidents at a party.

Being then in a bad mood, Bernice grabs all the balloons that send her on a journey where she learns the lessons of giving and sharing. This is an especially beautiful book and an excellent exploration of feelings and friendship. Told entirely through letters and illustrations, this is the entirely enchanting story of twelve-year-old Sophie who inherits magical chickens.

Lots of really good extra subplots and details, including dealing with grief after the death of beloved grandparent, dealing with family difficulties unemployment and financial stresses , loving but strict parents, Latin culture including a recipe for migas -- yum! Fun, sweet, smart, and perfect for aspiring chicken keepers, urban chicken farmers, 4-H chicken showers, and, especially, middle school readers. Poets have been writing poems for hundreds of years. They're written poems to a bookworm, the moon, cobwebs and flash cards.

Which poem will you like best? Stella and her brother Jojo wake up one night and see a burning cross near the pond — the Ku Klux Klan! Everyone in their tightknit African-American community goes on guard, worried about what the Klan will do next. Astrid and Nicole have been friends and done everything together forever. The summer before 7th grade, everything changes.

Nicole goes to dance camp and likes to talk about boys and make-up. Astrid is lost without her until she discovers Roller Derby. From toe shoes and tutus to music and choreography, the glorious world of ballet…and lots of beautiful pictures, too. Nathan finds out that the whole Fludd family, back for generations—are beastologists: A fascinating look at the life of the founder of modern ornithology details his travels, discoveries, and financial difficulties during the more than thirty years he devoted to studying and painting nearly birds for his masterpiece, The Birds of America.

Includes color reproductions of thirty of his magnificent paintings. For budding naturalists in grades 4 and above. The laughs never stop as Timmy continually makes the wrong assumptions, overlooks the most obvious clues and conjures up ridiculous theories to explain all the daily events in his life and school. Excellent choice for 3rd to 5th graders looking for humorous fiction or Wimpy Kid read-alikes. First title in a series. He is both unique and typical in many ways — the talented creator of a cartoon character, Donut Man, and also thoughtless toward his friends.

Excellent choice for realistic fiction lovers. The lovely village of Brixen is filled with caring, interesting people — all neighbors and friends to Rudi, age It also has its own witch. Engine 1 Pizza Twitter: The Rice Box Twitter: Whether it's mac and cheese spring rolls, a Cornflake encrusted chicken sandwich or a compost cookie, good things come in threes. Bacon Bacon The bacon food truck for San Francisco features bacon on a burger, bacon dipped in chocolate, a pork belly sandwich and bacon jam for added bacon deliciousness.

Phamily Bites The only Vietnamese food truck in town, Phamily Bites, serves traditional dishes like a pho tai noodle soup in a beef brisket stock and a seared filet mignon banh mi sandwich. MacGenieTruck The Modular Houston Chow down at The Modular truck where curbside dining has truly evolved with delectable delights such as whole lobster with risotto and even roasted bone marrow. The Modular Eat St. Serving up loco moco, fried chicken and Spam musubi, it is like a vacation for your taste buds.

Mozza Pi Ride into Louisville, KY, to Mozza Pi to experience the best wood-fired, artisan pizzas off the back of a truck from the coolest guy in a cowboy hat -- good enough for at least two yee-haas! Lil Cheezers Visit the Lil Cheezers truck for all your grilled cheese pleasures such as "The Plain Jane," "Caprese" and the "Fancy Pants," which includes Brie, caramelized onions, Granny Smith apples and walnuts on thick-cut wheatberry bread. The Honey Pot Twitter: Phat Thai Dine at the Phat Thai truck and sample authentic pad thai, som tum salad and pad kee mao, also known as "Drunken Noodles," a perfect hangover recipe.

Serving shrimp and grits hush puppies, brisket chimichanga and catfish tacos, this is definitely one streetcar named desire. Gorilla Cheese There is no monkey-ing around in Hamilton, Ontario, at the Gorilla Cheese truck, whose ooey-gooey sandwiches will make you go ape wild with delight. Short Leash Swing into Phoenix for some gourmet hot dogs at the Short Leash truck, with menu items like "The Aiko," a naan-wrapped sausage topped with mango chutney, or the "7th Innings Stretch," a spicy beer wiener topped with peanut butter, Cracker Jacks, bacon, smoked Gouda and BBQ sauce.

With dishes like a "Zorba Ballwich," "Blue Ball Special" and a "Porky," the odds of coming away fully satisfied are in your favor. These tacos are anything but ordinary with varieties such as quinoa and sweet potato, cast iron chicken or Baha-style tilapia fish taco -- any of which will have you asking for "more tacos please. Mas Tacos Por Favor Twitter: Their menu features meatball sliders with homemade marinara sauce and a loaded porchetta sandwich stuffed with Italian sausage.

With Indian delights such as chicken tikka masala and a spicy wrap with mint chutney, these guys put the Indian in Indiana. Tasty versions include orange marmalade and thai curry or goat cheese with kalamata olive bread. The Dump Truck Twitter: Fan favorites include the spicy red chili chicken and a tempura battered tilapia with fiery Asian slaw! West Coast Tacos Twitter: Fresh squeezed key lime, chocolate caramel flan and a New York style cheesecake with homemade strawberry sauce are just three of the hottest choices. Fireman Derek's World Famous Pies.

Tapa Tapa Head to San Antonio for appetizers unlike any other.

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The Tapa Tapa truck features such snacks as duck liver with deep-fried oatmeal cookies and eight-cheese mac and cheese with cheese crackers. The menu features an eggplant and egg Sabich breakfast wrap and a rich and creamy olea wrap with Gorgonzola and caramelized walnuts. Wolf and Bear's Twitter: Marky Ramone's Crusin Kitchen Twitter: Health Nut on Wheels Head to Miami to get a healthy dose of delicious at the Health Nut on Wheels truck where best sellers include a maple-dijon salmon filet on a mixed green bed.

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Best sellers include the Dogzilla Dog with an all beef frank dressed to the nines in avocado, bacon and homemade teriyaki sauce and the Yaki Dog with cajun pork sausage, stir fried yakisoba noodles and ground aonori seaweed. Pas d'cochon dans mon salon Twitter: Best sellers include Jerk Chicken Sliders with all the sweet heat of the islands. Fork in the Road Twitter: Vij's Railway Express Twitter: Bestsellers include the Shorty with beef short rib in a homemade veal stock and Queso Fresco -- and a Fontina Grilled Cheese with heirloom tomato, bacon and truffle fries.

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Good Karma Kitchen Twitter: Bone Daddy's Burgers Twitter: Mei Mei Street Kitchen Twitter: Taco Justice League Twitter: Mogu Vancouver, BC Facebook: Mogu - Japanese Street Eats Twitter: The Gaufre Gourmet Twitter: Morris Grilled Cheese Twitter: Red Hook Lobster Pound Twitter: Yolks Vancouver, BC Facebook: Nosh Seattle, WA Facebook: Fins on the Hoof Twitter: Funguyz Seattle, WA Facebook: Funguyz Food Trolley Twitter: DougieDog Hot Dogs Twitter: Camion Au Pied de Cochon Twitter: Captain Marden's Mobile Cuisine Twitter: Grilled Cheese Grill Twitter: That Food Truck Twitter: Adam's Grub Truck Twitter: St-Viateur Bagel Shop Twitter: Paddy Wagon Food Twitter: The Gourmet Group Twitter: Old World Food Truck Twitter: Cosmic American "Voodoo Van" Twitter: Ajumama Columbus, OH Facebook: Supertruck Montreal, QC Facebook: The Good Shepherd Twitter: Curbside Bliss Cupcakes Twitter: Viva La Waffle Twitter: Jonny Blonde Food Truck Twitter: Challah Food Truck Twitter: El Toro the Tot Twitter: Rockabelly Phoenix, AZ Facebook: Hungry Rooster Food Truck Twitter: Biscuit Love Truck Twitter: Flip 'n Patties Twitter: Planet of the Crepes Tucson Twitter: Micklethwait Craft Meats Twitter: Deadbeetz Victoria, BC Facebook: Deadbeetz Food Truck Twitter: Lagniappe Today Food Truck Twitter: Bite Into Maine Twitter: Big Kiwi Eats Twitter: The Peached Tortilla Twitter: Steel City Sandwich Twitter: The Feisty Jack Twitter: Crepe A Diem Twitter:

Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2) Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2)
Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2) Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2)
Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2) Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2)
Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2) Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2)
Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2) Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2)
Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2) Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2)
Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2) Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2)
Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2) Exotic Veggie Soup Recipe (The Shorty Book Series 2)

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