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But I know that what I think about is only fantasy because you lied to me for 3 years and had a secret long term boyfriend the whole time. Part of me, would love to forgive you, and try for real — but that part of me is weak. I have already felt the sting of the scorpion and your betrayal, you have betrayed me once, so it is in your nature to betray again.

Greatest gift of all Your Love By; Eric Santos (Princess Hours) GMA7

The other part of me wants nothing to do with you, this is the part of me that is strong. Maybe by then some guys will have fucked you around like you fucked me around. Maybe by then you will have experienced real abuse, maybe by then you will see what you have lost. I appreciate the opportunity to love, the feelings and the rush that comes with what we had. You are my weakness, I am your strength, such is the exchange of power in love between a man a woman. I would rather take you back and love you again like I loved you before.

The girl or the woman who is right for me has a word that is gold and a fixed standard of value -not a flexible standard of value. Or maybe you will just show up on my doorstep, a little older, with darkness in the lines of your older face from the hurt and heartbreak that you experienced with other men. Or maybe I just look at you in my doorway and you look at me. Both of our faces older, the lines in our faces deeper and darker from the hurt; from the pain; from the let-down of life. Maybe we just stare at each other and then I close the door on you forever, never letting you back in.

You come in briefly and see the beautiful house, the beautiful wife, the beautiful baby and the life you missed out on.

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You were very special to me and allowed me to love and feel love, I thank you for what you have done for me and forgive you for your trespasses. To my lover, I want to thank you for giving me the greatest gift of all: It is better to have loved and lost than to never love at all — you made me feel alive!

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A house built on sand will only sink into the earth. The second little pig built his house of sticks and still the wolf blew it down. I loved the way you would lie on me and our hearts could beat together — bare skin on skin. Or the way you would perch your feet on my thighs to warm your feet and cool my skin.

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What did we do together? Nothing in particular, but we lived. We are human be-ings, not human do-ings. Every day in my business-life I would do, do, do. You let me be, be, be. We played the roles we wanted to play. Like a perfectly scripted screenplay. In another life you would have came with me. In another life it would have worked.

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You made me feel a way that I had not felt in a very long time. You made me want to marry you, have children and grow old with you. This thread will never go away, it will only fade over time, as love never really goes away. It only fades into a half-life, like toxic waste or nuclear uranium: Half as potent over time, then half of that, then half of that.

To Love and Be Loved Is The Greatest Gift Of All | Stefan Aaarnio

But it never goes away… After we stopped speaking for the first time, I sent you a picture of my black leather antique love seat that we immediately had sex on after we were alone in Winnipeg. She must have been quite the woman to seduce him and have 6 kids with two different men and still stay married through all of that… A small part of my heart wanted you to come back to me, like your mother said you would, to reconcile and rekindle what we once had. The other part wanted to never speak to you again and have nothing to do with you.

Will you come back to me in 3 years? I say this without ego: I would have been a great man for you. I would married you and been faithful to you.

Kenny Rogers - The greatest gift of all Lyrics

I would have never hit you or disrespected you. I would have provided for you and our future children, I would have made a great husband. You thought you would be young and beautiful forever.

Your sister would slap your face if she knew what you were throwing away. I hold no grudges, I still love you and thank you for the opportunity to love you. I fear the day of you asking me for forgiveness and showing up on my doorstep. Can you blame it on being young? Can you blame it on being a woman? Can you blame it on flexible morals? Not to be confused with A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!

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Gift of All Gift of All
Gift of All Gift of All
Gift of All Gift of All
Gift of All Gift of All
Gift of All Gift of All

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