My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1)

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Brooke Dyer - HarperCollins, 32 pages. Find Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep at your local library. Deborah Diesen , illustrated by: Dan Hanna - Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 32 pages. With a seemingly permanent grouchy countenance, Mr. Fish encounters numerous friends, like Mr. Eight the octopus and Mrs. The answer from Mr. Fish is delightful, and a sure crowd-pleaser: Fish of his dreary-wearies for good. Delightful, vibrant, colorful illustrations, with smart, fun rhymes and a refrain that kids will recite over and over. A great book for audience participation or one-on-one to help cheer up little pouters.

Find The Pout-Pout Fish at your local library. Uri Shulevitz - Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 32 pages. Snowflakes fall one by one, slowly covering the city in a beautiful white blanket. Your child will enjoy this story as one boy celebrates the joys of a new snowfall. Simple text and wonderful illustrations make this award-winner perfect for a young audience. Find Snow at your local library.

Caralyn Buehner , illustrated by: Mark Buehner - Dial, 32 pages. Have you ever wondered what snowmen do at night? In this hilarious tale, a town full of snowmen embarks on a night of drinking cold cocoa, skating and playing baseball. The perfect rhyming story for a snowy day. Find Snowmen at Night at your local library. Snow Music is a great read-aloud for a snowy afternoon. Find Snow Music at your local library. Find The Snowy Day at your local library. No one illustrates the cozy comforts of winter better than Jan Brett.

This is a book to be read and discovered again and again. Find The Three Snow Bears at your local library. Arthur is a mild, art-loving guard dog at the Dogopolis Museum of Art. He spends evenings reading quietly in his little apartment on West 17th Street … unless the moon is full.

Find Art Dog at your local library. Mud takes care of bedtime rituals in a very unusual way, by feeding cookies to his fish and putting his toys in the refrigerator. Mud, Are You Ready for Bed? One afternoon, during a town fair, a group of mischievous babies crawls away from their families. It is up to one little boy to save the day. Rhyming verse, accompanied by eye-catching black silhouette illustrations, draws the reader into this hilarious caper.

Help your emerging reader make progress over the summer break with highly amusing and fun books like this one. A cumulative folk song in which the solution proves worse than the predicament when an old lady swallows a fly. Audrey Wood - Harcourt Children's Books, 32 pages. Audrey Wood has created a hilarious read aloud.

Children of all ages can relate to the fact that King Bidgood is having so much fun in his bathtub that he does not want to get out! Yet, who will run the kingdom? Audrey Wood , illustrated by: Bruce Wood - Blue Sky Press, 40 pages. On the way to school, the dot for the lowercase i disappears. Throughout the story, the author cleverly weaves information about the alphabet letters — their order, their correct positions, and their sounds.

The lively illustrations call attention to both upper- and lowercase letters. Find Alphabet Adventure at your local library.

Mo Willems - Hyperion Books for Children, 40 pages. Trixie and her inseparable Knuffle Bunny accompany Daddy to their neighborhood laundromat to do the family wash. A Cautionary Tale at your local library. Books that encourage a child to interact with the text are the perfect way to foster a love of reading. In Monkey and Me, a little girl and her toy monkey love to imitate animals. The book employs a rhyming refrain and charming illustrations that encourage the reader to play along. Start by reading Monkey and Me together and be amazed when you see your child reading it alone again and again.

Find Monkey and Me at your local library. Jim Ayelsworth , illustrated by: Henry Cole - Dutton Juvenile, 32 pages. Are you looking for a hilarious alphabet book chock full of the antics of 26 monkeys? Find out what happens when a family of monkeys is left home alone. If you think they act like typical siblings, you are right.

Will Mom and Dad come home to their chimps, tucked away in bed, or will the mischievous monkeys make a mess instead? Find Naughty Little Monkeys at your local library. Cynthia DeFelice , illustrated by: Starting with page one and steaming right on through the entire tale to the last delicious delightful sentence, DeFelice has the structure and rhythm of folkloric language down pat. Find One Potato, Two Potato at your local library. Tom MacRae , illustrated by: Elena Odriozola - Peachtree Publishers, 32 pages. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, things just turn out the opposite of what you intended: This is the kind of day that Nate is having.

But all is not what it seems. Find The Opposite at your local library. Sarah Ellis , illustrated by: Dusan Petricic - Red Deer Press, 32 pages. Queen Daisy has a problem that many wiggly children will be able to identify with: They want to wear wild and colorful boots and fuzzy slippers — or nothing at all! They want to wade in pond water, tap dance and discover puddles. A fun book for young children at that age where sitting still is a real effort. Barbara Jean Hicks , illustrated by: Dan Santat - Alfred A. Knopf, 40 pages. Great, active illustrations help support the funny narrative.

One of my favorite parts is when Walter talks about how much he helps out around the house when he is actually making a big mess and frustrating his owners. Jon Scieszka , illustrated by: Lane Smith - Viking Kestrel, 32 pages. Mem Fox , illustrated by: Judy Horacek - Harcourt Brace, 32 pages. Readers will chuckle over the thin sheep, the wide sheep, the swing sheep and the slide sheep; the car sheep, the train sheep, the sun sheep and the rain sheep as they search for the elusive green sheep. Simple illustrations and perfect predictable text combine to make an ideal bedtime story with the requisite snuggly ending.

Kate McMullan , illustrated by: Jim McMullan - HarperCollins, 36 pages. Along with entertaining information about backhoe work comes onomatopoeia, alliteration and even some counting. This photo essay tells the true story of Tatqiq and Kalluk, a pair of 3-month-old orphaned polar bears, who were found in Alaska and brought to the San Diego Zoo to be raised. Engaging photos follow the cubs from their initial quarantine to their eventual introduction to their outdoor habitat and delighted zoo visitors.

The author provides two sets of text, one consisting of simple sentences in large type for beginning readers and another in smaller type for older readers providing more extensive technical information. Find A Pair of Polar Bears: Join David and his friend Georgie as they learn karate. Photographs take you through each part of their class, from warm-up to sparring.

In the end, they finally pass the test and earn their green belts. Find Karate Boy at your local library. A simple rhyming, repetitive text accompanies this collection of reproductions of 16 works by famous painters. No one saw fish like Paul Klee. This book would be a great read before a first trip to the art museum. Find No One Saw: Ordinary Things Through the Eyes of an Artist at your local library. The combination of colorful photographs and concise yet simple language makes it easy for younger children to grasp.

Find Eleanor Roosevelt at your local library. Ruth Gross , illustrated by: Emily McCully - Scholastic, 64 pages. The illustrations will help children familiarize themselves with new words. The question-and-answer format breaks history up into fascinating bite-size chunks. A great photo dictionary of everyday things that come from the United States, including inventions, food, sports, toys and holidays. Instrumental in helping younger children gain perspective on the things that shape their daily lives and how those things came to be.

Jonah Winter , illustrated by: Ana Juan - Arthur A. Levine Books, 32 pages. Childhood polio and a horrific bus crash leave Frida Kahlo, the Mexican artist, with a broken, suffering body. Does she cry forever? She transforms her pain into playful paintings teeming with fantastic skeletons, jaguars, devils, and monkeys. Her courageous life is accurately portrayed in this richly emotional book, with poetic text, playful font, and surreal drawings.

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Find Frida at your local library. Carole Weatherford , illustrated by: Kadir Nelson - Hyperion Books for Children, 41 pages. Award-winning picture-book treatment of Tubman. Parents need to know that the topic of slavery is, and should be, disturbing, and young children will need help understanding. Harriet is in danger through much of the book.

Deborah Hopkinson , illustrated by: An inspiring tale of the construction of a landmark. Parents need to know that there is not much to be concerned about here, but some things may need explanation and context. The subject may be the building of the Empire State Building, but it takes place during the Great Depression, and your kids may want to know why children are scavenging for firewood in the streets of New York. Families who read this book could discuss skyscrapers. Why do people want to build something so big and difficult to construct? Why do they inspire us? Why would people want such a dangerous job?

Did you know that one tiny kernel of corn can produce up to 1, plants? Students learn about the contributions of Native American cultures in this simple, scientific explanation of how corn came to be. By the time the Pilgrims arrived in America, the Indians were harvesting corn and they used it in many ways. Find Corn Is Maize: The Gift of the Indians at your local library. Find A Handful of Dirt at your local library. Karen Farmer , illustrated by: Gary Currant - Penton Kids, 12 pages. In this straightforward and clever book, a little boy shops with his mom and learns that what he buys and how he takes it home can have a big impact on the environment.

By including a reusable shopping bag, this book gives even the youngest readers a tool for reducing their carbon footprint. Find My Bag and Me! In this book, kids will get a first glimpse of how their everyday observations are connected to the larger life of the planet. Although the concepts are complex, children will get a rudimentary explanation of the orbit, rotation and tilt of planet Earth, gravity, why we have seasons, and what happens as day turns into night.

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Vocabulary is simple for early readers, but because the scientific concepts are complex, some adult explanation will be welcome. Find On Earth at your local library. April Pulley Sayre , illustrated by: Ann Jonas - Greenwillow Books, 32 pages. Who knew that something that surrounds us every day could be so fascinating?

Using watercolor artwork and poetic free verse, the author explains what dust is, the different kinds of dust, its many sources pollen, house dust, dust storms, fires, volcanic ash , and how dust colors the sunsets that we see.

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There is a two-page section at the end of the book with additional information that will require adult explanation. Find Stars Beneath Your Bed: The Surprising Story of Dust at your local library. Jen Green , illustrated by: Mike Gordon - Barron's Educational Series, 32 pages. Jones is a teacher who sets a good example for kids by sorting his trash to learn the value of recycling. The series also features a helpful section at the back of each book for parents and teachers, suggesting ways to teach the concepts more effectively.

Find Why Should I Recycle? A delightful cast of dinosaur characters helps children learn about healthy habits. They send important messages about exercising your mind and body, and taking care of yourself and your friends. Find Dinosaurs Alive and Well: A Guide to Good Health at your local library. Simple text and photographs inform young readers about the safest way to enjoy themselves at the swimming pool. Find Safety at the Swimming Pool at your local library.

Maya Ajmera, John D. Find Be My Neighbor at your local library. Parents need to know this book offers positive, common sense lessons that build math awareness and quantity recognition. Younger kids will enjoy looking at the pictures and doing the simpler lessons; older kids and adults will appreciate the harder challenges. Find Great Estimations at your local library. This book, an award-winner about life on a floating lighthouse, focuses on daily life on a lightboat where sailors are portrayed as simply dedicated to their job of keeping other boats safe.

Parents whose kids love planes and trains and things that go will welcome this excellent factual picture book. Kids will especially love the tiny details about daily life. From the wave-warped hallways to the claustrophobic living quarters, the book manages to accurately convey how these dedicated sailors at sea for months at a time experienced their jobs without ever being boring.

The prose is simple, clear and understated, supported by detailed illustrations that let kids peek at details on the boat including its machinery, the wheel, and even their laundry hung out to dry on deck. A dramatic picture of the tiny, shining boat warning an awesome ocean liner is sure to give kids a satisfactory thrill. Find Lightship at your local library. This is an amazingly elaborate pop-up book that includes fun and simple factoids as well as basic definitions of machines and their jobs.

Machines at your local library. Ruth Krauss , illustrated by: Maurice Sendak - HarperTrophy, 48 pages. Imagine Kids say the darndest things bound into a picture book. And imagine that the illustrations were done in the most charming fashion by Maurice Sendak. You have the wonderful, whimsical and purse-sized A Hole Is to Dig.

Your child will giggle with delight when you read these wacky definitions together. Find A Hole Is to Dig at your local library. Audrey Penn , illustrated by: Harper and Nancy M.

The Maggie B.

School is about to start and Chester, a small raccoon, is afraid. So she tells him about a family secret about the kissing hand — and it makes school as cozy as home. Find The Kissing Hand at your local library. Please enter a valid email address. Thank you for signing up! Please try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience. Favorite books for kindergartners Adventures, classics, and stories of friendship and school that we recommended for your young reader. GreatSchools Staff Print book list. Kids with a dog in the family.

Kids who like adventure. Kids who like creative solutions. Helping kids understand the value of friendship. Helping kids understand unspoken feelings and friendship. Getting excited about starting school. Kids who like adventure stories. A fun way to talk about behavior and expectations at school. Kids who are nervous about starting school. Animal lovers — and kids who like picking their own clothes. Kids who like to learn about other cultures.

Showing kids how change can feel. Kids who like realism. Kids who like mysteries. Kids who might be a little nervous about school.

Kids who like humor stories. Kids who like fantasy stories. Kids who like arts. Thinking about and talking about what goes on at school. Helping kids learn about friendship. Kids who like historical fiction. Kids who like science and nature. Kids who like classics. Kids who like animals.

  • Letters from a Desperate Dog!
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
  • Die ökonomische Wohlfahrtstheorie: Ökonomische Grundlagen zur Ressourcenknappheit und zur Verwendung von Ressourcen im Wirtschaftsprozess (German Edition).
  • The Pink Triangle: The Nazi War Against Homosexuals.
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How to Be a Bawse: Colouring Books Collections by InIkao. The Lord of the Rings. The Mortal Instruments Slipcase and S Hot new releases Previous page. A Guide for the Finding My Way Back to Mr. Julia Jones - The Teenage Years: The Vedas and Upanishads for Children. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 12 Book Slipcase. Diary of a Super Girl - Book Queen of Air and Darkness. Diary of Steve the Noob Most gifted Previous page.

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Fairy Tale Little Library. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. A Walk To Remember. Colouring Books for Adults Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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  • Tales from the West Virginia Mountaineers Sideline: A Collection of the Greatest Mountaineers Stories Ever Told (Tales from the Team).
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  • Green Demons, Dark Shadow (What Goes Around Book 5).
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The Sun is also a Star. Refreshing Mandala - Colouring Book Reflections of a Man. Jumbo Activity Book with Activity. Diary of A Wimpy Kid: My First Book of Patterns Pencil Picture Books Collection for Early Great Stories for Children. Boxset of 10 Board The Magic of the Lost Temple.

Grandma's Bag of Stories. The Best of Panchatantra. The Old Man and the Sea. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 9 December Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Available for immediate download. A Wasted Hour 12 September

My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1) My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1)
My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1) My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1)
My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1) My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1)
My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1) My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1)
My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1) My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1)
My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1) My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1)
My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1) My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1)
My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1) My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1)
My First Book About United States of America (Kids First Learning Collection 1)

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