An Accident Waiting to Happen

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Supplemental Content Full text links. In the accident, 47 of the 89 mainly Chinese tourists on board were killed when the boat sank. Rescuers had to spend 11 days retrieving the bodies from the sea.

The last one, pinned by the boat wreckage, was taken out on July 15 amid strong currents. On the same day, a yacht named Serenita carrying 39 passengers and two crew also capsized near Phuket. Two companies, now under probe as to whether they worked on behalf of Chinese investors, were implicated in the accident. The two boats set sail even as other operators decided to stay ashore because of bad weather.

My body just didn't, or couldn't, coordinate with my ambitions.

There was an "order from abroad" to have them resume services, Pol Maj Gen Surachate said. Police are gathering evidence to act against the suspects.

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Officers have been granted warrants for the arrest of Phoenix owner Woralak Ruekchaikal, 26, who is married to Chinese national Zhang Wenhao, and the vessel's chief engineer Onchan Kanhayothi on charges of recklessness causing deaths and injuries. In an interview with Chinese media, Mr Zhang said his wife oversees business operations while he is a diving instructor.

However, investigators are digging into the firm's background to find whether TC Blue Dream, along with Lazy Cat Travel, has connections with Tranlee Travel, which was shut down, following a bust in The Phuket-based company ran a tourism business offering a range of services from tour boats, buses to hotels and souvenir shops. Its Chinese owner allegedly used an identity card of a dead Thai citizen in the North as his own so he could manage the firm under Thai citizenship, according to investigators.

The company's million baht in assets were seized and its 10 sister companies were also closed.

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What caught the attention of Pol Maj Gen Surachate most when he led officers to inspect 11 locations on July 10 were documents at TC Blue Dream which raised doubts over money transfers out of Thailand and the "temporary" structure of its office which suggested it may be illegally operated by Thai nominees. The firm has moved after a lease contract ended, but they did not inform officials of the new workplace, Business Development Department chief Kulanee Issadisai said, adding this breaks the law.

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From to this year, her department has inspected over 2, companies claimed to have minority foreign ownership and found nearly of them have "nominee behaviour," she said. Their businesses mostly involve tourism and real estate development and are often based in tourist destinations in Phuket, Chon Buri and Surat Thani which features Samui and Phangan resort islands. The discovery of safety flaws in the Phoenix and the Serenita has prompted authorities to strengthen safety standards, hoping to restore confidence of foreign tourists, especially many Chinese visitors who cancelled trips to Thailand after the tragedy.

The Phoenix was built by Thanawat Engineering Phuket Co which allegedly runs its business without a licence, a source close to the investigation said.

Accident Waiting To Happen

Experts, who have knowledge of boat assembly, believed the Phoenix sank easily because it did not use good materials or an engine suited to sea travel. According to investigators, an engine from a wheel truck was adapted and installed in the boat, which posed a risk.

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The differences between the two distributions are statistically significant, implying that certain locations on campus are perceived as dangerous, though pedestrian crashes have not yet occurred there, and there are actual locations of police-reported crashes that are not perceived to be dangerous by pedestrians or drivers. The models show that high exposure, incomplete sidewalks and high crosswalk density are associated with greater observed and perceived pedestrian crash-risk.

Additionally, we found that people perceive a lower risk near university libraries, stadiums, and academic buildings, despite the occurrence of crashes. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.

An Accident Waiting to Happen An Accident Waiting to Happen
An Accident Waiting to Happen An Accident Waiting to Happen
An Accident Waiting to Happen An Accident Waiting to Happen
An Accident Waiting to Happen An Accident Waiting to Happen
An Accident Waiting to Happen An Accident Waiting to Happen
An Accident Waiting to Happen An Accident Waiting to Happen
An Accident Waiting to Happen An Accident Waiting to Happen
An Accident Waiting to Happen An Accident Waiting to Happen
An Accident Waiting to Happen

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