Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs

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Discussion in ' Alternate History Discussion: Before ' started by Archon of Thessaly , Aug 28, Log in or Sign up. A brave new world: Archon of Thessaly Overlord of the thessalians Joined: Aug 6, Location: In the Eocene on a safari for Agilodon. Earth's atmosphere, 65 Million BC: The apocalypse had come. It came in the form of a huge, jagged piece of space rock, worn down by seemingly endless millennia of collisions with other asteroids, yet still formidable, daunting.

It had spent millions of years hurtling through the bitterly cold, endless expanse of space, passing stars and planets, all of of a vast array of different shapes, sizes, colours, dying stars that were pulsated with energy desperatly bursting to be released, planets smothered in thick emerald green fog, planets made of blood red rock. So beautiful, picaresque, dazzling and utterly lifeless. And the asteroid had flown past them harmlessly. But this planet it was hurtling towards was different. It had entire continents covered in thick, lush forests full of stinking primeval swamps.

Dry, scorching hot deserts where only the toughest survived, wide expanses of flat grassy plains that were inhabited of by a Margery of monsters never seen before. Huge, lumbering beasts we would have called " sauropods," with long windy necks that reached up through the thick canopy of trees into the blue skies above, Winged, grotesque flying demons that soared through the skies in there endless search for prey, smaller herd based creatures with strange crests with which they could create beautiful melodies that bathed the plains with a cacophony of sound and huge, terrifying, two legged tyrants, with hundreds of serrated, jagged teeth in a massive jaw capable of ripping its way through even the toughest bone or tendon.

Brave New World - Devils, Demons, Dinosaurs

It had a vast body frame that put off even the bravest and most persistent rival, making it the master of all it surveyed through its cruel , piercing reptilian eyes. All of them living in perfect harmony, in a never ending circle of life that had existed for billions of years and seemed would continue for another billion years. And then a blinding flaming ball of flame tote through the sky and in that instant the entire world, with its perfect yet delicate circles were torn apart and plunged the world into fire, smoke, choking gas and then an endless winter.

And when the dust settled everything had changed. The vast forests were reduced to tinder wood, deserts turned to Arctic wildernesses, the great grasslands turned to a seemingly lifeless burial ground, covered in ash covered bones belonging to once to mighty monsters. And then, out of the darkness, a flash of green. Then another, then a high pitched cry that tare through the cold silent air.

Etrigan the Demon

Bushes rustle, gravel crushed underfoot. And then, emerging like some hellish demon out of the black smoke, a small, two legged creature, a Therapod, with two huge yellow bulging eyes, and on its arms and legs huge curved claws, perfected over millions of years for tearing maiming, and killing. Yet it is this small creature that is the future. For something has survived.

Devil Dinosaur - Origins

A world were the not all the dinosaurs died out, where a few, scattered pockets of small, intelligent, ruthless raptor like dinosaurs live on and begin to adapt, then dominate the brand new world it inhabits. But it wont be alone. Because the death of other Dinosaurs leaves vacancies that other beasts, mammals and birds will move to take there place and begin to fight for Raptors for dominance of earth Any criticisms, questions, tips, ideas or comments you may have please post, as this is my first TL, so i'll need all the help i can get.

Jul 4, Location: Hmm, I'm not sure about cold reptilian eyes. Dinosaurs were warm blooded. And be careful with evolutionary PoDs, butterflies could be up the charts, you could easily divert mammalian evolution in other directions than OTL.

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Also, there are a couple of mass extinction events coming up, will the raptors survive them too? Oct 15, Location: Get this out of the way early I believe they call those survivors "birds".

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Can their plan succeed? Taken apart they give the clearest pictures possible of the beginning and ending of planet earth.

A brave new world: the dinosaurs not quite wiped out.....

Taken together, they form the greatest map of God's Plan unfolding in this universe. Now join me in II Peter 3. The Lord tells us what to do when you find yourself in a world that denies their Maker! Fossils speak of death, and death speaks of sin and judgment, not of creation and development. When correctly interpreted, whether theologically or scientifically, this world- wide witness in the very earth itself testifies of a sovereign Creator who controls and judges His creation.

God introduces us to grace with an astoundingly vivid backdrop. Satan the Adversary has tried to mess up God's plan over and over. There are at least 7 times He tried to do so. Previous 1 2 Next. Jul 31, Series: Addressing Your Questions from God's Word. Jul 24, Series: What is Hungering for God? Jul 30, Passage: Series Date Title A-Z. Apr 16, Passage: Genesis In this sermon we are going to survey what is probably the most intriguing, fascinating, and informative part of the Bible.

Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs
Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs
Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs
Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs
Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs
Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs
Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs
Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs Brave New World: Devils, Demons & Dinosaurs

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