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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I mean, put some effort into it and make her fun. I realize these are the equivalent of the Harlequin romance books from 20 years ago, but The plot is actually all right. But, if you've read one watcher book, then.

Man sees woman, " must control myself she is. Mindhealer takes Saintcrow's Watcher series in a slightly different direction, but don't fear at the core of the book is still the bonding of the Lightbringer Witch and Watcher pair. Unlike the previous Watcher books, in Mindhealer we are at last are brought into the world of the Lightbringers. In the previous books the four witches and their Watchers stood outside of this society, but here we get a glimpse of the community with both Witches and a garrison of Watchers as it is under attack by the Dark.

There also is more of a sense of a larger background plot than the previous books with new and more challenging elements of the Dark for the Watchers to combat. If you've read the previous books you'll remember that the innately compassionate Witches' souls shine so brightly that they attract evil dark monstrous creatures bent on the Witches' destruction or enslavement. Standing at a Witch's side to keep her safe from the 'Dark' is a Watcher with his vow to 'duty, honor and obedience', equipped to fight the Dark because of his own stained soul and the dark symbiant he carries within himself.

The powerful symbiant gives the Watcher strength and healing power, but at a price since the darkness of the symbiant means that the Watcher endures great pain in the presence of the Witch's lightness. But even as he suffers to earn his redemption there is hope for a Watcher, there is the promise that one day he will find the 'one Witch just for him', the one that brings him pleasure instead of pain, the one Witch who will bring him peace.

In Mindhealer witch Caro, who is in denial about her vulnerability to the Dark, has refused to have a Watcher of her own. Her first and only Watcher having sacrificed his life to protect her, she can't stay the thought of endangering another protector. But keeping Caro safe is going to be no easy job. With new more powerful elements of the Dark targeting Caro's rare mindhealing powers there is more danger for Caro and Caro's own determination to keep Merrick from danger, makes it even more difficult to do his job.

Many of the elements that made the previous books enjoyable are here in Mindhealer, the strong minded heroine and the dark powerful self-sacrificing hero who struggles to accept the 'undeserved' salvation to be gained through the bond with his Witch. This is starting to feel pretty familiar, but I am still not tired of it yet.

If you are familiar with Saintcrow's Dante Valentine series, the Witches and Watchers inhabit the same world and if you enjoy Saintcrow's writing you will likely enjoy the Watchers -- they are great dark and tortured warriors -- even though the books in Saintcrow's Watcher series are much more single threaded and shorter than her mainstream novels.

I love this series and I am so glad she is continuing to write it. Caroline Robbins is a Mindhealer, she heals normal and witch minds that have been disturbed or destroyed by the Dark. She has had one Watcher killed in front of her and doesn't want to have it happen again. She is adamant that she will not have a Watcher. She and her brother are both in Circle Lightfall, they were orphans when they were discovered by a Watcher.

She is much more powerful than her brother. But they are devoted to each other. Merrick is a Watcher, he keeps his secrets deep and darkly hidden, like most Watchers he knows his life had no value until he became a watcher. Now he is at a point of despair, when Watchers reach that point they usually take one to many chances and wind up dead. He is on patrol when he sees a bunch of dark koroi, they are after a Lightbringer in a small car, he rushes to her aid and finds Caro. He also finds his witch. The one who takes away his pain. Only a few lucky Watchers have found their witch and bonded to her.

The only problem is that Caro doesn't want him. However, there is a new element rising in the world, the Crusade has joined with another group and they are experimenting on people and psychics. Only Caro has a chance to understand and defeat the danger, and Merrick is determined that she will not die. I love this book and it expands the world and the dangers of the witches who make up Circle Lightfall. Can hardly wait for the next one. I love Lilith Saintcrow in general, and Mindhealer just exemplifies the awesomeness of her style and craft. I love the story, the characters, the pace and feeling of the plot.

The concepts for this series are fantastic and she does a great job giving just enough to understand but leaving mystery. It was really neat reading this world expand throughout the series and culminate in this one. Her writing really comes into it's own in this book as well as spectacular.

I hated that it ended - I want many, many more books in this world! But alas, such is the problem of an excellent series. Love this series but wow this one kept repeating scenes a lot. Same scene where female is helpless after a attack unable to go on, nearly dying and so on. Great series but not really as happy with this one as the rest of them. Really liked this series. I just gobbled all 5 up!!! Fresh ideas, lots of action, strong love interests but no smut!!!

My kind of book!! Another home run for a very talented author who ranks right in there with Laurell K Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, and a number of other best selling authors. Once again characters that are believable and likable spun into a tale that is totally engrossing and leaves one flipping the pages until the wee small hours of the morning. Less graphically violent than the Dante Valentine series but every but as addictive!

See all 29 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 5 months ago. Published on July 19, Published on April 1, Can someone explain the reasoning for this? Am I missing it or just so annoyed that I'm purposely ignoring it?? Oh, yes, and I do just love that Caro refuses to allow Merrick to kill a bad guy.

Oh, goodie… Excuse me while I find a bucket. Then there's the idiot brother. Oh, he's well meaning enough, but totally thoughtless. It's so lame that all I want to do is take the book out and drown it. The Story A routine trip to Altamira turns out to be so much more.

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A Dark entity that none of the Watchers have ever encountered before is attacking normal and psychic people. Caro's first experience with one of the victims in which she nearly dies, spurs her on to taking fewer and fewer of the "expected" precautions as she dives into the minds of more and more victims. Thoughtlessly, purposely putting herself into more and more precarious situations all while worrying endlessly over the possibility of something happening to Merrick. The Characters Caro Robbins is a mindhealer within the ranks of the Lightbringers.

A deep emotional loss has caused her to withdraw and refuse Watcher protection in spite of all the travel she does between the various Circle Lightfall safehouses, teaching other mindhealers what she knows. She's based in Santiago City, a. Vince is a Watcher who died protecting her. Eleanor D'Arcy is the mindhealer teacher who took her under her wing. Trevor Robbins is her brother with a minor talent in Air and he drums with Elise's band.

His watcher is Keenan. Merrick is a Watcher in Altamira. He's close to a breaking point and seeking more and more suicidal missions. He's known as the Tracker for his ability to find anything. Francine Edwardton is the witch in charge of the safehouse in Altamira. She is also Caro's friend.

Oliver is the head of the Watchers in Altamira. Men who were doomed by their actions are given the opportunity to become Watchers. A super-enhanced being who can detect and fight the Dark while protecting a Lightbringer , a witch with a strength in one of several elements: The Watchers suffer excruciating pain as part of their punishment I think ; they hold on both as penance for their past deeds and in hopes of finding the one woman, the Lightbringer, who can bring them peace.

Circle Lightfall is an organization that creates the Watchers and finds and protects the Lightbringers. The Crusade is a religious organization natch determined to destroy the witches. There are a maximum of four to five Bishops with great powers; Crusade Masters are live soldiers; Seekers are hell-dogs created with ceremonial magic; zombie knights are paired with Seekers to hunt down and kill Lightbringers; and, Slayers. A new breed created by the experimental attacks that are intended to be Watcher equivalents. The Dominion is a more mercenary version of the Crusade.

The Cover The cover is another cheesy one with a pair of hands in a cradling position as blue-green mists? I think it's the colors in the title and author's name that causes it to feel so cheesy. The title is accurate enough. Caro is a Mindhealer. Aug 17, Cyn Armistead rated it liked it. Mindhealer is the only book that takes place outside of Santiago City, which seems to be the primary s I'm actually reviewing all five of the Watcher books.

Jun 08, Linda rated it it was amazing. This is the first book I have read in The Watchers series. I am a big fan of paranormal books and enjoyed my introduction to this new world. It features witches with different skills needed to fight in the battle of good verses evil. The witches are at great risk and are assigned Watchers to protect them. These Watchers are assigned to various witches unless they find their own witch and become part of a bonded pair.

The struggle between good and evil is the basis of many books. I enjoy how each This is the first book I have read in The Watchers series. I enjoy how each author has their own take on the battle and the roles their characters have in the struggle. This book had a good combination of the supernatural elements as well as including humans who hate and are more easily paralleled to what we see in our own society. There are those who chose to hate those they don't understand or for their own profit. Caro is the witch featured in this book and she has a lot of issues due to her childhood as a foster child before her abilities were noticed and she was taken in and educated.

She loves her little brother and is reluctant to place anyone in danger by being her Watcher after losing one during an attack. She is an expert at healing minds touched by evil and travels to teach others these skills. She has gotten an agreement that she can travel alone without a Watcher if she agrees to travel only during the day and stays in safe houses. She finds out in this book that she has a Watcher she can't avoid. Merrick has scars on the outside and the inside.

He rescues Caro from an attack and discovers he has found his witch. Caro is the one witch who makes him feel comfortable and good again. He is willing to risk anything to protect her even if it means shaming himself by violating the rules of being a Watcher. We learn some of his history but I would like to know more about his childhood. Caro's biggest weakness is her desire to save and protect others without thinking through the consequences to herself or the long term effects of her actions.

She is very reactionary and that behavior scares those who care about her. They think she is too quick to react and that she will end up killing herself. If she was being selfish in those actions, I would have been annoyed and repelled. I understood that she has a deep rooted need to protect and help others. Merrick is such a conflicted man. He deeply regrets his past and seems to feel he can never repent enough for what he was involved with before becoming a Watcher. He doesn't know that he deserves a witch of his own but he is truly committed to her safety and wants her very much.

I thought they were a great couple and enjoyed watching them bond. I didn't have any preconceived ideas about what they would be like or should be like and just let myself absorb the details of their world and their fight against the evil trying to spread. I was able to jump right in and understand the back-story without any difficultly and would now like to read the other four books in the series. I am glad to discover this new series. I was provided a copy by the publisher in return for a honest review. Apr 24, Paul rated it really liked it. Part of a series, this book is about a modern-day society in the middle of a long-term war between the forces of Light and Dark.

Caroline Caro Robbins is a Mindhealer, a special kind of witch. She has the ability to go into the mind of someone who has been psychically ravaged by Dark forces, and repair the damage. During an ill-advised drive to a safe house in the city, Caro almost becomes the next victim. She is rescued by a Watcher named Merrick, and brought to the safe house.

Watchers and Wit Part of a series, this book is about a modern-day society in the middle of a long-term war between the forces of Light and Dark. Watchers and Witches are never supposed to physically touch; if they do, the physical reaction is something like a severe electric shock. When Merrick touches Caro, and nothing happens, he realizes that the two are bonded.

Merrick is bound by honor and duty to never let Caro out of his sight, and to sacrifice his life, if necessary, to keep her alive.

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This is despite Caro's extreme disinterest in having another Watcher. Her previous Watcher died in the line of duty, and she is determined to not go through that again. The safe house is under nearly constant attack by Dark forces, despite being covered in magical protection spells. Being saved by Merrick, more than once, has not blunted Caro's very wide stubborn streak.

During one trip inside a victim's mind, a waiting Dark carnivore almost makes a psychic, and physical, meal out of Caro. Merrick is tormented by not wanting to disobey her, wanting to handcuff her, and sit on her, to keep her out of danger, and the tendency of his crotch to do the thinking, instead of his brain. Do they survive the attacks? My only complaint about this book is that it is not the first in the series; I am one of those who has to read a series in order.

It's a first-rate piece of writing, with enough romance and emotion between Caro and Merrick maybe a little too much. Even for those who don't think that they like dark fantasy stories, this is very much worth reading. Jun 27, Angel Hatfield rated it it was amazing Shelves: She specially trained the mindhealers and seers. Caro had been a foster kid who heard voices.

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Trev was Caro's little brother and wanted her to travel with a watcher. He was a light bringer, an air witch. Merrick was a watcher who saved Caro's life as she'd gotten lost and had been attacked. He then realized she was his witch. Humans and psychics were being attacked. That had started about 6 months ago. They were found mostly on the north side of town. There was a sense of something not right. Only mindhealers could smell that the air was fowl around someone that had been attacked. There had been 14 attacks, 8 victims were already dead. Having their own witch was the only way the watcher could make up whatever bloody acts or series of acts had tortured them into becoming something inhuman to atone for it.

Caro was a mindhealer, very mentally and physically strong. She was a good person through and through. She could be stubborn and determined. When she decided something, it was nearly impossible to change her mind. She was afraid to have another watcher. I really enjoyed her character. Merrick was mentally and physically strong. Then he saved Caro and knew she was his witch.

He didn't feel he deserved her, but he'd give his all to protect her, even against her will. I rooted for him all through this story.


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I loved this story, the characters and the plot. I do hope another comes out. I highly recommend it. May 04, Phyllis rated it it was amazing Shelves: The mindhealer is one of the rarest witches. Caro Robbins is a mindhealer.


For years, she has traveled the world, healing the minds of witches. Unlike most witches within the lightfall circle, Caro does not have a Watcher. Since her own Watcher died protecting her, Caro has refused a Watcher. However, there is something terribly wrong in Saint City. The dark is attacking the minds of normals and witches.

As soon as she arrives, Caro finds herself under attack. She is rescued by the Watcher, Merr The mindhealer is one of the rarest witches. She is rescued by the Watcher, Merrick. Merrick realizes that Caro is his witch. Against her will, Caro now has a Watcher. Merrick will do whatever he must to protect his witch. This fifth book is the Watcher series was just as satisfying as the first.

In the Wtcher world, the lightfall circle finds and protects witches from the dark. Among the dark are fanatical Christian groups. Watchers are bad, bad men who get a chance at redemption. They commit their lives to duty, honor, and obedience to the witches. They protect the witches with their lives. But the tanak in their bodies, which gives them super human stength and healing power, is a part of the darkness. As a result, the proximity to the healing power of witches is painful to Watchers.

Except for the one special witch with whom the Watcher can bond. Saintcrow created two interesting characters with Merrick and Caro. Caro is a tightly controlled, uber adult. She is all about responsibility and duty. Merrick is willing to sacrifice honor and redemption to save her. It is a great romance. Oct 22, Katie Larsen rated it really liked it. Mindhealer is the fifth book in the Watchers series by Lilith Staintcrow.

I have not read the previous four books in the series, in fact this is the first Saintcrow I have read. The setting of this story really drew me in, and made me want to read more of the series. The action scenes were well written and frequent enough that I never felt like I was waiting. I found the relationship between the watchers and the witches interesting. There was the impression that the watchers are voluntary servan Mindhealer is the fifth book in the Watchers series by Lilith Staintcrow.

There was the impression that the watchers are voluntary servants of the witches. The witches are physically fragile, but magically powerful. While the watchers are physically enhanced, super strong protectors, and fanatically subservient to the witches.

tevopaleqopi.tk: Mindhealer (The Watchers Book 5) eBook: Lilith Saintcrow: Kindle Store

It seemed that both groups are able to have power over each other without taking too much advantage, or using their power against the other party. They are of course on the same side, so romance follows. The evil forces are complex and scary in a really good way. I will enjoy reading more from this author. Feb 27, Dana rated it liked it Shelves: I really like this series and I can't be sure why.

It isn't terribly well written, but it is interesting. I think the author does a wonderful job in developing the magic and her version of the sterotypical witch and watcher in this series. My only complaint is that so much time is spent building sexual tension between the characters and then it is all resolved in 2 paragraphs.

I don't need erotica, but when you are dealing with a man who has just found the only woman he can touch without pain, y I really like this series and I can't be sure why. I don't need erotica, but when you are dealing with a man who has just found the only woman he can touch without pain, you would expect things to get a little wild. This installment in the series was one of the best.

It was the first time that I felt I was really reading a series with an overall plot line as opposed to individual novels novellas-these are short that are connected. I liked the characters in the previous books very much, so I was sad to deviate away from them, but it was nice to see more of the authors world and make some new frinds.

Looking forward to seeing what the author comes up with next for this world of hers. May 20, Angie rated it really liked it. This is the fifth book in the Watcher Series. This story is told from the point of view of both the watcher and the witch. Merrick is by far my favorite character in this series. He has some depth and a complex background. However, I didn't really care for Caro. I prefer heroines that are tough and can stand on their own. She didn't come across that way to me. She was stubborn, sometimes stupidly so, which in turn almost gets her and Merrick both killed.

Caroline seemed more of a spoiled child t This is the fifth book in the Watcher Series. Caroline seemed more of a spoiled child to me. Then there is the fact that she constantly stated that she didn't cry much and she didn't like it when she did, yet all the while she was continually doing just that. If she didn't get her way, she threw a tantrum. Those are not traits that I care for in a female lead. She annoyed me and almost ruined the story for me. That was somewhat disappointing.

For my complete review, please Word Gurgle at www. Jun 30, Leslie rated it really liked it Shelves: Another book in the Watcher series! Caro is a Mindhealer - a very rare gift among the Lightbringers. After her last Watcher died saving her life, Caro swore she would never agree to another to safeguard her. The Dark factions are attacking Lightbringers and normal humans and Caro is called in on a special case. While traveling to the Lightbringer safehouse, she is attacked and Merrick saves her. Caro is a very s Another book in the Watcher series!

Caro is a very strong-willed and stubborn heroine. Unfortunately these traits usually mean that she tends to overextend her abilities and risks her well-being on a regular basis. I am glad that Ms. Saintcrow wrote another book in this series and I look forward to more! May 21, Reading rated it really liked it Shelves: I am finally caught up with this series and really enjoy it.

Mindhealer (The Watchers Book 5) Mindhealer (The Watchers Book 5)
Mindhealer (The Watchers Book 5) Mindhealer (The Watchers Book 5)
Mindhealer (The Watchers Book 5) Mindhealer (The Watchers Book 5)
Mindhealer (The Watchers Book 5) Mindhealer (The Watchers Book 5)
Mindhealer (The Watchers Book 5) Mindhealer (The Watchers Book 5)
Mindhealer (The Watchers Book 5) Mindhealer (The Watchers Book 5)

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