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Although the offer for the publication of the data in the catalog is presented as free of charge, after completing and submitting the data, the client will receive an invoice for the payment of almost EUR per year. The number of exhibitors will increase and there will be a significant increase in the nomenclature, mainly in the field of heating.

The fourth revolution is comming and especially Building industry will be one of the most affected sector. For that reason, Building 4. Altogether exhibitors presented their expositions there, 67 of them coming from abroad from 15 countries of the world, and the number of visitors thus exceeded the limit of 71, persons. At the same time we would like to express our great thanks also to all visitors whose support is at the same time a great challenge for us in the future as well. The twenty-eighth edition of the largest International Building Trade Fair in the Czech Republic is opening its gates for visitors this afternoon.

More than eight hundred exhibitors from fifteen countries of the world will present there the latest trends from the field of the building industry on an exhibition area of almost 21, square metres.

Thank you for your inquiry.

A great innovation compared to previous editions is given by various daily topics - quality of products, energy performance management, professional education, smart house concepts and self-built house constructions. Directors of designing companies consider the relatively high combustibility of wood to be the most serious disadvantage of the building use of wood. On the other hand, the possibility of mould attacks causes the least concern.

This year's conference will be a unique event as it will present the Italian style and design in the world of wellness and SPA. Mario Santini is an enthusiastic professional with passion for relaxation, namely saunas. He is the founder and president of the Italian Sauna Association. He actively takes part in sauna ceremonials as a sauna master, and this is not his first time in the Czech Republic — he is an avid participant of many events that are held here.

The grain is indicative of Elm to me.. Elm is not toxic. Hello Eric, Any idea what kind of wood this is? We found this inside the storage room of an apartment we just moved into. We are located in Germany.

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Thank you in advance! I stripped this table that was my grandmothers probably made in the 50s from Beals furniture. Does anyone know what kind of what this is? I was thinking maple.

The best guess I can make from just a snapshot would be alder. This is a desk I got from my grandmother. Can someone help me identify this?

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It is a very heavy wood — I put some oil on the end to see what the grain looked like. This is caused by interlocked grain in the tree that is most prominently displayed on the quartersawn surface. Probably the most likely and most commonly used wood to have ribbon stripe are various types of mahogany, including sapele.

This article may shed more light: Hello Eric, I need to get somebody wood to match these beams — any idea what they are made of? They look like spruce because of the knots and splitting, however it could be eastern white pine too, if it is from that general location.

Antique Farm Style Table Assuming it is a dark stain. Guessing over years old. Right now, I do not have an end-grain picture, but grain is intriguing..? Thank You, in Advance, Eric! Those ray flecks are very characteristic of quartersawn white oak. Hard to mistake it for anything else. You should have a donation link, I automatically thought, what q great help you are to so many people. Thank you for your time and expertise.

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You are full of great wood knowledge. This was made in Japan can you tell what type of wood this might be? I read a lot of posts and tried to get a photo with the end grain as you had asked others. I hope this image works. It looks most like mahogany to me. Not sure what type it would be from that distance. This article explains more: Leave this field empty. Confirm it is actually solid wood. Large repeating patterns suggest a veneer. Look at the grain color. Some questions to immediately ask yourself: Is the color of the wood natural, or is it stained?

A piece of Lignum Vitae is weighed on a small digital scale. Kevin December 14, at 2: Wade Fallin December 12, at 1: Travis December 11, at 8: Partially sanded down the piece to try to match the wood. Andy December 11, at 1: Jeffery December 14, at 1: Hannah December 11, at 6: DeAnn December 5, at 5: What type of wood? Eric December 6, at Can you get a closer shot of the grain?

The image looks a little washed out from that distance. Andrew December 4, at Anyone know what this wood is? Skip December 14, at K Joyce December 3, at 6: Cathy Irish December 3, at 1: Eric December 3, at Adam December 11, at 3: Poole December 3, at 5: Bethany December 2, at 4: Does anyone know what type of wood this is? Joseph December 1, at 9: Hi, does anyone know what kind of wood this is?


Shawn November 29, at Eric November 30, at 6: Scott Moss December 2, at 9: Mary November 29, at Harry Elliott November 28, at 3: Ed Marek November 27, at 9: Ed Marek December 5, at 8: Alice November 27, at 6: Any ideas what this sideboard is made from? Scott November 27, at Eric November 27, at 2: Christopher Allen November 23, at 7: What type of wood do you think this is?

Or what wood would give me a close match. The attached piture shows the box after i applied a bees wax finish. Thanks in advance Chris. Luigi November 21, at 2: Hello Eric, I recycled this wood from pallets and it smells like the small engraved statues that arrive from Africa and India. Thanks a lot, Luigi, Italy. Gregory Kerr November 21, at 2: Julie November 20, at Pecker November 17, at 3: Thomas Fosmark November 14, at 1: John November 18, at Tom November 22, at David Gibbs December 6, at 3: Bianca Bellafiore November 12, at 8: Peter Boyle November 10, at Jacob November 17, at 1: Kevin November 9, at 5: This picture is of the corner of the dresser sanded.

Peter Boyle November 11, at 9: Looks like oak to me, from the end grain and surface grain showing. Hi, I uploaded a picture a few minutes ago but, not sure if it. Julie November 8, at 6: Do you have any idea what type of wood this flooring might be? Amanda Hutchinson November 19, at 1: Bettina November 7, at Eric November 7, at Tom Hawthorne November 5, at Thomas November 7, at Dora October 31, at 8: Thanks for your help in me identifying this type of wood.

Cierra J Hurst October 31, at 7: Do you know what kind of wood this is? Red November 26, at Debby Lester October 30, at 9: Thomas November 2, at 4: Erik Midtskogen November 2, at 9: Emily October 28, at 9: This is a cane my dad found, any ideas what plant it came from? Tracy Kramer October 28, at Eric October 29, at Probably palisander veneer on spruce base. Very fashionable in s.

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Joseph O'Leary October 27, at 7: You really know your stuff…. Steven Meis October 26, at 7: Anthony Martin October 25, at 7: Hey Tony here just wondering what type of wood my floor is. Roberto October 20, at 7: Paul October 17, at 4: Nathan Miller October 25, at I would have to bet that they are oak beams it is a very strong wood and is common in beams. Douglas Jones November 10, at 8: Peter Boyle November 10, at 2:

In This Wood In This Wood
In This Wood In This Wood
In This Wood In This Wood
In This Wood In This Wood
In This Wood In This Wood
In This Wood In This Wood
In This Wood In This Wood
In This Wood In This Wood
In This Wood

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