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A model attribution edit summary using German: Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution. She is not pretty Chorus: Machi chaba, mais pour moi elle est belle, belle She is not pretty, but for me she is beautiful, beautiful Elle est juste, aala hsab galbi She is just, at my heart's size enought for me C'est la seule, li nesset?? She is the only one , who made me forget??? Even if "ghanou" is the word for "sing".

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Madanite I Haven't thought http: Kayin illi madrour wu aani One is hurt and suffering Kayin illi bsaadah mazhour One is happy by his luck Kayin illi l'qabrah deni Fiha limleh ou fiha eddouni In it the good and in it the aggressive Fiha il dalm ou fiha il madloum In it the oppressor and in it the oppressed Hiya hakda ya khweni She is like that, my brothers Kol khatra ala il mahdour Strong beyond belief, powerful beyond measure!

I love these types of synchronicities! And I really appreciate his perspective on why couples often attract each other due to similar dysfunctional patterns, and how we can heal those! Be sure to check out his caption below, and my earlier video and post on this subject Repost the.

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So why do we get stuck making bad choices in our love life? Because like attracts like; when we don't love and value ourselves the way we should, we are drawn to people that struggle with the same issues.

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Their pain, heartache and fears are familiar to us, relatable, and by loving them, then it makes us feel that we can be loved too. By trying to accept and heal them, then we feel that we can be accepted and healed too. And then if they love us, then we can find relief from the pain of our core relationship wound with the parent or person who made us feel unlovable to begin with. The problem with that is two people who struggle to love themselves will inevitably lash out and blame the other person for not loving them enough or in the way that they need; instead of healing, more pain and suffering is caused.

The secret then to attracting the person that we want is to become the kind of person that we want - someone who loves, respects and values themselves.

Non fia che mami Non fia che mami
Non fia che mami Non fia che mami
Non fia che mami Non fia che mami
Non fia che mami Non fia che mami
Non fia che mami Non fia che mami

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