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Thanks for such an amazing Christmas freebie! We are in LOVE with these! My twin little brothers and dad are getting twin kittens for christmas and its the perfect tag for the pet carrier! Question though, what are the fonts that you used to create this? Santa brought us a kitten a few years ago too! There are loads of free fonts that would compliment nicely, such as vintage serif or newspaper style fonts. Thank you so much! These are so adorable and I know my kids will be so impressed. Thanks so much for sharing! My daughter, Gretchen, has been questioning Santa this year, so this will be another layer of keeping the magic alive.

Thank you so much for sharing! Hope they love seeing them on Christmas morning. I cannot wait for my kids to see them! What a wonderful gift to share with all of us!!! Thank you for your generosity!!!

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You just check those by hand. The fillable fields are just the name and age. Thank you very much for sharing them with us. They are perfect and you are so generous. I love these, but i just have one concern my 8 year old is onto the whole santa not real and he would see that his brothers tag numbers are exactly the same as his.

Santa's Special Delivery

Is it possible to change that number also. I was thinking the same thing, and was wondering how I could change the parcel number too. I guess the other option is to allocate one number to each child, so all their delivery numbers match, which is probably what you intended. In our family we just do one big present from Santa for each child, so I suppose that is what I had in mind when designing and figured eight tags with different numbers would cover most families. I know every family has their own traditions regarding the number of presents Santa brings, so I will try to update the file next week.

Oh what wonderful tags. You need to download them to your computer before filling them. These are so cute — thank you so very much!! Never mind…just noticed that they are not supposed to be a fill-in option.

Santa’s Special Delivery – Limited Edition Art

And might just pass the test. At least I hope so! Thank you SO much!!! Thank you for sharing such a delightful tag! One question — which font did you use for the name and date? The font is embedded in the file, so no need to download additional fonts! Thank you so much for these Santa Claus gift tags!

It will certainly take those special gifts up an extra notch!!!! Thank you for for being so generous and sharing them!! Thank you so much Gretchen for making and sharing these beautiful gift tags. I wish I knew how to make such adorable printables. These are wonderful, thank you so much for the trouble you went to in putting them together! I have downloaded them to my desktop and updated my Adobe software but when I enter the name the font changes, could you let me know what font you used so I can change it back?

The easiest remedy would be to delete Adobe completely and then reinstall. Hope that helps, and Merry Christmas to you too! Designers like myself lock files to prevent copyright infringement, so if you open it up in a design application like Photoshop, then a password will pop up.

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However, if you open it up in a reading program like Acrobat which allows you to fill those fields , the password will not pop up. Thank you so much!! Thank you so much for allowing me to use these tags. They worked a treat. Perfect to keep the magic of Chrismas alive. Keep up the awesome work. I saved the file to my computer.

I went to open them in Photoshop and it asked me for a password. What am I doing wrong? Really cute tags tho. I feel bad that you are frustrated, but the file does work. If you can tell me a bit more about what problems you are experiencing, I would be happy to help you troubleshoot what may be going wrong and help you fix it. I do have some troubleshooting tips in the post above that may help. If not, just let me know. Im so excited to use these! I tried to open them in photoshop elements to add the names and it says I need a password? You can type into them in Adobe Reader, which is the default program for a PDF and is already on most computers.

My daughter is going to love it!! I emailed the link to anyone I know whose kids are Santa age!! Thank you for these wonderful gift tags! I love your idea and you have it as a free giveaway. Can I share it on my facebook page: Thanks so much for sharing these. They will be fun for the kids to find Christmas morning. Thank you for these, you are awesome for sharing these with the world and my grandson will love them.

All the way from Melbourne, Australia. I am so happy they work so well for you. We have a chimney, but I know many homes do not and wanted to be sure there were lots of options. I hope your grandson is surprised. Most of my twine comes from Pick your Plum deals or TheTwinery. Possibly other hobby stores as well. Thanks a lot for these so cute gifts tags!

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Have a happy Christmas. What a wonderful idea! Such a simple idea but so very effective! Thank you and happy Christmas. Just wanted to say thank you for the free printable Santa gift tags. Brought much delight to my workmates. From Christchurch, New Zealand. My girls are that way too!

These are so great! Thank you for sharing. These are awesome Gretchen! Will be checking out all your other printables too. Hi Gretchen, Thank you very much for sharing these. Is there any way to make them larger. Thank you very much for your time. Hopefully they can still work for your needs.

Santa's Special Delivery

Hi Gretchen, these tags are a wonderful idea! I feel bad that you find them frustrating, but you are able to save your edits and email it as an attachment. The file would not prevent you from doing so. These are so amazingly wonderful! So beautifully designed, I just adore them. Thank you so very much for sharing. They are so cute! When I typed in my kids names, they were not in the same font that is on the original.

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Thanks for your help and thanks for making these! Your version of Adobe is in need of an update. There are some troubleshooting tips in the post above that tell you how to get your free software update just takes a few minutes so you can fill those tags out ASAP. These are beautiful and exactly what we were looking for…. They are really lovely. Just found and used them. Now I have very stylish christmas gifts.

I am an Australian married to an Italian girl and now living in Italy. We have two adorable little girls, the eldest of whom is 3 years old in February and her baby sister is now 5 months. The almost 3 year old is enjoying her first fully-Santa Christmas, as last year she was too young to really understand.

It was my brother in Australia who sent me the link to your page. Thank you for sharing with us and providing us with the opportunity to use these tags for our kids. They contribute enormously to our Christmas celebrations. Have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for the beautiful gift tags! They really help to make the gift that much more special!!! What a generous thing you did sharing your creativity for free. Just wanted too say a very big thank you for these wonderful tags! They were a great success everyone loved them, some people even put them on their Christmas tree as decorations.

Lovely lovely thank you x. These are so adorable! I found them too late for this year but they are downloaded and ready for next year!

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If I get away with it through 3rd grade I will be soon happy! I love this tags!! I am using a Macbook Pro and when I click on the link to the tags and view it in my browser it is not letting me download it. Anyway to fix this? The design is amazing and wonderfully whimsical though- thank you so much!! You may unsubscribe from these email communications at any time. Year Year X Tell us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities.

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Santas Special Delivery Santas Special Delivery
Santas Special Delivery Santas Special Delivery
Santas Special Delivery Santas Special Delivery
Santas Special Delivery Santas Special Delivery
Santas Special Delivery Santas Special Delivery

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