Smoke Screen (Tales of the Pacific Book 2)

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Lisa Reigel on Jan. They both have loved and suffered for it. That has caused them both to be suspicious and afraid of suffering again.

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Emilie Richards writes a very descriptive New Zealand culture. Smoke Screen contains drama, family secrets, and suspense.

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This is a story of seeking the truth, finding oneself, and trusting. It has very interesting characters. I loved seeing the different aspects of Paige — the cool, aloof, businesswoman, as well as the vulnerable, fragile woman who deep down needs family, love, and friendship. This is book 2 in Tales of the Pacific series. We have glimpses of book 1 characters Granger and Julianna as well as a snippet of Dillon his book is next — Rainbow Fire.


Eager to begin book 3. Originally published in , this is the second of four book Tales of the Pacific. Glowing Embers Granger and Julianna Book 2: However, when these reporters pursued the story, their informants suddenly clammed up for fear of losing their jobs. Now, however, new evidence supplied by U.

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According to former service members, an operation took place in autumn , around two months after the Chibana leak. Tom Westfall was then serving with the th Military Police Company, and helped oversee the transportation of munitions from Chibana Ammunition Depot. Westfall and his fellow police officers monitored the route the trucks took to ensure there were no accidents and there was no interference from anti-base protesters. Also about how long the barrels would last until they released the materials — and would the salt water disperse it?

James Spencer, then a year-old U. Army stevedore assigned to the th Transportation Company, stated in a recent interview that the destination of the trucks Westfall supervised was Ten Gan Pier. Some of them looked corroded. Spencer remembers what happened when the ship reached its designated dump location. I am not sure how many we dumped — it was a lot. The entire operation took 48 hours. When approached for comment for this article, Pentagon-based U.

However, Foster seemed to acknowledge the U. Since , the team has been responsible for mapping U. In , scientists from the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center based at the Aberdeen Proving Ground ran tests on the containers used to ship the munitions from Okinawa to Johnston Island. They discovered that more than one in four — 26 percent — of them were mislabeled.

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Furthermore, the tests conducted on containers by Edgewood scientists suggested Okinawa had been the storage site of a chemical munition not previously suspected — one known as lewisite. What also makes lewisite particularly frightening is that it has been linked to dangerous levels of arsenic in fish many decades after being abandoned at sea see sidebar.

Emilie Richards

In , after almost a decade of its use in Vietnam, the U. Following the ban, the U. Although the Pentagon vehemently denies that Agent Orange was ever present on Okinawa, more than U.

Among those claimants is stevedore James Spencer, who says he sprayed it near Ten Gan Pier in to clear undergrowth. Army-funded report about Johnston Island states that there were 25, barrels of Agent Orange on Okinawa some time prior to Considering the White House ban on Agent Orange, it seems the Pentagon may well have used Operation Red Hat as convenient cover to ship its Okinawa defoliant stockpile off the island.

Donald Wilson, a former U. Julio Batista, a former U. The barrels I sat on were gallon liter drums. Batista believes that he and dozens of other service members stationed on Johnston Island were sickened from their exposure to toxins transported at the time. Corroboration that Agent Orange was shipped from Okinawa during Operation Red Hat has also come from an unexpected source: While she must rely on Adam to guide her home, is it safe to trust this man with her heart?

Lost in a landscape of boiling mud pools and geysers, Paige Duvall wonders if she's finally descended into hell. The land her mother inherited in New Zealand is not the pastoral paradise she hoped for, a place where the worldly young woman hoped to recover from another failed relationship. While she is fascinated by their encounter, only Adam knows that it's not their first. Both are battered souls; both need healing, as does Adam's small silent son. But to heal, both must tell the whole truth, and there are secrets in Paige's past, and relationships she can't remember.

If Adam reveals them, will he drive her away, or will he win her love forever? July 11, Words: Learn more about Emilie Richards. Also by This Author. Log-in to write a review or add a video review. Lisa Reigel on Jan. They both have loved and suffered for it.

Smoke Screen (Tales of the Pacific Book 2) Smoke Screen (Tales of the Pacific Book 2)
Smoke Screen (Tales of the Pacific Book 2) Smoke Screen (Tales of the Pacific Book 2)
Smoke Screen (Tales of the Pacific Book 2) Smoke Screen (Tales of the Pacific Book 2)
Smoke Screen (Tales of the Pacific Book 2) Smoke Screen (Tales of the Pacific Book 2)
Smoke Screen (Tales of the Pacific Book 2) Smoke Screen (Tales of the Pacific Book 2)

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