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Preview — The Fading by Christopher Ransom. The Fading by Christopher Ransom Author. Published June 24th first published June 1st To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Fading , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Jan 05, KC rated it did not like it Shelves: It honestly amazes me how some things get published, it really does. This is the worst book I have read in a very long time, I couldn't even finish it it was that bad and I am very persistent usually.

It's very, very badly written- all exposition, lazy and clumsy. Characters are poorly fleshed-out rip offs from Stephen King novels based on stereotypes- the unambiguous doting mother, the works-all-the-hours-god-sends-to-provide-for-his-family father. The gossipy old lady from across the street. The gossipy old lady from across the street Oh, it's so crap it makes me angry. Some rip-offs are much more blatant, for example- the 'baddy' a clown-esque supernatural being called 'Dimples', Pennywise anyone?

The author even tries to mimic King's tone and style but fails horribly. The author is marketed as being the new Stephen King- well either the publishers think readers have had some kind of mass lobotomy or they're hoping that's enough to con people in to buying a crap book that they won't realise is crap until they get home and start to read it. Jul 25, Sarah-Jayne Briggs rated it liked it. Okay, so I don't normally read horror books.

Not because I wimp out although one adult horror I read as a child still freaks me out to this day and there's no way I ever want to be reminded of it again , but because I find that they're normally not well done enough. There's a fine balance between a book with too much horror and a book with not enough.

I was actually kind of disappointed in this book. I thought it started far too early and it took a while to get to the actual plot. I think a lot Okay, so I don't normally read horror books. I think a lot of the first half of the book could have been condensed down and the plot at the end expanded upon, but to be honest, I think the whole thing with Dalton could have taken up so much more of the book.

There were some fairly good creepy moments, but I personally felt they were few and far between. With a few exceptions, it came across as a young adult paranormal book, which wasn't the impression I got from the front cover or reading the blurb. All in all, I think I can say I enjoyed reading the book, but I probably wouldn't read it again - at least not any time soon.

The characters were interesting, but I couldn't quite believe in Noel's growth - and for part of the book, I just wasn't that sympathetic towards him. If I'm able to, I might give more of his books a try, though, so that's a plus. The plot is easy to keep up with, keeping you gripped until the very end.

It offers you a lot to think about as you come to love the main character more with every chapter. It is a book I've happily read many times over, loving it every time. May 25, Lynn rated it liked it Shelves: Intriguing yet philosophically disturbing! Ransom has taken a seemingly un-horrific idea and transformed it into a nightmarish disposition.

The main character is born with a talent that he's yet to understand and like many homosapiens, he uses this power selfishly. As with any talents there is always a down side and when Noel Shaker tries to gain control of his gift,he unwittingly releases an otherwordly evil. Written with such aplomb, I was left reeling with indecision after finishing this book Intriguing yet philosophically disturbing! Written with such aplomb, I was left reeling with indecision after finishing this book.

I fear that this type of Horror has been done rather better by authors such as Clive Barker however there is still a place on my shelf for Christopher Ransom. Did I enjoy reading it? Would I recommend it? Oct 24, Siobhan rated it really liked it. I'm still not sure what to make of this book. To me, it was actually three different stories and somehow lacked any real cohesion, excepting the fact that the same character was the focus throughout.

The first part of the book is a kind of mish-mash of timelines, as we meet Noel and find out about his strange affliction. He disappears completely, so not even he can see himself, which has serious consequences for his family and those around him. It's a bit confusing following between the dif Hmmm! It's a bit confusing following between the different flashbacks and the present, but you do get the impression of a sad, anxious and ultimately lonely young man. The second part is more action-packed. Noel meets another Fader, but Dalton isn't a very nice guy.

Cue lots of chases, double dealing, murders and threatening behaviour.

See a Problem?

This part of the book felt more like a story and is largely the reason for the stars it's earned. Although there isn't a huge amount of justification to what happens, at least its intriguing - how do you run and hide from someone you can't see? And then the last part of the book is just weird - government agents, drugged airline passengers and a dodgy job offer.

This had potential, but actually seemed tacked on as an afterthought. In fact, I think that was my main issue with the book - the pacing and planning of the story just didn't seem complete, as if this was a first draft that needed editing a bit more to tighten up. This was an interesting and vaguely scary thing at the beginning and largely kept me reading , was expanded on a little in the middle when Noel helps one spirit and then is attacked by some more Was there any point to it?

It didn't seem to be linked to why Noel could disappear or how he did it, so why include this weird snippet? So an ok read, but on the ground of this I wouldn't rush out to read anything else by this author. Jul 24, Tim Spindler rated it liked it. I liked this book and I wish I could award half stars, as this is deserving of a 3 and a half.

While not the best thing you'll ever read, the fading is a great story with strong characters, great plot twists, fine dialogue and enough scares to keep you turning the pages into the early hours of the morning.

The Fading by Christopher Ransom

A seemingly normal situation is quickly and seamlessly turned into a horrifying situation th I liked this book and I wish I could award half stars, as this is deserving of a 3 and a half. A seemingly normal situation is quickly and seamlessly turned into a horrifying situation through beautifully descriptive text which creates an atmosphere so tangible it feels as though it's leaving the pages and entering the real world.

My only criticism of this story and the reason it doesn't quite hit the 4 star mark is that I feel some things were left unexplained at the end of the story, loose ends were tied up rather quickly and themes that were very evident earlier in the book are ignored all together. Overall though I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I'm sure I'll pick up another of Ransom's novels in the future. Sep 03, Simon West-Bulford rated it really liked it.

I don't believe the book deserves some of the scathing reviews it's received. I liked the concept, and the opening chapter was creepy enough to keep me reading. While it's probably true to say that the characters surrounding Noel were at times bog standard, I didn't have a problem with this. I found Dalton to be really quite disturbingly drawn, and the climax between these two riveting.

The Fading

Yep, I like this one quite a lot. Kept me interested the whole way. Sep 20, Barbara Elsborg rated it liked it. Three and a half stars - I enjoyed it - a fast read, scary in places, very clever in others and always insightful. What would it be like if you sometimes disappeared - and weren't able to control when it happened? I think the author does a good job in making the reader think what it would be like to be in Noel's shoes.

Reminiscent of King and Koontz and just as good in my opinion. Feb 08, Christopher Dodds rated it really liked it. It was a great book with an interesting plot about how the character reacts to his ability and wrestles with the morality at times of how he should use it. It has some great moments of humour in it as well as some dark ones, but had a great if not the typical happy ending. Feb 25, Rob Damon rated it did not like it. An interesting idea but the book failed to impress me.

Aug 30, Helen rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book, it had some genuinely creepy moments and the action was fast enough to keep you hooked. As with Ransom's previous books, the writing was fluid, making it an easy read. My only criticism is that the end felt a bit like a rush-job, it kind of let the rest of the book down. Nov 06, Mike Evans rated it really liked it. A canny book and really enjoyed it once fully got into it.

If a book fails to really capture me after a few pages I'm a bit of a defeatist and give up. In this instance I'm glad I didn't. A well written and cracking storyline. Mar 06, Vanessa rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this novel. I am wondering whether Christopher Ransom will be writing a follow on from 'The fading'..?.. Jan 08, Harvey Coates rated it really liked it.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Dark, exciting, and original. Some of the chapters scared the hell out of me. Unfortunately it does have a slightly rushed ending, but absolutely worth the read. Sep 22, Paul rated it liked it. Great premise well executed but found the pace of the book a bit uneven. If you are ever asked to choose between the super power of being able to fly or being invisible, always choose to fly. Not because being able to soar above the clouds would be awesome, but because going invisible makes you go insane quickly.

Nope, going invisible messes w If you are ever asked to choose between the super power of being able to fly or being invisible, always choose to fly. Nope, going invisible messes with your mind, but can Noel Shaker break this trend?

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  • Noel had been popping in and out of existence his entire live, even before he knew it. From the womb he would have seconds in which he could not be seen. As he grew older the power became a problem, the fear of suddenly disappearing in front of others meant that Noel led a solitary life. Can Noel somehow learn to control his powers and if he did what would be do? There seems to be plenty of easy money to be made in Vegas if no one can see you. The character of Noel is one of them. I liked the fact that he was ambivalent to how people felt about him, this is a character who was quite happy to break the law if it gets him what he wants.

    I also like the put upon nature of the character. Events happen to him that are outside his influence, he is a pawn to fate. Reading about a character who is not a hero and makes mistakes is a nice change. The fading power itself is also interesting and shapes the narrative. At times this almost feels more like a thriller about a criminal on the run, than horror.

    It is when the book attempts to be horrific that things fall apart. There is enough tension in the book just reading about Noel trying to survive his affliction with nothing else added. However, as Ransom is seen mostly as a horror writer it appears he felt he had to crowbar in a horror element. When Noel becomes invisible he is noticeable to the undead who crave his help moving on. There are some intermittent ghosts seen throughput the book, but there is no real commitment to this element of the story or real conclusion. It feels like a complete waste of time for both the reader and the writer as it adds zero to the story.

    The ghoul element of the story also introduces the human bad guy. A poorly realised and cartoonish character enters the book and takes things from a considered supernatural thriller into poorly written schlock action. The band started writing materials and playing together in by vocalist Ilia Badrov and guitarist Boris Aranovich.

    For several years, the lineup was in constant flux while the band was looking for the right musicians for them. Finally Boris recruited his younger brother Arie Aranovich then only 14 years old. He has joined as the lead guitarist, while Itamar Cohen joined on drums and Maor Bitton on the bass. Boris was replaced by Leon Notik previously in Arafel on the guitars after After a while, Itamar could not continue with the band and Nadav Luzia took his place for a while.

    Produced by Jonathan himself and mixed by Swedish musician and producer Jonas Kjellgren Scar Symmetry , Carnal Forge at his own Black Lounge Studio, Chaos in Flesh featured 3 crushing new tracks and 2 re-recorded and reworked versions of tracks taken from Instruction for Self Destruction. After Jonathan finished his job producing the new recording, he left the band and was replaced by Paul Mitiyanine Arafel , Deface.

    On May 22, , the band participated in the Israeli Wacken Metal Battle competition in which the participating bands competed over a place at the WET stage at the annual Wacken Open Air festival, the biggest heavy metal festival in the world. On August 1, , the band represented Israel at the Wacken Metal Battle competition, competing against other European countries.

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    The next day, at the end of the Wacken festival it was announced that The Fading are the winners of the Wacken Metal Battle competition. Mixing and mastering of the album was done by Jonas Kjellgren at The Abyss studios. In , the band played as a supporting act for Misery Index on their one-off show at the Sublime club in Tel Aviv, on May 5. The tour consisted of 11 dates, co-headlining with Russian symphonic black metal band Little Dead Bertha , taking place between May 12—22, After the concert with In Flames, they rushed back to Israel to be the supporting act for Children of Bodom on their one-off show at the Barby club in Tel Aviv , Israel , on November 3.

    The album was recorded at A.

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