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Woke Up This Morning

Choral Stayed on Jesus. African American spiritual Copyright: African American Heritage Hymnal Woke up this mornin' with my mind, stayed on Jesus Composer: Oh, I woke up this morning Meter: Lead Me, Guide Me 2nd ed.

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If you are running an ad blocker, please disable it on whosampled. If ads still aren't showing, look into tweaking your browser settings so that they start to show. Thank you for supporting our work. Exile on Coldharbour Lane Geffen Tell Me by Howlin' Wolf The team had faith in Mahomes, but nobody could have expected he would be this good.

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I think Veach would have addressed our defensive woes more before the season had he known we had a real shot this year. All the reports stated we had a trade essentially in place for Thomas before he not injured. I dont think they expected Berry to be out as long as he was either. Our entire draft class was defense. They obviously knew it had to get better, but they are all rookies and need time. To be honest though, the only rookies who have shown any flashes of being good are Watts, DoD, and Tremon Smith as a kick returned.

I think team saw our best SB window as being next year and the year after while we still have Mahomes on his rookie deal. Any success we have this year is just gravy. That seemed to be the mindset for a lot of fans coming in to this season. Now that Mahomes has been the MVP of the league the bar has been raised after each week.

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We will be fine. The reason the Thursday loss hurt so much is because there was a lot on the line, and we lost in the same fashion we always do in big games - choking away big leads at the end. I think Clark Hunt knows Sutton has to go after this season and will pressure Andy into firing him. You simply can't maintain your job when you are consistently at the very bottom of the rankings, and you're the reason for 2 of the biggest playoff collapses in history. Get a new DC and another off season under Mahomes' belt and we'll be in good shape. Some teams build a team with defensive stars and win with a less than stellar QB.

Most teams though follow the franchise qb path and do get to the playoffs often.

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Like the Packers and Saints. Few teams lopsided on offense though have made it all the way. Yeah, I don't disagree that the D has to get better. If it all ends this year short of the Super Bowl, we'll almost certainly be pointing at a defense that couldn't get a stop against a good quarterback in January. Then we'll have a postmortem, fire Bob, and find a way to get better next year. This defensive backfield is terrible.

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The margin for error is really thin then, especially in the NFL that favors offense over all else. Yeah we far exceeded my expectations so far.

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With that said though the next few years drafting and such will be so crucial as to whether we become a dynasty or not. Yes, we did lose only by 3 points each game. But if those games were played against any other QBs in the league Thank you for this positive message and making me feel better.

Being a long-time Chiefs fan, I had a share of lots of disappointment and I lose confidence to our team qhickly around this time of the season and get negative. I feel the same way. We are still in control of our own destiny. And yes, Seattle is a hard place to win at, but we have ten days to prep, rest, and get key players healthy. I already forgot about Kevin Hurnt of whatever his name was.

It's also worth pointing out that Andy Reid is only As long as he's having a good time out there, he could very well have another 10 years of coaching at this level left in the tank.

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How often have the Chiefs gone into this playoffs knowing full well that if one guy gets hurt, or if they play this one team, it can all unravel quickly? Now, think about this. The Chargers , the Patriots , the Rams are the three teams that have beaten the Chiefs this year.

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They lost those games, with a QB in his first full season, without a great defense and without its defensive field general Eric Berry. This team can beat anyone. That's the first time I feel I've thought it and actually believe it. It sucks that this team might waste a legendary season by a QB, but we've waited 50 years.


What's a little more time to build a defense? People are saying Mahomes will hit a slump when defenses learn to plan for him, but how the fuck do you plan for what he does? Just need to get that playoff win monkey off your shoulders. Once that happens yea you guys are looking like a top threat for years to come. Damn people are acting like the chargers just won the bowl.

We smoked em the last 9 times. Only thing about that game that had me salty was when Andy called a TO when a 5 yard penalty was imminent. That decision lost the game IMO. Fuck some trolls who became charger fans 1 season ago. Mahomes may improve as a QB, but his production will decline.

Woke Up This Morning Woke Up This Morning
Woke Up This Morning Woke Up This Morning
Woke Up This Morning Woke Up This Morning
Woke Up This Morning Woke Up This Morning
Woke Up This Morning Woke Up This Morning
Woke Up This Morning Woke Up This Morning
Woke Up This Morning Woke Up This Morning
Woke Up This Morning Woke Up This Morning
Woke Up This Morning

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