2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities

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And that's where it should have ended. Unfortunately, the psychedelic end of the hippie culture had already picked up on it. Mind Hallucinogens and The I Ching , a book about the stupendous quantities of drugs he and his brother were taking at the time. Frank Waters, in Mexico Mystique: He claimed that, on this date, Earth would pass through a great "beam" of some sort from the centre of the galaxy , and that the Maya had aligned their calendar to predict this event.

The notion was visible in the fringes of New Age [note 6] and anyone who could get a coherent sentence out of McKenna for many years. It went more mainstream with Daniel Pinchbeck pushing the idea as hard as possible since , culminating in his bilge The Return of Quetzalcoatl , tying the earlier theorists' work into crop circles , [note 7] alien abduction , and channelling entities whilst on drugs.

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The History Channel also cemented its reputation for hard-headed factual exposition with a show on the subject. Once it had gained some momentum by the mids, it was all-in. Even Dan Brown used it in The Lost Symbol , the truly objective measure of a conspiracy theory having jumped the shark. Various unlikely, if not completely impossible, geological and astronomical events were put forth as possible causes of the apocalypse, such as: The " Planet X " hypothesis may be the most laughable. Any blurry, slightly round object in an astronomical photo was claimed to be an image of the elusive world.

Apparently, the near-miss of Planet X would cause the Earth to stop rotating for several hours, then re-start. Gravity and angular momentum, for that matter can do whatever you want it to… when you're batshit insane. The pole reversal hypothesis was loosely based on very real evidence of magnetic pole reversal in the past. Volcanic rocks are regularly observed to have magnetic field lines not pointing in the direction they should if the north magnetic pole had been where it is at the time of their formation. By dating rocks, it's been determined that the poles have reversed numerous times in the past.

This process is poorly understood, but it's generally assumed to take hundreds to thousands of years for a reversal, not overnight. Doomsayers, however, predicted that the reversal would have been sudden, and that various ill effects would have taken place, such as increased influx of solar radiation or, once again, that the Earth will stop rotating for several hours, then re-start in the opposite direction another violation of the law of the conservation of angular momentum.

The galactic center thing was pure bullshit astrology [what's the difference? Something about the Earth, the Sun , and the galactic core making a straight line at the solstice which, incidentally, happens every year. Tony Philips predicted large solar storms in He actually turned out to be very close. McKenna suggested that the key to understanding is "timewave zero", a numerological formula for "novelty", defined as increase in the universe's organised complexity over time.

Apparently, the universe has a teleological attractor at the end of time that increases interconnectedness, eventually reaching a singularity of infinite complexity in , at which point anything and everything imaginable will occur simultaneously. He achieved this insight over several years' consumption of psilocybin and DMT in the s. Unlike most pseudoscientific beliefs, the apocalypse contained a falsifiable prediction that could be tested by the scientific method.

This prediction can be tested right now:. If you are alive and things are normal, the theory was complete and utter bullshit. And , this should be a heads-up to apply more critical thinking next time you hear a new doomsday prediction. A major film was released by Columbia Pictures in November , imaginatively titled It was directed by Roland Emmerich known for also directing Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow , so it is an understated, character-driven romance against the backdrop of a well researched and realistic scenario of political intrigue and upheaval… well, maybe not.

The viral marketing for the film was deservedly criticized for lending too much weight to crackpot conspiracies about the end of the world. Now, the fact that this "mutating neutrino" stuff is total bullshit [38] — or, at least, " mutation " with respect to neutrinos certainly isn't as depicted — is beside the point; the film depicts neutrinos managing to heat up the Earth's core and boil underground water reserves, much like microwaves do, yet the human bodies standing around it which are mostly made of water don't seem to be adversely affected.

Don't worry, the finale of Batman Begins makes pretty much the same mistake. Supernova seemed to tear apart actually decent sci-fi Sunshine and Doomsday was a straight up Mayan apocalypse of epic-but-low-budget proportions. There's a good case to be made that these three films are the very worst thing that the apocalypse phenomenon has caused.

The film of The X-Files in notes 22 December as the day aliens return to Earth, foreshadowing an unknown doom. And yes evil exsists but we heve our own free will and we choose d to do bad deeds God doesnt choose them for us.. I am Muslim and we worship God and God alone without any partners or intercessors. God created our earth perfect at first, but Adam and Eve caused the evil. As far as we know it has been predicted over and over again all I can say is read the bible and live your life like it will end today.

Love your family and be prepared for anything, as if the world would end. Our world as we know it is over when we die, but will continue for other who are alive,no man knows the hour or day when the end is here. Its just a bunch of hype and people are gullible to belive it! Man up and be strong be a free thinker make your life and live it now!

Wrong, since all the rest of us knew that the world would continue to high certainty. This whole news about the end of the world is nothing but a lie. Honestly, Harold something something has so much time to speak about this because he wants to get attention and ask for money from people. Just like what the bible says, only God knows when this tragedy would occur. If they say the world will end at 6pm…what if im in a different time zone…whose time zones dies at 6pm…i mean come on …if its at 6 pm my time then new zealand time zone is like the next day.

Trust me, if the world was to end, nobody would be able to predict it. It would be over in a matter of seconds without warning. Its not going to end tomorrow… its the judgement day. Its ending 5 months frm then on 21st october …!!!! Yeah but it would have started yesterday, which means million people should have ascended into the heavens. Which obviously did not happen.

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  • No Doomsday in 2012.

As Jesus clearly says: You do not know when that time will come. Which in turn was from lack of foresight. I am a human being and hold my sparkle in this divine universe, And I do not criticize religion no matter that it was created in an age of rage and rebellion and when mankind needed hope, then as proved by the the professors of religious study discovered that it was comprised over four to five decades by as many as three to four authors and then later before the catholic crusades that several books were removed.

It was also released later within the last decade that it has been man who has created the devil. In a right mind perspective, Yes we are spiritual people and if this God, were a punishing one, he would not tolerate alterations or modifications to not only his word, but the viewpoint of his intent for mankind. Out of the over recognized religions, I feel that mankind has been duped and threatened for no reason at all.

If you can figure this out you will know the gift and the connection we hold with all life. Well this goes out to everyone that does not believe in god, I wish the best for you and I will continue to pray for the individuals who are lost and not awake in this world! Yeah I am not perfect I have sinned before, but I have always asked god for forgiveness, and god is a forgiving god so I know he understands that NO individual in this world is perfect!

But I honestly still believe that the Illuminati are the devils troops! And all they want to do is take over the world!


Paul Krugman: Asimov's Foundation novels grounded my economics

But what they do not know or fail to realize is that god has something far more punishable for them! I love you god!!!!!! They just want to make us spaz out. So here is my pov. I did a little research that took all of 5 minutes. Now for the Mayan Calendar. Now there is rumor that the calendar may be off by 50 — years. Next part of my theory. The world has many people of many religons, and they all have their different times and dates of their end of the world. Think seriously people, only christians will die?

Then the next religon? Do ya catch where I am going with this? So to my next point. At 6pm the world will end?

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  7. I got this from somebody else who posted here, and i completely agree with him. Up Next… The dates the world was supposed to end 1. January 1, A. Many dates in and 3. March 10, 4. January 1, 5. June 6, This should be telling you something and I know half of you people are prolly gonna have an excuse for it. People are too parinoid for their own good. Hince the reason half of you people are in here. I had my insecurities about this topic but I am completely assured it wont happen. The world will end but there is no sure way that we will know.

    I think i have said all I can really say about this topic at the moment, so please for the love of god oh, the irony stop tearing at everyones throat and talk about this like civilized people.

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    But personally my favorite end of the world date was Really all electronics coming to life some how and attacking us? When Jesus lived in the land of Israel about years ago, he gave a very simple and concise answer when someone asked him when he would return: Your world of sin remains unchanged until October 21st. Sigh, sorry about that! I noticed this thread popping up on the recent posts list. This is 3 years old!

    Also these posts seem to have all the quality of the tit for tat comments on hot talk radio. The Mayan calendar changing is of no more significance than changing the calendar on the wall on January 1. This is no more significant than turning a month page, marking off a day, the tick of a second or the passing of a fempto-second.

    Webinar 2012: Doomsday or Enlightenment Day?

    On Mars the diurnal cycle is 25 Earth hours, and a year is about as I recall of our days. So the whole calibration is changed. That is one feature of time, it matters not one whit what fiducial you use start time or what scale you use, time itself is not changed. The only thing that changes is the manner in which you measure it.

    2012 apocalypse

    Within 6 billion years of course the sun will swell up in a red giant and consume the Earth. Some of the Earth will become part of a planetary nebula, while some other parts a white dwarf star. The sun will heat up so that life will be pretty much intolerable in 1. The one thing which does seem plausible is the more people become obsessed over the end of the world end of humanity , the more likely it will happen and sooner. If our species gets into a mind trap of looking for the end of the world, we may simply end up making it so.

    Get a case of beer a nice bottle of vodka and enjoy your last day when it comes…. Goo Findd somethinqq Better Tew Doo! I really do feel sorry for the individuals that do not know any better! Listen you need to quit worrying bout these false prophets and what man says.

    Because man will always let you down in the end but GOD never will. Some will tell you different but since I allowed Jesus in my life nothing but good things has happened to me. May God Bless and Guide you!! I feel very sad!!! Judgement Day Was A failure! Camping Is A crack Pot! And For The Stuff….. So these people are false prophets trying to deceive people because in Matthew Get yourselves Baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost.

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    Uhhhh okay so why are you on this webpage anyway! Guess that makes you what you called us to! Oh my, some people can be so contradicting! And how are you guys so sure that that is going to happen.. The world will end in or October 21st? I think both are hooey btw. Man was not the creator of this earth so how is man going to predict such a thing, What have creation to do with anything?

    What we do know is that nobody created Earth, it was a natural process. So is there really a god for every planet now? As I did so, I slowly pieced together the strange tale of its place in history: It was in this way that I found myself becoming a diviner. A couple of days after getting the book home, for the very first time I took three coins — twopence pieces seemed to be suitably unostentatious — formulated a question, and went about the ritual of casting my first hexagram on the basis of each toss of the coins, thus putting my foot on the slippery slope that would lead first to learning Chinese and, eventually, almost inevitably, to China.

    M y relationship with the I Ching was complex from the very beginning. Meanwhile, on the internet, whole armies of crazies advanced their theories about the book: And when I read these things, I found myself thinking of the 20th-century British Sinologist Joseph Needham, who said that the I Ching was nothing more than a massive filing system for pigeonholing novelty and then doing nothing more about it. The I Ching seemed to adapt to any purpose whatsoever. I felt myself descending into a realm of unfettered lunacy, stumbling across increasingly bizarre claims made on behalf of the I Ching ; and yet on the other hand the book seemed, bafflingly, to work.

    I divined for new hexagrams and new stories, tossing coins or sorting yarrow stalks, sat at my desk with a stick of incense burning, and the longer I did so, the more the stories continued to multiply. I was caught between profound unease at the sheer unreason of what I was doing, and the fact that the I Ching so often bore rich fruit in new thoughts, ideas and images.

    So, in , I travelled to China to get to the bottom of things. There, covering thousands of miles by train and bus, I set about trying to establish once and for all what this book was about. In Tianshui, I made offerings in the temple of Fuxi, the legendary originator of the I Ching ; in Shandong and Hong Kong, I spent time discussing divination practices with philosophers; between Beijing and Guangzhou, I endured an uncomfortable hour train journey in the company of a deranged tattooed diviner who talked the entire time; and along the way, I accumulated books and articles that I sent home in large, unwieldy packages.

    It was towards the end of my trip that I found myself in the company of the friendly Daoist priest in that hillside temple, and there the thought came to me: I began to wonder if attempting to understand the I Ching in terms of understanding the I Ching was to risk misunderstanding the I Ching.

    The priest pushed his entrance-fee sign to one side, opened a drawer and took out a notebook, tearing off a page. He took a biro from his pocket and smiled at me. Then he started an impromptu lecture. As he talked, he scribbled complex diagrams and notes on the page. He told me about Fuxi, about hexagrams and their constituent three-line trigrams, about the pole star and astrology, about philosophy and metaphysics, about the Hetu or the River Map, which explains the relationship between the eight trigrams, and about the wuxing or five phases of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, and its relationship to the numerological magic square known as the Luoshu , or Luo River Book.

    I leant forwards, occasionally asking him to repeat something, trying to look intelligent; but very quickly I found myself lost in thickets of philosophical and linguistic difficulty. I had read about all this stuff countless times, but I have never had the kind of mind that could keep track of complexity. This makes me a poor student of esoterica. As the lecture proceeded, a crowd started to gather, because in the most populous nation on earth, crowds are easily summoned.

    The two old ladies whom I had passed on my way up the hill now stepped into the cool of the temple and grinned wildly to see the foreigner talking with the priest. A family appeared from somewhere or other, the children peering at me in fascination. Three or four others also congregated behind me. As the priest continued to scribble various astral configurations and hexagrams and mystical diagrams, all annotated in a spidery handwritten Chinese, a debate began to take hold among the onlookers.

    But I heard him speak Chinese! No, I distinctly heard him speak some Chinese! A few words, perhaps, no more. What about Dashan, the Chinese TV celebrity? Dashan is a Canadian, and he speaks Chinese. Yes, but this guy is clearly not Dashan. With the debate behind me, and the priest in front of me spiralling ever deeper into metaphysical complexity, I felt the beginnings of a headache; but at last the lecture came to an end, the priest folded up the paper and handed it to me. I put it in my breast pocket, where later, while hiking up another nearby hill, it would become unreadably drenched with sweat.

    I thanked the little old Daoist. He chuckled as he shook my hand. Then I stood up and smiled at the small crowd that had gathered behind me, and I scuttled into the darkness to nurse my headache and get myself some peace. N ow you understand the I Ching , he said; but in truth I understood no more than I had before.

    The I Ching has always had the curious quality of becoming more baffling the more I have found out about it.

    Forget prophecy: the I Ching is an uncertainty machine | Aeon Essays

    While I knew an increasing number of facts relating to the I Ching , as time went on I was not sure that I actually knew the I Ching itself any better than when I started out. By the time I flew home, I felt even further away from understanding the I Ching than at the outset. It was only after my return to the UK that I began to wonder if attempting to understand the I Ching in terms of understanding the I Ching was to risk misunderstanding the I Ching. In other words, although we are accustomed, in this information age, to treat books only in terms of the information that they contain, what is most compelling about the I Ching is not so much the promise of some secret, hidden, innermost meaning.

    Instead, what is most striking is the very real and concrete impact the book has had upon the world through the centuries. Meaning nothing, containing the seeds of countless possible meanings, the I Ching is the space at the hub that allows the wheel to turn. Undeniably, the I Ching has been one of the most breathtakingly productive of books, a book that has put its stamp on some of the greatest philosophers, poets and writers in Chinese history, that gave Leibniz sleepless nights, that fired up the creative juices of the likes of Dylan and Philip K Dick.

    A book this productive had to have something going for it.

    2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities 2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities
    2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities 2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities
    2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities 2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities
    2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities 2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities
    2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities 2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities
    2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities 2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities
    2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities 2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities
    2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities 2012 - Truth, Not Just Prophecy: Not Just Predictions And Possibilities

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