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The researchers experimented with real and fictional ads in video, audio, and print formats, conducting four experiments on about 2, people recruited from universities and Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

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They used ads from Congressional races from to , as well as fictional ads they created by editing together snippets from real advertisements. They began by asking about people to watch eight TV ads aired by Democratic and Republican candidates in recent Congressional races.

In this set were positive and negative ads from each party focused on candidates' character and policy record. Crucially, the researchers edited out the tagline on half of the ads each viewer saw. What they found is that although the tagline did not consistently change people's reaction to positive ads or ad hominem attacks, the tagline did give a clear boost to the policy-based attack ads.

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In addition, people had a more favorable view of candidates running negative ads when the tagline was included. The researchers found the same pattern in a second experiment using ads they wrote themselves, which allowed them to more precisely control for the ads' content. The effect was substantial: Across all their experiments, the researchers found that the tagline had an even stronger effect than did partisanship.

It is remarkable that mandatory endorsements can have effects that are at least as large," they wrote in their paper.

“I Approve This Message”: Why Do Political Ads End With That?

Critcher cautioned, however, that the effect may sound exaggerated, because participants were not generally familiar with the candidates in the ads, and most ads, designed for broad appeal, don't state candidates' party affiliation. Still, given the closeness by which many races are decided, campaigns invest heavily in turnout operations that have much smaller effects, he noted. The researchers were also surprised when they began parsing out why the tagline works.


How the 'I approve' tagline boosts nasty political ads

Turns out there is a good reason for forcing candidates to add the disclaimers, and that reason is accountability. Politicians have been taking pot shots at each other since basically, forever. Fast forward nearly years and while the attacks are less brazen sort of , figuring out exactly who was launching the attack was often still a mystery. The ad was little more than a mugshot of a black man, William Horton, a convicted murderer who was allowed out of prison as part of a weekend furlough program.

Horton later fled and committed more crimes. As attacks go, this one was devastating for Michael Dukakis, even though Dukakis inherited the program from his Republican predecessor.

I Am a Sensor and I Approve This Message

The ad was also widely criticized as a racist dog whistle for white suburban voters. Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden was also on the receiving end of anonymous attacks during his campaign Senate.

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  8. But when exactly did "I approve this message" become a thing? In President Lyndon B. Johnson's famous "Daisy" ad , which implied that a vote for Arizona Republican presidential nominee Sen. Barry Goldwater could result in a nuclear holocaust, a stern voice-over tells viewers to "Vote for President Johnson on Nov. The stakes are too high for you to stay home.

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    In that law, a little-known amendment — the "Stand By Your Ad" provision — paved the way for the ubiquitousness of "I approve this message" in campaign advertising. Ron Wyden, a Democrat, told Mic in a phone interview. As the title of the provision suggests which is itself a rarity in the Orwellian world of law-naming in Washington , candidates who air ads over public airwaves are required by law to identify themselves as responsible for the content. Right law, wrong time: Despite noble intentions, the major flaw of the Stand By Your Ad provision wasn't in the text but its timing.

    Why women's rights activists want a

    The law only applies to ads for which candidate committees directly pay.

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