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See 2 questions about The 66 Laws of the Illuminati…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. May 22, Freymanja rated it it was amazing.

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I am NOT a member of the Illuminati and everything expressed in this review is purely what I got from this book. This is the real deal.

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These are the genuine "Sixty-Six Laws of the Illuminati" written by the official House of the Illuminati, and just that within itself is beyond amazing because the true source where people think conspiracies come from is coming out and telling the world what they are actually all about. This book contains so much applicable keyword: The content, it's basically like a bunch of old people got together in a room and wrote down all of their life knowledge that they would tell to their grandchildren.

Personally, I love this book because it promotes the advertised knowledge of success while still being morale throughout all aspects of life, which to me is very important because today we live in a world largely of the complete opposite. This book breaks down a lot of barriers and clears up rumors about the Illuminati and saying what they are really about. The House in this book has formally stated not only Kanye West selling his soul to the Illuminati is false but also clears up other associated rumors. This book surprisingly, to an extent, goes deep into celebrity-based Illuminati affiliation.

Also, this book so unexpectedly talks about so many social issues in life and what we all should do to make the world a better place; these topics range from dealing with racism to women's place in the world. But one shocking thing that shows just how influential the Illuminati can be is when The House used the power of, "the youth which rallied together to elect President Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States" Illuminati, This in itself is pure cred. This is definitely a step above not messing with Texas.

Furthermore this book is surprisingly one of the most encouraging reads I have ever read. This is shown when The House describes, "learn all that you can and always do good! It's okay to dream! It's okay to inspire greatness! We should all set out on this path. And this first step should be towards the schoolhouse" Illuminati, 45 So, with the controversial background of the Illuminati and what ideas are actually in their book we have to pose the question, "Are there certain truths that can be considered universal or absolute? A notable aspect about every single law of success is that it doesn't require you to take sides, except to only favor the good rather than the bad in life.

As humans, even though inherently selfish and somewhat negative, when are apart of a group naturally want to boost those whom are within that group, the group's identity, which is your identity. By boosting up the group, you boost up yourself. Everyone in this world is apart of some kind of group or of a larger identity. As we know 'boosting' is done to improve, help, and make positive influence, and every law in "The Sixty-Six Laws of the Illuminati" is nothing but improving yourself and others. Since these laws easily apply to, for example, people in groups everyone is apart of one , the laws can help anyone.

In short, Your dedication to The House of Illuminati has to be at least twice that of what you would do for a klondike bar. But then again without patient determination, the long term outcome of success won't be as much because you get out of life what you put in, and never forget House is love, House is life, just as is Shrek. I recommend this book o those whom want to constantlt become a better version of themselves while also helping improve those you care about.

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View all 3 comments. Feb 09, Mark rated it really liked it. It didn't take long to read. The info it gave was good but not really in depth. I can't verify if the author s are actually part of the Illuminati so I read this with much skepticism. It is a fairly positive book so if you are looking for mind control techniques this isn't what you want.

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Jan 16, Race Teo Shi Ming rated it it was amazing. The path is shown for the way to success- from conception of vision, writing it down to executing it out. As detailed a plan as possible and don't leave anything to chance. Apr 13, Adam Robinson rated it liked it. Deep but I do not agree with some things I do not like how African Americans were made an example of as if all other races are perfect. There are riffraffs and miscrients in every race and culture around the world. The author also mentioned that its obsured how whites are crucified for using the "N" word. It is also very insulting how much African Americans are mocked in the pages of this book.

Al Deep but I do not agree with some things I do not like how African Americans were made an example of as if all other races are perfect. Also how can you compare the North Atlantic slave trade to slavery that took place in South America. Did the Illumination or did they not have anything g to do with the Great American slave trade that is a 1 million dollar question.

The author also mention that African Americans need to take care of their family better and raise their children better but lets not forget about all of the things that's been institutionalized especially during the late 70's against African Americans with the sole intention of destroying the black family structure. The Author fails to mention how much white privileged society has always prevailed and also sugar sugar coats all the evil that whites have done and are still doing. The author mentions blacks and how they are portrayed through the media as if all they are is violent and ignorant but fails to mention how the media refuses to show all the thousands of young black men and women who receive college degrees every year and become professionals in careers other than sports and entertainment.

The media refuses to show how many blacks have established successful businesses. Since whites are so privileged and so perfect why is the world so fucked up. Jan 21, Edward M. Smith rated it really liked it. Music critic Hal Horowitz, writing for Allmusic called the album "breezy" and singled out the musicianship over the songwriting and singing.

Writing for Minor 7th , Patrick Ragains felt the album was " The original songs fall flat both musically and lyrically. This is also true of several covers Gordon handles electric guitar on several tracks, but his playing is trite and fails to generate any fire in the treble register. Likewise, Kottke's accompaniments and unfocused comping fail to lend any energy to the arrangements.

The 66 Laws of the Illuminati: The Secrets of Success

Andrew Kotick of Sputnikmusic compared the release to Clone and concluded "The results were in vain of the record's predecessor The music is exactly what you would describe as a soundtrack to a Hawaiian honeymoon. It is as if the two took the music from Clone and put in a key change with different lyrics. This doesn't mean it's bad to any extent, but I would've enjoyed some originality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on Retrieved March 12,

Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1) Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1)
Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1) Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1)
Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1) Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1)
Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1) Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1)
Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1) Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1)
Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1) Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1)
Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1) Sixty-Six Dollar Book (1)

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