The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller

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Two brothers flee a determined cop, clattering down an anonymous stairwell in an apartment complex. A bickering family sets out on a long road trip to the coast. Neither party will get much further: The stairwell and road are apparently infinite loops in time and space. He largely succeeds, thanks in part to shrewd production design: While a photograph may be worth a thousand words, nothing says passage of time like a thousand bottles of urine.

The pic opens on a closeup of an endlessly scrolling escalator, one of many such images suggesting repetition and looping. This senescent bride bookends the picture, but the meat of the narrative is contained in two parallel stories.

In the first thread, we meet two brothers Fernando Alvarez Rebeil and Humberto Busto evoking minor Tarantino hoodlums: This could be the start of a very different film, but during the ensuing chase, something odd happens: No matter how many flights of stairs they descend, floor one always leads down to floor nine and the stairwell begins again.

Baffled, they reverse course. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Temporal by C. The Temporal Temporal 1 by C. Clay Boutwell Goodreads Author.

Existence outside time The Temporal, a supernatural thriller by CJ Martin After his wife leaves him for a former friend, Sam Williams moves to Japan to start his life over. But a quiet life for Sam was not to be. A devastating earthquake in central Japan sends eternity crashing into time, enabling Sam to hear echoes of the past and even the future.


Through the echoes, Sam and a mysterious Japanese woman learn of a terrorist plot that could plunge the world into turmoil and position a murderer as the leader of the free world. They alone have the knowledge and ability to stop the plot. But even with eternity on their side, can they stop it in time?

Kindle Edition , pages. Published June by Kotoba Books first published May 4th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Temporal , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Jun 25, Elizabeth Gilliam rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really like the book I thought it was a nice quick read. I read this in book form. Oct 26, Justin Price rated it liked it. The Temporal is a fun book. A shallow book, but a fun one nonetheless. Our main protagonist is a twenty-something year old man named Sam Williams, who after an acrimonious divorce, finds himself yearning for a place where he belongs.

Remembering the last moment he felt happy- as a five year old traveling with his marine father living in a base in Japan-he finds himself heading back to Japan to teach English.

The Temporal

Whilst taking a bullet train to a tourist attraction an earthquake occurs. Finding himse The Temporal is a fun book. Finding himself in a hospital room when he comes to, a strange woman comes visits him.

Dynanmic Time Warping

A woman he has only seen in his dreams. Named Suteko, she reveals that she has also seen him in her dreams and that he has ability to hear echoes—reverberations of events and people across space-time. Not only this but like her, he can bend the fabric of time to their advantage.

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Her appearance marks Sam's foray into a secret world of demons and political intrigue; of high stakes and manipulation, with far reaching consequences. Perhaps the biggest strength of the book is also its biggest weaknesses: The book is moves at brisk pace and has a lot of action setpieces. Yet due to this, the character development of Suteko and Sam feels lacking. Especially considering the two end up falling in love. The relationship in the beginning feels one sided by Sam, making one think it is unrequited love until Suteko actually starts to reciprocate. There is only a few scenes where we see Sam struggling with his abilities and he seems to adapt to then quickly.

And while it tends to be common in stories like these, it is so egregious that his skills seem almost on par with Suteko, whom has much more experience than he does. Despite the pacing, at times it feels like there are scenes and characters that do not contribute much if anything to the story. There was a scene in a library that repeated an event that happened twice beforehand with the villain, Kalieen, tricking Williams.

Not only that, but it leads to a death of a character that is barely introduced in the story. And the death is supposed to signify the stakes being raised since the villain now knows some of the members, but it does not feel that way. It felt somewhat pointless, especially since the villain tricks Sam four times in the same way throughout the book, two before the library. So the villain could already get to them. Speaking of the villain, Kaileen is a pretty fun character. She is a standard temptress, ruthless villain, but is written in such a way that whenever she appears you know the scene is going to be fun.

With that said, we only see her full potential as a villain once in terms of being cunning. She basically tricks the heroes to come after her and when they do, it not only furthers her goals, but also turns the public against the heroes. I felt that scene was a much better showcase of her deceptiveness than any other scene and it is a shame we do not see too much of it throughout the book.

All in all, a decent read if you want a fun little jaunt and have nothing else to do. Aug 13, Bonnie Dale Keck rated it it was amazing. Kindle Unlimited A tremor in time. After his wife ditches him for his best friend, he moves to Japan, determined to make a new home.

Instead of a warm welcome, an eternity-shattering earthquake gives him time-warping powers he can barely understand, let alone control…Sam tries to decipher the Echoes of Eternity, voices of the past and the future. A brief history of the butterfly effect in nonlinear dynamics". American Journal of Physics. Retrieved May 31, The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film: Ali Baba to Zombies. Retrieved 9 September Retrieved 11 February The Seas of Language 1st ed. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. Time Travel in Popular Media: Retrieved 30 November Exhilaration and Terror of the Postmodern Reprint ed.

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The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller
The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller
The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller
The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller
The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller
The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller
The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller
The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller
The Temporal: A Time Warping Thriller

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