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In this paper, the attributes and variables featuring the development of the World countries are reviewed. The relationship between wealth levels and some estimates using synthetic indices of social development is analyzed. With this aim, we firstly use the indicators estimated by UNDP. Afterwards, we turn to complementary estimators using UNDP methodology and multivariate statistical methods such us factor analysis.

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Results allow us to identify which countries do better or worse at turning economic growth into social development. They also contribute to detect the dimensions of development that are behind of changes in positions in several rankings. The new economics of Amartya Sen, Economic development, the family, and income distribution. Selected essays, Cambridge University Press. Measuring the Condition of the World's Poor: Human Development Report, http: Oxford University Press, Nueva York. Eran aproximadamente entre las 8: Eran entre las Marcos calcula que eran aproximadamente las Ellos los van a traer, salgan.

He explained that after the boteo, they retained three buses that they would use as transportation. As soon as we got to the intersection, the bus that was in front was intercepted by a police car and some other patrol cars stayed behind. Aldo was the first one to get shot because he was outside. It was then when a friend of mine got hit on the hand and he was the first one to leave our bus. More police cars came, but they only came to pick people up. You are about to get fucked. You and your family are fucked! A few people started showing up and they were seeing everything.

So the policemen did not take us. Around 11 or He remains hospitalized in Iguala. That a man from the Human Rights Watch was going to come for us accompanied by the ministerial police. They will bring you, come out. Of the 17 patients, eight were teachers in training from Ayotzinapa who had been assaulted by the municipal police. Generations of students have come through its classrooms, seeing the possibilities of entering into a dignified profession as teachers in training and of playing important roles in the development of their communities. They were created to fight off ignorance and misery, and they became a tool of social and cultural transformation.

During the 40s the original intent was halted and since then they have become a low priority for the Secretary of Public Education SEP. However, as a response to the student movement of , 17 schools were closed, and the students were persecuted and criminalized.


Since the end of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st century, the neoliberal governments have intensified their fight against these schools to make them disappear in an attempt to commercialize education, basically because these education centers provide some of the principal clusters of resistance. The lack of investment and the attempts to reform the curriculum have been answered by a youth that refuses to oblige. The Zapatista Liberation Front, specifically from Ayotzinapa, shared and recognized during the Other Campaign—in —the plight In the current case, the strikes, the road blockades, and the manifestations in the capital of Guerrero— Chilpancingo—are part of the usual repertoire that the rural teachers and teachers in training use in order to make their demands heard.

Guerrero is one of the poorest states in the Mexican Republic and it also faces institutional abandonment and the highest amount of institutional repression. The clashes with the authorities have become, without a doubt, the most visible side of a conflict that is being resolved with tragic consequences. On November 30th of , the Federal Preventive Police Force violently evicted dozens of students during a road blockade on the highway Sol on the way to Chilpancingo.

Abel Barrera, the coordinator of the Center for Human Rights of the Mountain of Tlachinollan, classified these acts of repression as police brutality. Four years later, on December 12th, , on the same highway, during a road blockade, gunshots that came from the federal and state police along with ministerial agencies were reported.

The massacre of the 26th of September in Iguala is the latest episode of what some have no qualms in classifying as a State Crime. This is the most recent evidence of the symbiosis that exists between the neoliberal political regime and organized crime. This is the geography of pain that is a Central American reality, focalized in Mexico.

The lives of man and woman who are schoolteachers are ill-fated because they are organized against this economy of international roots where killing is its capital. They are lives marked to be disappeared, objects of daily violences that are revealed in episodes of insurmountable pain. Poetry knows it, life knows it, the social movements know it, the memory—the names—matter in order to not follow this path of capitalism that turns death into something ordinary in these areas—impoverished, like the rural area of Guerrero—that have been labeled as suitable for any type of sacrifice or slaughter.

III Una narcomanta de dos metros de largo fue encontrada en la madrugada del 16 de octubre. La lista de los asociados al grupo delincuencial delatados en la manta es larga: Denuncias como la del Choky corren de boca en boca entre los guerrerenses. Empresarios, dirigentes sociales y periodistas han documentado este nexo. Parte de la prensa local y la nacional los ha publicado. Todo ha sido en balde. Pero nada se ha hecho.

La ambientalista Juventina Villa y a su hijo Reynaldo Santana. Su padre estuvo preso por el asesinato de dos agentes del AFI y fue ejecutado al salir libre. Pese a la multitud de denuncias contra ediles y funcionarios en la entidad, los arrestos han sido escasos. Falta ver si la pueden volver a tapar. And it also denounced, with names, last names, and nicknames, the people responsible for the murder and disappearance of the teachers in training of Ayotzinapa.

The attorney also claimed that the cartel were responsible for ordering the massacre and disappearances of the young men last September 26, after the attack against them by police and sicarios. The list of the people associated with the criminal group denounced in the banner was long: According to the denouncer, these are the people that the government allows to be free and to commit so many crimes against the citizens.

It is a relationship that involves important local politicians, state and federal legislators, heads of political parties, and police and military chiefs. Reported allegations, such as the one made by Choky, are transmitted by word of mouth by the people of Guerrero. Businesspeople, social leaders, and journalists have documented this link. A few members of the local and national press have published it.

In some cases formal accusations have been made to the proper authorities, such as the one in Iguala, with the murder of the three heads of the Popular Union. But all has been in vain.

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Those who have warned about the extent and depth of the narco-politics in the region have been eliminated and threatened. The politicians who have been accused have invariably denied the accusations and have explained them as political infighting, and have said that they are not responsible for the conduct of their relatives or friends. They have told the authorities that the authorities should investigate them and that they are fully willing to clear things up.

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But nothing has been done. The pact of impunity that shields politicians has protected them again and again. Its extent and persistence encourage crime and violations of human rights and dignity, he said. Violence is not only an issue of fighting between politicalcriminal groups for centers of production, routes, and control of the region. It is also the result of the decision of de facto powers to get rid of opposing social leaders and the protection given by the government to those who kill or disappear them.

During his administration the relation between murders and the number of detained-disappeared is enormous. Narco-politics is not an exclusive issue of the old PRI. People from various factions of the PRD have been identified as part of it. Many times the member of the New Left Party and president of the state Congress, Bernardo Ortega, has been identified as head of the criminal group Los Ardillos.

His father was jailed for the murder of two agents of special police of investigation AFI and he was executed as soon he was freed. The governor Aguirre has been repeatedly associated with the criminal group Independiente de Acapulco. In spite of the high number of reports against mayors and government officials of the region, there have been very few arrests.

He claimed to be part of Grupo Guerrero. We yet have to see if they can cover it again. Mexico is a land of social contrasts, marked by savage landownership and a federal army that occupies indigenous lands to fight against the impoverished population in order to allow the drug trafficking commerce to grow in tourist centers. It is a place that has served as a model for posterity of how to conduct a counter-insurgency war, and has made us one of the most violent regions in the country, where life is deemed insignificant.

The fight for land and the defense of the forest has made suspects of the indigenous people and of the rural workers of the land campesinos. Ecologist campesinos, like Rodolfo Montiel and Teodor Cabrera, were tortured by the military and imprisoned for daring to defend the forest. In the international arena they have been able to prove the profound reasons that inspire their plight and have uncovered the perversity of a justice system that criminalizes the defense of the environment. The state government of Guerrero, however, has recklessly become a supporter of a capitalist model that believes that it will redeem the impoverished citizens by transforming them into pariahs within their own lands.

Análisis del acoplamiento entre la riqueza y el desarrollo socioeconómico de las naciones

This is a process of extinction of the campesino that pretends to put them on their knees and to make them adhere to the demands of wealth. The only thing The country is going through a crisis; it is unacceptable for us to remain seated while the State commits these types of crimes. Our voices must be heard not just because of this crime, but because of all of the injustices taking place day after day in our country. Enough with the fear, we need to act. A faceless young man, 43 disappeared, a country ablaze, and thousands of bleeding hearts. Mexico is going through a terrible crisis right now.

Students, Mexicans in general, have the duty to fight. We must remember who we are.

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No retreat, no surrender! The sparks that have awakened our society are critical to the creation of a grassroots effort to join the student and humanist fight. Revolution, resistance, and rebelliousness, below and to the left, the School of Anthropology and History! We are all Ayotzinapa!

Intervención de Antonio Escohotado en La Contracrónica, de Fernando Díaz Villanueva

Because the fight belongs to the people as a whole, students, workers, artists, courage until we get justice! Family Buenfil Gayoo Demonstration, Oct. Long live the students! Poets are not marginal. They took them alive, and alive we want them back! Today I just protest against the disappearance and kidnapping of some people. We are the H. They are the same. We want them alive! SME Workers Resistance from the Union of Mechanical Electricians SME 16, We join our blood brothers in this pain, we know and are conscious of the pain and grief from the loss that these 43 families from Ayotzinapa experience.

I do not know if the things they say about the day of your disappearance are true. Some of your classmates who survived the bullets and managed to run away have uploaded some videos in which they tell what happened, and it really does not matter if things went as they say or otherwise because in the end you and your classmates are still missing.

What horrible circumstances made me know your name and see your photo! I know that I and society in general could have avoided this situation.

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  2. "Ayotzinapa. Desaparición Política" (ed. Bilingüe) by pensare cartoneras - Issuu.
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Unfortunately we fell prey to fear and became aware of the situation too late. I opened my mouth too late. It is not to tell them that they are not alone because I hope that the warmth of the fight we are doing here in Mexico City has already gotten to them as a never-ending embrace, which is not of pity nor sadness, but rather of strength and life.

With the joy of telling them that here in Mexico City a lot of mates are fighting, and with each step, each tear, and each cry we are demanding justice. Not only we have not forgotten you, we give you more life. We are very far from being dead if we never stop fighting. We, his brothers and sisters, have no other choice than to keep on fighting. Mexico City, 22 Oct. Thank you for teaching us to be outraged, to act, to fight against a murderous state, against a murderous state.

We will not leave you alone, because your struggle is our struggle. You are the spark that lit the flame of social union, that will not be quenched until we find you. It will not be extinguished until we achieve justice. You have to know you are not alone, there are another 42 missing since September There are a lot more men and women missing since long ago. I do not know exactly in what part of me you are, I feel you in my tear ducts and in each tear that drops, you are in my throat, in my stomach, in each pearl of sweat. You inhabit the feelings of desolation and rage, you and all of your brothers and sisters.

You inhabit the air, the environment, in all Earth, in each scream and each thought being used to find how to stop all of this cruelty, to exchange it for love and let that be what unites us, and combats sadness, and fear, and rage. We can no longer be like this, we are dead in life here. The distance between us is smaller than it seems. All the love, all the resistance always. You have not disappeared, your name proves it and every time it is uttered illuminates you. I am a woman, I am 17, and I am fighting so that things like these never happen.

I will be supporting you to the end in any way I can. I will not let this pass. I would like to think that in times like these, words weigh more than crying and mourning. That a word is one of the few renewable resources which we can freely spend and use freely, that a word can denote and blow up what is being tried to be kept silent. To tell you and remind you that you are not alone, that your struggle is our struggle, your rage is our rage.

You are three years younger than me and you could have been my brother, friend, neighbor, etc. You have to resist, you and all of those who are with you. You have to resist, listen to how everyone is raising their voices, not only in this country, but all over the world. Asking and demanding that you be returned home, where your family and friends are waiting for you!!

Letters collected by the students of the School of Letters and Philosophy of the Autonomous National University of Mexico during the third week of October, Los hechos de Iguala confirman la regla: Why have they taken so long in presenting evidence?

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What other cases are they hiding? What political head will fall as a result of this strategy? The violence and the calculated use of force by the State against its own citizens is part of that strategy.

23 cosas que no te cuentan sobre el capitalismo (Spanish Edition) 23 cosas que no te cuentan sobre el capitalismo (Spanish Edition)
23 cosas que no te cuentan sobre el capitalismo (Spanish Edition) 23 cosas que no te cuentan sobre el capitalismo (Spanish Edition)
23 cosas que no te cuentan sobre el capitalismo (Spanish Edition) 23 cosas que no te cuentan sobre el capitalismo (Spanish Edition)
23 cosas que no te cuentan sobre el capitalismo (Spanish Edition) 23 cosas que no te cuentan sobre el capitalismo (Spanish Edition)
23 cosas que no te cuentan sobre el capitalismo (Spanish Edition) 23 cosas que no te cuentan sobre el capitalismo (Spanish Edition)

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