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He is a global musician, attuned to the pulse of nature. His air of authority, of wisdom, is born from immersion in the musics of the world and a desire to propagate his folk heritage. Tim is a preservationist, uncovering songs dug deep in the soil and offering them as evidence of an exchange system distinctly American because of its cultural beginnings elsewhere.

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The four vocals featured in Across The Divide are bound to the Eastern seaboard by tradition and development. These songs are linked by Sosa's instrumental odysseys, tales of ancestry: Sosa is guided by the North Stars of spirituality, ritual, and the human condition. So too, it seems, was the poet and novelist Langston Hughes, a seminal voice in the Harlem Renaissance, whose reading of "The Struggle" was sampled then woven into the narrative. Every now and then we're reminded of that.

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Through a work of art or, less frequently, a presidential election. Nene La Kanou 5: Light In The Sky 6: Sosa uses a horn section, and Afreecanos features a variety of traditional and modern flute sounds.

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Sosa has taken Afro-Cuban musical forms, like the rumba, and arranged them for African musicians and African instruments Throughout the album we hear folkloric elements infusing a modern jazz idiom, including spirit vocals and percussion from Africa, Cuba, and Brazil.

The sound is lush and orchestral. Eleggua En Do 8: The ensemble fuses the folkloric with the contemporary, the tribal with the urban - all with a Latin jazz heart. Each burns distinctly from the other while illuminating the place between them. He lives in Luzern, Switzerland.

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Muevete En D 3: October 10, Omar Sosa has released a number of live, solo piano recordings and a number of live, piano-percussion duo recordings over the years. Closing the recording is a rousing version of one of Mr. Childo Tomas recently made his U. He will also join Omar on tour in the U. Not your Frequency Remix 5: Rest, Wait, Call 0: Mulatos Remix OTA, release date: The dance-jazz vibe of these remixes features Omar Sosa piano and marimba riffs, funky clarinet riffs, as well as new vocal and flute elements Mis Tres Notas 5: Twice As Sad 2: Para dos Parados 6: Antes de ir va esto 9: Tienes un solo 7: Ballads OTA, release date: September 13, While Omar Sosa is often lauded for his high-energy, percussive piano style, he has also a profound sense of expression in the delicate, lyrical realm.

In this collection of ballads, loosely defined, taken from four of his early recordings, we are treated to a listening experience of beautiful melody and rich harmony, full of romanticism and grace - all with a Latin jazz heart.

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The compilation opens with Omar Sosa's signature ballad, "Mis Tres Notas", taken from his first ensemble recording, Free Roots OTA , and closes with the beautiful love song, "Shirma", taken from the same album, and featuring the artistry of reedman Sheldon Brown on bass clarinet. Ballads has a remarkable unity and organic quality, allowing the listener to let go into a magical, dream-like state.

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For those Omar Sosa fans who may have missed some of his early ensemble recordings and for those who have enjoyed the quieter, more introspective dimensions of this remarkable artist, Ballads is a must-have. For more information, press kit, video, or interview, please contact ballads melodia.

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Mulatos OTA, release date: October 12, How to be true to a music tradition and be part of the world at large? To be a modern artist and consequently a traveler , without dismissing your roots? Omar Sosa searches out new sounds for a music that is simultaneously his own, and part of an Afro-Cuban culture. Mulatos is a fitting description for the kind of approach Omar is adopting - a mix of Cuban music that dances with rhythmic inspirations of Indian tabla, jazz drums, and studio mixing. With the exception of Omar Sosa, the relation to Cuban music for these musicians is somewhat removed, though respectful and engaging.

Ich habe gestritten wider Rabba und habe auch gewonnen die Wasserstadt. Bahwa patik sudah memerangi Rabba dan lagi patik sudah mengalahkan negeri yang di tepi air itu. Vulgata Clementina Misitque Joab nuntios ad David, dicens: Dimicavi adversum Rabbath, et capienda est Urbs aquarum. Antroji Samuelio knyga Jeg har stridt mot Rabba og inntatt vannbyen. Healing ceremonies with the Aguas Unidas. Free and open to everyone. Worldwide ceremony for peace. In connection with the Aguas Unidas's guardians,.

La grande invocation Dr Masaru Emoto. Chants de l'eau divers. Le petit lexique des nouveaux paradigmes. Chamanes - Pierre Laurent. Prayer to the 7 Sacred Directions EN.

cafe del mar vol 6. (a funky new generation-the messenger)

Prayer for the water medicine EN. Nous allons porter l'eau. We will carry the water EN. Interview lors de "We are Ocean" Le Projet "Aguas Unidas". A project to bring fresh water wells where it needs to be done, mainly in Africa. En partenariat avec "Charity Water". In partnership with " Charity Water".

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