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Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention timothy olyphant great show elmore leonard story line well written raylan givens story lines modern day bad guys main character love this show looking forward started watching boyd crowder great series walton goggins character development highly recommend clint eastwood looking forward. Showing of 32, reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Prime Video Verified Purchase.

Never in a million years would I have believed that I would love this show as much as I do and I cannot believe that the series finale airs tonight. I have to bid farewell to characters whom I adore - even the villainous characters. Not being a particular fan of westerns, I avoided watching the show until I read some of the reviews on Amazon and decided to give it a shot. From the first scene in the very first episode, I knew I had stumbled onto a gem. The dialogue on this show is masterfully written and a joy to watch as it is delivered by a magnificent bevy of actors.

He possesses a boyish charm that draws you in immediately. You root him on as he pursues the numerous villains throughout the seasons - villains you will love to hate: These villains are expertly played by some very fine actors.

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Then there is Dewey Crowe, played by the underrated Damon Herriman. If you watch any interview of this awesome Australian actor, you will understand the brilliance of his performance as Dewey Crowe. Ironically, Boyd was supposed to die in the first episode; but, after the producers witnessed Mr.

To say that was a wise decision is an understatement. The best scenes in the entire series involve Raylan and Boyd squaring off. Boyd possess a verbal swagger that will make you love him, despite his criminal acts. I wish I had time to discuss all of the supporting cast or guest appearances. Suffice it to say that each dazzles in his or her character portrayal. Justified is one of the best dramas I have ever watched - better than, I daresay, The Sopranos.

The storylines and timeless themes were explored deftly, but still managed to make you laugh at the absurdity of it all. Just found out about the show and LOVE it. Started with season one and was really getting into it when BAM! It's no longer free with my Prime Membership.

I'm disappointed and disgusted with Amazon for doing this. Someone needs to re-think how customers are being treated. This is a fantstic show. It starts off slowly, leading you through some character building of US Marshal Raylan Givens, and then leads into all kinds of off color situations representative of the seedy side of America today. He has inherited his father's anger, but, unlike his father who is an outlaw, Raylan is the angry servant of justice. Many of the situations that the motley hodge podge of crooks, drug dealers, gang bangers, and flawed villains find themselves in are hysterically funny for someone who appreciates such things.

The common thread of Elmore Leonard's books is apparent here, and the acting combined with the situational drama, is first class. Scum is as scum does for the most part, but later we start to see the rise of Raylan's nemesis, Boyd Crowder. Boyd has several sympathetic traits and this adds to the back and forth play between the two men. Raylan kills for justice and Boyd kills for business, for the most part, but the two are locked into a circling gyre of mayhem that is centered on some modicum of mutual respect for their past days as young coal miners. The development of the themes, the criminals themselves, and Raylan's wild west sheriff approach to justice are mesmerizing.

There is an element in all this that awakens one's childhood sense of being the sheriff, being the good guy in a white hat, come to take out the bad elements. And the best part about this series is that the bad elements really are bad. They are desperate, sick, psychotic people with few redeeming qualities. It is made abundantly clear that Raylan doesn't care at all that you deal drugs or do small con jobs or that you run rackets. Raylan wants the murderers, the big or little fish that actually do physical harm to others.

Raylan makes it known that he too, does not play by the rules they are accustomed to with law enforcers. And he makes it stick. This is a wonderful series. The only season that mildly bored me was season 4. Brandon Keener as Chase Ferguson. Kristin Bauer van Straten as Shirley. Earl Brown as Cal Wallace.

Greg Cromer as Travis Travers. Malik Yoba as Toby. Darin Heames as Mickey. David Haley as Guard. Grainger Hines as Sam. Casey Brown as Benny. Chris Mulkey as Walt McCready. Ian Reed Kesler as Mark. David Warshofsky as Jim. Carla Gugino as A. Chris Ellis as Cooper.

Justified- Best Of Raylan Givens- (Season 5)

Page Kennedy as Curtis Mins. Ronnie Gene Blevins as Carter Hayes. Eddie Jemison as Stan Perkins. Katherine LaNasa as Caryn. Mary Steenburgen as Katherine Hale. Erin Cardillo as Samantha. James Immekus as Red. Jenni Blong as Molly. Jonathan Kowalsky as Mike. Peter Greene as Tommy Bucks. Brett Cullen as Greg Davis. Chris Coy as Bobby Green. Michael Stoyanov as Dealer Dave. Bill Tangradi as Cyrus.

Daniel Buran as Nicky Cush. Karina Logue as Sonya. Ray McKinnon as Duke. Michael Harding as Bill Nichols. Adam Bartley as Junior. Johnny Sneed as Dupree. Sean Bridgers as Virgil Corum. Danny Strong as Officer Albert Fekus. Tony Hale as David Mortimer.

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Fredric Lehne as Stevenson. Bonita Friedericy as Cousin Mary. Myk Watford as Price.

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Connie Ray as Jenny Reasoner. Ed Corbin as Coombs. Riley Bodenstab as Derrick. Mo Gaffney as Sheriff Kelly Davis. Tom Kiesche as Drunk No. Eric Ladin as Wally Becket. David Dean Bottrell as Alvin. Matthew John Armstrong as Deputy. Dale Dickey as Judith. Ryan O'Nan as Jared. Bill Glass as Father. Travis Wester as Billy Mac.

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Frank John Hughes as Tony. Peter Jason as Owen Carnes. Desmond Harrington as Nix Fletcher. Dave Florek as Harold Shawn. Mel Fair as Nelson Dunlop. Scott Wilson as Frank Reasoner. Michael Graziadei as Mason Goines. Kevin Daniels as Mitch. Dave Foley as Scott Fenton. Joel Marsh Garland as Pork Brother. Michael Gladis as Kenneth Blanks.

Colleen McGrann as Mother. Larenz Tate as Clinton. Bonnie Root as Mary Archer. Robert Picardo as Karl Hanselmann. West as Frank Choate. Maggie Lawson as Layla. Beth Grant as Mother Truth. Daniel Stewart Sherman as Pork Brother. Will Harris as Elrod. Lew Temple as Grady.

Chris Stacy as Porter. Gill Gayle as Paul Trowers. Shelley Hennig as Jackie Nevada. Cathy Cahlin Ryan as Sally Jenson. Jason Gray-Stanford as Dilly Crowe. Richard Lineback as Delmer Coates. Deidrie Henry as Rowena. Michael Ironside as Sarno. Sarah Jones as Jamie Berglund.

David Carpenter as Capt. Lenny Citrano as Little Joe Delahunt. Salvator Xuereb as Ant. James Jordan as Van. Chadwick Boseman as Flex. Willow Greer as J. Channon Roe as Cutter. Tara Buck as Sally Peener. Randolph Adams as Doc Stern. Pruitt Taylor Vince as Glen Fogle. Stoney Westmoreland as Det.

Paul Rae as Patterson Gaines. Scott Anthony Leet as Henry Granger. John Lee Ames as Boyd's Man. Mike Foy as J. Kai Lennox as Glenn Cosgrove. Jakobe Dempsey as Nick Moss. Tim De Zarn as Det. Navi Rawat as Gina. Danielle Panabaker as Penny Cole. Billy Miller as James Earl Dean. Robin Riker as Deborah Jane. Branton Box as Gunnar Swift. Tyler Neitzel as Pete Jenson. Don Harvey as Patrick Massett. Mark Atteberry as Lexington Police Officer. Harvey as Patrick Massett. Aja Evans as Sharon Edmunds. Mark Elias as Boyd's Man.

Josh Stamberg as Alex Barnes. Joshua Biton as Lucky. Juanita Jennings as Diana Brooks. Michael Shamus Wiles as Levon. Brendan McCarthy as Tanner Dodd. Emerson Brooks as MP Sykes. Sean Donnellan as Glen Percy. Ethan Jamieson as Milo. Joel McCrary as Olander. Alex Solowitz as Marcus. Pat Skipper as Rev. Christie Lynn Smith as Gayle Cosgrove. David Ury as Hiram Pugh.

Tom Proctor as Cope Entiss. David Sullivan as Jess Timmons. Muse Watson as Elmont Swain.

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