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The team ranked 5th in the Adventure class which was the highest placing amongst all Canadian teams in the competition.

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Their sixth generation vehicle, Azure, placed 24th in the Challenger class of the race. B-7, the team's seventh generation vehicle, placed eighth in the World Solar Challenge , 2nd among North American teams, and first among Canadian teams, in the Challenger class. Horizon, the eighth generation vehicle competed in the World Solar Challenge and finished 12th. Racing with their eight generation car, Horizon, Blue Sky Solar Racing completed the race with a 3rd-place finish.

As Blue Sky Solar Racing's first project, Blue Sky Project served as an experimental effort for the team to learn more about the production of solar vehicles. The vehicle achieved extremely encouraging results for the rookie team and created a solid foundation and strong motivation for the team to continue developing solar vehicles.

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Florida SunDay Challenge — 3rd Place. After the vehicle was decommissioned, it served for several years as the main display in the team's community education events in recognition of its milestone achievements. After learning from the experiences of their previous experimental vehicles, Blue Sky Solar Racing was prepared to make a splash on the international stage.

In the design of their third generation vehicle — Faust — the team focused on several key concepts to produce a solar vehicle that was competitive in international competitions; mainly, to minimize drag and weight. This led to several drastic departures in their design traditions.

Blue Sky Solar Racing

First of all, in contrast to Blue II, Faust was designed as a three-wheeler to minimize rolling resistance and decrease the overall weight of the vehicle. Construction Faust was completed in and it participated in two competitions in the same year. Looking to improve upon the success of Faust, its successor — Faust II — aimed primarily to strengthen the build of the body and reduce weight, thus allowing it to achieve faster speeds.

Unlike its predecessors, Cerulean was designed as a double-seater vehicle; this allowed the team challenge themselves by attempting a new solar vehicle design with entirely different specifications and constraints. As a double-seater vehicle, the team was allowed to double the solar array output to W and the motor power output to With construction complete in , Cerulean participated in the World Solar Challenge and placed 5th in its class, ranking it the highest amongst all Canadian teams.

The design of the vehicle was guided by three requirements: The vehicle must be able to achieve high speeds yet have low power consumption, exhibit great stability at high speeds yet have a low drag value, and have a great safety margin in critical components yet remain lightweight. B-7 placed eighth in the World Solar Challenge , 2nd among North American teams, and first among Canadian teams, in the Challenger class.

Blue Sky Solar Racing eighth generation solar powered vehicle - Horizon has an asymmetrical design and a catamaran-shaped aerobody.

Similar to Horizon, the ninth generation solar powered vehicle - Polaris has an asymmetrical design and a catamaran-shaped aerobody. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I experienced the marathon blues. So much goes into planning, sleeping, eating, and training that after you reach a goal you can find yourself wondering what to do next but really not wanting to do anything.

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So, as the months passed, and the weather improved I decided to have a little fun this summer, get out of my comfort zone and run what I like to call sprint races 5k, 10ks. I call them Sprint Races because, in a relative sense, they are sprints in duration and leg turnover. At least compared to a marathon. The strangest thing is that for as short as they are, it takes me 3 to 4 miles to get comfortable. That can make a 5k VERY uncomfortable.

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I started my journey back into the arena of short races with the Martian 10k. Hard backed, rounded corners. Dishwasher safe up to washes.

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Various Made From Polyester Features: Machine washable, comes with filling. Glass Photo Frame Size: High definition image that will not fade, 1. Add Tags Use spaces to separate tags.

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