Seniors! Dont Fall!

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Of course, I recognize that things are changing; I'm not kidding myself. I've hung up my snowboard because it makes my knee hurt.

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I don't ride my bike nearly as fast, especially in the winter. I upgraded to an iPhone 7 plus for a bigger screen. People don't feel as old as they are Photo: But I don't feel particularly senior — and I'm not alone.

Seniors and Falls: Statistics and Prevention

A big study by retirement community builder Del Webb found that most baby boomers feel younger than they are. It turns out that it doesn't matter whether you're aroused by negative or positive emotions.

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  • In either case, older people are more likely to allow their emotions to cloud and overcome their logical decision-making abilities. The Stanford researchers divided study participants into groups of older adults ages 65 to 85 and younger adults ages 30 to They put them through a series of three different laboratory tasks that increased emotional arousal and then assessed participants' responses to misleading advertisements. The emotional arousal groups were excitement high-arousal positive emotion , anger high-arousal negative emotion and neutral low arousal.

    Seniors, Please Don't Worry about Old Debt

    The researchers found that excitement and anger increased the older adult group's intention to purchase falsely advertised items, but that it didn't do the same for the younger adult group. This occurred even when the older adults acknowledged that the ads might not be credible.

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    The younger adult group showed a significant positive correlation between the credibility of the ad and the stated intent to purchase across all three emotional arousal groups. Elderly patients are three times as likely to die following a ground-level fall compared to their under counterparts. Trauma surgeon and researcher Julius Cheng, M. H , conducted the largest analysis to date of trauma patients experiencing ground-level falls. His team identified 57, patients with ground-level falls from through using the National Trauma Data Bank and analyzed demographics, type and severity of injuries and final outcomes.

    Preventing Seniors From Falling is Going to Be a Huge Market

    Between and , there was a 55 percent increase in the rate of fatal falls for elderly adults. Because of the increasing age in the general population, the number of elderly patients visiting the emergency department with ground-level falls is increasing, and will likely continue to rise in the future. It is now estimated that 30 percent of adults older than 65 years will experience an unintentional fall each year. The negative effect of age on health outcomes has been well established in past studies in other areas as well.

    Seniors! Dont Fall! Seniors! Dont Fall!
    Seniors! Dont Fall! Seniors! Dont Fall!
    Seniors! Dont Fall! Seniors! Dont Fall!
    Seniors! Dont Fall! Seniors! Dont Fall!
    Seniors! Dont Fall! Seniors! Dont Fall!

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