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Researchers believe their findings should reassure parents about their moody teens while also helping parents and others identify when instability is considered risky and requires intervention. Their findings appear in the journal Child Development. Koot, professor of developmental psychology at VU University Amsterdam, a coauthor of the study. Researchers followed middle- to high-income Dutch adolescents from ages 13 to Investigators discovered forty percent of these adolescents were at high risk for externalizing behaviors e.

Using Internet diaries, the teens rated their daily moods in terms of happiness, anger, sadness, and anxiety during three weeks of the school year for five years that is, a total of 15 weeks spread over five years.


Young Teenagers Are Most Likely To Have Big Mood Swings : Shots - Health News : NPR

Using these daily assessments, the researchers calculated fluctuations in day-to-day mood and then analyzed whether these showed any developmental changes across the five-year period. Although girls had higher variability than boys in happiness and sadness, the rate of change across adolescence was similar for both sexes. In teenager, anxiety or anxious moods waxed and waned, with an initial increase, then a decrease, followed by an increase again toward the end of adolescence. Reilly has a particular interest in finding ways to identify and prevent youth depression.

Reilly recommends that parents and school officials pay attention to three key areas in order to distinguish normal teen angst from something more serious:.

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Symptoms of teen depression encompass changes in mood anger, sadness, irritability , behaviors sleeping or eating more or less than usual, taking drugs or alcohol, acting out; withdrawing from friends and family , feelings loneliness, insecurity, apathy , thoughts hopelessness, worthlessness, thoughts of suicide , and perceptual disturbances pain, hallucinations. The more pronounced these symptoms, the more likely that the problem is depression and not a passing mood.

Any notable deterioration in behavior or mood that lasts two weeks or longer, without a break, may indicate major depression. Children and adolescents can also suffer Dysthymic Disorder, or minor depression. In this type of presentation, symptoms can appear for more days than not, for at least one year. You can find more information about how to recognize and prevent depression in youths through the following organizations:. In my blog, which is intended for helping depressed people looking for sad quotes which express their feelings, I can see each day younger people is visiting it.

This should be a main factor to give depression treatment to a teenager, or even pre-adolescent ones.

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Thoughtful article, all parents should watch out for this, as Depression in teenage years can lead to later episodes if not treated correctly. That is not normal behaviour if it is a permanent feature and not just the normal ups and downs of teenage years. Also be VERY careful about any anti-depressants for teenagers as they now have warnings that they have a much higher suicide rate than older people as their brains are not fully developed.

Causes of Irrational Mood Swings in Teenagers & its Symptoms

Very informative and educational. I love this site I too have a blog trying help others with depression and I have learned so much from reading these posts!

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  8. Great points and with busy parenting lives, it can easy to miss the subtle signs that are important to spot early on.

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