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Facebook removes accounts in fight against fake news Facebook promises new fake news measures bbc. Top of the Order: The Anchor is Up: The next time you raise a bottle of Anchor Steam beer, check the label. It might say the name of the Japanese brewery Sapporo somewhere. In case you missed it, Bay Area beer fans and historians awoke Thursday to find that Sapporo has agreed to buy Anchor Brewing, one of the most-venerated beer makers in the region.

Anchor has been brewing beer since , and in the minds of many beer lovers, was the original craft beer. A mix of the expected and the surprising Why one analyst says Facebook could do a face-plant Like its rockets, SpaceX valuation soars on big investment Biz Break: The deal is expected to close by Aug. Sapporo is no stranger to beer making.

It is the oldest brewery in Japan, and began making beer in Frangione is leaving Greylock because he failed to disclose to the company that he had engaged in a consensual relationship with a female Greylock employee. Bottom of the Lineup: Quote of the Day: Sign up for the Second Business Break newsletter at www. Facebook fight fake news with links to other angles techcrunch. Specifically, it gives the user an on-screen mouse, keyboard and text-to-speech functionality. The keyboard also boasts shape-writing, which can facilitate faster typing allowing you to pause on the first and last characters of the word, but just glance at the letters in between, Swype-style.

Current known issues for Eye Control include poor performance in bright sunlight.

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Microsoft has also implemented niftier looking button animations, and various bugs with the browser have been fixed, which is always welcome. The Windows Console has been graced with a new default color scheme, following the introduction of support for full bit RGB color in the Creators Update. Microsoft says the change has been made to ensure that darker colors look better on modern monitors, and just to give the console a more contemporary look all-round.

Shares of Grubhub, meanwhile, fell 7 percent in extended trade. Yelp said it would enter a long-term strategic partnership in which it would integrate online ordering from restaurants on Grubhub's site. Earnings per share were 9 cents per share, versus 1 cent per share, a year ago. Yelp shares skyrocket as it turns an unexpected profit and strikes a deal to sell Eat24 to GrubHub cnbc.

Why go with an OLED? LG said it is keen to dip into its experience in screens — which has propelled its TV business — to enable virtual reality and other content-led services on mobile. Its snappy performance, long battery life, unbreakable screen, and modular flexibility made it a unique offering in an increasingly homogenous smartphone market. This time around, there are only two Moto Z models, the Force and Play. The specs are pretty much in line with the usual flagship, save for the shatterproof screen and Mods.

Design wise, the Z2 Force looks a lot like the original Moto Z. That said, there are some notable differences — some for better, and some for worse. It comes in three colors — black, gold, and grey T-Mobile exclusive — though you can customize them using one of the many available Style Mods. This did not happen with the original Moto Z — I tried. This time, the screen is slightly raised from the edges and the fingerprint sensor, with a rougher transition between materials.

It basically feels like a well-applied screen protector. Oddly enough, Motorola seems to think the opposite. I assume Motorola means the 2. Now for another questionable decision: I regularly managed around 6 hours of screen-on time, on par with the Galaxy S8 and much better than the LG G6, both of which have bigger batteries.

I kept thinking about how much better battery could have been if Motorola had just kept that extra millimeter. The small battery is surely helped out by a near-stock version on Android. Hopefully Motorola will fill in that empty space on the Z3. The dual camera is probably the most notable update in this generation, and it largely delivers.

Like Huawei — which pioneered the modern second camera depth sensing — the Moto Z use one monochrome and one RGB sensor. The camera can struggle at handling scenes with tricky contrast, and in my experience auto HDR tended to prefer brightening shadows than recovering highlights, so it helps to expose on the low end. I was really impressed by night-time performance, where the camera managed to deliver surprisingly usable results.

It seems to prefer retaining detail instead of using noise reduction to oblivion. It makes mistakes, but not as harsh as some other phones. It would be easy to recommend even without the mods. In fact, for many, the Z2 Play is a better option. Despite the weaker processor, it feels nearly as zippy in everyday use. If you want a better camera, add the Hasselblad mod. Want a projector in your pocket? My girlfriend uses the original Z Force, and we use the Mods all the time — whether adding speakers for a day in the park, or just getting a quick battery boost after a long night out.

The same goes for the ShatterShield screen: After all, I can always just pop on a screen protector. Considering this is the first time you can easily get a Motorola flagship outside of Verizon, I expect the company to sell a lot more Moto Z2s, and rightly so. For all my qualms, Motorola is one of the few companies doing something radically different from the competition. I just hope the Z3 is a better at the smartphone basics, without the mods.

Sit back and let the hottest tech news come to you by the magic of electronic mail. Prefer to get the news as it happens? Follow us on social media. Got two minutes to spare? We'd love to know a bit more about our readers. All data collected in the survey is anonymous. The Moto Z2 Force Edition makes sacrifices for the sake of modularity techcrunch. Which is the better Android phone? Earlier this week, Microsoft introduced two additional software-as-a-service subscription plans to the partners who will try to sell them.

The pair join an increasing number of subscription deals that the Redmond, Wash. The new plans even carry the "" label, which Microsoft sees as a unifying identifier. Microsoft is, as CEO Satya Nadella introduced it Monday, "a fundamental departure in how we think about product creation, " composed of, initially at least, two plans. But "Microsoft Business, " or M Business for short, is the more interesting of the two plans because it is actually new. Nadella thought the same. Office Business Premium, a software-and-service plan that includes all the Office applications, hosted Exchange email, OneDrive storage service and more.

Devices currently running Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8. According to Microsoft, "Windows 10 Business is a set of cloud- [based] services and device management capabilities that complement Windows 10 Pro and enable the centralized management and security controls of Microsoft Business.

For that amount, customers receive the difference between the two plans: Although companies of any size can purchase M Business licenses, any one customer can buy no more than subscriptions, another signal that it aims at small and medium-sized organizations. The limited management tools also play to that theme.

They're designed to be easy to use and offer only basic functionality, and are accessed via simple control panels similar to what they may have already used for Office Microsoft's descriptions of this component are sketchy thus far. Computerworld was unable to unearth additional details of the upgrade, specifically what happens when a customer cancels a M Business subscription or lets one expire.

Do devices that were upgraded from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Pro retain the latter license? Or is the Windows 10 license revoked, forcing customers to reinstall the previous OS? Later, Microsoft confirmed that the upgrade licenses to Windows 10 Pro will remain in place. That's true even if the customer doesn't eventually transition to a paid plan after using the preview.

The confirmation that customers will preserve their upgraded licenses means that Microsoft sees M Business as yet another way to get Windows 10 onto more PCs. More specifically, Microsoft probably views the plan as a foot in the door, a precursor to the customer subscribing to the more expensive and inclusive Microsoft Enterprise.

What Microsoft calls "a simplified management console" controls device and user management functions. The tools bundled in M Business include: Although there is no charge for the preview, Microsoft recommended that potential customers contact their preferred Microsoft Partner -- or locate one -- to handle the M Business deployment. The other major precondition for the subscription -- Azure Active Directory AAD -- is necessary to enforce user and device policies set in the management console, and for other tasks, such as AutoPilot set-up.

Microsoft acknowledged that on-premises Active Directory works with M Business, but "it is not recommended. Founded in Atlanta in , Kabbage was an early mover in the concept of using big data analytics to underwrite and monitor loans: At a time when a number of other online small business lenders like OnDeck and Can Capital have stumbled under iffy business models, amid a wider shakedown in the online loan industry overall, Kabbage has grown. Frohwein attributes this squarely to its big data play, which collectively now crunches some 1.

A small handful of companies have differentiated themselves and I think Kabbage is one of those. Customers include Kabbage itself, which has a Karrot consumer loans business; as well as major banks like ING, Santander and Scotiabank. One area will be loans for specific verticals or types of businesses: Today, Kabbage already claims stronger customer loyalty than many other lenders: Frohwein said that on average its customers borrow 20 times from Kabbage over three to four years: We should also keep an eye out for acquisitions and completely new product launches from the company.

Frohwein would not specify what might come first, but he highlighte payments as an interesting area. From what I understand, it could potentially get rolled into the Vision Fund later down the line, but for now it represents some very interesting strategic opportunities for Kabbage. Those could come in two general forms. The report comes days after the company began selling its long-awaited Model 3 [pictured above] , which the earnings release called "a huge milestone. The company delivered the first 30 to buyers July 28, all of them Tesla employees.

A hundred more will be built in August, in September, followed by a ramp up to 5, a week by the end of December, the company said. Tesla, which sold 76, Model S and X luxury cars in , said it plans to turn out , cars by the end of But to get there, Tesla faces six to nine months of "manufacturing hell" and "production hell, " Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk told workers and reporters last week.

The company is lobbying the California Legislature to make up the difference if the federal subsidies run out. Musk told stock analysts Wednesday the figure he gave "was just a guess. Complaints about long waits for cancellation refunds are appearing on Twitter and other online forums. A Tesla spokeswoman said, "At times, refund processing slows down when additional confirmation is needed to prevent fraud via identity theft. Aside from the Model 3, some investors and analysts wonder whether growth in Model S sales is tapped out.

For this year's second quarter, which ended in June, Tesla had reported 22, Model S and X deliveries. It also marks four consecutive quarters of flat or declining unit growth. The company said second-quarter deliveries would have been higher but for severe production problems at its massive Gigafactory battery plant in Nevada, involving new technology on a new production line. Those problems have been resolved, the company has said. It's unclear whether those problems are related to the departure of Kurt Kelty, senior director of battery technology at Tesla. Asked whether Kelty quit or was fired, a company spokesman offered a statement: Kurt's responsibilities will be distributed among Tesla's existing teams.

Kelty was in charge of battery cells for Tesla. Cells are the basic components in an electric vehicle battery pack. The lithium-ion cells look similar to AA batteries, but a bit bigger. Hundreds or thousands of them are clustered and packed together to power modern electric vehicles. Tesla has a contract with Panasonic of Japan to manufacture cells at the Gigafactory. Kelty worked in research and development at Panasonic for 15 years before he joined Tesla in Tesla is locked in to a take-or-pay contract with Panasonic, which Kelty negotiated.

That means Tesla is bound to purchase set amounts of cells at the negotiated price. Some analysts say lower cell prices from other manufacturers in Asia could put Tesla's battery costs above those of competitors. Cell pricing is publicly opaque, however, and absent Tesla disclosures any effect would be hard for outsiders to determine.

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In a conference call, Musk said newly introduced solar roofs from the company's SolarCity arm have been installed on some Tesla employee rooftops, including on his own Bel Air residence. Solar power and battery storage currently make up a small percentage of Tesla revenue, but it has high hopes for both. Get this deal On the inside, the Inspiron features a sixth-generation quad-core 3. And since Dell throws in a wired mouse and keyboard combo at no additional cost, you'll just need a PC monitor or HDTV to get up and going.

Connectivity-wise, this model sports two USB 3. And with plenty of room for internal expansion, you can easily add an SSD or a beefier graphics card down the road. Windows 7 Professional bit comes installed automatically, and that's a good fit if you depend on legacy software with limited support for newer operating systems. But since a license for Windows 10 Pro bit is included for free, you can make the jump to Microsoft's latest OS whenever you're ready.

With Xbox One local game streaming, the Cortana personal assistant, and access to countless games and apps in the Windows Store, the Windows 10 upgrade is absolutely worth considering. What The Void does is quite unique, the company utilizes its own hardware along with deep integration of the physical space and its VR software so that users can reach out and touch environmental game objects like a wall or railing and actually feel them. Star Wars multiplayer VR experience hitting Disney theme parks this year techradar.

The youngest gerbils probably think of tapes as the way their parents used to record TV shows before the days of online streaming and DVR boxes. Magnetic tape is alive and well in the realm of large-scale backup operations, and Sony and IBM have worked together to create a prototype system that can store a mammoth TB of data on a single cartridge with a volume of one third of a liter.

For comparison's sake, a standard 3. Sony contributed a new lubricant that bonds to the magnetic surface of the tape and reduces friction between the contact point of the magnetic head and the tape. IBM brought its nm-wide-tunneling-magnetoresistive TMR read-write heads, advanced servo control technology, and signal processing algorithms that enable the high storage density. The magnetic layer in the tape is also special. The prototype tapes have a magnetic layer that is applied using sputter deposition to achieve a more uniform crystalline structure.

The sputtering method produces a nano-grained magnetic layer with an average grain size of 7 nm. Sony says this deposition method and a suite of other technologies allow packaging more than a kilometer ft of tape inside a cartridge measuring 4. Neither company provided any details about when to expect a product based on the new tech to hit the market, but when that happens, it will be in the realm of datacenter administrators with large budgets and data that cannot be lost under any circumstances.

Users looking to back up their cat videos and gameplay footage will probably have to wait a bit longer. It's about time, as we haven't seen a new look in three years of minor upgrades, so prepare to be wowed. Tim Cook will wave around the all-new phone in just a few weeks, according to all of the latest iPhone 8 leaks. But what's true and what's hopeful thinking?

We're sorting through all of the rumors to deliver the facts and cut through the far-fetched speculation, from the always-changing release date theories to the all-important iPhone 8 price. Let's review every major iPhone 8 rumor so far. Yes, that would mean three new iPhone models to choose from at once. The most immediate change is to the name: This is way bigger than a modest iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus refresh that's still said to be on the way. The best iPhone 8 concept video out there was supposedly crafted using the specs from the same factory making the new phone. Let's keep exploring what we're seeing point-by-point.

Straight from Apple's own early HomePod firmware, iOS app developers have uncovered an icon for the all-screen display. It the closest we have to official iPhone 8 design confirmation from Apple so far. The same Apple source code also points to something called 'Face ID, ' which could take the place of the fingerprint sensor or be an addition to it. It may be the new way to unlock your phone now that the 5.

We talk more about these screen and fingerprint sensor changes below. The iPhone 8 release date is the routine new iPhone rumor we expect to stay the same every year, but Apple may do something different here, too. Apple has launched a new iPhone in September every year since the iPhone 5 in September iPhone launches have a consistent track record. But iPhone 8 may deviate from this plan, launching a little bit later still before Black Friday and Cyber Monday due to reported production delays.

October or November may be the official release date window, according to recent rumors. Though Apple's latest earnings call forecasts a strong quarter through to the end of September, which suggests that September is when we'll get the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 price may throw us for a curve ball since Apple is planning an all-new smartphone design. In other words, bring extra money on launch day. It hasn't changed in the US in almost a decade, and it just recently went up in the UK last year and Australia two years ago. We don't need another price increase.

This gives us an idea of what Apple could be thinking. The iPhone 8 screen may radically change in size and shape, and it's about time for something bigger and more stylish than an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus -era display. Get ready for a 5. It's said to sport a slight 2. It won't be as sloped as Samsung's curved edges. It's a big switch from 4. It can deliver better contrast, more vibrant colors and include a battery-saving always-on display.

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It's also better suited for VR and AR. Don't worry, even with a dramatically bigger screen size, the phone body won't be so big in your hand. In fact, it may be smaller the current iPhone 7 Plus. How will it be a smaller phone yet have a bigger display? You may have heard different iPhone 8 rumors, like ones that claim Apple's new phone will have a higher resolution than Samsung's phones. Keep in mind this could be partially true, but based on one of ten prototypes Apple is said to be considering.

Interestingly, Samsung is said to be supplying the OLED screens, beating out Sharp, which was once rumored for the job. Samsung may be able to deliver more curved screen in time. The big iPhone 8 screen means big changes for Apple's classic home button. It's being replaced by an on-screen button, according to years of rumors. No physical home button isn't a big of a surprise. But what happens to the important Touch ID fingerprint sensor you use to unlock your phone? Four predictions, some based on leaks and others on Apple patents, give us an idea what the iPhone 8 fingerprint sensor replacement will look like.

The first choice, having the sensor beneath the glasses, is what everyone wants. But it's unclear if Apple can successfully engineer this unproven tech in time. This is likely why the iPhone 8 delay rumors persist. The second choice is in line with Samsung having trouble fitting the fingerprint sensor inside of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus glass.

It had to awkwardly stick it on the back of the phone. Apple's logo could double as a fingerprint sensor, but, truthfully, no one like this idea. It's easier to reach than the back of the phone. We won't rule this one out just yet, even if there are no other leaks attached to it. There were iPhone rumors of a 'function area' akin to the MacBook Pro, but the reports of this all-screen-defeating design have dried up. The fourth choice, having no fingerprint scanner, would be a major shake-up for the iPhone 8.

But Apple has new tech on the way, bringing us to our next point. Giving the iPhone 8 an even more futuristic vibe, Apple is said to be readying a 3D face-scanning sensor to unlock your iPhone 8. It's either in place of or in addition to Touch ID. A face scanner is another feature Samsung tried to make work, but it turned out to be less secure. Apple may give it a go with the iPhone 8 using a much more advanced 3D sensor. However, according to one source, Apple is having trouble perfecting the software. This could mean the face scanning tech will be built into the iPhone 8, but the feature might only be enabled after launch, sort of like we had to wait for Portrait mode with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Cook's ambitious sounding words are inevitable. In his quarterly investor calls, he's become captivated with the idea of augmented reality AR , or what Microsoft calls "mixed reality, " so we fully expect Apple to call it augmented reality instead. Since then, AR developer tools have come to iOS 11 beta for existing phones.

The iPhone 8 could take it one step further. What can Apple do with AR? Let's give you a more concrete example and source. Veteran Apple analyst Gene Munster thinks you'll be able to find your seats in a crowded stadium or the groceries you need among all of the aisles by looking at your phone. AR is supposed to map out where you want to go, and combined with Apple Pay, it could be a big winner for the iPhone 8, according to Munster. AR seems to be the reason why we've seen allegedly leaked iPhone 8 schematics with a vertically aligned dual-lens camera on back. There's also talk from Korea that Apple is working with LG on a "3D photographing" module for the iPhone 8, which could be used to add three-dimensional effects and work with the rumored augmented reality features.

What about your everyday photography? That could be upgraded, too, with the second lens on the dual-lens iPhone 8 gaining optical image stabilization. There's also now been a mention of a 'SmartCam' feature spotted in the HomePod software. This is believed to be able to automatically recognize scenes and objects and adjust the camera settings accordingly.

We don't expect a bump beyond the 12MP sweet spot that Apple and other phone manufacturers have found, and don't look for the dual-lens snapper on the standard iPhone 7S, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. It's likely to once again be limited to this premium iPhone 8 Edition. We don't expect much change from the front-facing camera resolution, as Apple just upped to 7MP iSight camera for the iPhone 7. But as selfie photos become increasingly important, it could include extra camera focusing tricks to make each and every pixel count.

Just when Apple nearly perfected the aluminum unibody phone, it's now expected to be moving to an all-glass design. This is actually great news. A curved glass back on the iPhone 10th anniversary is for more than looks. It'll allow for iPhone 8 to wireless charge, as electricity doesn't pass straight through metal nearly as well. Think about it, all of those wireless charging phones out there have glass or plastic backs. The CEO of one of Apple's suppliers has even let wireless charging slip, and a sound file hidden in the iOS 11 beta also points to wireless charging, as does a mention of inductive charging in Apple's HomePod software, so it looks almost certain that we'll see it in some form.

What's less certain, according to the latest whispers, is whether it's going to be ready in time for the iPhone's launch. A delay has been echoed by another source, who says that wireless charging will probably be included, but may only be enabled after launch. You'll still see a metal frame, of course, which would give the new phone a look not unlike the Samsung Galaxy S8. One source described the iPhone 8 as having a "glass sandwich design. There may be new iPhone 8 colors on the horizon, namely there's talk of a fresh mirror-like finish to at least one of the colors, according to one leaker.

The return of colors like black and rose gold are expected, and then there's the one-again, off-again rumor that Apple could debut an all-white iPhone 8. The last major iPhone 8 design rumor is that the new phone could get a little more waterproof. That means you can submerge it a little deeper into water without too much fear of ruining your band new iPhone.

We still suggest not testing it. This would open up extra room for a larger capacity iPhone 8 battery, and we already know OLED displays are better a preserving power. When exhibiting blacks, OLED display pixels are essentially turned off. Apple may phase out the lightning port with the iPhone 8, switching to USB-C, according to several reports. A quad-core chipset just launched with iPhone 7, so we don't expect an octa-core chip upgrade just yet.

Yes, octa-core chipsets are all the rage, but Apple has shied away from touting big numbers and instead focused on boosting performance. It's done just fine. The same goes for RAM. But the iPhone may go for one smaller number: The move from the 16nm A10 Fusion to a 10nm A11 Fusion would make significant gains. Qualcomm's 10nm Snapdragon chip, for example, requires less energy and exhibits a performance boost on 16nm chips. Apple will want to rival this chip.

While Apple doesn't use Qualcomm's processor, it has used the San Diego firm's modem. But, as of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it has dual sourced the modem: There's an ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Qualcomm for overcharging of standard issue patents, so there's a chance iPhone 8 could ditch Qualcomm altogether. Couple this with the fact that Intel just announced a CDMA-capable modem that makes it compatible with Verizon and Sprint in the US, and Qualcomm may have just exiled itself from the new iPhone for Graphic chip partner Imagination Technologies is in the same boat soon.

Apple informed the British GPU supplier — an Apple partner since the iPhone 1 — that it'll drop the firm's graphics chip from the iPhone and iPad in the next two years. So, it'll still be in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 9, but maybe not the iPhone X. Some of the phone's built-in smarts might be powered by a dedicated AI chip - the word on the Cupertino street is that Apple is busy working on an artificial intelligence processor to take the strain of the main CPU and graphics chips.

One analyst has suggested Apple will bundle some free AirPods in with the premium iPhone 8 - that would be nice, but we'd recommend you don't hold your breath on that one. We might also see a Smart Connector on the iPhone 8. This was rumored for inclusion on the iPhone 7 Pro — a phone which never launched, but with numerous pictures of a phone sporting the Connector it seems likely that Apple really was considering it, so the feature might be ready by next year. We've already seen a Smart Connector on the iPad Pro, where it's primarily used to attach accessories, like keyboards.

For every credible iPhone 8 rumor, there are about ten dubious ones floating around the internet. Here are three 'leaks' that are farfetched. Apple's 'Ferrari' phone, as the iPhone 8 codename may indeed be, won't be flexible or even foldable, despite convincing patents. That's not even iPhone 9 territory — maybe we'll see this tech emerge for the iPhone 10 or iPhone X.

Apple has also been rumored to be readying wireless charging true that works up to 15ft with no contact required between the device and the power source so far a pipe dream. It's not out of the question for the future, though. There's evidence that Apple has been looking into this tech, with Energous, the company behind it, supposedly working with a "tier 1" smartphone maker. It added that it's "working with one of the largest consumer electronic companies in the world" and it will be shipping a product by the end of Finally, a future iPhone — not the iPhone 8 — could tighten up security, according to a new Apple patent.

It details a system that could get a thief's fingerprints and photo, as well as recording audio, video and their location. That sounds legally complicated for Apple to do on a global scale, even if it could be a good thing. There's so much more to talk about when it comes to the iPhone 8. Apple is finally giving us more than a basic specs update a new feature or two.

The ongoing iOS 11 beta is throwing out hints of what will come in September, and we're eagerly awaiting Apple employee blackout dates to give us a solid iPhone 8 release date.

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We'll be updating this page every day from now until the Apple launch event, when we expect to go hands-on with the 10th Anniversary iPhone. Kingdom Hearts 3 release date, news and rumors techradar. For instance, Coffee Lake-X would consist of high-end chips for the enthusiast market.

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As far as the actual Coffee Lake-S processor lineup goes, the slides do not appear to list specific models. We do not know the specifics like speed and power draw just yet but the four-core chip will likely surface again in a few days. An integrated SDXC 3. Those behind the massive WannaCry ransomware attack earlier this year are making moves to protect their windfall.

On Wednesday evening, the hackers emptied three bitcoin addresses known to be associated with the WannaCry ransomware, according to Elliptic, a company that identifies illicit bitcoin activity. A Twitter bot set up by Quartz to monitor the WannaCry-affiliated bitcoin wallets showed that the owners of the accounts started withdrawing the money around After 15 minutes and seven withdrawals, the accounts were empty. Elliptic is working with law enforcement to help track down the owners of the accounts, he added.

WannaCry first hit computers in Europe and Asia on May 12 before spreading to hundreds of thousands of PCs around the world and throwing government agencies and private businesses into disarray. WannaCry ransomware bitcoins move from online wallets bbc. The Apple Watch has now been superseded by the Apple Watch 2, and yet these much-hyped iPhone smartwatches are just now seeing their true potential through apps and games in following the Watch OS 3 launch. It's the fact that this is a brand new product category, so while it's one of the best smartwatch options out there, even Apple CEO Tim Cook admits it's still in "learning mode.

Here are the best apps, going along with our selection of the best apps for Android Wear and the best apps for Pebble. With the right apps, your beautiful timepiece will become so much more. The app is free and lets you play 4 mini-games. To achieve that it offers a dozen punishing exercises more are available via in-app purchases accompanied by threats, ridicule, bribes and the occasional compliment. If you find getting fit or losing weight a little bit tedious, CARROT might be the, ahem, carrot that you need to get motivated.

Knock is a simple idea brilliantly executed. Provided your Mac is of relatively recent vintage - an Air from or better, a MacBook Pro or iMac from late , a or later Mac Pro and so on - you can use Knock to automatically unlock your Mac or Macs by tapping the Apple Watch app. It may seem quite pricey for such a simple app, but think about how much time you spend locking and unlocking your Macs in a year. User reviews certainly think so: On the iPhone the app offers flat design and color coding, which by necessity has to be adapted for the Watch: Buy Me A Pie!

But the Happier app hopes to use the Watch to make you feel better, not more harassed.

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It can pop up to remind you to take a meditation break, and you can dictate a positive thought to a private journal or to the Happier community. Just be careful what and how you share: Readers of a certain age will remember Tamagotchi, the infuriatingly addictive electronic pets that took over the world in the late s with their incessant demands for care and attention. This app is the Tamagotchi L. There are two modes to choose from: The app also enables you to put multiple Tamagotchi into a gallery, where you can then take pictures of them, and save said digital snaps to your Camera Roll.

We love it for many reasons: The remote app solves a simple problem with computer media playback: It works with VLC on Mac, Linux or Windows, automatically finds any running copy of VLC on your local network and enables you to control the on-screen action with your phone. The Watch app reduces that to bare bones: TripIt solves that by pulling all your travel-related documentation together.

All you need to do is send your travel confirmation emails - flights, hotels, car hire - to TripIt and the app will automatically organize them and tell you the information you need when you need it. If you use Gmail, Outlook. If your Watch strap is feeling a little more snug than it used to, this app may be the answer: Microsoft earned well-deserved death stares from many Watch users when it bought and retired the excellent Sunrise Calendar iOS app, but its Outlook app is worth adding to your wrist.

Outlook is a combined email and calendar app that connects to Microsoft Exchange, Office , Outlook. Fitness fanatics look away now: Mount Burnmore could be the answer to that lethargy: The concept is quite clever. There are also leaderboards to compare with other players and in-game challenges to win freebies. Babbel takes a more mature, but no less effective, approach to language learning, using data from the check-in service Foursquare to tell you about nearby words you need to find and translate on its Watch app.

Just watch out for those in-app purchases, though: The app also tracks your sleeping heart rate, and again you can see if there are trends emerging there. This is an interesting one: The main iPhone app is pretty and makes it easy to see your key stats, and the Watch app can help motivate you by showing your steps, burnt calories and distance travelled.

The parent app also enables you to set weekly goals and track your progress against them. Where appropriate the app will also provide access to headphone settings such as noise cancellation and battery status. But it turns out that it does an awful lot On the iPhone, Drafts is designed to make it easy to capture ideas, thoughts, to-dos or anything else. It has an email-style interface for easy navigation and it enables you to send your Drafts to a whole bunch of other apps and services: Bringing Drafts to the Watch makes it even faster.

Many of us need to track the time we spend on specific tasks, but the team behind Hours rightly point out the three big pitfalls of time tracking: Hours hopes to address that by making it really, really easy to start and stop and switch. The Watch interface is much simpler, but just as effective: The Apple Watch app is as well thought-out as its siblings, with the ability to use Messages-style quick replies as well as emoji and dictation.

The main selling point for Spark is its Smart Inbox, which groups messages from multiple accounts into personal, notification and newsletter categories. You can pin messages for quick access, and you can snooze them to hide them for a specified period of time. We find ourselves using that last one a lot: If you have to handle a lot of email Spark is a massive time saver. Your Watch has a pretty good stopwatch app, but what happens when you need to time several things that happen at the same time? Workouts involving high intensity training are the most obvious application, but you might need to time a marinade here, a slow cook there, a bit of boiling over there and some roasting over there, or time a presentation, test, exercise or video recording.

Whatever the scenario, MultiTimer can handle it without getting complicated, erring firmly on the side of simplicity. The app runs continuously in the background and takes up hardly any system resources: The main app displays multiple timers at once and has a Today widget for easy access, but the Watch version takes a more streamlined approach: In addition to the usual controls and lists of shows and episodes, it gives you quick access to two really useful features: A reliable and secure password manager is a must-have in these days of security breaches and hacks, and 1Password is one of the best.

In the case of 1Password that means you choose the pieces of information you want available on your Watch, so for example you might want details of a few logins, one credit card and a couple of notes, or perhaps the PIN codes for everyday locks. Where 1Password gets particularly clever is in its support for team and family accounts, so you can share sets of information with everybody who needs it.

And if a site you use has been compromised, 1Password will alert you to change your password. What level did you park the car on? What did you change the combination on your locker to this time? What it does instead is make it really easy to jot down all the little bits of information you might need during the day, from registration plates to flight numbers, bus routes, clothes sizes and bike lock codes.

It has icons you can use to label each bit of information for easier identification, and you can add, edit and delete bits of information without having to open the phone. If you wish, you can use a Complication that shows your top memory-refreshing nugget of information right on the Watch face. But Translator is superb. Translator sits on your wrist rather than in your ear canal, but it does much the same thing. You can also pin translations for instant access to essential words or phrases. It gets even better if you use it on your phone, because it can translate in real time as you message somebody.

Want to translate a sign? Point your camera at it. The phone display splits with your words facing you and the translation facing them. It turns your Watch into a sleep monitor, using its motion detection to track your twists and turns as you have that cheese-fueled nightmare again.

Using it is simple: Your sleep is broken into blocks according to quality and movement, so you can see whether you're restless at particular times. There is a downside to all of this, and that's the Watch itself: We found that the answer was to pop the Watch on charge while we breakfasted and showered, but sometimes that didn't give us enough juice for a full day's wear.

With Twitterrific you can do that without being overwhelmed. You can set notifications to let you know of new replies, mentions, Retweets, favorites or Direct Messages, force-press to dictate new tweets via Siri, follow or block new followers and track your Twitter stats in real-time. The main iPhone app is pretty special as well.

It color-codes tweets for easy identification, has a Today mode that acts as a dashboard for anything important, and allows you to mute specific words, phrases, hashtags, people or websites. We like to personalize our technology: But while digital assistants can be sassy if you ask them the right questions, apps tend to be rather less interesting.

It also has radar and satellite weather maps, a time machine with up to 70 years of historical weather data to look at, and forecasts for right now, the next 24 hours and the next 7 days. This unlocks the half-hourly updates and the option to customize the Watch complications. One of the most useful things about the Apple Watch is that it enables you to do things without having to take your phone out of your pocket or bag. The interface is just a big red button with a picture of a microphone on it, and as you might expect you tap it to start recording.

The best apps are those which the developers have thought: The key data is right there: Tap on the listing and you get a map, individual reviews and a photo gallery from users, not the establishment itself. This is where you specify what information should be sent to the watch, and the options are extensive. You can choose from events, calendars, reminders and lists, include a map of the event location, show end times and specify how reminders should appear, and you can even specify what should happen if you tap on the Fantastical 2 complication on your watch face.

The best thing about Fantastical 2, though, is that it understands you. Force Touch the app, tap on Add Event and Siri starts listening. What started off as a haven for Pez collectors is full of high street retailers and no-name knock-off factories, professional power sellers and the usual bunch of con artists. What it does do is concentrate on the ways an Apple Watch app can actually be useful in online auctioning. Being able to stick your watch into silent mode and surreptitiously update your auctions is an absolute godsend in any situation where poking at your phone would be considered rude.

Dark Sky is the first app we put on any new Apple device, and the Apple Watch is no exception. What Dark Sky does seems very simple, but is actually very clever. In more dramatic climates it alerts of dangerous weather such as storms, and you can set it to notify you of specific kinds of weather that you select in the companion iPhone app. If you used Dark Sky in the early days of the Apple Watch and found it painfully slow and unresponsive, give it another go: Yelp is a great example of an app that gets it right.

So all credit to The Guardian, which has taken a completely different approach that actually works.

Richard Zimdars (Author of In the Nicholas of Time)

Some people bought their Apple Watch to track their fitness. If you plump for the colored bulbs or colored lightstrips you can mix and match the colors and brightness by mood or activity, so you might have warm whites for reading, soft pastels for dining and something spookier for watching horror films. And because the Hue setup is HomeKit compatible, it also integrates with Siri.

The main interface of City Guide has five tappable areas: Search, Favorites, Food, Coffee and Nightlife. Tapping on the appropriate option takes you to a list of venues, but instead of just filtering by distance the app also filters by Foursquare user ratings - so a rating of 9. What makes a good watch app? Do your colleagues do much thinking outside the box? Do they talk about "going forward" with projects or "surfacing" information? Is the oldest person in the building still in their mids? Then you're probably all too aware of Slack, the corporate communications system that's replaced email and instant messaging for more than a 1.

We're kidding, but only a little bit: Slack has become the go-to communication platform for tech and media businesses and start-ups. The iOS app provides a fully-featured Slack experience with file sharing, social media integration and powerful search and archiving features, while the Apple Watch app doesn't. That's entirely deliberate, because if your Watch app tried to cover all the different interactions in a typical Slack team it'd be pinging away so often your Watch would run out of power before your second cup of coffee and do be careful - Slack on the wrist does munch the battery of your smartwatch in our tests.

What the developers have done instead is focus on what you want a watch to do, which is to notify you only of the things you really need to know about. That means the same push notifications you've set for your iPhone, direct messaging and incorporating Handoff so you can move from watch to iOS without losing your train of thought. If you've tried Twitter or Facebook on the Apple Watch you may well think that social networking doesn't really work on such a small device, but Instagram begs to differ. The Facebook-owned photo sharing service concentrates on the basics and does them very well.

What the app does do is show a shortened version of your Instagram feed, offering the most recent posts from people you've chosen to receive notifications about. You can change that list in the iPhone app. Instagram works surprisingly well on your wrist. You can swipe through photos to view or like them, see recent comments and likes on your own photos, and send emoji replies to people's posts. It's great for a bit of time-wasting when you're out and about, and it's compatible with Handoff so you can effortlessly switch from Watch to iPhone when you want to use a feature the Watch app doesn't have.

The apps we tend to love the most are the ones that solve real-world problems, and PCalc falls into that category. Yes, it's a fantastically useful calculator and scientific calculator, but much more importantly it prevents fisticuffs in restaurants. That's because of its handy bill splitter. Simply tell it how much the bill comes to, how many people are paying and how big a tip you want to leave, and the Watch app calculates how much each person should hand over.

It supports watchOS 3's Scribble feature too, so you don't need to dictate or tap on a tiny keypad if you've downed that second bottle of wine. Alternatively you can use the Digital Crown to enter the figure in the tip calculator. That's not all the Watch app can do, though. It includes a converter for distances and other measurements, and if you Force Touch the app you'll see a Send To iPhone icon as well as the clear and undo buttons. And on the iPhone the main app is a great tool for serious calculating and quick sums: It's not the cheapest calculator app, but it's worth the money.

One of the Apple Watch's most impressive features is the remote camera option, which enables you to use the Watch's display as a viewfinder and shutter button for your iPhone. It's as useful for looking in awkward places as it is for snapping selfies, but that usefulness only applies if you stick with the default Camera app - or if you use a Camera replacement such as ProCamera, which has its own remote shutter app for the Apple Watch.

The ProCamera Watch app offers more options than the standard Apple one, with easy selection of photo, lowlight mode, HDR or video and the option to set a timer too. But the real draw here is the main iPhone app, which offers a range of image formats, RAW and UHD shooting, filters and effects and easy social media sharing. The app has just been updated for the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus too, with a clever option to switch between the iPhone 7 Plus's two lenses and Wide Color Capture on both models.

Shazam was a genuine gee-whizz app when it debuted on the iPhone, and it's even more impressive when it's on your wrist. It does one thing and does it brilliantly: Its recognition algorithms are superb, and having it on your Watch means you can probably win pop quizzes without getting caught. Not that we'd recommend such behaviour, of course. The experience on the Watch is very well thought out: It'll then notify you when the song has been identified, at which point you can raise your wrist, see the song and then tap on the lyrics if you want to know the words too.

The lyrics even scroll along with the music. The Watch app uses Handoff, so you can pick up the iPhone to see more about the track, watch videos or buy the download, plus the iOS app also boasts Rdio and Spotify integration and artist recommendations. Jfrielscotland reckons it's "lol best free app ever", and he or she might have a point.

Now Watch users have a choice of transport apps on their Watch. The built-in Maps app from Apple is still the most versatile thanks to excellent maps, directions and now public transport options in some cities like London.

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But Google's answer is straightforward and attractive. Google Maps gives directions though not maps for two destinations, home and work, but will also show routes recently followed on your phone. A Force Press on the Watch screen lets you switch between walking, driving and public transport modes. The cycle routing that the phone app offers isn't here, perhaps because you shouldn't be taking your hand off the handlebars to read your Watch screen as you ride.

You may have missed the built-in Camera Remote feature since the Apple Watch doesn't have a camera, but you should use it to your advantage every time you take an awkwardly framed photo. It let's your frame a shot remotely with your Apple Watch by seeing a preview of what's in the phone viewfinder via the Watch screen. It also has a shutter button and initiates a countdown. It works with both the front and back cameras and is free.

Use this tool wisely to achieve less awkward selfies at a distance. I sometimes wear my messy Chipotle burritos while scarfing down the healthy-ish Mexican platters, but I'm also purposely wearing Chipotle on my wrist to send order to the store via my Apple Watch. While it's not the most groundbreak app, I can create a one-tap order with the Chipotle Apple Watch app and have my meal ready to go while I'm on the treadmill at the gym next door.

It's as efficient as it is calorie rich. The best part is, I get the skip the always massive line. Facebook Messenger on Apple Watch got a late start, but it finally lets you respond to those pressing messages to friends and family without opening up the sioled-off app on your phone or website on a computer. You can initiate and reply with a thumbs up which I see as kind of curt and rude or dictate a reply. Sending Facebook's ugly smiley face or your current location can be done with the press of one or two taps too. What's better than controlling the lights throughout your entire household with your iPhone?

Doing it with a flick your wrist with an Apple Watch. That's what the Philips Hue app does - if you have the WiFi-enabled lightbulbs popular among early adopters. Fun and Games World Records: Fun Things to Do On the Plane. Jacob Goes to the Moon. Return of the Melungeon Witch.

Greatest Monster Trucks to Ever Compete: Slow Dance With Sasquatch. Four Score and Seven Beers Ago The A-Z of Limericks. The Little Pink Cloud. There Will Come Hard Rains. Summer Pure Slush Vol. My Socks Rolled Down. Belly Laughs for All! Spontaneous Reflections of a Southern Woman. Useless Crap From Around the House: The Sullivan Family Garage Sale. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer's personal information.

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The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars
The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars
The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars
The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars
The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars
The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars
The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars
The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars The Baby Ballers By Richard 77 Zimdars

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