The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1

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He was sweet but savvy, and even though he didn't think he was as strong or brave as the other boys from his village, he learned throughout the story that bravery and strength are not necessarily tied to one's ability to shoot woodland creatures I don't support hunting of any sort, if you couldn't tell. The President as a character was only okay. I don't think he was a very memorable character, but his bond with Osakari was sweet and it was interesting to see such a powerful figurehead reduced to a shambling, desperate man that needed the help of a twelve-year-old to survive. His gradual bond with Oskari was written well and their camaraderie really helped build the tension in the story.

We didn't want to see either of them suffer. It would have been nice to have an epilogue to show what their friendship became after their ordeal. I really wanted to see if the President would keep his word about the pizza party! While we didn't get to see a lot of the Finnish culture only at the beginning of the story , I did enjoy learning about another culture since it's one I know so little about.

I know that this story follows a boy during his 'becoming a man' ritual so only males came to view the ritual , but nothing excuses having no female characters whatsoever. Why were all of the villains, rescue team members and soldiers male? I don't believe for a second that the only female the President hired was a secretary but if that is the case in this world then I would be super pissed.

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The only female character mentioned was dead so I refuse to count that. I think this was a fun action-packed story that will appeal to a lot of readers. The storyline kept me engaged and the characters were written well. The writing style is going to be perfect to translate to a screenplay medium and I think the action-based nature of the storyline will definitely make a fantastic film.

I'll have to keep my eyes out for its release! Review copy provided by the publisher for an honest review. Apr 07, Stefanie Hasse hisandherbooks. Oskari ist kurz davor, ein Mann zu werden. In der Nacht auf seinen Ein Hubschrauber landet und vertreibt die Beute. Oskari flieht und wird kurz darauf Zeuge, wie etwas im Wald landet. Protagonist Oskari ist der Antiheld schlechthin. Nach einem gelungenen Showdown endet die Jagd beruhigend und absolut zufriedenstellend. La pluma de D. Mar 08, Ana M. View all 4 comments. Nov 07, Nathaniel rated it it was amazing.

May 24, Vicki added it. In der Nacht vor seinem dreizehnten Geburtstag muss Oskari allein in die Wildnis, so verlangt es die Tradition. Dass Oskari den Bogen kaum spannen kann, erleichtert die Sache nicht gerade. Jetzt kann Oskari zeigen, was in ihm steckt. Als ich die Verlagsvorschauen durchgesehen habe, ist mir dieses Buch sofort aufgefallen.

Als ich dann den Klappentext durchgelesen habe, wollte ich es sofort lesen. Oskari muss einen Tag vor seinem dreizehnten Geburtstag allein in die Wildnis und dort ein Tier erlegen. Wenn er dies gemacht hat, dann ist er ein richtiger Mann. Als er sich dann in die Wildnis aufmacht, kommt aber alles ganz anders. Dabei trifft er aber dann auf eine Kiste und dort ist ein Mensch drin.

Was hat dieser in Finnland zu tun? Die beiden merken schnell, dass hier etwas schreckliches vorgeht und versuchen ein sicheres Versteck zu finden. Dies hilft ihn bei dieser Jagd. Er ist tapferer kleiner Junge. Die ersten Kapitel haben mir gut gefallen und hatte gehofft, dass auch so weiter geht. Vor allem konnte ich mir auch gewisse Dinge einfach nicht so gut vorstellen wie ich es erhofft hatte. Der Anfang fand ich gut und hatte gehofft, es geht auch so weiter.

Das Buch ist bereits verfilmt und der Film wird ab Jan 08, Emma rated it really liked it Shelves: Review by Will 8: Oskari is a thirteen-year-old boy about to embark on his journey to manhood. As part of an ancient, traditional trial Oskari reluctantly sets out into the freezing wilderness of his Finnish homeland. But instead of finding animals to hunt; Oskari finds himself being hunted by terrorists trying to capture his trophy, the President of the United States of America. I was very excited Review by Will 8: I was very excited about reading this story as I enjoy books full of action and drama and Big Game did not disappoint.

That night Oskari discovers, in the burning wreckage of an aeroplane, an escape pod inside which, is the President of the United States of America. Oskari has to use his skills as a hunter and the knowledge of the forest to keep his new friends from capture. Dan Smith has amazing talent for creating a fascinating storyline; with twists and turns and new dangers around every corner.

You never know what will come next. He also has a talent for making the most unlikely characters become the best of friends and his brilliant storyline tests their courage and skill to the limit.

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With betrayal and lies you never know what to expect from this book. A simple hunters trial turned into a battle between life and death for the most powerful man on the planet. Can Oskari keep his trophy or will he lose it forever? The book has you hanging on to every word wanting more. Dan Smith achieves this with his amazing story line that only gives you the information you need at the time, which leaves you wanting more. The exciting conclusion begins when it looks like Oskari and the President will finally escape the evil terrorists clutches forever.

But, somehow the terrorists catch up with them. A thrilling showdown in the wreckage of Air Force One completes what is a brilliant read. However, I would quite like either a sequel to this book or preferably a few extra chapters explaining who actually organised the attack in the first place. Although there are some hints on this front, I would prefer a bit more information. This thrilling, action-packed novel; with new dangers around every page, is a great read.

It makes you realise that if you persevere and work hard in life you will be rewarded; but not always in the way you expect! I would recommend this for anyone, who like me, enjoys a fast paced, action packed read, full of danger. Nous sommes en Finlande, au dessus du cercle arctique. Je remercie beaucoup Les Editions Michel Lafon pour leur confiance.

Ce roman est disponible en librairie depuis le 28 mai Die Jagd beginnt von Dan Smith, erschienen bei chicken house ist ein sehr actiongeladenes Jugendbuch, dass sich um zwei Protagonisten dreht, die in der finnischen Wildnis mehr oder weniger verschollen sind. Der eine ist der kurz vor einem Das P Big Game. Vor allem kann sich der 12 bzw.

Fazit Spannende Handlung gepaart mit viel Witz. Aug 24, Freelfe rated it liked it. Pour ma part, je ne pense pas regarder le film. Du bon et du moins bon donc, mais le livre reste un bon moment de lecture. May 07, Bethany Miller rated it it was ok Shelves: The word that comes to mind to sum up this book is generic. You would think that the setting, a remote village in the mountains of Finland, would add a unique twist to this action novel, but so little detail is given that the place of the novel just feels like a generic wilderness.

The main character Oskari is a part of a tribe that has a coming of age ritual in which the boy must go out into the wilderness and kill something with the ceremonial bow. The animal that he kills is supposed to repre The word that comes to mind to sum up this book is generic. The animal that he kills is supposed to represent what kind of man he will become. Because Oskari is smaller and weaker than the other boys his age, no one including his father thinks that he will succeed in killing anything. However, Oskari stumbles upon something much bigger and more important than simple wildlife. He stumbles upon an escape pod containing the President of the United States!

Action movie tropes abound, and the characters are all very two dimensional. Many of the plot twists strain credibility. From what I gather, this is a novelization of a movie that recently came out, so that could drum up some additional interest. Optional purchase where adventure and survival fiction is popular with the middle school crowd. This story follows Oskari, a year-old boy who lives in a remote settlement in the mountains of Finland. Oskari is one day away from turning 13 - the day he must complete an age old tradition, and head into the woods alone armed with a bow and arrow, and whatever animal he can hunt will determine his value as a man.

But a few hours into his mission, his life is turned upside down when Air Force One is shot down and crash lands in the forest "I had hunter's blood in my veins. But a few hours into his mission, his life is turned upside down when Air Force One is shot down and crash lands in the forest nearby, and Oskari has to defend the President of the USA from terrorists who are hunting him by showing him the way of the woods.

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This story took me by complete surprise, and I ended up loving it! Oskari is a great kid, very mature for his age, but not to the extent he read like an adult - he was scared where a child would be, and sad when he needed to be. I enjoyed the adventure of the forest and the lessons he learned, and how he came to realise his purpose and destiny.

My only quarrels would be I found it slightly predictable, and some parts maybe a little repetitive, but not by any means enough that removed from my enjoyment. I know this is a movie with Samuel L Jackson starring as the president and it is available on Prime movies for free , so I will definitely be checking that out at some point in the near future, despite the average reviews it received. A great book, and a surprisingly enjoyable way to spend my evening. Jul 29, Kathleen Dixon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hopefully new readers will go on to sample the delights of his back catalogue and give him the further success he thoroughly deserves.

A word of warning though, don't start this book if you have any important appointments coming up, you will end up missing them to find out what happens next. Sep 23, Jane Stewart rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aug 29, Rob Twinem rated it it was ok. If Chris escapes his family the lovely Terri and his two beautiful kids will be murdered Helping Chris is the disturbed Rose Nope Helping Chris is the disturbed Rose, whoose family was wiped out on a previous hunt and she is after retribution.

So we spend pages following our two heroes as they appear to run all over rural Wales dodging bullets and keeping the bad guys at bay Fun for a fast read but not a book I really enjoyed Jul 27, Bookread2day rated it it was amazing.

Chris Sheen is out running while it was still dark. He would be home in time to take his two daughters to school. As he opened the door he thought something was wrong with the unnatural silence. A great sense of fear races along as Chris searches his house for his wife and two girls. Chris finds a man in his kitchen who makes it clear that if Chris phones the police his w Review by www. Chris finds a man in his kitchen who makes it clear that if Chris phones the police his wife and children will be executed.

Terrified and shaking all sort of things run through his mind, is it a joke. Or a reality TV show. Readers become aware that some weird stuff is going on. The Hunt offers a good mix of action making the book chilling and clever. I recommend The Hunt. Jul 15, Masanobu rated it liked it Shelves: Review first published here: I was involved in the cover reveal for this book way back in April and jumped at the chance to be part of the blog tour.

I loved the sound of the book and was very intrigued, even more so when AVON, Tim's publishers went full pelt with their marketing campaign. Imagine opening a parcel to find a survival kit and a hostage letter asking me to take up a challenge, 48hrs to save my family! Intrigued and with the adrenalin already Review first published here: Intrigued and with the adrenalin already beginning to pump I opened a second parcel to reveal a personalised book - TheHunt was on and I was preparing to run, egged on by AVON and Tim Lebbon. But, not before I headed to Amazon and downloaded a kindle copy for fear of creasing the pages of my personalised paperback.

The story begins as Chris returns from his early morning run, he's happy, he has beaten his personal best and is preparing to enter the usual morning chaos as his two daughters and wife prepare, respectively for school and work. On entering his home it was obvious straight away that something wasn't right - it was the deadly silence, no music, no tv, no bickering just nothing - then Chris encountered a stranger, drinking coffee, his coffee, in his kitchen!

To say Tim Lebbon dropped me straight into a story from a great height and made me pick up the baton and run with it would be a true understatement. Within the first few pages I was hooked - intrigued, yet apprehensive at the same time - my heart was in my mouth as Chris first discovered an empty house, blood in the bathroom and then not one but two complete strangers in his house. The first telling him to keep quiet, stay in the house and not to call the police if he wanted his family to live.

The second, unseen, knocked him to the ground before giving him some instructions. She was on his side, she says. It seems Chris had to run to save his family! A no win situation - get caught - he dies, his family survives. Escape 'The Hunt' - he lives, his family dies. Rose survived, her family died - she's seeking revenge - she wants to kill each and every member of The Trail, the company that seeks out people to use as bait for their rich clients to hunt down - in effect a live computer game. She's now using Chris as a pawn, her bait as well as the Trail's bait - one slip up from Chris and it's over - his life and his family's life hung in the balance.

The story alternates between Rose's story and Chris's story - both on the run, both for different reasons. This truly was a heart stopping book that was impossible to put down as both physical and mental agility were put to the test. Tim dragged me into a game of endurance where mental strength was stronger and more important than physical fitness.

Knowing when to run and when to stay hidden to keep in the game was physically exhausting and mentally draining for me as a reader. I held my breathe, and bit back tears as Chris and his family faced death Tim Lebbon has written a story that thrives on primal fear, yet it was a book that I couldn't put down. There didn't seem to be a way out, I just had to keep turning the pages. He has created characters that evoke strong emotions, I was part of TeamChris from page one but see-sawed with Rose. I spent more time thinking about her psyche and that of the Hunters than I did about Chris.

On the surface Rose was cold, calculating and manipulative but the more I read, I understood her and actually warmed to her, if that's possible? I loved how outwardly she was one person, yet underneath someone else. She was a contradiction to life itself, outwardly alive yet dead inside. Tim Lebbon's knowledge and attention to detail in The Hunt was brilliant.

I know the area reasonably well and each page turned was like looking at a series of snapshots so vivid and accurate were his descriptions. Anyone who has spent time in the welsh hills surrounding Snowdonia will recognise the area easily. This is a brilliant, addictive read, not everyone's cup of tea I have to say but, it will get you thinking. What makes people tick and which is better physical or mental strength. The Hunt demonstrates and brings survival instincts to the fore. I genuinely thought I'd have trouble sleeping whilst reading this book but it had the opposite effect - I was so psyched up and involved, I really was running to save my family, I was so mentally drained when I finished it I just shut down and slept the sleep of the dead.

I highly recommend this dark, twisted story - you don't want to be the only one not in the race - so join all of the triathletes and ultra runners out there - get your trainers on and run! Jul 21, Victoria Goldman rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved The Hunt. It was such an easy yet nail-biting read and the plot flowed brilliantly from start to finish. You are literally thrown in at the deep end and there's no stopping for breath along the way. Chris comes home from his routine daily run to discover that his wife and daughters have vanished - and there's a trail of blood in the bathroom.

A stranger in his kitchen tells him to stay put and wait for further instructions. When Chris tries to call his friends and family for help, they cu I loved The Hunt. When Chris tries to call his friends and family for help, they cut him off. Then a second stranger Rose appears, telling him that she can save him, as long as he is prepared to keep running to stay alive. Chris soon learns that the hunt is on and he is the prey… Clients of the shadowy organisation The Trail pay to hunt humans down like wild animals.

If he stops running, the clients and members of The Trail will kill him. If he escapes, his family will die instead. So he has no choice but to run for his life - no mean feat when you are a middle-aged architect who has taken up distance running as a hobby.

Big game hunting pics

The fast-paced action takes place among vivid descriptions of the Welsh mountains. It's clear that the author has a personal understanding of the physical and emotional impact of long-distance running, which adds to the authenticity of the plot. This is about Chris' fight for survival - and the horrific actions of others with more money than humanity. You also learn more about Rose's past - she is the one who escaped rather than played the game - and why she is determined to stop The Trail for good. I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Jul 08, Joanne Robertson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wow this book was so much better than I was expecting it to be! It is a total adrenaline rush of a read that makes you feel as those you have been competing in some sort of endurance sport from the comfort of your sofa! It would make a wonderfully atmospheric and exciting screenplay. It reminded me of a Simon Kernick book so if you are a fan of his then you will also love the hunt. It has that rush of excitement where you are totally lost in the chase. Chris comes home from his morning run to fin Wow this book was so much better than I was expecting it to be!

Chris comes home from his morning run to find his family missing and blood in the house. A strange man in the kitchen tells him to run or his family will be killed. Chris has an ally though, someone who has experienced this nightmare before, but will Rose be able to help him? I loved Rose and really felt her pain. I am hoping she will return in future books by this author as I think she has a lot more to give! I received a copy of this book via netgalley in return for an unbiased review. Lebbon The first venture into thriller for this accomplished and proclaimed author of fantasy and horror, THE HUNT is a stomach-churning, gut-wrenching adventure tale.

I use those adjectives for the shock value included, but also because the sheer unrelenting terror, danger, and implacability is heartstopping. Himself, and Man vs. Man in the latter case, there are multiple instances of individuals pitted against individuals, against individuals as representatives of a group, and of individuals against a very implacable, high-powered, highly-funded group. Of course, bottom line is the excesses, frailities, and traits of human nature in some cases here, inhuman nature housed in a human physiology. Jun 28, Mommacat rated it really liked it Shelves: A British family is thrown into the most bizarre circumstances and only their father can rescue them.

This is horror author Tim Lebbon's first foray into the thriller market. He does a fine job of keeping the suspense rolling and the action shotgunning along as Chris runs from Cardiff to Wales in an attempt to save his wife and daughters from being murdered. I highly recommend it to all readers of thrillers and suspense. Entertaining, tense thriller with some standout moments. Nov 14, Helen rated it it was amazing. Couldn't put this book down - action packed and fast paced.

I stupidly forgot to reply to the email offering me a copy of this book and so consequently missed out on this brilliant marketing campaign. Never fear, a NetGalley copy appeared and I eagerly downloaded it. The very same night I sent a tweet saying 'There's fast-paced, and then there's The Hunt' and that statement is so true. For pure excitement and adrenaline rushes, The Hunt is probably one of the best books you could read this year for them.

The Hunt is one of those books you can't say too mu I stupidly forgot to reply to the email offering me a copy of this book and so consequently missed out on this brilliant marketing campaign. The Hunt is one of those books you can't say too much about, but in typical me fashion I'll probably end up saying anyway Chris returns home from his run to find that his family have disappeared and there's a stranger in his kitchen who delivers a cryptic message.

Chris discovers that his family have been kidnapped, and he's told to run. If he's caught and killed then his family can go free but if he escapes, they die. It has all been organised by The Trail, an organisation that provides rich people with somebody to hunt. The Trail are a pretty scary and organised group of people. Even pressing 9 on his home phone alerts them to the fact that Chris is attempting to call the police. And they have even managed to get to his family and friends.

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Chris has nobody to turn to, until help I use the term quite loosely comes in the form of Rose. A woman who managed to escape from The Trail, but lost her family in the process. Rose has revenge in mind, and will not rest until she has killed those responsible for killing her family. All the while I wanted to scream at Chris to not only run from The Trail but also Rose, but at the same time my heart was pounding with excitement as I read on.

I actually found the idea for the story quite inventive in a genre where most things have been done, and when you actually think about it, it is actually quite plausible - there's people out there that would set up something like this, and there's rich egomaniacs who would happily pay to take part. In terms of the setting I do think something like this might be slightly more believable on a grander scale, say America, but the fact that Tim set it in the UK, and in an area he knows perhaps does give it more of an authentic feeling.

Plus I think the idea of The Trail operating around the world is a pretty scary idea, and probably highlighted the scale of which these people work. Tim Lebbon clearly knows what he's talking about when it comes to all things running and the outdoors and he uses that knowledge to great effect in writing this story and it never comes across as know-all, it all adds to the overall story.

It's one of those books where it feels like you are part of the story yourself, witnessing the action from afar, even feeling like you should be looking over your shoulder at times. The character development in The Hunt was probably one of my favourite things about the book. I think in this genre some authors tend to focus too much on the action, resulting in at times some pretty one dimensional characters but despite this book very rarely letting up on the action, the characters don't suffer because of it.

Rose in particular was one of my favourites, despite never fully knowing what I thought about her. A character such as her fills you with excitement but also a little bit of fear, she literally has nothing to live for, and is driven solely by revenge which makes her quite unpredictable.

I wondered just how the story would end, after all to save his family Chris must sacrifice himself and so it does add some real excitement to the read. My heart was pounding right up until the very end of the story. The Hunt is a book that would be perfect for reading by the pool for those lucky enough to be jetting off to sunnier climes over the coming weeks, but it's also a book that would be perfect for reading right now!

So don't even hesitate to go ahead and download it to your Kindle. At 99p how can you say no?! I really hope we will be reading more from Tim Lebbon very soon. Jun 25, Sharon rated it really liked it Shelves: I took Tim J. Lebbon's The Hunt on a canal boat family holiday for a bit of a read at bedtime after a hard days work on the river banks. However I failed at the outset, I was glued to the book from the first page. I could not be prised away from it.

Poor old hubby was left to skipper the boat the whole time as I was engrossed in The Hunt. It was I took Tim J. It was that good, truly I do not exaggerate. I ignored the desperate pleas of 'everyone quick, I need help' shouts as we neared locks and any other hazardous encounter. Did they not understand that Chris and Rose were all I cared about? Due to circumstances beyond my control, my family needing sustenance and vital fluids, I had to do the right thing and provide for them.

So I pulled out the ration packs and advised them to boil the bags in water before consuming to ensure they were ready to continue their marathon steering of the boat and leave me to resume my endurance of The Hunt. Finally after being held captive for two days, The Hunt came to its explosive finale and I was free to rejoin my family and enjoy our holiday.

Told from the viewpoints of Chris, Gemma his daughter and Rose, The Hunt was a pure 'edge of your seat', 'roller coaster ride'. I loved that it was set predominanly in the rugged wilds of Snowdonia in Wales, and had a totally believable female 'kick ass' protagonist. This doesn't mean that it was without its flaws, chiefly the lack of real depth of character development of Chris' family, but this was such a minor issue and was outweighed by the more fuller bodied characterisations of Chris and Rose, and Rose's relationship with Holt, that I forgave them.

The character depiction of Rose is outstanding. Rose is the force to be reckoned with and will take no prisoners whilst implementing her murderous plan of action to wreak vengeance on The Trail. She is strong, she has to be. She has prepared herself mentally and physically for a long time and will let nothing get in her way to achieve her goal. Totally unpredictable, she is surviving on pure hatred and driven in her sole purpose of avenging the slaughter of her family. We really get to know Rose through flashbacks and feel her agonising despair at the discovery of her family's fate after she managed to escape being hunted.

It is Chris who questions the necessity for such extreme violence making him the weaker of the two in their race to Rose is someone you'd feel desperately for but because she has lost everything meaningful to her she has absolutely nothing to lose making her unpredictable and highly dangerous. As much as I was on her side and wanted her to kill the members of The Trail I did have some concerns whether she could be trusted to help Chris outrun the hunters and escape The Trail.

Also what if she did kill The Trail members who had come to be her driving force for living. What would be left for her to live for? Never a dull moment, I was exhausted just reading it. The Hunt is Tim J. Lebbon's first thriller, please don't let it be the last! A complimentary copy of The Hunt by Tim J. Chris Sheen returns home after an early morning run to discover that his family - wife Terri and girls Gemma and Megs - are missing and a stranger is standing in his kitchen drinking coffee. Into this maelstrom comes Rose, who was once hunted by The Trail herself but lost her family when she beat the chase.

Now Chris needs help, she wants revenge an Chris Sheen returns home after an early morning run to discover that his family - wife Terri and girls Gemma and Megs - are missing and a stranger is standing in his kitchen drinking coffee. Without any semblence of emotion, we see her through the eyes of Gemma, who is old enough and sharp enough to try and understand why she, her Mum and sister have been kidnapped.

I liked this a great deal. His progression over the book - fearful, resilient, resourceful and, above all, determined - is well handled. Rose is equally good, at first a killer like the Trail until her character is revealed through flashbacks and we get a better understanding of what set her up in this way. Tim uses the wild locations well, making us feel the elements and see the barren mountains and valleys that Chris has to traverse, where the ground is as liable to hurt you as those high-calibered rifles are and the swim in the mountain lake is truly terrifying.

Having spent time in Snowdonia, he not only captured the atmosphere of the place well but made the bleakness of the area - and the lack of other people - almost another character. I highly recommend it. Jun 22, Wendy rated it really liked it. And that day started pretty well for this ordinary architect fellow when he set off on his early morning run, only to return to find things have escalated rather quickly in his absence. His family are missing, with no clue to their whereabouts…cue the appearance of a strange brute in his kitchen, who advises Chris to sit tight and await a phone call.

Following said call, bring on a frantic quest where he may save or los Spectacularly intense. Chris is alone and confused. All he can do is follow the instructions of a stranger he met only moments ago and try to run for his life. Luckily, unexpected assistance presents itself with the arrival of Rose.

Rose is a gutsy gal, I liked her. This is thrilling fiction after all, so anything goes! Expect plenty of action, thrills and chases over rugged Welsh terrain, the isolation of which is depicted quite brilliantly. With the appearance of a helicopter and various weaponry, the heat is well and truly cranked up with this one!

Without a doubt, at the heart of The Hunt lies seriously extreme suspense. The end result ensures pure escapism pulses throughout the book, for both the main character and the reader alike. Jun 28, Raven rated it liked it. With an opening that could have emerged straight from the pen of Linwood Barclay, The Hunt is difficult to assess as it so closely draws on books that have gone before. With the tropes of these books so much in evidence it all feels incredibly familiar. Sheen is a bland character who thinks about the nature and act of running a lot.

To paraphrase With an opening that could have emerged straight from the pen of Linwood Barclay, The Hunt is difficult to assess as it so closely draws on books that have gone before. To paraphrase Haruki Murakami, we get a great deal of insight into what he talks about when he talks about running. It sounds harsh, but many readers will probably root for Sheen to outrun his pursuers to seal their fate. On the other hand, Rose is a beautifully developed character and Lebbon carefully reveals the depth of despair and the near fatal consequences of her previous experiences.

She is an utterly empathetic character, imbued with a steely determination. Without dwelling too heavily on her back story, she and her sensei Holt are easily the most interesting characters and what could have been a strictly average thriller is lifted greatly by their presence. The Hunt offers a fairly balanced mix as a crime thriller. The pace of plotting and the well-realised location of the rugged and hostile terrain of Snowdonia add to the feel of a tension fuelled thriller.

However, some of the slack characterisation and too much superfluous emphasis on the tao of running are a little annoying when pitted against the superior depiction of Rose, who really holds this book together. Jul 13, Jack Haringa rated it it was amazing. For years, Lebbon has been known as a writer who can personalize the apocalypse, someone who can take large concepts and genre tropes and make them individually and emotionally resonant. The same is true here, in his first novel without even a tinge of the supernatural or fantastical.

Lebbon infuses THE HUNT with several levels of authenticity that ground the story sufficiently to allow for a suspension of disbelief regarding the plot. His primary protagonist, Chris, is an endurance sport enthusiast remarkably like Lebbon , and the skills he employs to survive his run are rendered with technical precision as well as an emotional attachment that makes the events believable. Second, a large portion of the novel takes place in the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales, which are also portrayed with what is clearly an experienced insider's knowledge.

The Hunt by Tim Lebbon

And then there's the emotional authenticity at which Lebbon has always excelled: Chris' fears for himself and his family, his frustration and anger at the people responsible for his situation, and his divided attitude toward Rose, the woman who seems to be helping him. Rose, the novel's second protagonist, brings another perspective to the familiar scenario, and her presence undermines the plot's predictability. She also brings a different set of skills to the scenario, so that she and Chris become complementary figures.

It's a fast-paced, skillfully-constructed novel of intense action and emotion. As of this writing, the novel had only been released in the U. A lean thriller that hits the ground ahem running, and ahem races through its premise at blistering speed. Chris is a family man, who happens also to be an ultramarathon runner. When his family is kidnapped, he is made the prize in a manhunt over the Welsh mountains, hunted by rich clients and knowing that if he escapes then his family will be executed.

If the book has a flaw it is only that the main character is credibly too skilled. With his wealth of experience the hunters never really A lean thriller that hits the ground ahem running, and ahem races through its premise at blistering speed. With his wealth of experience the hunters never really have a chance, particularly when Rose - a previous survivor of the Hunt who is hell-bent on revenge against her tormentors - is brought into play.

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The thrill in the thriller lies with his family, and the race to get to them before they are wiped out. The plot is functional, and ends before the concept is exhausted, but what lifts it is the characterisation and attention to detail. Jul 01, Jessi rated it really liked it Shelves: This is for readers who love a book that takes off like a cannon from page one and doesn't let up. There was no big secret twists and turns but just pure fear for the lives of all the good guys in the story. The bad guys are really bad and the good guys are the type you just can't help but root for.

I found Rose to be a complex and interesting character and I empathized with Chris's very straight-forward love and protection of his family. It creates the kind of fast pace and high tension that st This is for readers who love a book that takes off like a cannon from page one and doesn't let up.

It creates the kind of fast pace and high tension that stayed with me even when I put down the book, making me triple check all the locks in the house and jump at loud noises. I'm still a bit concerned about a shady van I've seen twice on my street and by shady I mean existing in my vicinity when I'm creeped out. Aug 28, Richard Barber rated it liked it Shelves: Let's be honest, this is Tim Lebbon so you know you're going to get a well written story. It may not be his traditional genre, but the man knows how to write. This isn't vintage Lebbon, it doesn't have the complexity and emotional punch of his other work, but then there's an argument that thrillers aren't really the place for complexity and emotions.

Given this it's good rather than excellent.

The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1 The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1
The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1 The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1
The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1 The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1
The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1 The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1
The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1 The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1
The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1 The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1
The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1 The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1
The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1 The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1
The Hunt Begins: Big Game Hunting Series, Novella #1

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