The Owl and the Hawk: an end to terrorism

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Call upon hawk and owl for assistance and, thank them for their guidance. I hope this brief summary has enabled you to take a few more steps into the depth of animal messages that are available to you. Take the time to contemplate further this experience with hawk and owl, and you will find more clarity — simply ask these regal birds for there presence, and they will make themselves and their intentions known to you. Messages from Air Animals. Animal Totems an ongoing list. April 22, July 19, June 7, June 7, June 1, June 1, Human working hard to loose my mind.

If you find it, you can keep it. Here is my story: I was driving late or early am 4: As we were driving for fun we practiced a few exercises like He would pick a color and I would guess and vice versa. Well we were doing excellent and having a ton of fun.

Dead, headless rabbit in my yard. Is it a cult? Terrorists? A cult of terrorists?

We had just stopped and were nearing our home when in the middle of the road I saw two hunched over figures. I screamed and my fiancee who was driving swerved to avoid hitting them. When i screamed the little figures looked around at us. It was two white owls. The just stared and then flew off. I cant get their faces out of my mind and to be honest I am a little terrified.

I read Veronicas reponse to another owl email and it help calmed me but I am still very scared. Please anyone what does this mean??? The whole experience was very odd. Any help would be SO appriacated. Kudos for taking steps to process this experience more fully. I believe your experience was profound on a symbolic level. Mine is only one perspective. The best perspective is your own. Your experience points out directions or destinations. These and other elements point to moving in a specific direction.

Focus on it as it can potentially be a catalyst for great growth and expansion. Owls are quite specific in their purpose — and, as you can attest, they are extremely intense in their delivery. This enhances the message present tense, as well as an urging for you to make clear your understanding of this experience to your highest benefit. Within great intensity even terror resides the potential for our greatest reward and understanding.

Thanks for being open to these amazing phenomenon that occur in all of our lives. The questions and the answering of them prompts us all to come to our own unique place on the path. I was driving home at about 2: I turned around to see what it was. When I got out of my car, I saw that it was a small white owl. There were cars comming up from behind me , so I turned on my emergency blinkers, so the owl and myselfe would not be hit. I then walked over to the owl that was looking at me.

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I then raised both arms and the owl flew away. I have been going through some really hard times in my life. I am wondering if this is some type of sign??? As from my other comment post, the first night i heard the owls calling, immediately the next day there were two Red-tailed Hawks that had perched near my home area on street lights.

Then I had seen two hawks flying, then another red-tail perched on another street light driving down the freeway, and two more hawks circling and being harassed by a bird. It was awesome sighting them around. Then about a week after on the day I was leaving for college I saw a red-tail riding the strong winds when I was at the gas station. Then as we drove off down toward the freeway, I looked back and saw a large hawk flying close to the ground towards my direction. Hi Crystal, thank you for sharing this experience, and your perception of its meaning here with the group.

I concur with your instinct — the hawk can offer great strength and encouragement — dispensing steely focus in our times of fuzziness often born from moments of fear or doubt, which are synonymous, really. Life is too short to read horrid books. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Fast paced and very creative, especially the variety of assassination techniques. It is an eye-opener to the horror of that way of life and their thinking.

Loved the POP plan at the end of the book. Hope someone in power reads the plan and implements it. We would all be safer for it. The cover alone got my attention and after reading the first chapter I couldn't put it down! The Owl and The Hawk is an excellent read! Each chapter makes you long for knowing what will happen next. I highly recommend this book. It gives you a chilling look into terrorism and a plan to defeat it! How else would we have understood the fanaticism of Muslim terrorists and how dedicated they are to conquering the world?

We never knew we were infidels. The fact that we are slated for murder is frightening. American Muslims hired and sent to Muslim countries to kill terrorist leaders is a great idea. After all, good American Muslims should detest the terrorists as much as our boys fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. But this book not only tells a page turning story, it offers a long term solution called the Privilege of Passage Plan.

An End to Terrorism

Don't miss this talented new author's solution for healing America's Middle Eastern turmoil. This is an exciting and enlightening novel. On one level it is a well told action narrative but it also seems so credible that you ask yourself - why wasn't this the way or a similar way we dealt with Al Quaeda in or soon thereafter.

City Of Fear (Terrorism Documentary) - Real Stories

This book makes a good case for surgical removal of this demented enemy rather than using a sledge hammer to swat a fly. Read it and decide for yourself. I hope someone is working on a movie script because this could make a great few hours on screen. Clear your schedule before you start reading this book, it is a truly realistic version of Middle Eastern mores. For a first novel Mr. Errett has made me a fan for life! A true page turner in the genre of Vince Flynn thrillers. Kudos galore for a book that's timely and well researched See all 11 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on July 25, When I came home the other night and let my dogs out, I saw a dead, headless rabbit in my yard that hadn't been there earlier.

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Needless to say, I was kind of freaked out by this although I suppose it's better than a live, headless rabbit. Was it a cult thing, or the work of a budding young Jeffrey Dahmer? I know there are coyotes in the area because I've seen them at night in the fields along hwy , but I'd have expected a coyote to eat the whole rabbit, or take it away to eat. There was a swarm of wasps on it, and I didn't want a repeat of this incident viewtopic.

Several blasts of Raid took care of the wasps, then I raked the rabbit into a garbage bag and hosed the area down to get rid of the Raid. This morning, I read this timely story in the news.

The Owl and Hawk: An End to Terrorism: JOHN ERRETT: Books

They can't carry a whole rabbit, so they just take the head away to eat the eyes and brains. I've seen hawks around here as well, so mystery solved, I guess. They just wanted to go out a minute ago and I caught a whiff of skunk in the air when I opened the door. I certainly didn't want to deal with that, so I turned the light on and put them on their leashes and took them out, rather than let them run free. They thought they were going for a real walk, so they held their pee for a few laps of the yard.

Why waste it on the back yard when there are all those fire hydrants etc they'll encounter on their walk? A dog up the street was barking it's head off unintentional pun , so I hope it didn't get sprayed. I used to have a cat that would leave headless rabbits,mice,rats, and squirrels on my doorstep.

On one occasion it left a headless rattle snake,that was kind of a moment.

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  • Hawk and Owl Messages?

I don't know where you're at, but in my neck of the woods no pun intended a hawk or owl is usually to blame for any small-ish mutilated animals. Although they don't usually stick around long, as coyotes, dogs, racoons, other birds, etc. The tiny chop-marks are a dead giveaway. You've got a problem with little fairies. I can tell from some of the chops, and from seeing quite a few pixies in my time. I humbly retract the joke I was going to make in deference.

Does one of your neighbors grow melons? And do you have another neighbor who's a hot optometrist? I once found the exact same thing in my yard. My cat had eaten the head, and left the rest behind. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until after I had run over it with the lawnmower. A long time ago, my mom had a co-worker who insisted that your basic house cat couldn't catch a wild rabbit. Mom took one of our cat's leftovers the back half of a rabbit , stuck it in a bag, took it to work and left it on said co-worker's desk. He stopped making comments like that one.

We've had the same thing happen recently; a hawk recently moved into the neighborhood. First time we saw it, he was tearing apart a bird in the lawn. Luckily all he left was feathers. The last time, though, I think he must have gotten spooked mid-kill, because we got left with a partially disemboweled torso.

The Owl and the Hawk: an end to terrorism The Owl and the Hawk: an end to terrorism
The Owl and the Hawk: an end to terrorism The Owl and the Hawk: an end to terrorism
The Owl and the Hawk: an end to terrorism The Owl and the Hawk: an end to terrorism
The Owl and the Hawk: an end to terrorism The Owl and the Hawk: an end to terrorism
The Owl and the Hawk: an end to terrorism The Owl and the Hawk: an end to terrorism

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